There are various kinds of unseen energy or life-forms within the universe that various people see from time to time, all the way from UFOs to spirits associated with the plant and mineral kingdoms, and other forms of life and energy that we are unaware of usually. How can we make contact with them? How can we become friends with them? How can we use what they have to teach us in order to serve other people?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, and I greet each of you. We are most grateful to be called to your meeting this evening, and to share our thoughts with yours. It is an especial pleasure to meet those who are with us for the first time, and we extend to you our greetings and the love of the Father, which flows through us, though it may seem from our words to come [from] us.

Before we begin speaking about the question asked this evening, we would like to be sure that each understands that we, like you, are pilgrims upon a path. We have not yet reached that end which is the source of all things, for still, though we have advanced and learned different lessons from you, yet there are many things we do not know. Yet you call to us, and we turn back to you as brothers and sisters, sharing our opinions with you, we who have perhaps experienced more. You do us a great service by asking for us to share within your beautiful meditation, and to become a portion of your unified circle of seeking, for were you not to call us, we would be unable to serve you. And it is by serving you that we ourselves may learn and grow and refine our own knowledge and love of the one infinite Creator.

We turn to the question of phenomena and love, for you ask us how, if one has seen those beings generally unseen, can one tap into the wisdom and knowledge of those entities, learn what they have to offer, and improve one’s service within your life experience within this illusion which some have called the shadow of death. And so we begin, asking always that this caveat be remembered, take what seems correct to you and leave all else behind, for we would not be a stumbling block to any.

Many there are who have incarnated upon this sphere in these days by choice, in order to aid the planetary consciousness at a time when your planet as a whole is making its final choice, as one could hope, a unified being. Failing that, the time inexorably draws near when each entity must make that choice for itself, the choice betwixt the path of lightness and that path of darkness, the path of unity and the path of separation, the path of service to others and the path of service to self.

Thus, much of your incarnation you will find yourself in the process of making choices, and as you begin to seek in a conscious fashion those spiritual lessons which you believe are there for you to learn, you begin little by little to include in those considerations for choice thoughts and biases which you have developed in the process of your seeking, thus transforming what may seem to others to be a mundane and unspiritual choice as a truly spiritual means of making some manifestation of love and service for others overt, enlightening the consciousness, not only of the self and those others about you which may be affected, but also upon another level, the consciousness of the planet itself.

For there lies within the peoples of this sphere a growing and nearly critical mass of those who in one guise or another seek peace and light and joy. And as each seeker seeks and fails, and picks itself up and seeks again, and takes one step back and two steps forward, as we all do in our stumbling way, as each persists, so the light grows, the web of light about the planet becomes stronger, and planetary consciousness is being transformed. There is a concept among your peoples called critical mass, and it is towards this point that the planetary consciousness is moving.

A significant harvest of souls shall be moving on to a different reality, a different illusion, more refined lessons and a gentler emotional, mental and physical experience, which, upon the other hand, is far, far greater in what you would call the length of time, for now within this life experience you gaze upon what you see, whatever it may be, and you make your choice: service to others or service to self.

With this fundamental information in place, we would then speak of phenomena [such as] the seeing of many lights, the seeing of visions that are clear, the hearing of messages and answers to prayers, and [other] phenomena which are experienced by those whose consciousnesses are awakening from the sleep of what you would call life and turning the eyes upon the infinite creation, seeking to know the deeper truths which lie behind that which your own scientists tell you is truly an illusion of energy fields, interacting and appearing quite solid and real.

Yet each of you is, in truth, light formed by divine consciousness, containing a gem that is that portion of you which was, as your holy work the Bible says, “before the world began,” that part of yourself which sees with eternal eyes, and loves and gives with infinite supply. In the prison of your Earthly body, you have perhaps not been able to offer infinitely those things which you would wish to offer. Perhaps you have felt you do indeed need wisdom from those phenomena which signal to you the presence of a greater self, a fuller light, a larger reality.

We would ask you to see, as you gaze upon phenomena of however beautiful or persuasive a nature, that it is nothing but dust and ashes, holding no meaning whatsoever, unless it strike within the heart of the perceiver the chord of recognition, for in truth, as you are truly a portion of the Creator and have that divine spark within you, you have the ultimate resource given by grace. And you shall not learn, but remember and recognize those truths which are yours and which are needed by you in order for the consciousness which you are attempting to polarize toward service to others to have the best atmosphere in which to do so.

