We would like some information this evening about beginning the channeling process for this group of S1, M and S2, that is going to begin working as a group with the intention of developing S2 as a channel, and of being able to share information with other people through the channeling process. We would like to know the most important information for S2 and the support group to concentrate on at this time as they begin this journey.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. This instrument challenged us several times because she felt we were too merry, but we are very, very happy to be speaking through this instrument, through whom we have not been able to speak for some time, as there has not been a calling for that which is our own particular kind of information. We come to you in joy, and bid you all be merry, and ask that you allow yourselves a moment to rest in joy that we do not understand, but can feel, for the universe, and the air about you, and every cell in your body is dancing, whirling, joyous with life and love. Let your minds be still for a moment and feel the joy of being. We shall now pause.


I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. We thank each of you for allowing us to enjoy and feel the beauty of living with you. You call for information about that which is known as channeling. It is a large subject, but we should begin with one simple concept which is at the basis of all channeling, and that is that each channels at all times, at every moment. None can avoid being a channel, for in truth you are consciousness, and those energies that you choose out of that consciousness build upon themselves because of your choices, and thus you channel emotion, attitude, feeling, desire and manifestation.

Very, very few entities have the awareness that they are, in fact, not entities acting unto themselves, but instead are part of one infinite Creator, undifferentiated from that Creator except by the choosing in free will to express in an independent and co-creative way. Consequently, most take no care in that which they manifest in the life experience, but rather assume that they are to react to that which occurs outside of themselves, one thing following another in the pattern of your society in the environments of work and home and play.

You make choices you know not of. How little credit you give to your own creative power. There is, in truth, no reality in third density but your consciousness. You dwell within an illusion which is densely opaque, through which one cannot see, in order that you may, more and more, learn to choose in a consistent fashion those biases which move the consciousness into a less distorted form of the manifestation of the love of the co-creator and of the Creator. So each of you channels yourself, each of you cannot help being a channel. It is no effort, it is simply not recognized that this effortless process is not the process of expressing the self, but a series of choices about what the self is being in the process of becoming a being, for you are both being and becoming.

This is an obvious paradox, and when you meet paradox within your studies, rejoice, for then you know that you have moved into the realm of that which is spiritually helpful. A spiritual path is a series of paradoxes. How easy it is not to heed these words. How easy it is to yield responsibility for the choices one makes to the press of circumstance. The illusion, a series of vibratory complexes and patterns of energy, designed to manifest themselves to your senses as opaque reality, is, in fact, malleable and plastic and most willing to bend to the instrument who is aware of the process that is taking place.

Thus, as this group begins what this instrument would call a ministry that takes a great deal of dedication and patience and work in consciousness, it is well to come to terms with your own inestimable power. It is in no case necessary for anyone to react to circumstance. It is always, even in the most extreme circumstance, true that there are choices to be made, and the more consciously they are made the more rapid shall be the acceleration of each entity’s spiritual evolution. The work of realizing the self that lies hidden as a gem of infinite worth within the clay of manifestation cannot be seen by the self or by another until it is realized and valued by the self.

You are each imperishable beings of light, heirs of grace and glory, an infinitely important and necessary portion of the one great Thought which created all there is, that being divine love. That is the crystal that is within you—love. Not love as humans would understand it to be, not the weak and watered love of kindness and courtesy, not even the love of personal passion and romance, but the love of such immense power that it generated the infinite creation in balance and in perfection.

This seems to be without you: the perfection, the balance, the divine love. You are projecting into an illusion that has been created with your own cooperation so that you may move forward one step at a time, one small step at a time. You began as unmanifest love. You were joined with free will and flung outward to become prodigal sons and daughters of love itself. You are information givers, for all that you experience is that which the Creator experiences and knows of Itself. You cannot make any errors, for in each action the Creator learns of Itself. You can, however, make choices about that which you wish to learn.

Since your density is a density which is attempting to learn lessons of love, you may depend upon your incarnational patterns being planned to allow you to meet those ways of loving which you felt needed further refinement. We do not send understanding or wisdom, for these lessons are not of this density. All too often, the heart has been lost in those who seek the truth that lies within the illusion of third density. But wisdom is not the answer, and the questions one asks cannot be answered wisely, but only compassionately, for compassion is in the heart of the choices each of you make day by day.

