The question today has to do with the concept of forgiveness. What is the purpose of forgiveness, what is the method of forgiveness, and who needs the forgiveness in any situation?

(Carla channeling)

Our greetings, love and blessings to you, my dear brother and sister. We are known to you as Latwii, and are called to this group at this time. For this great honor we are most humbly thankful. Our hearts are full of soft spots, but the softest spot of all is, perhaps, this group, who has continued in a steady and one-pointed path, though the way is crooked, and though you are all weary. Yet we know that grace and your own forgiveness give you the strength to be that source of light that lights the darkness of indifference and negativity.

You ask us today about forgiveness, with a special emphasis upon self-forgiveness. This is an appropriate question, central to the understanding of spiritual evolution. It is not only in your own culture that it is thought that mistakes cannot be corrected, that some errors are so heinous that they can never be atoned for, and that many fall permanently outside the reach of the love of the infinite One. How cruel your people are, and how cruel all of those in all ways are! Following a life of [fate] is that which is in the East called karma.

Karma is that energy held in dynamic tension with another entity where lives the intransigent desires of the self. As you know, that which you seek you will receive. We have often urged you to be careful what you seek, for you will receive it; be certain that you wish it. Your planet is full of unused and unusable energy due to this basic misunderstanding about the making of mistakes. The erroneous and faulty behavior is subjectively seen by the one who acts or by another as karma springs to life between one who is wronged and one who has done the wrong, and because of the pain engendered by this trauma, and because it does not make any worldly sense to forget those things which have caused you to stumble, the inertia of karma goes merrily along singing a repetitive song of, “I got you, I got you,” and the other person, if admitting guilt says, “He’s got me, he’s got me.”

Other karmic relationships are even more complex. Both feel righteously wronged, and both want each other to apologize, to wipe the slate clean. But will they apologize for their own lack of compassion? Never, for they have been wronged. Thus, there is precious little forgiveness among your people, and those few who truly do forgive are often those who are able to deal with a great mass of often misguided information and misinformation which makes up the burden of a theology of that distortion of the Law of One called Christianity.

Now, let us back up for a moment and gaze at the true nature of what occurs when a lifetime has gone by and there has been no forgiveness. The hardened heart, with the rest of the physical complex of this entity, leaves its worn out physical vehicle and enters a plane of existence in which it is quite obviously clear that there was no need to hold the grudge, to hold the pain, to wrap oneself in fear, disgust or loathing. Moreover, it is seen by such an entity that this entity could just as well have played the other role. You dwell upon a stage, and you are actors in a very real sense. You may choose the lines that you will say. You are not bound by other peoples’ understandings, you are not bound by the moribund morality of hard-heartedness and unforgiveness.

You see that you have all possible mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states within you in potentiation—not potentiated, but able to be potentiated should circumstances have caused your patterns of distortion and confusion to move into the difficult times of discontent and anger and hard-heartedness that precipitate a lack of forgiveness. But since you are between incarnations at that point, nothing can be done at that point in terms of correcting the situation and balancing, by forgiveness, that intransigent and inevitable movement on the wheel of karma. Only one thing stops the wheel of karma, and that is total forgiveness.

Forgiveness is based upon the knowledge of who you are. Two things are important to remember here. Firstly, you are the least of all, as are all who serve. You do not have rights, you do not have privileges, you do not mount defenses that armor you from others, for you are stronger than that, you have upon you the entire armor of white light, as your knowledge of the one infinite Creator and your experience with this wonderful and peaceful and joyful presence increases. You must also remember that you are a portion of the Creator, and that which is forgiven by you will be forgiven, and that which is retained by you will be retained. You are beings of immense metaphysical power, and you squander your inheritance with petty grudges and hardness of heart.

As the one known as S so prudently requested, forgiveness begins with the self, and we shall explain why. The one known as Jesus of Nazareth erased what you call the Ten Commandments, those negatives that put so many unfortunate ideas in so many heads. This entity said, “You have two jobs to do, love the Lord your God, with all your heart, and all your mind, and all your strength; and your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” In this simple sentence a huge body of material, which you call the Old Testament, was relegated to a dusty back shelf, and forgiveness and redemption had come into focus at last.

