From R: Concerns the breakdown of the bicameral or use of the two-lobed brain/mind and the development of consciousness as a result of that breakdown, so that the entity is no longer experiencing a direction from inner resources or the voices of the gods, shall we say, but is acting on his own as a conscious being, and in doing that seems to cut himself off from those sources so that he is on his own in his evolution, but once he is able to find his way back, shall we say, to the Creator and penetrate the veil, we’re wondering how this is related to the dropping of the veil between the conscious and the unconscious mind, if that is manifested in any way in the brain, and if the penetration of the veil, the contact with intelligent infinity, is something that occurs in a moment and the veil is shattered, or if it is something that occurs as a process that is ongoing, and the veil is slowly rent so the entity, in whatever the case is, returns again to the unity of the Creator, this time as a conscious being, having worked his way back there.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great blessing to be with each of you, and we especially greet those to whom we speak through this instrument who have traveled so far to dwell in meditation and seek our opinions. To immerse ourselves in your life-stream is a great pleasure and privilege, and we are most thankful.

We would like, as always, to remind each that we are brothers and sisters along the same way that you tread, having gone, as you would put it, farther down the path and then turning back to offer a hand to those who seek aid in their own journeys. We are not without fallibility. Our opinions cannot and should not be taken as gospel, and therefore we ask that each of our thoughts be considered and discarded if not useful, for we wish only to be of service, not to present a stumbling block in anyone’s search for that ineffable greatness which is the mystery of the Creator.

We turn now to your question, which has to do with the consideration of the bicameral mind of your physical vehicle and its possible association with the veiling process which shrouds the third-density conscious self from knowledge of its own deeper mind.

Firstly, we would say that these two concepts are not congruent, nor is it possible in a simple way to find major comparisons which are not riven by contrast and detail. Consequently, we shall speak to the subject, moving from various points of view in our attempt to put the material into perspective, shall we say.

That which this instrument calls the mind/body/spirit complex takes a fragile dwelling place when it enters your illusion, and within this physical vehicle, this frail canoe which you must paddle along your time’s river, your mind complex activity is considered as seated within the physical brain. This is indeed the portion of the chemical body within which the activities of consciousness manifest themselves within the physical vehicle. It is, however, shall we say, a leased rather than a purchased dwelling place. This is the cause of there being relatively little direct comparison betwixt the bicameral mind and the veiling process. Therefore, let us look first at the veiling process.

That which we and others of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator have called the veiling process is a precondition of third-density consciousness. This is due not to any petty attempt of the Creator to frame a challenge which must be overcome. It is rather an integral part of the learning process during which it is hoped by the discarnate entity preparing for incarnation that the self within the incarnation will feel deeply certain catalyst, will consider those feelings and that catalyst, and through the course of the incarnational experience come little by little in subtle and dramatic ways to alter the system of biases which is the essence of the innate consciousness which each entity is. These biases then form a kind of field of a weak electrical nature in physical manifestation, yet of a strong and binding manifestation in the more subtle or metaphysical bodies.

Thus, the goal of the seeker is not specifically to remove the veil, but rather through a series of experiences to form a carefully protected shuttle, shall we say, through that veil which may be used by faith and will in order that the deeper self may speak in language clearer than dreams usually are. For, indeed, the veil is without any effort on the seeker’s part made somewhat transparent through the dreaming process. It is a diaphanous rather than a completely opaque veil. This veil then is to be seen as an ally, as the seeker either with joy or without it moves through the lessons, and as this instrument would say, the recesses and the vacations of an incarnational experience.

There are occasions in which this veil is shattered briefly either through the use of your so-called mind-altering substances or by means of regimens as the extended fasting or the shamanic dancing which move the consciousness to a state in which that shutoff lies open and inner light pours forth into a sometimes startled and sometimes grateful waking consciousness.

We encourage meditation for the specific purpose of strengthening the link and opening the shuttle between the conscious mind and the deeper mind in order that what the one known as R has called…

We must pause. We are those of Q’uo.


(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and greet you again in love and light. This instrument was moving dangerously close to trance, and we felt it necessary that we waken the instrument and position the body contact betwixt this instrument and the one known as Jim in a more satisfactory manner. We shall continue exercising the instrument for a few seconds while the trance state recedes somewhat.

