(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. Greetings to you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. There was a significant pause before we began this contact because the instrument, somehow uncharacteristically, had inner work to do before it could enter the metaphysical world of spirits, and because this is a detail of some importance we shall speak of it before we begin our message.

When one wishes to be of a metaphysical nature, clear and sure and lucid in being, one cannot bring to that stance metaphysical work on a personal plane that is undone, else all protection will be faulty, and the storms of the ever-going illusion of duality, which extends into fourth density, will affect the contact unreliably, but generally in somewhat of a negative fashion. In the case of this instrument it had received messages from a negative entity which it fastidiously and carefully answered. But the final communication from this entity was a psychic assault which the instrument felt but did not accept as being a portion of itself.

When one realizes that one is being greeted psychically by negative entities, thoughts or impulses, one must do the work of accepting and loving this negativity, cradling it close to the heart, seeing in it the fear that is the antithesis of truth, and cradling this falsity and loving it and absorbing it into the self until it has rebalanced itself within the self as an accepted and loved portion of the self, which one does not choose to manifest. If a channel has fear and has not balanced this, then the entire procedure of tuning and challenging becomes unreliable to the extent that the instrument has fear. In this instance, the instrument was accurate in its reading of the degree of negativity of this particular entity, but did not do the metaphysical work required to become one with this entity in love and in light and in service.

It is written in your holy works that you shall love your enemies and those that spitefully use you, for it is not difficult to love those who love you, but all-important to love those who do not love you. We ask each to ponder these simple words, as the heart may mature and become a strong and reliable energy center, capable of being open and full of energy, with no blockage of fear.

The full and open heart. Let us gaze upon it as it touches upon the various energies and activities of the illusion, in what you call your red-ray energy center. What is the full and open heart but one who accepts all energies of life as beautiful. This heart sees the beauty of form as it is designed in this illusion and is able to comprehend the energies that move through each form, each manifestation. The heart embraces its own physical vehicle, sending light to each and every cell. Where there is any darkness, light is visualized, oceans and oceans of bubbles of light moving to each and every portion of the physical vehicle that may be in discomfort. Refreshing, easing, comforting, cleansing, renewing each cell.

In the full acceptance of this body that is yours within the illusion, is the full healing of this body. Find the way in your heart to love all aspects of this body, never to begrudge it, [inaudible]. Always to understand that same energy in others and to love and accept each vibration as lovely.

We will transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I am Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we continue through this instrument. As you move to the orange-ray energy center and consider it for its clarity, you must look to those relationships that are of an intensive nature, where you share that which is your unique nature with one other entity upon a basis where this pairing of energies draws from you all of your attention in your caring and your efforts to communicate that which is yours to communicate. This type of relationship is the first movement outward from the individualized self and the first movement which establishes a bridge or a bond with another self, which then allows a commerce, a trading, shall we say, of energies betwixt you and one other entity.

This other entity’s identity may change from time to time. The significant part of this kind of relationship is that there is only one entity at the time which comes within your focus and with whom you then respond and move in a kind of dance, as it were, as energies are exchanged. Wherever there is any kind of obstruction or blockage of this energy exchange due to imperfect communication or imperfect processing of catalyst there needs to be the balancing of these distorted efforts, so that this center of energy may play its part in the channeling process and be opened to the degree necessary for minimum functioning—that is, to allow a certain amount of energy to move freely through the center without it being distorted or biased in a significant way. When this procedure has been accomplished, then the entity is ready to move to that yellow-ray center which begins the further expansion of the expression of the individual energies.

We shall transfer at this time to the one known as S.

(S channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet each through this instrument. The yellow-ray energy center conditions those experiences which have to do with other selves, numbering more than two. In the yellow ray there is the capacity to take in those configurations of energy which express complex arrangements of interactions. We will find these arrangements embodied in institutions and in practices and more intimately in attitudes that come out of these institutions and practices. So that it is with respect to the attitudes that the more immediate work is accomplished, when working in yellow ray.

The attitudes involve a give and take of energies and an acceptance of patterns and behavior and a feeling which comes upon one as from a source which is larger than one, and which seems to be other than one. To deal effectively with the balancing of the yellow ray one must accept that the illusion in which one deals is as it should be, and one must accept the gift that the illusion offers in the form of the particular experience which is one’s own. When this experience has been assimilated and accepted, the possibility of moving into relation to the energies of the green-ray center becomes established.

