(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We are most grateful for your call to us, for your request of our humble opinions which, as always, we must warn, are quite fallible. We are not those of final authority, but like you, seekers upon the path of truth, beauty and the nature of the Creator.

We have spoken much about the preparation for channeling. It is now time to move forward into a more active mode, the mechanical learning of that which is called channeling. It is akin to teaching a child to play a simple tune upon the piano. This instrument would call such a tune, “Chopsticks.” This we can teach. We cannot teach persistence, or a love of harmony, an assiduousness of practice. We must pause.

[Telephone interruption.]

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. We shall continue. The mechanics, the way of production, of channeled material, is so simple that it is normally resisted by those who wish to make it harder and more complex, who are learning to be little children who simply repeat what they hear or feel inside. This is the condition of the instrument as it begins the contact. It has prayed in whatever manner it deems most deeply worthwhile, to reach as high a tuning as the instrument may achieve in a stable and continual manner. This requires a crushing and absolute honesty, a knowing of the self and of the limitations of the self, for one does not go into the ministry of channeling to remove oneself from the world about him and dwell upon an higher plane.

One chooses to channel inspirational, spiritual and metaphysical principles because the Christ consciousness which permeates your Earth plane has, in the majority of cases, no chance at speaking in conventional ways, that is, through church attendance, involvement in the community of the Creator. There is no way for many to experience community. Thusly, to those whose distortions cause them to be unable to find the inspiration, the renewal, and the strength which they need day by day, to realize by grace that which is asked of them and to do that with a cheerful heart, there must be an alternative place of genuine worship.

We are not those who disregard or denigrate compassion, for especially within your own density the deepest truths lie in purified emotion. The job of a channel, therefore, is to provide catalyst, to evoke that purified emotion which is the daily food and bread for which you pray each day in the Lord’s Prayer. Think you then that you are asking for bread to eat and wine to drink? This was not the intent of a teacher who spoke always in parables. The daily bread which you seek and which you seek to share is that manna that contains the healing, the peace and the love of the consciousness of Christ; by whatever name you know the Christed entity, this is so.

This, then, is your goal, to become more and more able to perceive the ramifications of each point made in discussions about queries that have been asked by a group. Be humble before this gift. You are not reciting scripture, you are not offering infallibility. You are offering that food which otherwise would not be there and would cause starvation of the soul to many. Vocal channeling is only one of the myriad of services. It happens to be a more conspicuous one. This in no way means that the vocal channel is any different or better than the mother who nurtures a child, or any other entity whose path of service lies not in blue-ray communication, but in green-ray healing, whether it be of physical things, the rebuilding of old neighborhoods, feeding the hungry, working with the here and now of souls that need to be fed, not manna first, but food for the body, all across the spectrum to those who have put those things to rest by circumstance, work and luck, and are therefore able to take the leisure to move into contemplation, to seek out purity, to fall in love with love in the Creator, in yourself and in others.

No one within this density, as far as we are aware, has ever been able to keep this consciousness constant as a steady state throughout the incarnation or period of service. What is important is that you are able to clear the mind, to empty it as you would the contents of your pockets, before resting for the nighttime watches, until you become so much a part of the silence, so focused within, that thoughts begin coming to you. Now, you have continued to tune during the entire process of protection of the self, protection of the group, and protection of the working. When the time comes to channel it is time to cast away every inhibition, every care, every distraction, and put on the clarity of the white light of the infinite One.

The nature of the channeling which we prefer doing, because it is much easier upon the physical complex of the instrument, is conscious channeling. We are of the fourth density, the density of love and understanding. We are not as wise as many of our colleagues, and so our specialty is working compassionately with those who wish to build compassion for themselves, for others and for the Creator within themselves. We are humbled and grateful that the one known as S has made a serious commitment to learn this discipline of the personality and lend his unique voice to the explication of that very simple message that is repeated time and time again in various ways, in order that various kinds of people may find spiritual enlightenment available.

To begin familiarizing the group with the energy which we use, and we are a broadband energy, which means it is easier to experience us, we would like at this time to dwell with each within the mind in silence for a few moments. Allow anything that happens, or does not happen, to be acceptable. Simply, as we pause, experience being touched by this energy. We would now pause. We are those of Laitos.


Those energies which you feel shall not always be overwhelming. It is extremely common to the new student to find a great disorientation when beginning the work of channeling, for you upon your sphere of existence have the concept of solidity, of objective reference. We simply offer thoughts to your subconscious in the form of concept rather than language. It is the portion of the channel to hear the clarion call of those thoughts, to waste no time considering whether it is you channeling yourself, or yourself channeling an outer source. This process moves on despite all doubt, all questioning, and all fear, as long as the entity who wishes to channel continues to feel that this service is a path of service chosen.