It is most helpful to meditate upon a daily basis in order that the voices, as the one known as R has called them, which speak from an enlarged point of view may be a portion of the consideration of the conscious mind. However, that which lies [behind] the threshold of the conscious mind is so vast and so varied that not all of that which is deep within consciousness is helpful to the seeker. Thus, if one, especially through artificial means, manages to create a constant hole within the veil, the situation for that entity is random and potentially harmful to that particular incarnational experience in the sense that there are portions within the deep mind which deal with those archetypes which, when brought through to the conscious mind without analysis, create strongly negative thought patterns and emotions. For you see, you contain literally the universe, and all that may be essential to consciousness is within the deep mind in careful regularized structure.

The meditation, upon the other hand, moves into the deep mind as does the lover to the beloved, the intention being to woo and win the beloved with these positive feelings and thought which accompany the desire to meditate. An atmosphere of love for the Creator and for that deeper portion of the self in which the essence of the Creator does lie is strengthened, and that which then is touched within the deeper mind is that which strikes the most plangent tone, offers the most needed medicament to the seeker.

Thus, we say it is well to work towards the growing transparency of this veiling, this forgetting, and, indeed, if it is desired, it is well to attempt to move more quickly. However, those who move more quickly move at risk, and may, rather than becoming possessed of new insight, simply become possessed by the more strident and seemingly negative portions of the creation which dwells within. As our desire is to aid each seeker in accelerating the rate of spiritual growth, we constantly urge daily meditation as being that tool which is most carefully designed to aid with a minimum of accompanying hindrance.

To sum up our feelings about this veil which you experience in third density, may we say from our standpoint that it is most advantageous, for when the forgetting has occurred, the emotional, mental and physical experiences of an entity are sharpened to a degree beyond your imagination.

Compared to creations and densities above your own, your third density is seen as a marvelous and exciting place and time in which experiences are vividly beautiful and exponentially more powerful than in later experiences which focus far more upon refining that which has already been decided. Without the veiling process, the decision making which is the testing portion of the lessons of love would be attenuated and the power of the decisions lost. Yours is a valley of decision. You live many lives, but only as many as it takes to formulate in a final way your particular system of biases in such a way that a harvestable amount of light may be accepted by the seeker. Thus, you dwell in the darkness of unknowing, and in honest unknowing, depending upon your biases, your thoughts, your dreams, and whatever shuttle you have been able to make through to the deep mind. You the seeker spend third-density time deciding how to love. What a great decision, my friends. What a pivotal one, and for it the veil is necessary.

We move now to some thoughts on the bicameral mind. We would not take issue with any entity, and are aware that our views are different than those discussed previous to this meeting, and therefore we especially wish to iterate our caveat that we are not infallible. These are our thoughts and we gladly share them with you as we hope to serve you. But we could be wrong, and we wish you to be aware of this.

We are not the experts upon the mind/body/spirit complex’s connections with the physical body that perhaps you may expect. We can use an entity’s mind if that entity has tuned itself to us. We cannot if the entity’s receiver, shall we say, is turned off. However, within the channeling process the right brain or the brain which feels and creates by intuition is used for the grounding and the groundwork, the earthing of the contact. It is in the so-called right brain that we are able first to make the contact with an entity. Now, in mechanical or physiological terms, we are actually touching into that which is called the frontal lobes, both left brain and right brain. However, in the sense which this question was asked, the voice which we are, and many other comforting voices which may be helpful to you, are grounded in the right brain.

This instrument uses, as do all instruments, both the intuitive and the analytical portions of the brain in doing this service because the entity is channeling on a free will basis in a lighter trance which the instrument could break at any time it so chose. It is rare that utter right brain activity, as it may be called, offers a manifestation for the benefit of others rather in the artistic or creative temperament. The right brain and left brain, as these are called, are used in tandem. The more successful the artist, seeker or mystic is in creating an intelligible manifestation, the more smoothly the two faculties have learned to work together, the ideal being that neither intuition nor rational thought be the more highly regarded but rather that that portion of the mind complex which dwells without the need for any physical vehicle be able to guide both analytical and ratiocinative abilities and processes.

The advent of the yellow-ray activity which is fundamental to third density has more and more within the history of your peoples reduced right brain activity in favor of intellectual analysis. The reasons for this are simply time and civilization. Within a small community whose way of life is bound to natural rhythms, the intuition forms the greater part of the mental activity of entities dwelling therein. In time the population of these entities grows, and because of the number of entities, that which is called civilization begins to occur. Again, although fraught with strife, war and every seeming degradation, the advent of civilization is an integral and important portion of the catalyst presented for humankind at this time upon your planet.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

The advent of civilization, then, is to be seen as the arena against which the analytical mind, the beginnings of wisdom, is begun its course of teaching. For as intuition shall become compassion, so shall intellectual thought become wisdom once the decision has been made to serve, by both intuition and intelligence, the Creator and others or the Creator within the self.