The green ray is a more universal image. It has to do with the beingness of the self and the illusion and the entire system of energies which from beyond both gives itself to expression [inaudible] keynote to the experience of green-ray energies is love and it is compassion. The compassion which one experiences at this level is a summation of the work one has done upon the other three levels of energy expression. And it involves to some extent a balancing of these energies which can be accomplished only by seeing that these energies are of the Creator and not one’s own. They are not to be held but are rather to be expressed and allowed to flow. In this way, one finds within the heart a humility within which a sense of purpose may be born. The sense of purpose, born in the heart center, is the most important endowment that an aspirant to truth may find. It is the birthright of each to have this firmly instilled in the center of his being. To discover this center is to find within one the yearning which is the springboard to work in the higher chakras.

It could be said that the yearning of the open heart is the rectifying factor, the factor of purity, which gives to blue ray an assurance of having to deal with truths and not merely the concerns of the illusion. Blue ray contains within itself the power of expression. In the expressiveness of blue ray there exists the joy of creation in its occurrence. Blue ray is the first center of energy within the mind/body/spirit complex which may act creatively. With this creative power comes a responsibility. If the blue ray has been energized by the open heart, it is responsive to the energies that have come up from the lower centers, as it finds these energies balanced by love and then compassion.

There is another source of energy available for expression in blue ray, however, and this is the source known as the Christ within. This energy, to be expressed, must first be apprehended in a form sufficient for the activation of blue ray. This involves, then, already the activity of that energy center which is located between the brows and is indigo in its true coloration.

The indigo-ray center is the center of insight. It is the center capable of discerning a concept, which for its more and more discursive expression requires contact with the blue ray. Within the indigo ray the concept remains merely the concept. And experience of it is more direct, less refractory than one finds in the blue ray. It is for this reason that the more particular work of the adept is focused in the indigo-ray center when the adept has reached the point of being capable of reliably discerning the concepts and principles that are in so many various ways expressed within the illusion, but always in such a way as to transcend the illusion in favor of a metaphysical significance, which may be quite different from the appearance it takes on within the illusion.

In the indigo-ray center one finds that concepts do not stand alone, each discreet from the others, but, rather, that the situation is somewhat like a series of small streams or rivulets which empty into larger streams and then to larger ones still, until finally they join in a great torrent and seem to travel towards a single source. We say travel towards because this is the direction indicated by the adept who seeks, that is, the adept feels himself to be traveling towards that which is sought.

But in reality, there is not a single direction to this movement. It is, rather, a movement which goes simultaneously backwards and forwards, as it were. The adept, thus, finds that the movement in the direction of what is sought, a movement which, indeed, is initiated by the adept, does not terminate either at a point within the line of sight of the adept or one outside of this line of sight, but, rather, opens a [hallway] of love and light that returns again unto the adept. It is a stream which flows outward and inward simultaneously. It is this situation which is described in your scriptures when they advise the student that, “if you ask, you will indeed receive,” for, indeed, in truth the asking is the receiving, the seeking is finding. This is perhaps the most basic secret known and knowable in indigo ray. That is the foundation for the platform upon which all further work may be done.

Once one has activated all the energy centers—red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo—the issue of first importance is one of balancing. For a mind/body/spirit complex which is so…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…activated in any particular energy center that this center overbalances the entity in the direction of processing or expressing a certain kind of energy at the expense of other manners or laws of processing or expressing energy, will find that blockages occur which are due—not so much to the specific, distorting effects of individual chakras—but rather due to the fact that the entity as a whole is out of balance. It is vital to keep in mind that a sense of proportion should be everywhere maintained. For it is out of this sense of proportion that the finer points, or the fine-tuning, shall we say, may take place.

The effect of consistent daily work in meditation is not perhaps felt suddenly, is not perhaps experienced quickly or obviously in the terms of the illusion, but it is the surest and only safe approach to spiritual growth that one may take within your third density. We would suggest to each that you take heart, and in a quiet joy go about your daily routine, knowing that nothing that you do, no distortion in which you may become involved, will put you so far from the love and the light of the one Creator that you are beyond redemption. All is acceptable. You are of the Creator. Find, then, within yourself the joy and the peace that is that of the Creator. We leave you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

And so we open again through this instrument in love and light. We would instruct each to examine its portion of the message. For in each portion of the message was intended and is always intended a poetry, a beauty and inspiration, a surrounding of the subject with open nuances that excite the curiosity and show the way for growth in each and every subject or situation covered.

