The question this evening has to do with how the various light groups around the [world], in different countries, different cultures and different religions, who are all working towards the realization of some sort of love, light or unity within their group, can blend their efforts and help to bring forth this light and unity for the entire planet.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to each of you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we humbly are. We thank each of you for calling for our information and for accepting our love and blessing, for we do indeed feel loved and blessed in return a thousandfold, and learn a great deal from the bravery and charity which each of you manifests within the world of illusion in a purified manner. We think of you as gallant heroines and heroes, and though we know that often you are tired, yet shall you always begin again, for you are hungry in a way that cannot be fed by the bread of humanity or wisdom, but only by the mystery of the infinite One, and in this dance, in this journey, we are one with you.

Your question this evening is difficult to answer in a simple manner, for first we must undo what, in our opinion, is somewhat false consideration before we may go on to that answer which we would offer. The falsity within the illusion is complete. That one group or another may contact, move together, combine energies, and so forth, is subjectively and to the entities involved a most joyful and helpful experience, and many are the times that your groups have communicated with each other in the name of the infinite One, creating a palpable and metaphysical web of love, light and service which spans your sphere and which causes the spiritual gravity of your peoples to approach the point of harvest.

It is a great comfort for one who is on the road to have companions, and we do not deny you that comfort, nor suggest in any way that it is not helpful to you. Indeed, we encourage all such gatherings and communications betwixt those pilgrims who are upon the same path, for as you love each other so you empower each other, and engage each other’s passion in love and service to others. But this, my friends, is a bare beginning, the preparation for that service which you came to give. No matter how beautiful the vibrations of many entities together worshipping the infinite One, yet still the emphasis is towards the center, towards the self-growth and the mountaintop experience of sharing in wholeheartedness the infinite love of the one Creator with each other.

This does indeed have its place, and may be considered spiritual food for you, just as this group feeds as it will upon the humble grass of our thoughts, opinions and ideas. However, each of you that is already one who has chosen the path of service to others has now a deeper, honorable commitment, and that is to turn outside, to face away from the center of love and joy, that your light may pierce the darkness about you, that that which comes through you may shine from you, not into the eyes of another who is already radiant, but into the eyes of those who know not light.

Thus, the preparatory step of working with lightening the consciousness of the planet begins with a long-term journey of understanding of the self, of seeing the self as not elite and always equal to each and every other complex of consciousness which may pass before you. When this lesson is learned, the desire to meet only with those who meet your subjective standards of spiritual ability can be released more easily, for one is able to see that within each pilgrim lies the consciousness of love that, when purified, is a channel for love and light not only from the infinite Creator, but from all those co-creators who serve at the harvest, such as yourselves.

When we speak of social memory complexes, we are not speaking of a group consciousness which focuses upon each other, but a group of consciousnesses whose goals and balances are so well known to the self and to the other selves that each has finally become independent and able to stride forth into the abyss of unknowing, ready to risk that which may be risked, to be of service and to respond to the calls for aid that are all about you at this time.

We realize that it is difficult when one has spent many, many years pondering thoughtfully upon metaphysical data to conceive of the sleeping, the indifferent and the ignorant among your peoples as being your true equals. This is, however, a most important point, for we would have you see yourselves as servants, not masters, as the most low, not the most high. We ask you to bend the knee and wash the feet, metaphorically speaking, using your biblical reference, of those who shall never understand you, those who may not ever hear the clarion call to service, those who shall remain blissfully inattentive to the trumpet call, to the destiny, of harvest.


I am Q’uo. We apologize for the pause, but we found that this instrument’s vocal mechanism was becoming quite dry and unable to enunciate our thoughts, and so we paused while this entity recovered a level of consciousness able to perform the duty of replenishing the supply of water.

Now we may look at the one known as Christ, a teacher and prophet in his own time and place. He had those who were his students, but he did not encourage them to love and serve him, but to love and serve those who sought him. So we encourage each of you to consider yourselves sources through which the light of the Creator may flow. Yes, indeed, you are holding hands and forming the first harbingers of fourth-density social memory complex. You have the making together of so many entities in love, communication and service. But remember always that when strength has been given to the group by the group, it is then time to turn away from that great center of love and light, and to be that channel through which light flows into a world darkened by the heavy illusion of despair, loneliness, sickness and distress.