The denser the number of entities within an area, the less possible it is for intuitively directed activity to remain harmonious, as intuition requires information in order to be accurate, and, sources of information being so many, become muddied and therefore unavailable. Thus, although it shall not be for another creation, another density, another experience that wisdom is truly the order of the day to be worked upon, yet still within third density that which is called the intellect or the rational mind is offered as that which may be master or slave, just as intuition may be master or slave of that which is essentially the entity, that which lies beyond, within and all around all powers of mind, both intuitive and intellectual.

As we speak to you, your peoples have become most fascinated with the intellect and the fruit of intellectual thought and we are often called to those who are starving for the fruits of intuition which have been obliterated by overuse of the intellect, for the intellect can be slave or master and it is well that the intellect be a disciplined servant of the self and not a master. Yet, it is well also that the intuitional self be a disciplined servant and not the master. The master is indeed that which is your own self, and you are mystery as great as the Creator.

If entities wish to encourage the use of their own intuition, to encourage its findings, its acceptance, and its use also, then it is recommended naturally that the entity seek a more solitary portion of your planetary surface where the conditions of the more primitive peoples who do indeed hear many spirits speak are available. It is not necessary to attempt to revert to the level of savagery within which the epitome of intellectual achievement is a certain shrewdness, for as each is at this moment, so is the proper beingness.

Each of you has an highly developed intellect. We would like to point out that each within this group and most who seek have also a more and more highly activated intuition. Beyond recommending that the intuition and the intellect be brought into balance, we would not recommend the use of one faculty of the mind without the other. In other words, what we are saying is that the voices which the questioner spoke of are not drawn solely from the right brain, but are drawn rather from a deep self which has only a suitcase unpacked in the motel of the human brain. Its home is eternity, and you are a dweller in eternity.

What we hope to turn both minds to is the face of the Creator. We care not how this face is addressed; we care not which function a seeker may deem appropriate through which to seek to know more of the truth of that which is unknown about creation. We care only for that which is called desire and hope to evoke in each that strong faculty of will and faith which lies beyond any discussion of right and left brain. For wherever each seeker is, it is from that stance that we hope that the seeker with a happy heart and a singleness of purpose turns itself to that which is at hand, gazing upon it to find that which can barely be discerned.

You see, because your experience is so vivid, entities who seek often feel that it is in a dramatic burst of light that so-called illumination shall occur. However, we believe that that which you are seeking is not within phenomena, not within feeling, and not within thought, but is rather that which one of your holy works has called the still, small voice, the silence that speaks within. To ponder out the parts and parcels of that which you see, measure, test and study is an hopeless task. Illumination will come, sometimes, indeed, with great light and radiance, sometimes with a turn of the heart that changes its bias forever in one way or another, sometimes in a very gradual process, unseen by the self, which creates the same change in bias.

Each entity’s path is unique, just as each entity is unique. If you think in terms of crystals, each one of you is, indeed, a priceless gem in an uncut form, and as you seek, the facets begin to appear and the jewel begins to show an outward and manifested beauty rather than keeping the beauty hidden beneath roughness and dullness.

Within this illusion, we encourage you above all things to seek the face of the Creator without analysis and without intuition, but with hope and faith of passion. Trust that this process is harmonious and efficacious, and that by your meditations you are able in the focusing of your desire and the calling of that to you which is the mystery, that you may more and more offer all unknowing and without conscious thought the light upon the hill that shines that all may see the Creator within.

As an afterthought we would add that it is more difficult by far for that entity ruled with intellect alone to enter into a conscious seeking in smoothness and grace than it is for one who is highly intuitive, yet all paths are valid and each path shall in time lead to the face of mystery. We have gazed into that face as have you in timelessness and in time, in darkness and in light, in nothingness and in space, and we say to you that the mystery recedes before you as the waves do move out at low tide, always coming in again to immerse the seeker in power, love, beauty and joy, but always then moving again out to sea so that the path leads ever onward, the mystery beckons always. And as the path unfolds, it becomes clearer and clearer that that mystery which we so seek to know is the only concern which we may carry with us through eternity. We know not the Creator. We know only the intimations and reflections, the currents and the winds of a beautiful mystery which we have learned to call Love Itself.