Since much has been said already about preparing for contact, we shall await questions in order to clear up any confusing points you might have, but at this time we wish to speak directly to the teaching process of channeling. Channeling is a process much likened unto the catching and the throwing of a baseball, in a rapid fashion, which requires that the mind be kept single-mindedly upon the succession of balls, and the hand be nimble to empty itself of the ball it has just caught, that it again may be empty to receive the new ball. In this analogy we equate these balls with intuitionally validated thoughts and inspirations which are yours alone as you move along the path of life.

Now, we will tell you that which is not told those of the students who come to this instrument who do not wish to channel, and that is that the way to begin is to cast aside all powers of analysis, all resistance, all fears of saying or doing the wrong thing. This is often a difficult thing to give up, for entities truly wish to be of great service, and they wish to move forward as quickly as possible, but we ask you to take our instructions verbatim, and then think about them in as many different ways as you wish, ways in which you may come into adjustment with the seeming loss of the self. You certainly are not losing yourself, but gaining a deeper and more impersonal portion of yourself, for yourself is the Creator.

When we transfer a contact to a channel, the channel waits until a thought comes into its mind. It is distressing to many channels, and the first words that they get are the words with which we always open and close each meditation, greeting you and bidding you farewell alike in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great temptation to feel that there is a tremendous conspiracy of those who pretend to channel, but are, indeed, less than honest, less than rigorous, less than prepared, so that their material remains inferior and uninspiring. Channeling is a series of concepts that are caught and spoken without thought, without judgment.

After the experience is over, you may examine, analyze, probe, discuss and attempt to measure that which you have experienced, but during the process itself, a complete surrender to the Creator of all things, in certain knowledge of His plan for your existence within this incarnation, is in place, and that all is as it should be. This relaxed and peaceful state is aided only in some cases by the ingestion of caffeine in order that, although calm, quiet and listening, one also has the energy which such substances give to the physical vehicle and to the mind complex.

As we work with the one known as S, and gaze at the dynamics of the support group, we see that the one known as S’s greatest difficulty will be in releasing himself from an attempt to be objective and to make sense in a mundane way of that which transcends day-to-day living and moves the mind and the heart into the vast eternity of imperishability. The energies that are carried are strong. This is the reason we have put much emphasis upon the work upon the self, not so much to be a better person, but to be able to discipline the personality enough to clear the self at the time of self, and therefore be an ideal and magical entity.

The process is as simple as repeating what you are thinking. New instruments, as we have said, feel again and again that they are making up those things that are being said. This is because we start upon familiar territory, common to all seekers, and common especially to those who have studied the work of this particular group. It takes a certain very powerful courage to have faith that the thoughts that are springing into mind from the subconscious will in the end have created a document that is as full of inspiration and information as you are able stably to convey.

You channel—and we speak quite seriously here—your own thought processes. You choose your behaviors, your reactions or lack of them, and all the attitudes of life. When one decides to become a vocal channel, one is drawn into a powerful energy nexus of which it is one point in the planetary light. Whether or not the channeler turns out to be proficient, if there is great sincerity in the attempt, that alone will lighten the consciousness of your beloved planet that is so sadly in need of light. We repeat again, do not analyze, do not allow the mind to judge the contact. It is of the greatest normalcy that an entity will begin channeling with perhaps only fifty percent of channeled material of an outer kind, and the other half the wisdom of the deeper self, so that in fact the channel in the beginning is very much aided by its unseen spirit, or guides, or [moods].

We would at this time request that the one known as S relax, take several deep breaths, and allow apprehension and fear to leave the aura of the physical vehicle, for in this first session we wish no more than to establish the experience of a momentary contact. When we transfer to the one known as S, we shall simply be sending the information of who we are and what we stand for. The simple perception of that name, which you require within yourself if spoken aloud, begins the brave and foolhardy Don Quixote upon his path towards the windmills of doubt, temptation and distraction. Thus, we would at this time attempt to make our presence known just as an energy, and when the instrument hears a greeting beginning, simply repeats that which it hears, judging not whether that thought is coming from the expectation of entity after entity greeting in the same way those who call. Once this is accomplished, the work is well begun, but the first step is to be able to open the mouth and speak that which spontaneously rises into the consciousness with no analysis and a complete faith in the service provided.