Have you never been lonely, sick, mournful or distressed? You see, you too, each of you, have all of humanity within you, and you can be of the greatest help to those about you by remaining humble, attentive and listening rather than determining to teach, to effect change and to transfigure others’ mental and emotional patterns of thinking and manifestation.

Let us gaze at the community of the faithful upon your sphere. You know intellectually that time is an illusion. This means that all of you are together now, linked, whole and entire. All your prayers, your meditations and your thoughts, mingle in glorious harmony and ring in euphony to the honor and the glory of the one Creator. As there is no time, there is no space. So all of you are linked far more closely than you may ever realize. As each of you approaches more and more purity of service, so you approach more and more closely the unity of those who serve.

Thus, the first service is always that of consciousness. Sometimes it takes a considerable amount of work to begin to remember the original self, the self that is beneath all of the masks, the protections and the armor which each sensitive soul has placed about it in order that it may endure this harsh third-density illusion. For those who wish to teach, fear is most inappropriate. The desire to belong, to be special, or to be aloof is most unfortunate, and will result always in a gradual lessening of the polarity that you have come so far to accomplish. We ask that you see yourself as a minister of some kind, not as the world calls minister, but as we call one who ministers to another, a caretaker, one who loves, one who gives. Upon one’s knees, metaphorically speaking, one bows the head and says, “I am ready to serve. My free will is open to the impression of divine guidance. May this day bring to me that which I should do, and may I do that which there is for me to do with single-mindedness of love and light.”

Once a seeking entity who wishes to enable those of the [Earth] sphere to become more conscious of the light has realized that they are indeed all one, that they are indeed interwoven and cannot be otherwise, then one need never feel alone or solitary again, for in one’s seeking, in one’s doubting, in one’s searching and in one’s suffering, the spiritual journey is played out again, and again, and again with those who are as you, heirs of the everlasting.

Now, as you turn outwards to the world before you, gaze upon its city streets, its country fields, its great expanses of water, and the beautiful harmonies and colors of the second-density illusion, gaze upon the grief, the sadness, and the woe that is contained in the heart of each. Gaze further and see the merriment, the joy, the childlike quality that lies sometimes buried very deeply within each entity, and know that you are one among many. You simply have remembered that which you came to do. The greatest aid that one pilgrim may be to another is to share the insights of the practical spiritual journey, to share the pebbles in the shoes of spiritual experience caught in the mundane world.

You are not in this mundane world to seek a way out of it. You have chosen to be in this mundane world not to help each other, but to reach out to those who call to you, that is, to the Creator, the I AM within you, that you may serve, humbly, and without wisdom, but only compassion. We ask that none of you attempt to be wise, for wisdom within the density which you now enjoy is a snare, a trap set for the unwary by those who wish to put out the great light of compassion and love. In compassion there is often not understanding; there is always the accepting.

Paradoxically, the more one wishes to aid, the more one seeks and is desirous of being of service, the less spontaneous, flowing and effective will that service be. See yourself as in a flow of service already. See that the infinite One has prepared for you that work which you have to do from day to day. To the metaphysical mind and heart there is no difference between the task of being a parent, the task of working with one’s hands, the task of using one’s communication, or the task of working in consciousness, for all work is blessed. And for those who do nothing, who resist efforts to be awakened to that illusion of life and that mystery that lies beyond it, we say this is acceptable. This is not something about which you, as an harvester, need be concerned. There shall be other springs, there shall be seeds that find good ground in other seasons. There shall be an infinite number of blooming summers and the reaping of a harvest in autumn.

Release yourself from the limitations of the physical and mental energy complexes, and feel the attunement which you have with entities you do not know all over this sphere. Feel at this moment the intensity of love that is radiating through so, so many of you at this time, and know that the connections are already made. They are made below the level of consciousness within that nascent group mind which shall be the nucleus of fourth-density social memory complex.

We know that you desire to help, to serve, to love and to give. Love and serve that which is nearest to you. Cherish that which is given unto you, and release with gladness that which moves from you, for you shall pass in and out of many lives, and in your interactions those things will occur which you know not of, nor shall you know until you enter a larger life in which the veil is lifted and you are able to see clearly that which you have been able to do in service during the incarnational period that you now enjoy.