In all your deliberations, my friends, we urge you to return always to that which this instrument calls the watchtower, to call to the self, that most nearby Creator, that its love and light may fill and transform the self and the self’s service. May you love one another, may you know, as we feel that we know, that we are most beloved by the Creator who is love. May you find joy in your seeking.

We would have the question and answer period at this time, and would thank this instrument for allowing us to work with it. At this time we would transfer to the instrument known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if there are any further queries to which we may speak and offer our opinions. Is there a query at this time?

I thought it was impossible to go into trance when I was holding hands. What happened to me?

I am Q’uo. We found when we were utilizing your instrument that your fatigue was enhancing the depth of your meditation to the point where the tactile pressure was being [released] and needed [reinforcing]. It would be difficult for the trance state to be achieved with the auric infringement of the holding of the hand, however, the fatigue and subsequent lack of conscious impingement to remain within the physical vehicle was presenting risk enough that we felt it worth the effort to rectify.

Is there another query, my sister?

No. Thank you for your help.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

[Nearly inaudible.] Are the two processes used for establishing this similar in nature to the work which would be efficacious for establishing a healing?

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my brother, for the point of the consideration or purpose of this meeting is to focus the intention and the desire in such a way that [a] channel or focus is created through which energy in one form or another may move relatively unhindered to those locations or entities which had requested the energy, be it of healing or inspiration.

Is there another query, my brother?

During the channeling of healing, is it recommended to have a similar group as you have here, or is it harmful in any way for a person to attempt to single-handedly [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo. It is often an aid in the amplification of the energy direction [finder], shall we say, for other entities to be present with some form of healing, especially those utilizing visualization or the production of sound vibration. However, in those types of healings which require the one serving as healer to make a contact with intelligent infinity in some form, it is not necessary that others be present, and indeed it may not be efficacious for the actual transmission of the healing energy. It is not a service which endangers, shall we say, either the one to be healed or the one serving as healer, as long as the one serving as healer has developed the necessary preparation of the self and observed those practices which have formed its art, that the careful building of the crystallized personality and the careful use of this personality are within the domain of the one serving as healer and when used in a responsible manner, shall we say, do not cause risk to either the healer or the one to be healed.

Is there another query, my brother?

Can the use of [symbol] or pattern, patterns of quartz crystals be efficacious in enhancing or amplifying the energy necessary to make a strong, viable contact for healing?

I am Q’uo. The use of crystal amplification is helpful in the healing process, however, the purity of the crystal is a point of concern, for the attempt to amplify the healing energy is one which requires the finer crystals, shall we say, those that are without flaw and which may be counted upon to [inaudible] the healing love/light in a faithful and undistorted fashion. Thus, it is also a point of greater consideration that the one serving as healer also have the crystallized personality in as regularized fashion as is possible for that entity and for that entity to have prepared itself for that moment in which it shall offer itself as healer.

Is there another query, my brother?

Well, let me jump in and follow up something he asked. In that case, would water, purified water, perhaps be the best crystal of all, with possibly the addition of pure salt to form a house to house the disease that wishes to be taken away? It would certainly be cheaper than perfect gems.

I am Q’uo. It is true that the water is a crystal of potential in the healing process, as is that which you call the salt. The salt, however works in an [adsorptive] fashion, whereas the crystal, be it the gem or the water, works in a fashion which amplifies the healing love/light. The use of the water as an aid in the healing process is somewhat more difficult to construct, for the purity and quantity and relative motionlessness of the water would necessitate considerable effort upon the healer’s part within your third-density illusion. This effort is greatly [inaudible] by the use of the [inaudible], however it is well known by many that the simple immersion of the physical vehicle within the heated water and indeed in the swirling waters is of aid when general relaxation and removal of muscular tension is desired.

May we speak in any further fashion?

No, I was just attempting to link back into my Christian tradition which uses sanctified water, that is, salted water which is blessed, in baptism and in blessing holy places and in the Catholic church in holy water which is used for healing. I thought perhaps that was why that was chosen by some inspired entity, the water, because it was indeed crystalline, but it was also inexpensive and [when] magnetized by the healer/priest, efficacious. Thanks.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Just wish to thank you for the [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we thank you as well, my brother, for your queries are those opportunities to serve which we treasure. Is there a final query before we close this session?


I am Q’uo and again we wish to thank each for inviting our presence. It has been a great honor to join with each in this circle of seeking, for we are brothers and sisters upon the same path of movement, from the One to the One.