Now, to love the Creator is relatively easy. The Creator gives so many gifts, is so very generous He supplied us with all that we need, in whatever level of learning we are. You need oxygen, the trees give you oxygen. The trees need carbon dioxide, your very being puts out this substance. The creation of the Father is a thing of great beauty and balance, that may be seen to have a dark side—the floods, the hurricanes, the tornadoes, the ghastly and horrifying aftermaths of natural events. But this little life of yours, that will move so fast and be over so quickly, is not an opportunity for you to make yourself more comfortable. It is an opportunity to learn better how to love, and it is difficult situations that bring that knowledge forward. When one may love the Creator who has caused the whirlwind, and the fire, and the terrible destruction of great earthquakes, then you will begin to understand that the lessons of love are often difficult, and always need inevitably end in the death of the physical body.

Each entity’s job is to gaze at those situations which confront one, to find love, praise and the giving of thanks. In the face of great tragedies this makes no sense to those who are fair weather friends of the Creator, and believe that the Creator is the giver-out of the spiritual lollipop, the happiness pill, the serenity pill, the wisdom pill. No, my friends, the Creator in His great and terrible wisdom and compassion has given you free will to face all that you must face, including the most difficult and negatively perceived situations, in order that you may do that which is not easy, for how easy is it to forgive the small thing, the slight error of a friend?

Forgiveness is first the turning to a power greater than yourself, and a giving to that power of an entire situation, that you may be given the consolation and the healing that you require in order to forgive yourself, whether you are the wronged one or the self-perceived wrong doer. There is always a lack of forgiveness of the self that seems to be held more tightly than the forgiveness of others. You gaze too close into the mirror of this illusion and your manifestation within it. Your birthright is to be forgiven, to realize each self-perceived error and to forgive oneself for it, and move on.

Thus, you come to a respect, and an honoring, and a loving, and a nurturing of yourself. The key to forgiveness of others is the forgiveness of the self. Release, release, release, give back to the forces of the universe those energies which are easily absorbed in infinity, and leave them not to pollute your own feelings, your mind, or your heart, but rather let forgiveness flow as a sweet river under the surface of all that you do and say.

Whatever your conceptions of yourself, if they be negative, release them. If you say to yourself, as this instrument does, “I am not pretty,” there is a hardness of heart that will spill over into karmic situations with others, into a lack of ability to forgive others. If one says, “I am not worthy,” there is a lack of awareness of one’s birthright. Moving from the temporary to the eternal, and gazing at yourself as would a most loving mother, forgive yourself, accept yourself, allow yourself to be yourself, and lead the concern for the self away from center stage, for it is as dangerous as the blinders upon the horse to those who can see but will not. Soften, allow, forgive and turn, and ask to be in a tabernacle in the immediate presence of the infinite Creator. Ask, though you feel unworthy, to be that person who experiences unconditional love. Let love fill you, which you naturally wish to return, and as you more and more perceive yourselves as children of the great Father and Mother of the universe, you can come to treasure yourself, for you are all treasures.

When the work of forgiveness of self has been done to the point where you feel that maintenance is that which is necessary rather than complete concentration, then and only then turn to the attempt to forgive others. It is not selfish to do the work upon the self first, it is necessary, it is mandatory. You must bring your own personality and biases into balance, else how can you be the house of the Father, how can that light shine through you if you are lurching about wasting the energy of love in the distortions of self-immolation?

Let us say we have done this work, and it does come to an end, not that you do not slip from time to time back into those negative programs which have caused you to be armored against the rest of the world and survive, but that you recognize that you do not need this armor, that you are meant to be vulnerable to circumstance, that you are meant to be an actor upon the social scene. This is the density where you learn to deal with entities in more and more gentle compassion and love. Now you have forgiven yourself, you then can see that although those other entities may not have done this work, at the end of that work which they will do at some point, they will find their birthright as children of a forgiven nature, children of the one Creator, children of love in which there is no judgment.

But paradoxically, it is well to judge carefully, to the best of your ability, that which seems subjectively helpful and appropriate, and that which does not—in your relationship with yourself, with the Creator, and with your neighbor. Compassionate love includes being of service by speaking of difficult things. If you have not forgiven those difficult things, you will be speaking with a hard heart, and your judgment will be unfair. Only self-forgiven can you enter into the forgiveness of others.