In the case of wanderers especially, that is, those who have come here from elsewhere in the infinite creation of the Father to be of service to those who attempt harvest in this and following generations, there are often come delegations of those who would wish that visiting soul well, and as in some higher densities, these forms are those of light, so in some cases the phenomena is nothing more than a visit from friends, not intended for information, but only for support and greeting. In other cases there are those whose souls cry out, while consciously they may yet be only half-aware of the reason for their discomfort with life as they know it. In some cases, those invisible entities which dwell helpfully about each child of the Creator will sometimes manifest briefly as a signpost indicating the mystery of creation.

Many lights within your skies are there to advertise the mystery, to suggest and remind those who may have not thought deeply about the subject that humankind knows nothing, that science itself as you call it, is based upon that which has been observed, not that which has been understood, that the fundamental values which scientists use are values of an unknown origin and nature. A sense of mystery is a very, very strong motivation for many of those who visit your sphere at this time in light to do the work of the Father and to awaken those who yet are asleep within their bodies of clay, not recognizing their prison, but rejoicing in their cell. Each entity has its time to emerge from that prison, to look through the bars and then to find the key that unlocks the door of finiteness, of beginning and ending as a human being upon your planet, for eternal you are, and you share an exciting, rich, challenging, fascinating and joyful pilgrimage, a pilgrimage in which we are those who walk with you.

There is another category of light phenomena and your so-called UFO phenomena which expresses and manifests in ways which generate negative emotion, terror, control, fear and so forth. These experiences are those offered by entities which are upon the negative path, who have chosen within your density of learning to follow the path of service to self. These entities have a philosophy to offer, and to those who are willing to carry this message, the message is given. These entities also appear in vehicles of light or in shapes of light. This is due to the fact that those who worship the Creator can only serve. Whether they serve other or the self, all are one, and consequently, if their service is pure enough in a negative sense, they too may use the Creator’s light which falls upon all in a fearless blessing of free will, for the Creator wishes those who come to Him in the end, to come in an irresistible love by total free choice and with every faculty ablaze with the spirit.

We have not yet addressed the true, or shall we say, the more efficient method, of obtaining aid from those sources which you have identified with manifestations and phenomenon. The tool that is the most efficient in this way may be called meditation, prayer or contemplation. It involves not only expressing oneself inwardly and asking those petitions you would for the self and for others with needs that you know of, but also of listening quietly, persistently and in a daily manner to that which the holy work known as the Bible has called the still, small voice, the voice of silence, and the true voice of enlightenment. For the knowledge which you would wish to know is not knowledge, but an inner knowing which cannot be expressed, a way, shall we say, of being wired, that you may glow the brighter as an entity in mute witness to the beauty of love.

Within meditation the work is done. Within the listening, within the silence, within the daily persistent seeking heart, that which is of true wisdom and compassion is an environment which is more and more dwelt within with a steady and unremitting faith, built by constant turning within to the Creator within. The entity more and more becomes a kind of being and is or exists or expresses in a certain way.

The entity may not notice, but those to whom the entity is manifesting do indeed notice, and are blessed by the light which shines through them, blessed indeed by the focus which sees into the heart of each, to see the consciousness and the perfection of Christ and Christ consciousness. For this [is] your intended and true nature, a nature which gives and receives love freely, wisely, gently and unstintingly. To love, to exist in love, to begin discovering the selfhood of the self in love, is the basic work of those who wish to lighten the planetary consciousness. It may seem most undramatic—and it is. It may seem most unlikely to produce the riches of the world—and it is. To work for planetary lightening is a service-to-others act. To do it daily is a blessing to your beloved and fragile home in space and time.

We would turn now to the question of how best to manifest and express the joy, the peace, and the love of consciousness which is held within what you would call the Kingdom of Heaven. How can one best share with others? How can one find what this instrument has called right livelihood? We wish that we could move within the experiential nexus of your culture and find some persuasive way to express the extreme biases and distortions among your peoples concerning those ways of living which are of most service.

Perhaps the key to what we would say concerning service and livelihood that is what you may call righteous is this. The consciousness of the Creator, unique parts of which manifest as yourselves in a highly distorted form, is completely unified. You may love one and serve one, and give as clearly and beautifully and fully as the entity who shares that same light and love and passion for light and love with ten million. The service is the same, for the service is in the preparation of consciousness that it may do the work before it in such a way that that work becomes positively polarized, serving in gladness, so that those about one who is serving in any capacity whatsoever may witness the light, the joy, and the peace which cannot come from one within an illusion in which so much is distressing. That which you call human faculties fail. The love of the one infinite Creator is infinite.