To turn inwards and link up with each other is to be comfortable, to be joyful, to experience the mountaintop, the glory, the positive infinite energy of divine love. This, my friends, is a luxury, a heavy, intoxicating and sometimes addictive drink. it is not well to overdo that nourishment, but rather it is well, as if that nourishment were food from a table, to rise from that table and go forth into the mean and beggarly streets of the grimy, garbage strewn surface of your Earth sphere, sending your clear love and your best light to those who lie in the gutter, to those who hunger but have no money for food, to those who know not what they wish.

You are there for them. You are there in service as a sacrifice. You are within this density in concentrated and purified sorrow and compassion, and when you realize that you can fix nothing, that you can recreate no perfection, but only stand as lights piercing the darkness, the peace of the one infinite Creator begins to steal over you as the dawn steals over the horizon, blinking out the hopeful stars of night, and taking on the rosy radiance of the manifestation of daylight. Sing your songs, my friends. Rejoice in heart and go forth to serve. You are linked in an inward way. May you enlarge, by example and by service the company of those who have joined in the web of life.

At this time we shall leave this instrument and transfer to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument for allowing us to use it, as it was experiencing much difficulty physically. However, its channel remained determinedly open, and we thank this instrument for its faithfulness. At this time we would transfer contact. I am known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. We remind each again that we offer that which is but our opinion. We do not wish to be seen as those who are infallible. At this time we would ask if there is a query to which we may speak?

I have a query. As Simon Peter once said to the ascended Christ, “Quo vadis domine,” and in my ministry to others, “Quo vadis domine?”

I am Q’uo, and we would ask that for the benefit of this instrument that the Latin be translated.

“Whither do you want me to do? Where am I most needed?”

I am Q’uo, and we thank you for your indulgence, and for your query, which is asked with great sincerity. We appreciate the great desire to be of service to the Creator that you have expressed. This is a query which is asked to that being that is the Christ of all, the Christ within, that small and still voice, which, when petitioned with an whole heart, makes clear the way for the feet of clay and the heart of compassion. This clearly may be asked of any entity by any entity, and wise and careful counsel may be given by many. And yet, the response which is truly sought is that response which will fill the heart and inspire the spirit within, for each portion of the Creator exemplified by each entity within the creation is guided, most lovingly and precisely, by the voice of the Creator that speaks from that deep and still point within the heart.

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Is there another query at this time?

I’d sort of like to follow up on the preceding query and just make sure I have the principle straight, because I think it’s a really important one. Basically, what you’re saying is the harder that you try to figure out what your service is and where you should go and so forth, the harder it will be for you to find out, whereas the more intensely you ask these questions and then surrender them to the infinite One, the more easily and quickly the path that is yours will be shown to you. Is this the principle that you are explicating?

I am Q’uo, and we would suggest that this is a close approximation. We shall attempt to refine this statement by suggesting that the process involves not so much the analytical mind figuring the pros and cons, as you say, of one possibility over another, as it is the willingness to be of service and the great desire to serve being generated from within, and then allowing the self to surrender its small will and idea or ideas of what is proper, that a greater will might utilize the instrument as is most appropriate for that instrument at a particular time within its process of evolution.

Is there a further query, my sister?

In a related way, I have seen a lot of people who feel that they have missed the boat spiritually, who feel that they had a chance to do something, and that that moment passed and that they failed to grasp it, and so they feel that there is not another path of service for them but that they have simply lost their direction and are forever, therefore, unable to be of the kind of help that they would need to be. I have always personally questioned this point of view, feeling that there is always a new hope and a new life and a new way of serving. Is it true that there is one service designed for each person and that that person must find it, or is it true that there are many paths of service for each person, and the person is perfectly free to choose that one which offers to that person the greatest degree of service that that person may bear stably?

I am Q’uo. Again, the small will in its ability to analyze and decide oftentimes becomes a stumbling block in its own activity when it takes over full responsibility for the service and actions of the entity. This is to say that where an entity is, and what an entity does are those ingredients which for that moment and that entity are the most appropriate in that entity’s journey. If the entity then begins to feel that it has missed its opportunity, it then begins to ignore the opportunity which is before it, and the prophecy is, as you would say, self-fulfilling.