We would at this time like to announce ourselves in such a way to the one known as S, that he is able to vocalize thoughts that come from his subconscious spontaneously. It is impossible to tell in terms of the experience of the bodily senses whether such contacts are real or unreal. It is simply your job as channel to speak the words that we give you. You are, as an instrument, a person of great power, for you may choose the manner of the channeling, the focus of a life in faith and the joy of each individual lay ministry. Relax, rest back, and simply repeat that which is given without question and without thought. We will at this time move to the one known as S, that it may experience us and be able to vocalize at least one sentence of spontaneous thought. We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as S. I am Laitos.

(S channeling)

I am Laitos. I greet each in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It has come about that…

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. We rejoice that this instrument finds within itself the heart to speak that which it does not know. The instrument is telling me that it is reaching the limits of its ability [inaudible]. We rejoice [inaudible] and the experience of the deepened commitment. We understand the great difficulty [inaudible]. We leave this instrument now in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, wishing each well, in the paths of your chosen, thankful, [inaudible]. We wish at this time to transfer the contact back to the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. First of all, we would wish to say to the one known as S that this entity is a joy to work with, cooperative, straightforward and single-minded to move into the heart and into heartfelt communication in service to others. We rejoice in the support group as well, for each is equally important, and we thank each for that dedication.

We are aware that controlling, handling and experiencing our energy for the length of time which it took to speak the sentences which the instrument spoke was great, and we commend this instrument for trusting in a teacher who is surely fallible, but who may have something to share. The key is trust. We hope you may come to know us and others of the Confederation, that you will begin to discriminate between one another of those entities to find that entity which best meshes with your own vibratory patterns, my brother, but how wonderful it is that such a beginning has occurred, that the soul was ready to open and bloom as a beautiful rose, or the unfurling leaves of spring which you may see in your countryside at this time.

We find that there is some adjustment necessary for the new instrument’s maximum comfort in the contact. Because of the fact that we cannot directly experience those discomforts that need adjusting, we would ask that the instrument aid us by mentally asking for adjustments of any offshoot of strong energy which may prove distracting or troublesome. This is not our wish, we do not wish to deplete anyone, but merely to add to the information available to those who seek, and seek in such a way that this little room is church, as this instrument would call it, and the channel opening itself to contact is patterned after Christ consciousness, willing to give up all to do the work of the Father with a glad spirit and a steady heart.

Each time this entity practices the channeling it needs to be very clear with us mentally as to how we may serve it by entering into its energy fields in the most comfortable way possible. We especially congratulate one whose pride is in logical thought, but whose desire to serve has been so purified, the egoistic demands of the small self so well put aside, that much has already been done.

You may well question that which you may do between times of meeting with this group until the instrument itself feels it is strong, stable and full of discernment that it may channel within its own support group without the more experienced channel to aid it. As the process of meditation begins, or as it ends, we would suggest the discipline of tuning. The mantram of this particular teacher is the Lord’s Prayer. There is an outer mantram and an inner mantram. The outer mantram brings the energy of the group into a circle that flows through the channel, strengthening and stabilizing the contact. That which is inner is of faith, the will to serve and the power of concentration.

Thus, we ask that the most difficult part of preparing oneself to channel, indeed, the most difficult part of the channeling process, be practiced, until one feels the vibration of whatever member of the Confederation you have called. Since those of Laitos have long been specializing in working with new channels, their’s is likely, though it would be most efficacious for the instrument to request our presence, but it is the tuning process that must be practiced until it falls so deeply into the grain of the mind that it becomes impossible to consider channeling without doing the appropriate preparation.

Preparation is different for each entity. We will express to you this instrument’s preparation in detail, not as an instruction, but as an example of how one moves from one state of consciousness to another, clearing the mundane pockets of the litter of life within your physical beings, and creating the hollowness within that asks and seeks and is ready to serve, and say, “Here am I, use me, send me, let me do the work you have prepared for me this day.” Under no circumstances would we suggest that the entity, without the aid of the support group and the more experienced channel, at this time do any experimenting with channeling by the self alone.

Now we shall describe this instrument’s own idiosyncratic way of preparation. Since the one known as S knows the idiosyncrasies of the one known of Carla, it may extrapolate the principles involved into equivalent values of equivalent intensity and meaning within its own life.

When the instrument known as Carla prepares to channel, the instrument does a symbolic act. Were this instrument more able to do things without aid it is possible that this instrument would prefer actually to shower and cleanse the whole body. Instead this instrument cleanses its hands, empties its bladder, brushes the teeth. As one empties the body of those waste materials it can no longer use and gives praise and thanksgiving to the Creator for having been able to use the food that the creation has provided, as one washes one’s hands, prayer may turn towards the cleanliness of the self, asking and seeking always to be centered, consciously aware of the presence of the one infinite Creator, and systematically cleansed for the moment of the tedium and hubbub of civilization. As one brushes one’s teeth, prayers are offered up on behalf of the purity of the words which come from that instrument’s mouth.