We do not wish to discourage an entity which finds a desire to use those visions which it has received from so using them. We wish to make each aware that it is well to express the desire that only those entities which wish to aid in service to others be accepted, and after that determination of consciousness has been repeated frequently enough that it has pierced the veil of the subconscious mind and moved therein, that then that level at which these entities enter the conceptual web of a being upon your planet may be stopped at the gateway of your subconsciousness if they are of a negative orientation. It is most practical to place the guardianship of love in service to others as deeply in the mind complex as it may be sent, and to keep the self within this place of choice, that those things which might come into the consciousness from an impersonal source be those things which shall redound to the beauty of the Creator and the kindly love and blessed light which that Creator offers to each and through each each day in every conceivable way.

We find that this instrument informs us we have overstepped our speaking period, and once again we apologize for our prolixity, but this is a subject of much interest to us, as we speak to you from that which this instrument would call the wisdom density, which may be perhaps more easily understood as a kind of experience in light which perhaps equals in our experience the imagination of those which think of the kingdom of heaven. We do not put ourselves forward, but only describe the environment which we enjoy.

We admire each of you and all of humankind. Our decisions are easy, for we have no veil. Our subconscious mind, our archetypical mind, our impersonal or Creator mind, all these levels of awareness are open to us, and we share our thoughts with all those within our society. Our eyes our open, our hearts are open, yet still we find work to do, my children. Yet you have eyes clouded with the grossest of illusions, ears and all senses inundated with a sea of experience. And because you cannot see the thoughts of those about you, communication fails most often and pain is inflicted that could never be inflicted in the time to which all of you are looking, that next step in the evolution of very, very young sparks of divinity and heirs of a birthright of divinity, as it makes its blessed way to a larger and larger realization of the true nature of the self.

We see that we have begun again and we must stop, so that if there are queries which you have decided to ask at this time, you may. We do apologize for wordiness, but we are most pleased to be asked such an interesting and central question, and hope that in each right livelihood that each may choose, that each may feel that presence of divinity which is more truly the self…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

It is not that we wish to discourage any from following their talents and their abilities, but we find most often that those among your peoples who ask about right livelihood have every opportunity for love, giving and receiving of love, in that which lies just before the eyes, in that task which is just to be done. There is no gift, no thought, no action which may not be sanctified by its dedication to the will of love, to the will of the Creator. We would transfer at this time. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in an attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may offer to us. Again we remind each that if we speak a word that does not ring true, that you should disregard all such words immediately, taking only those which have meaning. Is there a query to which we may speak at this time?

I noticed that you said something about Christ, and then called it Christ consciousness also. Do you see those two terms as interchangeable?

For the most fastidious of considerations, there could be seen to be a difference between one who holds an office and the office itself. And yet the nature of [this] office is such that any which moves into the unity with the Father that this office signifies becomes then that office. Thus, for the consideration of those who find this entity and its station or office holy, we would not make a differentiation.

May we speak further, my sister?

Yeah. Thank you for that. I have thought to myself, why, why did one man have to go through all that he went through, knowing that he was going to have a horrible death, and even though he didn’t even believe the way his Pharisitic friends did in the Jewish law, going through a sacrificial procedure which was totally Jewish, you know, pouring one’s blood out upon the altar and so on. Was it because he had to create a framework within which his story would persevere, would catch in the mind over a long period of time while Christians, shall we say, those who were following him up until now, could work on their own path with his help?

He says at one point, “These things and more ye shall do,” indicating that he thought we were fellow heirs in Christ or Christhood, and he always called himself the Son of Man, and yet none of us has had to go and be nailed up on a cross. Obviously, there was only one time that it needed to be done. And it just puzzles me. I’m guess I’m just a doubter or something, but why just the one time? Why just that one unique suffering, and then all of us finding our sufferings to begin to have meaning as we study Jesus’ sufferings? Was it necessary that this story be done in this way?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The one known as Jesus the Christ wished to offer to all of humankind the symbol of the path which all must travel in some fashion in order to become the love of the Father and to express that love to others. The nature of the sacrifice of the life and the mundane world was exemplified as this entity sacrificed all that one may have—the life—knowing that it lived not of this world, but of a greater world. And by making this sacrifice in such a dramatic and fulfilling manner, there was instilled then within those whose hearts are turned toward the truth of love, the path boldly and brilliantly blazed so that there could be no doubt as to the nature of the journey and the value of the sacrifice.