Thus, as we speak to this group which wishes to be of service to others, we ask it, first of all and always, to be conscious of the nature of the lessons to be learned by the self and in harmony with other selves. These are lessons of love and compassion. Not love partially given, not compassion partially withheld, but unstinted, foolish, quixotic love, love that fears no hurt, that can ignore and smile at pain, knowing that new things are painfully learned, knowing that opening up the heart to love is dying to those things which block the heart from opening like the flower that it is. It is as if you were infected by a disease called doubt: self-doubt, doubt of others, doubt of the worth of that which you are doing, doubt of the nature of the infinite One. There is no need and no room, for the seeker who wishes to work towards finding the treasure of love within.

It has been said that love casts out fear, but it is not explained how one may love. We shall explain. You are love. You need to find out more and more clearly how to express your true being. Those about you who are not seeking as you constantly offer the catalyst of the unexamined life, of the measured love, of the stinted compassion, of the carelessness and fine scorn for the fragile treasure of this brief dance of an incarnation. You shall not exist long in this body, in this illusion. Use the time that you have, for time itself is part of that illusion, and as you become aware more and more of the love within each moment, as you choose to ask yourself, in the face of difficult catalyst, where is the love in this moment, more and more shall you drop away those things which are not love from the being which you are becoming. More and more shall you be able to shine and be the love that you seek. You are simply uncovering that which you truly are.

Now we move to that part, that all important part of a support group which creates for the channel the nature of that channel. The channel itself does not create its own nature, it is the group harmony, the group love, that is hard won through the fierce loyalty to truth with each other and with the self. We could say simply, “Be merry together,” and that would be the heart of the harmony of which we speak. But, in truth, each of you has stumbling blocks to teach each other with, each of you presents challenges and catalyst which each other may learn to love without let, without hindrance, unsparingly, unstintingly. It is the job of the support group—and this includes the channel—to love at all times, most especially when the manifestation of one of the group seems to be less than lovable, when the behavior seems to be unacceptable, when a thinking seems to be unforgivably erroneous. Love accepts the unacceptable, forgives the unforgivable, loves the unlovable, and by that environment creates a catalyst by which that self may choose a new path.

In a support group you are not bound by what you think of each other, but by the love that you know is each other’s true self. You set each other free, and each of you teaches each. Let no one feel shame at lacking courage, making errors, or falling by the wayside in some self-perceived manner. It shall happen to you again, and again, and again. The support group, when it sees that one of its members is in need, forgets all need of its own, and reaches out in love to pull the needy one out of the mire of confusion and self-doubt.

This is a most intimate relationship. It is the beginning of what you call the social memory complex, and each group’s balance of harmony is unique to that group, and will thus form the basis for the information which comes through the channel of that group. So be aware of that great truth, and seek to love, not to be loved. Seek to understand, not to be understood. Rest in your mighty power and give the gifts that you have freely and gloriously, rejoicing in the infinite Creator. See yourselves as those who pull the wagon, pulling together, working with such joy that labor becomes play. Love each other, and allow with all generosity the burgeoning and blooming self that is you, as daily you change, to be melded anew into the ever-changing, subtle patterns of group energy.

We are suggesting that which will cause you great discomfort for as long as you work together, for this sort of effort causes one to change, and as the mind perceives itself changing, and realizes that its old programs no longer work—or as you say, in your technical society, compute—then you must dump that program, and this is most painful, and feels much like loss, and feels, indeed, like a grievous loss. The energy which could be taken to be lost could be used up in grieving, may instead be turned by faith to the building of programs which are fully representative of that which you have learned, that love which you have uncovered within yourself.

More than this, there is a basic program within the subconscious, and this too is heavily veiled in distortion. This is where the work with dreaming, with keeping a journal, with taking oneself seriously, becomes centrally important, for it is, shall we say, a metaprogram, 1 in which you accept the socially unacceptable dictum of a chosen path of service.