However, if it is recognized by the entity that its opportunity to serve and to learn are with it always, and that any future opportunities that shall be added unto it are additional to that which is, then the life pattern can be seen as that of abundance, for that indeed is true for each. There is but one Creator in many faces. Each face one encounters is the same Creator. All faces need service. All may instruct. All may receive. Thus, there is nothing but opportunity to learn and to serve. The attitude of the entity in its breadth or in its narrowness determines the abundance of opportunity for that entity.

Is there a further query, my sister?

I find that when I gather in group worship of any kind, or when I am with people who are spiritually involved and dedicated, that my heart really does soar, and I feel strengthened, and I rather got the feeling that you were suggesting that this, in its importance, be somewhat downplayed. However, I have always found it to be an integral part of my being able to be of service to others. Perhaps you addressed this and I simply missed it because I was busy with the mechanics of channeling, but I wonder if you could clarify this point?

I am Q’uo, and it is our intention to reaffirm the value of group worship for each within any such group which offers itself in the joyful praise and thanksgiving that is a natural part of the Creator as It speaks to Itself through Its many portions. Each entity that engages in such a service of worship lends a certain vibratory reaffirmation, shall we say, to that vibratory level of being which is sought as the ideal, the goal, the grail, and makes more steady and sturdy the rainbow bridge that is girded from the mundane to the metaphysical in order that that which is of the spirit may inspire the mundane and ennoble it in a fashion which calls for the spirit from within the center of all created things. Thus, the joyful noise, shall we say, that is made unto the world is that which causes the creation to sing within the heart, and the heart to sing within the creation.

Is there a further query, my sister?

I would like to ask a personal query, and I realize that you will be severely handicapped in answering me, which I accept. I had an experience in this contact which I have never had before, and that was that my mouth grew so completely dry, and it’s still like that, that I was completely unable to free my tongue from the roof of my mouth or my lips from each other, and was forced to stop long enough to get water. I also had to adjust the chair to my back because, although I am not normally conscious of being uncomfortable, at this time I was severely conscious of being uncomfortable. There were several adjustments that I seemed to have to make that I don’t usually make. Is this a form of greeting, and in general, what may one do beyond the challenging and the protection that I am already doing to avoid these inconveniences and to be a clearer and more useful channel?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The energies of which you speak are more various than described. Your increasing desire to speak in a clear and positive fashion, along with your predilection for the dry mouth syndrome have been accentuated so that these minor inconveniences would perhaps disturb the centering process and provide some small degree of difficulty. However, as one is able to meet each challenge successfully with an happy heart, shall we say, the ability to serve as an instrument is enhanced. One must expect that there will be some difficulties, for there are those entities of what we find you have called the loyal opposition which would exercise their desire that a portion of the light which is formed in groups such as this one might belong to them. We encourage the steadfastness to principle and the perseverance in the practical sense of achieving that degree of comfort which allows one to serve in the manner desired.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and as it appears that we have, for the nonce, exhausted those queries, we would take this opportunity to thank each for allowing us to join your circle of seeking for this evening. We again have greatly enjoyed this opportunity and look, as you say, forward to these gatherings, for in such gatherings we have our being within your illusion, and may for this brief moment take part in that great dance of seeking the One within the illusion of many.

The illusion in which you find yourselves at this time is one which presents the greatest of challenges, in our humble estimation, for the nature of your illusion is that of the mantling over of the many jewels of the one Creator in a fashion which seems to suggest that each entity is truly separate one from another and that the strength of one must pit itself against the might of the many for any portion of peace or pleasure. This is the illusion which presents itself to your senses each day, and it is a brave and courageous act indeed to place oneself in the heart of such illusion and to hold steady to the ideals of unity of light, of the ability of each entity to fashion a pathway to that light and to that unity, both within and without the self. We salute each in each effort that is made, for each effort builds upon each previous effort and redoubles the strength of the seeking. You seek, you seek, you seek, and slowly you find, and that which you find becomes strong and firm within your being as you continue seeking, and seeking, and seeking. That light which you create is not easily seen within your illusion, but, my friends, we may say that it shines about you as brightly as those stars and suns that populate the universe about you.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, thanking each again for inviting our presence. We are those of Q’uo. We leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.