May we speak further, my sister?

It’s still a great mystery, but I’ll think about it, I’ll read it after. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I have one. In the scripture, Jesus says that he is the way, the truth and the life, and that all men must come to the Father through him. Is that an absolute truth? And what about the people who follow other examples, like Buddha and Hinduism and such like that?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. That which Jesus was and is was far more than a being that moved among your peoples and lived a life in a certain fashion. All the teachings of this entity were in the form of that which you call the parable, so that those who had ears and hearts and eyes inclined in a fashion to perceive greater truths could look beyond the surface of the teaching and dig far more deeply for those treasures which awaited the hungry heart, hungry for truth and love.

That which the one known as Jesus the Christ exemplified was above all else unconditional love, a love so great that it was willing to lay down the Earthly life that others might live eternally. Thus, the pattern was given in a manner which each will approach from a unique point of beginning. Many will find the journey seems to lead in lands far distant from that spoken of by the one known as Jesus the Christ, and yet as each through experience and time moves closer and closer in its seeking towards greater and more refined expressions of that which you call truth, each will find that it moves closer to the heart of that which the one known as Jesus the Christ exemplified, the unconditional love and compassion that is the gateway through which each shall pass at some point within the evolutionary process.

Thus, though many shall travel roads that seem other than this path, there is a meeting point at which time and place all become as one.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

I’m not very familiar with your manner of speaking, and so I find that I’m still a little bit confused about your reply.

Are you saying that unconditional love is the I AM? Like the “I Am That I Am” of God’s name in the Old Testament? And that I AM is another way of saying unconditional love, is that what you’re saying? Like unconditional love is the way, the truth and the light?

I am Q’uo, and this is basically correct, my sister, for within your illusion there is the choice which each has to make in order to progress yet further. The choice is how to love, to love others without condition as has been demonstrated by the one known as Jesus the Christ, or to love in a lesser fashion. All your great religions and philosophies teach at the heart of their dogma the need to love without condition. Jesus the Christ was a perfect example of this means of loving, and thus learning that lesson which is the great lesson of your third-density illusion.

May we speak further, my sister?

I think I have a better understanding, and I thank you for that.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you as well, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Is this why Jesus said at one point that unless you are as little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because little children have not yet learned distrust and they love unconditionally?

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my sister.

Okay, thank you. No more from me.

I have another one. Is it good for people to see miracles and fantastic things to convince them of God’s ability and existence, so that they may decide to develop their life to God?

I am Q’uo, and we find, my brother, that it is more the reverse of this case, that is, those who through their own experience make the dedication more and more firmly to know the truth of that which you call God or life, or the purpose of the life, are those whose eyes shall begin to open and shall see those experiences which are not seen by other eyes.

It is the free will choice that is made in the direction of love and service which then begins to open the eye to another reality and the heart to another reality and the ears to a greater reality which speaks in ways not understood in the mundane world.

May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?


I am Q’uo. Is there another query at this time?

So, another form of what I’m asking is beyond the person that’s asleep, that is, not spiritually aware, can’t he be awakened in any kind of way? Unless he decides to do so by faith?

I am Q’uo, and this is a roughly correct statement, my brother, for the power and value of such a centrally crucial choice comes from the choice having been made by the entity itself to move in a certain direction. If an entity were given undeniable or miraculous demonstrations of the reality or truth of a certain belief, then this entity’s work would have been done for it, much as the child’s schoolwork would be done by the parents. And though the entity would know the correct answers, [it] would not be able to reproduce this experience within its life pattern. Thus, slowly for many, and more quickly for others, does the desire to know the truth build, until there is born within the entity the faith that there is a greater reality which upholds the life and its purpose.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and as we have observed that we have exhausted the queries for the evening, we would take this opportunity to thank each for offering those queries to us, for they are the means by which we may further our service to each and to the one Creator. We feel a great honor at having been asked to join your meditation this evening, and shall be with you in your future gatherings upon your request. At this time we would take our leave of this group, again thanking each and leaving each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.