(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you again through this instrument in the love and the light of the Father.

We are pleased with the homework done so well by the new instrument, by the shifting of priorities and attitudes that have been so difficult a challenge for the new instrument. We are pleased and delighted, and welcome to that group of light workers which seeks to offer the self in this service of vocal channeling. We have said before that the service of channeling and the learning of its practice is of much practical help in learning how to live within the illusion and we shall say it knowing that it shall strike the new instrument with a special force at this time as this instrument has, more than ever before, trusted in the foolishness of the word not heard, where so much of the surface mental processes concerning the surface perceptions of happenstance among your peoples is sheer illusion. And not only unhandy but [such] a stumbling block to discernment that it is a valuable goal, in our humble opinion, to attempt to channel the life as a whole, not in the same sense, precisely, as the one known as D channels the one known as Hatonn, but in the sense that there is a lack of concern about all else save that process which the player in the game understands to be that portion of the game which is his responsibility.

There is much distress amongst your peoples about such terms as livelihood and service, and the more ardent one is towards the quest for truth the more liable the mind is to attempt, upon its own, without recourse to the vast aid available, to use mentation only in determining what course to take to be of service or to attain right livelihood. In actuality, as long as the balls, shall we say, keep coming into the life, it is a neutral, emotional matter to catch the ball and dispose of it according to the rules of the game. There are societal rules which may or may not be accepted but as the student prospers in his studies, he discerns, more and more, the backbone of his own nature, the skeleton of ethics and compassion and caring, that which is unique to that seeker alone.

It is into that system of biases that events occur, are born, flourish, and are dealt with. When the hope of outcome is eliminated by the player—who is the seeker—and concentration lies only upon the accuracy of the catch—that is, the accuracy of the perception of the circumstance—then the knowledge of the self, which by instinct then moves that ball within the game to its rightful place, is made plain. Love itself prospers in such an atmosphere, for the entity which you are contains infinite love in a form which is, almost always, unavailable to the conscious mind. It must be touched within that inner silence by that infinity of the love of the infinite Creator which then channels through the seeking student joining with the infinity of love within and thus enabling the channeling of infinite love to occur.

In life, as you know it, in the experiences of love, there are many times that the balls—the thoughts, the perceptions—are dropped, misplaced, thought about past the point of ethical consideration, pulled and puzzled and torn, and so the flow stops, just as in the channeling process. So then the experienced student chooses that moment of gazing at the dropped balls and without blame of self or rancor of any kind, delivers himself over to the ministrations of patience, for there are those times within the illusion when the channeling stops, the channel being blocked. Then it is that the instrument of life, of love, or of service may sit patiently upon the mound, still in the ball game, but, shall we say, between innings, doing work which is just as difficult and just as important as active channeling, that is, waiting, and in the waiting, knowing that success is inevitable, that this ball game of love, of life, and of service, shall always go on. It is those who walk away from the game, disappointed in themselves or in others, who may find it difficult, then, to remain balanced and centered in faith.

We commend the one known as D for that patience which has been so dearly bought and for his growing abilities as a channel. Each entity has an unique voice, and we wish to assure the one known as D that this voice too shall be a gift…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

For as we have said, ours is a very simple message. We speak of the one great original Thought, which is love, if that which creates all that there is can be called in one word. Language is a poor thing indeed when it comes to superlatives.

We would at this time transfer to the one known as Jim, that he too may speak in some wise or another of love and love’s many, many faces, for no matter what the subject, love is the source and the answer. And each entity’s web of experience, learning and thought create one more way to express the inexpressible, to bring to illusion that brightest reality that shines already within, in each beacon heart. I am Hatonn.

[Transcript ends.]