Let it not wash away the intense colors of your emotions, your feelings, and your learnings, by saying that all things are well. You yourself have within you biases which have been dearly won, and to which you should listen. Why then, in all compassion, you are judge, but you are a judge of compassion, and if words that are less than easy must be said, yet they are said with love and compassion, carefully and courteously, and honestly, and fearlessly. And in such communication lies the beginning of forgiveness, of those you feel may have wronged you, or those whom you feel you have wronged. There is no difference between those two in terms of forgiveness. They are two sides of the same coin. Forgiveness is a universal currency, a kind of money, shall we say, since your people are so interested in the power that money has. Spend that currency with a whole heart.

In order to forgive the unforgivable, which is part of the lesson of learning to love without condition, it is extremely helpful to take that person within yourself and earnestly and humbly to pray for that person, for as you pray and intercede for such a person, you will grow to love that person, you will have compassion upon that person, and these changes in consciousness are wonderful catalyst for that person to be [inaudible], that person may also begin the long cycle of learning to forgive. Your biases are not incorrect. You have earned them. Do not abandon them and simply say that all things are acceptable. You are miles and miles away from this elevation. First you must learn to love, and you must learn to have wisdom, and you must learn to have compassionate wisdom. Right at this moment in your development, you are simply attempting to love. Of yourself you cannot do this, but the great original Thought of Love is with you. You may block it out, you may deafen yourself against its call, but it lies just beyond the door that you can open at any time, waiting to comfort, to ease, and to offer grace.

Forgiving entities does not mean that it is necessary for the forgiving entity to continue to accept acts upon the part of the other self which are subjectively seen to be abusive and destructive enough that the self—or those young selves for whom you are responsible—[is] in danger of any kind, be it mental, or physical, but as you do those things that you must, as you decide upon the separation because you see that union is impossible, as the other entity cannot do the work that you are doing in forgiveness, you simply do that which you have to do, with love and compassion and peace, staying within the forgiveness, accepting the unacceptable that may occur, loving the unlovable that has brought about the current situation by its catalyst.

You cannot adjust other entity’s states of self-forgiveness or forgiveness of others. You may drop the seeds, and see yourself as the Johnny Appleseed of forgiveness, for forgiveness is the essence of what this instrument would call the Kingdom of Heaven, and the seeds of forgiveness are like leaven, that lighten and lift and make delicious the whole loaf of life, and love, and relationships. But you cannot do others’ work for them.

Consequently, realize that you must stop the wheel of karma for yourself by completing a very thorough and earnest process of forgiveness of the self, forgiveness of the other self or situation, and forgiveness of the process that has taken place, on steps that seem to have been made clumsily or wrongly. You are perceiving yourself within an illusion. You can judge to the point of your own instinct, but you cannot judge finally. You simply judge, and forgive, to increase your own positive polarity.

What we are talking about, when we talk about forgiveness, is healing. The hope of each entity is to become healed, and healing may be defined as that state wherein the karma is balanced with each soul with whom you come into contact, and your realization of yourself is a realization of yourself as whole, perfect, beautiful, and a child of the infinite One. Does this make you special and important? May it never be. This makes you the servant of all. With compassion comes humility, and you would gladly serve, as did the one known as Jesus, by washing the feet, by doing the unattractive things that make up the daily run of existence, because, since you are forgiven, you dwell in a state of redemptive joy, so that every dish you wash, every window that you clean, every flower that you touch, is alive to the light within you, and responds in love.

The creation of second density dwells in love, except in those places—and there are so many—where the lack of love of your humankind has damaged second density. Touch into perfect love. Keep your feet in that fine river of forgiveness, and your light shall shine, as it will, and that which it is given to you to do will come before you with no effort whatsoever on your part, and whatever it is, the sweeping of a floor, the saving of a nation, all is equal if it is done in utter and complete love for the Creator, the self, the situation, and any other entities that may be involved.

Always remember how short is this experience, and how important is this choice of polarity in which forgiveness plays such an important part. Love always forgives, but it does not rush in to forgive. Remember that upon the cross, in that great story of the teacher known as Jesus, there were not one but two entities, one of which did not ask for forgiveness, one of which did not turn from his self-confessed errors. That entity remained in a state of karma and imbalance. There was another entity who perceived itself as equally without virtue, the self-confessed maker of serious and grave errors, but this entity had the faith and the wisdom and the vision to turn to the face of the infinite One as it shone through the one known as Jesus upon the cross, physically turning the head, gazing at the broken body that still shone so brightly. “Will you remember me, please, when you come into your kingdom?” asked the thief, the felon, the murderer. “This day you shall be with me in paradise,” replied the broken and dying lover and servant of mankind.

