(Carla channeling)

…You are a newly forming group and the opportunity within the entities present and absent from within this group are excellent and could indeed prove to be most helpful. In terms of a [inaudible] which may come to those who seek it.

We ask each channel to speak that which it hears and nothing else, but to trust, once the work of tuning and challenging is done, that all will be well. For when the work is done correctly, when the challenge has been met and the baton taken, then it is that those who channel may release the integrated personality and surrender to that part of the personality that is not yet integrated, that is the deep mind. And it is from that deep mind and its analogous portion amongst your stars that we speak to you.

We ourselves are a group, dwelling in harmony. For us it is very simple to live in harmony, for we require nothing, we acquire nothing, we need nothing. Each gladly does a portion of those things which ought to be done to support the maintenance of our physical vehicles. And so we would say, that the first and greatest requirement of harmony within a group is that the group is truly a group of deep love and trust and a lack of fear about loving intensely those who may not be of your family in earthly sense.

It takes courage on the part of all concerned to transcend the many all too human emotions of opening couples up to a spiritual life in common. If this experiment is well begun, communication has taken the place of that which we can see without speaking, that is, each is able to articulate within a certain degree of accuracy its nature, its troubles, its strengths, and its idiosyncrasies. This gives each entity the opportunity to realize that it is, indeed, a teacher as well as a student. Or in case of the one channeling, indeed, the student as well as a teacher. To join a social memory complex is to be unafraid to expose not only all the good things about the self but all those things which are subjectively disliked about the self, so that the group may support each other instrument in its learning to love itself, for only those who love the self may proceed far along the spiritual path.

We shall transfer to the one known as (name). I am Latwii.

(Name channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet each through this instrument. There are many times when the path of service to those who you love is cloudy and obscured [The rest of this paragraph is mostly inaudible.] Though life is full of difficulties and… and such times as these it is best to draw back and allow things… For each has its own guiding light.

It is a process of trust in the light of others as in one’s own light that allows one to come together as these lights slowly tend to converge. When such a convergence comes about one feels a sense of releasement into a greater beingness which is a higher part of being than one is accustomed to. It is a sense of purpose and of service that transcends the ordinary concerns of a life torn with anguish, filled with sorrow and perhaps with the joys and fulfillment incident to one’s daily activities.

One finds, then, in this process, the give and the take between the purposes that beckon and the concerns which oblige us to keep our nose to the grindstone, as it were. The path is long and seems, from the point of view of your illusion, to be very arduous. However, this work is already begun. You all have a foot securely upon the path. And what remains is to find a way to take each additional step, one at a time, slowly, as you begin to find the heart of the center where you all are already come together.

It is time to transfer to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we speak now through this instrument. The group consciousness that develops from the combination of individual entities is a kind of mind which entities of your vibration first become familiar with in the family situation, then within the early school years, then within the neighborhood. And it is extended therefrom to all of those groups and activities which the social creatures that you are can construct for the various purposes that satisfy curious and diligent minds. The beginning of this formation is, of course, with the individual as it is nurtured by the parents. It is most helpful to receive the kind of support in one’s early development that gives one the confidence, that the entity one is, is valued by those about one. This confidence is the foundation stone for the future character structure, shall we say. This confidence provides a safety for the entity in that it may venture forth as far as it feels able in discovering new aspects of its environment, especially those concerning other selves, and then the turn again to the safety of that self-confidence. These voyages outward from the secure self are those beginning ties that open pathways of sharing of the self with others throughout the life experience.

When one finds a difficulty in any group environment, in remaining harmonious within that environment, it is well to investigate first that concept of self which may be providing difficulty when observed within another self. For it is usually the case that the qualities with which one has had personal difficulty are those qualities first noticed as difficult qualities within another. As one reassesses the seeking of certain qualities and concepts, tendencies and beliefs within the personal philosophy of life, shall we say, one may travel back along the line of formation of this quality or belief and determine to the best of one’s ability the origination of this quality.

Oftentimes one will find that there is a distorted experience that has lent its distortion to the formation of a certain portion of an entity’s life pattern that will then have repercussions throughout the life pattern as the entity engages in relationships with other selves. These qualities will reappear according to the entity’s personal program, shall we say. The more intensive distortions, the more unbalanced belief systems, will tend to surface more frequently than those that are more balanced, in order that the, shall we say, squeaky wheel shall get the oil of the attention, and, hopefully, of the balancing action of the entity.

Thus, one very primary action that one may take in assuring deep harmony is to work intensively upon the personal program of learning so that one enters into a group situation [with] as balanced a system of energy expenditure as is possible to achieve, while recognizing that no entity in any group will have a perfectly balanced system of expending the energy that is the daily gift from the Logos through the system of energy centers of every entity.

We also would recommend that there is the possibility of increasing group harmony by reassessing the quality of desire for the group formation within each individual. It is well that there be a principle by which each within the group seeks to work in order that there might be the basic agreement as to the reason for the formation of the group.

I am Latwii. We are aware that there is one within the circle that has become quite fatigued, and we feel that we have achieved in the basic amount of transmission of the concept for this session that we had hoped to give. We would at this time thank each for again inviting our presence, and we would remind each that we are with each in the personal meditations for the purpose of helping to deepen these meditations. We look, as you say, forward to those times where we shall again be asked to join your circle of seeking, and we shall gladly do so at those times. We shall leave this group at this time, as always, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.