There are as many different ways of praying, as many different symbolic ways of changing personalities and personas, of becoming that entity which is capable of taking its place in the world of spirit, as there are entities. The goal, however, is to feel at one, peaceful, stable, safe and fearless, and whatever ritual best creates within the self those feelings is acceptable to us, as long as the prayers involved concern service to others, for though there are teachers of service to self, we are not they, we have made our choices, and we believe each has made its own choice in this group also. Relax, be merry, take things lightly, and yet ponder them deeply. Allow the consciousness you experience in channeling, and meditation to a lesser extent, to begin to color your existence, and always, daily if possible, practice the tuning process.

To move back to this instrument’s process of tuning, there is, as you know, the reproduction of the exact question asked, if there is a question which has been asked, while the instrument is in a slightly altered state of consciousness. In this state of consciousness the words are heard differently than if the words were heard before the cleansing process and the fervent, passionate prayer has been done.

Then the tuning of the group begins. Some prefer to “om,” so that all entities within the circle are expelling the breath of life at the same time. Some enjoy the singing, and others enjoy the inspirational music. Indeed, there need not be a seriousness about such tuning devices. For instance, an extremely good tuning song is an old nursery rhyme, “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, life is but a dream.” This places you squarely in the consciousness of time and space, and it is from time/space that you are receiving information.

Then, there is the breath given together in the mantram of your choice. This instrument chooses the Lord’s Prayer. There are many other invocations that have resonance for some people which the Lord’s Prayer does not. As long as the import of this mantram is love of the Creator and love of each other, it is of the Christ consciousness and is acceptable to us.

When one has come this far, one then sees to the protection of the self and of the group. This instrument does so by visualizing each chakra in turn, asking it to receive, for this working, the unblocking of all difficulties, that full energy may rise to the heart chakra, and therefrom to the blue-ray energy center, which the vocal channel uses. In order to use the green healing ray, or the blue communication ray, it is vitally necessary to pay constant and close attention to the indigo ray which lies betwixt the brows in the center of the forehead. These lobes of the brain are those lobes in which eternity resides, now safely and securely, and hardly ever touched by human thought or imagination. When one feels that the protection of the working and of the self is complete, you may go on.

This instrument’s method is to move each chakra into its normal balanced brilliance and spinning and life-giving energy, so that there are no blockages for that time, then surrounding the bodily energy in mind with the mixture of the violet ray of identity, and the red ray of life itself. These two colors create a mixture of lavender and red, the kind of color this instrument might call burgundy, and one visualizes it covering and coating the body as if the body were a capsule, and the covering that which held the great medicine of that capsule within it so that it may be useful upon its taking, and not be scattered, so that one is taking small bits and pieces into meditation, but has found a way to be whole.

After that, this instrument visualizes the white light, the full armor of light, placed upon its form, missing no spot, of undifferentiated love manifesting as pure white light. Once that feeling has been achieved—and it is often so that there is a lightness, either physical or mental, experienced during this portion of tuning—one then visualizes, as does each of the support group, this same white light that is first simply a small ball of enormous beauty and luminosity in the middle of the group, by bowing before its wisdom, by accepting its protection, you each allow it to expand, until all of you are bathed in unconditional love and light, the greatest protection available within the personal reference frame.

This instrument then asks the archangels, with whom it has a long history of acquaintance and love, to stand guard over the meeting, to warn of any intruders, and to act as champions of the light which the channel and its group are attempting to produce. The four archangels are Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Ariel. If you wish to use the same technique as this instrument, you would see the one known as Raphael dressed in raiment so white that it glistened yellow and crimson. It is a silent witness, not a jovial personality. Then, behind the self, one asks for the presence of Gabriel, that great nurturer, who is normally visualized wearing a blue robe, standing in water, which is running and fresh, and offering up a holy cup to the thirsty. To the right there is Michael, the only [one] of the archangels which bears what you would call a weapon. It is the archetypal dragon slayer, it is the protector. It is always alert, and as one becomes adept at these visualizations one may see from the expression on these entities’ faces what the atmosphere is truly like, not seen or felt from the outside, but from the inside, for Michael, more than any of the others, changes posture, changes the angle of its sword, changes its degree of alertness. Lastly, moving from the crimson robes of Michael, we ask that our left side be guarded by the archangel Ariel, which is the personification of Earth cycles. As it moves its multicolored cloak, a wind blows, and leaves, fallen from the trees and dry, rustle across its path. It is a mystery-clad entity, just as death and transformation are unknown until after the fact.