May you turn from error when it is perceived, without being discouraged that you have made an error, and ask forgiveness. Deep within yourself, there is the Creator self, the redemptive and forgiving self, the source of forgiveness. Allow it to flood you, allow it to make you thankful, allow the feeling of healing to take place, and know that you are self-forgiven. Then turn to the world, and by power of Christ consciousness within, you shall be constantly renewed. And as more and more of you do this, the face of the Earth shall be transformed. That is how powerful forgiveness is.

We have spoken overlong, and we apologize, but we wished so much to be with the one known as S especially, as we so seldom are able to speak with this soul in the voice that has words, but may we say to this beautiful and beloved child, that we are the clouds overhead, that we are the stars at night, that we are the familiar things that you touch day by day, that we are in the smiles of strangers, we are always with you. We wish for the one known as S to be aware of this, in a deep, and abiding, and trusting way, for we are of the vibration which causes us to be with this instrument of light as comforter, or what this instrument would call the Holy Spirit.

Let us nurture you, be aware of our love at all times, let it flood you, and overwhelm you, and heal you, when you are too weak to do these things for yourself, for we are that part of you which is a bit closer to the divine consciousness you call Christ consciousness. We are with you always, yet our usual strong request that those things which we say be regarded as the opinions that they are, the fallible and possibly erroneous opinions of those who also are students of the one infinite Creator, and companions with you on that infinite path. We will at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we would offer ourselves to speak to any queries which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time?

Yes, I have one. A couple of times in recent days I have been faced with giving advice in situations where there was an enormous amount of abuse within the [inaudible], abuse which included children, and in which there was obvious agony going on in the abuser, in the [inaudible] the person writing to me, or speaking to me. In both cases upon reflection I felt that the best advice that I could give was to go through the process of forgiveness so that one [inaudible] be free from karma, and [inaudible] and then to engage in a conversation and communication which would open up to the abusing entity the agony which caused the abuse, in order that he may too, though he could or did not wish to be in the situation in which he was.

Especially because in both cases the situation involved children, and also physical abuse, I recommended the dissolution of the sacred bond of matrimony, because the spiritual principles by which I live seemed to point in that direction. I wonder if you could speak to the metaphysical correctness or incorrectness of my thought processes and my understandings, as I believe these people will both listen to me, and I do not want to be responsible for an incorrect application of spiritual principles.

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that you have spoken according to those highest principles with which you are familiar, and we applaud your effort, for you have given the best of your own experience in compassion towards, not just those who write you, but those who were responsible for creating a great deal of disharmony within the relationship that included the young child, and we would suggest to you that the information which you have shared may be considered, in light of the entire experience, by each entity to whom you spoke.

This is to say, that though your information and your suggestions may have been crafted with the finest of intentions and according to the highest spiritual principles with which you are familiar, there are far more factors that enter into each entity’s situation than the best advice possible, and each entity will be moved by that which is most powerful and pressing within the life pattern, as, indeed, each entity has moved at all times. If your suggestions ring in harmony with the heart of each entity’s current life pattern and desires, then you will have aided the entity in moving in the most appropriate direction.

If, however, either entity decides that, though the information and inspiration is helpful and hopeful, but there is still within either or each entity a desire to continue in the relationship for whatever reason, then this shall also be the appropriate path for that entity.

In short, we suggest that when you give your suggestions to another, that you give, as you have, the best of what you have to give, and then allow the entity to use this information as it will, without feeling either responsibility for moving the entity where you think perhaps it could not have moved, or by failing to move the entity in a direction which you feel is more appropriate, for each entity is complex, and will, in many places, move in a pattern which is incomprehensible to any entity other than itself, and it must be realized that even those puzzling steps upon the path play their part as certainly as do those which are clear and strong in their forward movement. Thus, we applaud your efforts, my sister.

Is there another query?

No, I really thank you for that answer, that’s all I wanted to know and hear. Thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii, and we are filled with joy at the opportunity to speak to this group. It is, indeed, our favorite, shall we say, for we have long been with each in this group, even before those times of the first contact of a vocal nature, and we look forward to each blending of vibrations with our own. We walk with you, we see with you, we experience with you, we rejoice with you, and we breathe with you at each moment in which you experience the colors of the emotions of your density of illusion.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group, rejoicing in love and in light, and praising the one Creator in all things. We are known to you as those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.