Within your society it is not considered healthy to feel that one is on a mission of a spiritual nature. Nevertheless, this is, in actuality, the truth. You have come here, intent upon expressing and manifesting in poetic beauty the mission in service to others which you chose preincarnatively. Yes, you chose much personal work, but you chose more. You chose your paths of service, and in each path of service to others much must be yielded and given up. Thus, we encourage you to encourage each other, to love each other, to allow no disharmony to rule for one moment longer that it takes to recognize that there is something which must be discussed, which must be forgiven, which must be balanced, so that love and harmony again may be the environment in which you follow your path of service.

During sessions of working, the support group needs continually to realize and send for the power of love, that the instrument may not have to depend upon its own strength and will alone, but may rest against the cushion and support of an environment of love. Tuning, then, is done continuously throughout a session, not as a heavy burden, not as a heavy duty to perform, but as that which becomes second nature, as that which becomes a simple and constant visualization of living, revolving light, which raises itself round about the whole group in spirals and reaches unto the one infinite light of the Creator in its first manifestation.

We shall end by speaking of channeling itself. There are many, many kinds of channelings. As we have said, the life itself is a channeled experience. This instrument and we who are called to this instrument are those who teach, as we learn, about spiritual principles, about tools and resources that may aid in the acceleration of spiritual evolution. This particular teacher, and we, as those who speak through this instrument and have been called by this group, are not concerned, nor can we be, with those details of mundane existence which open with the first breath and close with the last, for we see the incarnation in its illusory form only as a learning opportunity. We cannot tarry there long.

Yes, at each turn it is important to be able to orient the self within one’s environment, to be able to see the nature of the changes of the illusion as they affect the day-to-day workings of the incarnate, self-willed, little self. There are many, many teachers who are most pleased to speak through channels and guide one through each day, each experience, each choice. It is our nature to give that responsibility to the self of your self.

The material that we offer, therefore, will not be material that is sweet and easily taken, the candy of the spirit. We move rather towards the more substantial meat and drink of spiritual lore, working to enlarge the viewpoint in order that those questions which one might have about the day, the hour, the experience, this or that, become questions that are small, become questions which beg for a larger question, and that is, “Where does this concern fit into the life that I know lies within me?”

Many will seek of any channel specific information, especially during these generations of change, when time itself is speeded up and finally swallowed by the density to come. Those who work with this instrument and with us will find themselves often unable satisfactorily to answer specific questions, for to do so would be to lose the purity of the contact. And so, if being of apparent help in reading the, shall we say, tea leaves of the day, the dream, the occurrence, the concern, which are things which can be taught by other teachers, but not by us, if this is any part of the ambition of the channel, let it be faced now, that we may not, in our teaching, be a disappointment, be a stumbling block before you.

We are a comparatively impersonal contact. We look at questions and value the question more than the answer, for in the question lies the quality of the life experience that is being sought by the questioner. In an illusion where there are no true answers, it is the questions that are important. You will again and again as a channel find yourself pointing and ending to and in mystery, speaking in riddles and paradoxes, seeking out of the maelstrom of dizzying, excited questions and observations the still and quiet waters of silent truth that lie stably and eternally within each consciousness.

The mechanics of channeling are those easily taught but difficult to learn, because it is always thought that if something is worthwhile it must be difficult to achieve. We cannot teach you to be faithful in your practice. Teaching an entity to channel is much akin to teaching a beginning violinist how to finger the scale, how to play the simplest of tunes. The teacher does not teach greatness, but only a simple mechanism which must be practiced, and practiced, and practiced, in infinite patience and dogged determination and persistence, for it is practice alone which creates that level of trust which allows the surrender of all expectation.

Many are the times we have demonstrated through this instrument the nature of that trust. We do so at this time. Six, six, five, three, seven, one, four, three, six, six. That is what we gave this instrument—nonsense. That is what you will feel you are receiving—nonsense. That is acceptable, being able to accept that you do not know what you will say is important to one who wishes to be a faithful channel. It is not up to the channel to judge the channeling, but only to prepare itself, first by attempting to become the best self it knows how to be, and secondly, by opening itself completely in surrender to a greater will, a higher self, a larger point of view.

We believe we have given you things to think about, enough for one session. We are still very excited at being able to be with this group again, and thank the one known as S2, the one known as M, and the one known as S1, for giving us an opportunity which is all too rare, to share that which we have learned, that which is our specialty within the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, for those who truly wish to follow a path of service [that] exists before the little life began, and shall exist long after the last breath has quieted, and the physical vehicle crumbled to dust. Imperishable ones, we greet and bless each of you, and would close this working through the one known as Jim. We leave this instrument in thanks, in love and in light. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We would now offer ourselves for any queries which this group would have for us. Is there a query at this time?