We are those who would have the fun, the playing with the subject, and we find, as we intended to, that the sense of lightness of that which is lifted from the shoulders by awareness is somewhat lacking. Each may examine its own contributions. To the instrument known as S, especially, we would [note] that this instrument’s love of the teaching moves at times to limit the nuances or open-endedness of each portion of the subject covered.

There is a joyful surrender, so that to a channel there is no concern to teach, no concern to be [thorough], no concern to be complete, no concern for content, but only the concern to remain completely one with the tuning one has achieved. In this surrender, each thought opens like a flower, and bloom and beauty and lightness enhance the communication. In this case, although the instrument known as S did an excellent job in expressing our basic message, there was the nearly subconscious intention “to teach” that goes with the habits of an entire career of teaching. Channeling is a different kind of teaching. It is a teaching in which one surrenders all desires to teach, to make sense, or to do anything except to listen, to feel, to be, to float in that highest tuning which may be held in a stable manner. Then all else is a mechanical procedure of reporting upon the concepts one has received.

The teaching then unfolds in a way impossible to the conscious teacher, and the results please that same teacher in a way he could never be pleased with his own thoroughness. We say this while we say also that there was excellence in this contact. Yet, we are aware that this instrument strives for more, for inspiration, for freedom from linear thinking. And so we would look back at the full and open heart and revalue briefly that which we have covered.

In the lower energies, each has weaknesses due to the harsh illusion each experiences. This instrument with the difficulties of red-ray physical pain. The one known as Jim with difficulties of a relationship held in freedom and trust. The one known as S with the difficulties allowing interactions with groups, to be that which is inspired rather than intended. Each then, in the discussion of these lower energy centers, expresses its own unimportant but substantial enough limitations. Examine and consider, for all things point to the heart from each direction, and to give maximum energy to the heart, to throw into the heart all that one receives, is dearly to be desired. The heart is a thing in itself, a power, a resource, that which in its full and open presence heals those about it by its very being,

The higher energy centers receive their ability to do their work because of a full and loving open heart. And each who chooses to communicate or to work in consciousness is working with the green-ray energy, that is its resource. The greatest mistake that seekers make is to attempt to do the higher work in consciousness, without in due patience doing the thorough work in the lower energy centers. For each is as important as the other. All together make the body of energies that creates the energy complex of each spirit.

Value yourself, then, not for one or two manifestations of the open heart but for the fastidiousness with which in your private self you know you have worked in each energy center in each day to keep open the royal road, the pathway to the kingdom. Find joy, be merry, staying in fond companionship along the way and think not that information is the goal of channeling. Information is one portion of an axis, call it “x.” The other portion of channeling is perpendicular to it at all points and in all directions, and may be called the nonlinear or inspirational or noetic or noumenal portion of that which we have to offer, by our humble opinions.

Thus, we ask each to let go in joy, to surrender to the unknown. When covering familiar material release the mind, release the heart, release the strictures of that which is already known. For there is always within each unique channel a new nuance which may be brought forward from the material which is unique to the mind, the heart, the experience, and the spirit of each channel.

Let yourself be a channel of wonder and mystery and astonishment to self. Allow this. It cannot be wanted. It cannot be desired and therefore gotten. It must be desired and then released. The true courage lies in that sweet surrender to the unknown which guides you and all, in infinite love, in the full and open heart that is the great original Thought of all that there is, the Creator Itself.

Again we say to you, adonai, through this instrument, and we wish to close this contact through the one known as Jim. I am Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet each again in love and light. We wish only to offer ourselves to any queries which those present may have before we close this contact. Is there a query?

Yes, Latwii. In my learning channeling, it seemed to me that in order to keep myself abreast of the contact I needed to kind of look ahead—would I understand that you are telling me that this looking ahead baffles the more, ah, magical and interesting parts of the channeling, so that while it may bring back intact the information, it fails to capture the nuance and inspiration? Do I need to slow down? How might I go about improving this particular aspect?