Asking for these archangels, one may begin, upon practice, to feel the great golden dome of metaphysical protection which has been begun by the energy of the group moving in a spiraling, clockwise fashion. This dome is impervious to damaging psychic greeting. It is possible, with this protection, for entities to take advantage of the instrument which falls prey to temptation, or in other ways has some chink in the armor of light, some Achilles’ heel. But if the preparation has been complete and wholehearted, protection reigns within the place of working, and as you repeat over and over this process, it will cease taking so very, very long to do.

The protection having been done, the instrument known as Carla, and again we use this as an example, turns to the prayer of St. Francis, for that is the prayer that is its personal mantram, and we shall recite it in full.

Oh Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, unity; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy. Lord, let me seek not to be loved, but to love; not to be understood, but to understand. For it is in consoling that we are consoled. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. It is in giving that we receive. And it is dying that we rise to eternal life with Thee.

At the end of this private prayer, this continuing inner tuning, the instrument then declares itself as a metaphysical spirit. Let no mistake be made by one who feels unworthy, the universe is a complete democracy, no matter what density, no matter what differences of wisdom or compassion, each is made of the same stuff, that being love itself. The one known as Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Settle yourself with your roots in the ground, and in divine consciousness. When you have declared who you are, with no doubt, no holding back, and no reservation, you have become a being of light in the great democracy of all spirits. No discarnate spirit is ever confused about its identity. Its very existence depends on its knowing who it is, and if an instrument wishes to work with spirits, and have control over that spirit to which it connects, the instrument, too, must know who he is. Then there is a prayer said that the energy not be more than can stably be accepted.

With all of this done, the entity opens itself to contact, declaring precisely who it is, and what challenge any spirit who wishes to speak with it must meet. This instrument challenges in the name of Jesus Christ. It is most important to challenge as each knows, but the challenging depends upon the utter, naked and sometimes hard line honesty of the instrument. You cannot behave as a spiritual being in the presence of discarnate entities. You must be, and consciously be aware of being, an undying and eternal source of light, part of the Creator, and part of the great democracy of all spirits.

The challenge should take place once one hears an identification, “I am Laitos,” or, “I am Oxal,” or, “I am Q’uo.” There are many within the Confederation who teach, and you will find that contact which is most helpful to you and most productive of good, inspirational and information material. This is a matter of practice and of time. To go further in your acceptance of the contact is not only folly, it can lead to madness. We ask that the instrument never move beyond the signature, the identification, but simply ask the identified contact to be with the instrument in its meditation, for we of the Confederation have a strong and general carrier wave which aids in deepening and making more useful the meditative experience.

We apologize for taking such a great length of time to give this information, but we are aware that the instrument shall be many weeks upon its own. However, we feel we have given tools and resources not only for the instrument, but for the very concept of the support group, for the support group, too, may do this same work, not because it wishes to channel, but because it wishes to be the self it truly is, and thus be a stronger and more powerful battery.

We thank you very much for your patience with us. The information you have called for exceeds greatly that information which is normally called for by new students, and we are most happy and most grateful to respond. We find there are unasked questions upon the minds of those present. It is a free will choice whether or not each wishes to ask them, but we would prefer not to use this instrument in this capacity at this time, and would therefore transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We would offer ourselves at this time in attempting to respond to any query which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time?

Yes, Laitos. Could you expand just a little bit on the meaning of caution you gave having to do with the greeting of the disincarnate entity, that we go no further than the greeting—is that what you said?—lest we meet with madness.

I am Laitos, and am aware of your query, my brother. It is our recommendation that the greeting of any discarnate entity be all that you receive before offering your own challenge to that entity as to whether it comes in the name of whatever quality or essence is at the core of who you are. The one known as Carla challenges in the name of Jesus the Christ. The one known as Jim challenges in the name of the Christ consciousness and the service-to-others polarity. It is up to you as instrument to determine that quality which is most central in your life pattern and by which quality you will offer your own challenge after hearing the greeting from any entity which wishes to utilize your instrument and to speak through you.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes. So the danger is in allowing some greeting to take place before one gets a chance to register the challenge, is that right?

I am Laitos, and this is correct, my brother. Is there another query?

No, thank you very much.

I am Laitos. If we have, then, exhausted the queries, we shall again thank each most humbly and gratefully for allowing us to work with this group and the new instrument. It has been a great joy and we feel that much has been accomplished this day. We commend each for the dedication and perseverance necessary to begin and continue this form of service through the vocal channeling. We, as you would say, look forward to those times in which we shall again be able to serve in refining this process which is well begun.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Laitos. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.