Yes. May we know how we would [inaudible] start in safety, and what we would do well to know to preserve that safety by tuning and challenging our contact?

I am Laitos, and we are aware of your query, my brother. It is well, most especially for the one serving as the instrument, to have knowledge of the self in regards what the core belief is that the instrument would live and die for. This information is well presented in the handbook that has been compiled by the one known as Carla, for in this essence of the self one may offer a challenge to any unseen spirit that will ensure that that spirit comes in a manner which is acceptable to you as you offer yourself as instrument through which it may speak. This is centrally important, and it is well that this be considered in depth by each within the group, most especially the instrument, between this time and the time during which you shall again sit in session with this group.

At that time it shall be our honor to begin the initial contact with your instrument in order that you shall become acquainted with the feelings and perceptions that begin this contact process, as it is used by this group. The group tuning, by listening to music that is meaningful to each within the group, the visualizing of light, the joining in voice in the repeated mantram, are also other techniques in preparing the group for the contact and in tuning the individual entities into one seeking entity that acts as the receiving mechanism for the desired contact.

Thus, we would suggest, in the intervening time, that you not only consider that core quality that enlivens your entire being, and which will become that concept through which you will offer your challenge, but that the group sit in silent meditation upon a regular basis in order that the energies of the group might become harmoniously blended. This will greatly enable this process of harmonization to occur.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Laitos, and we thank you. Is there another query?

I just have one. I was planning, on my own, to have a session during the day tomorrow before these people leave. I don’t want to rush them, I understand the principle of the baby steps, but I was planning to start the instruction immediately [inaudible].

I am Laitos, and we are aware of your query, my sister. This is acceptable as long as it is understood by each within this newly forming group that the first attempts at a contact are those which shall be contemplated in the intervening time until the new group again sits in circle with this group, and that there shall be no verbal contact attempted until there have been a number of successful contacts achieved within the group that now sits in seeking circle.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Laitos, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I have two questions. One is, do you suggest a mantra for a group, and secondly, in our existences on all levels, what is the best way to surrender all expectations?

I am Laitos, and am aware of your queries, my sister. We suggest only those means of tuning, whether by mantram, singing, group visualizing or whatever other means is available that have meaning to the group. This is decided by your own free will choice, for you are by now aware of those means by which you are most inspired, and we would suggest that you follow those yearnings and preferences which are already in place within each of you, and that as a group you make this choice.

As for the means by which one may give up the expectations, again, this is that process which has most effect when it is decided by each individual. It is in our humble opinion that which is most easily accomplished by a simple decision that serves as the foundation stone upon which any service to others is offered, and that is that one seeks with all the heart, the mind, and the soul to serve in whatever way is most appropriate, and that all other cares for the duration of the session of working are released.

One may see them as put aside, as one would discard cares and worries at the foot of a series of stairs, leaving them behind, or putting them in the pockets of a coat and hanging the coat in a closet, or by whatever means carries weight within your way of thinking, so that one becomes as an hollow vessel during the session of working, with no concern for any particular outcome, but concern only that one offers oneself wholly and completely in order that one may serve the one Creator in whatever manifestation [that] presents itself to one.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Laitos. We thank you for your concerns. Is there another query at this time?

Not from me, thank you very much.

I am Laitos, and we also thank each within this circle for allowing us to offer ourselves in service, for it is our great joy to do so, and we rejoice with you at this new opportunity to serve that is presented to each, not only within this circle and the newly forming circle, but to each portion of the Creator that resides upon your planetary sphere and will in some fashion be touched by each effort of service, for are not all one being, joined in seeking, joined in serving? And as each portion becomes awakened unto that desire living within the heart of the self, then does each other portion resonate in harmony with that same single desire. Again we thank you, my friends. We cannot thank you enough. We shall take our leave of this group at this time. We are those of Laitos. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. meta: as a prefix means “higher” or “transcending.” A metaprogram, then, would be a program that is higher than and takes precedence over the other programs being used.