I am Latwii, and I am aware of your query, my brother. In this regard we would suggest that the practice of looking ahead, as you have called it, is that which gives a confidence to your contact, and in the beginning of your channeling it is helpful to use whatever crutch works, shall we say. In the long run of the channeling process, it would be well if you would look not so much to the approach of information as to remaining in a more free floating state, shall we say, in which you are subjecting yourself to the movement of the contact as it will, this is to say as you progress in your experience of the vocal channeling, it would be well and would be easier for you to accept information about which you know nothing in advance. All of this practice has as its purpose forming the completely hollowed channel which has neither the preconceived idea nor the desire to know that which is next, but simply offers itself as an open instrument. There are many steps along the way to achieving this particular kind of contact and we would not wish to rush you in your progress but simply to suggest, as we have, that you are at a certain stage of the practice of channeling at this time, and the succeeding steps in this never-ending process, will concern themselves in a large degree with removing the crutches which are helpful in the beginning. For these crutches are, though sturdy in their offering of their support, also limiting in that which can be seen or received.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, thank you, that was very helpful. This goes into a little different direction. There is a subjective side to the experience of the channel in which one feels an energy, very strong, energy welling up within one, that once one gets used to it, has a certain tractability to it, if one can work with it. Now, there is an ebb and a flow to this energy, at least as I experienced it, rather than a steady stream of it. Is the process of learning to channel a process of learning to work with this energy when one feels that it is dissipated for the moment? Does one do well to pause long enough for it to gather in? Can you give me some indication of this problem?

I am Latwii, and believe that we have your query. Before any performance, the performer has the flow of the adrenaline, as you might call it, the excitation of the anticipation. This kind of energy is that which the new instrument would experience far more than the instrument which has long practiced its art. This energy can be helpful to the new instrument, much as the crutch of looking forward, shall we say, into the contents of the information which has yet to be received. As the new instrument perceives this welling of energy, the effect is to help the concentration and the focus of the concentration. This is most helpful to any instrument. However, as you become more practiced in your art of vocal channeling, you will also discover that this energy tends to be reduced, for the practice no longer elicits this, as this instrument would call it, rush of energy. It is at that time that your ability to focus your concentration will take over this function, shall we say. Thus, there are many attributes and characteristics of the channeling process that are found at the beginning of the process which may be utilized by the new instrument. But after a period of time, the new instrument, becoming a more experienced instrument, will discover that it is working more on its own resources and abilities rather than the accoutrements, shall we say, of the contact in its initial phases.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, I think this is well taken, and I certainly do feel that rush. The energy that I had in mind, really, though, was one which I only began to experience later on, when I felt more calm and it is one which I have sometimes experienced in the meditative situation. I find it to be of a different order. Is—am I dealing only with a subjective modification, is that what you are describing as the adrenaline energy, or is there another dimension going on here?

I am Latwii, and I am aware of your query, my brother. There are deeper levels of the mind which each entity within the meditative state may contact, as the meditation is more successful in achieving the one pointed focus, shall we say, and in removing those distractions to the meditative state simply by failing to attend to them. As one is successful in moving the conscious focus from the upper reaches of the conscious mind to the lower reaches of the conscious mind, and, indeed, into areas of the subconscious mind, one will feel a certain power or energy, as you have called it, which is the, shall we say, the energy of potential use.

This is a relatively unformed energy and is that which responds to the reaching, shall we say, the reaching of the conscious mind as it moves its focus into deeper realms of the subconscious mind. This reaching begins to potentiate those qualities which may be associated with the more feminine aspects of any entity, those of the intuition, those of the non-rational, those creative powers which have, as you would describe it, the magical or metaphysical ability to form consciousness in such and such a fashion according to the design of the working. Therefore, the energies which you have described are those within your own subconscious mind which are available to you as you are able to stably move your conscious focus into the subconscious mind.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Latwii, and we thank you once again, my brother. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii, and we have been most filled with joy and light to have been able to be with this group this morning. We feel that the progress made with the one known as S is exceptional and we hope that this entity will take our comments and small criticisms as those areas of improvement which are expected of the more advanced instrument. We are very happy to have been able to work with this instrument and look forward, as you would say, to further opportunities to do so.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and of this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.