(Carla channeling)

I am [Meta]. I thank each for calling those of [Laitos] to this circle of intensive seeking and greet each in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. Because this circle is seeking the perfect in every way, it has yet varying levels of experience, for we shall move back through systems of protection. And as we speak them we ask each instrument to visualize each in his own light that [of] which we speak.

We suggest this not to be complex, quite simply to protect your bodies, minds, and your spirits as you undertake the opening of the conscious self to impersonal entities. We ask each to relax, quickly moving from head to foot, starting with the eyes, as the eyes are, indeed, the windows of the soul. So [pay] attention there. Keep the level of concentration necessary for good adjustment from being able to occur. [Inaudible] over the head and down the shoulders, the arms, the torso, the legs, the feet. Letting all the tired, tired energy from the day move from you.

Now, in whatever way you visualize, see as it really is, to the best of your ability. The workings of the red energy center in your own body. If it is muddy, ask it to clear. If it is dull, ask it to sparkle, and if it is not rotating, ask it to become active, clear-functioning. Move upwards to the middle of the belly. Gaze at the orange energy ray center, clear it right now, spin it. If one resists this, simply wait. You are capable for a certain time of clearing energy centers reliably. It is a matter of the will being serious and persistent. Gaze then at the solar plexus, yellow. When that is satisfactory, gaze in the middle of your chest, the heart chakra. Within those who wish to serve, many times you may see an overactive [inaudible] chakra as the attempt to love, love and love again is so earnestly meant and so intensely felt. Let that chakra be vibrant and alive and clear and harmonious. Now gaze at the throat chakra. You shall be using this chakra. Allow it to clear and spin and even, perhaps, sparkle.

For your words [inaudible] transform [inaudible] and we would that they would sparkle with a glistening gift that each of you have. Move to the [brow] chakra, that deep blue and purple [of indigo]. This is a very vulnerable chakra, yet you are using it quite actively to do this work. Be patient with yourself if it seems to remain dark and merely keep asking it to spin and shine and give off a clear radiance. Reviewing the chakras now very quickly: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo. Violet appears at the head. It is as it is, you cannot manipulate it, but it does represent the balance that you have just created. Take this color and, in your mind, visualize it, swirl it around to meet the red ray, mixing to become a red violet color, the very essence and vitality that is your identity as a body. Take that color and seal your body completely with this color. Now visualize dunking it into a cup of something, painting it on, or asking it to form an armor, missing no part of you.

You are now a protected body which is working with spirit. It is therefore time to invoke what this instrument would call the armor of light. Ask the white light of infinite love to cover you completely, and in love ask that it extend around the circle, covering each of your beloved brothers and sisters, growing and eventually becoming bright enough that you almost disappear because [of] the light within, around and about the circle as well as upon the surface of your own physical body. You are now in a protected globe of white light, in a position of sacred trust with those within the circle.

This instrument does that which is optional but which may be of help to each. It asks for the Archangels, which will be described by [a] quality, to guard the place of working. It says, “Before me, Rafael.” This Archangel is a principle of light. It is somewhat cold, it is full of wisdom. It has a love that is impartial and relentless and will stand your friend without judgment, and shall not be moved.

The instrument then says, “Behind me, Gabriel.” This principle is a principle of the [polarity] and the generosity of love in its manifestation. It offers from a never-failing jar the waters of life, the waters of love. It has a great and gentle humor and shall never leave the thirsty seeker without spiritual drink.

The instruments then asks, “On my right hand, Michael.” This is an instrument, an example, an exemplar and a principle of divine fire. It is not only the divine fire of creation but that which will dispatch any that is not complete, whole and positive. It is a warrior figure. As you become able to visualize this energy you may perhaps see an entity in various configurations of stance, which will let you know as you become more experienced what the general milieu about the group may be. Is it at attention, the sword drawn, then be doubly [inaudible] careful with the tuning and the challenging. Is it kneeling, sword down and looking alertly about, then all is well. Nothing can move this principle from its [vigil].

The instrument then asks, “On my left hand, Ariel.” This is the absolute principle of free will. It is that which suggests that that which is born will also die; that that which is planted is also to be harvested. It suggests many subtle rhythms and it guards the freedom of each to draw within its own rhythms as it speaks the concepts of those who you have asked to share information.

The protection now being complete, we would ask that each of you [inaudible] at this time declare yourself in whatever way you have discovered to be acceptable to you. Declare yourself against the backdrop of ten millennia, twenty or thirty, against the backdrop of imperishable ideals that could never be denied by the instrument. Ideals by which one lives. Ideals for which one would gladly, if necessary, die in order to protect and give vivid clarity to these imperishable things, to this ideal. For the metaphysical world is a world of absolute things. There is no relativity and there is no room in the world for the metaphysical of those spirits with which you wish to make contact for relative thinking. We shall pause while each chooses, imagines, and brings into being that personification or that symbol of its absolute ideal.

Now we ask each to step into this ideal. If it is personified, grasp it by the hand. If it is symbolized, grasp, stand by, or incorporate the symbol into your being in some way. Allow it to become your metaphysical identity. Your only identity in the world of spirit is this absolute identity you have now fashioned. With this identity now, pray, speak within yourself in any way that you feel will bring you more and more into tune with this ideal, more and more into unity with it. Again, we shall pause.

Ask now, before you begin to challenge for entities only [for that] which you may channel in a stable manner without harm to your health or welfare. The highest and best that you can carry, but not too high for the balanced personality as it decides within this absolute ideal.

The circle is now at a place at which it is ready to work. We of [Laitos] ask each simply to relax, realizing that in a world where a few have the actual gift of channeling, the actual gift of speaking loud and clearly those thoughts which move from the subconscious. This circle has this gift. Thus, avoid analysis, trust in your gift and let us begin to refine this gift.

We transfer this contact now to the one known as Jim. I am [Laitos].

[The instructions on the tape said to stop the transcript after Carla finished speaking.]