(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite One. If you will pardon us, before we begin, we will chastise this instrument, realizing that this runs close to the Law of Confusion, but we shall have a much more difficult time using this instrument because it has allowed a level of pain to exist over many hours, which is a natural and survival-oriented blockage of energy in the red-ray center to deal with pain the physical vehicle is not intended to sustain.

We ask this instrument and all instruments to be aware of their bodily preparation, and if there must be some medication taken, anything that might be lost because of the side effect of the medication may be gained in the strength of the contact. We realize this instrument dislikes pain medication, but we ask all instruments to be responsible and to come to channeling as comfortable and rested as possible, that in rest and peace and confidence you may stride forth as your magical imperishable self, your metaphysical self, and so speak with spirits having sorted them out by the time honored method of challenging.

We would like to ask each that hears our voice what it has done in the last few days that it could have put off or done in an easier fashion, so as to maximize the strength and minimize the weaknesses of your particular situation. You are stewards of a treasure. The treasure is yourself. How shall you spend yourself? We say there is no virtue in pain, no virtue in guiltiness, no virtue in judgment, no virtue in any negative or separating condition, thought or awareness. Thus, as you prepare for a meeting, let your mind be lifted, allow it to let go enough to realize the true state of the body that moves you about. Tend to it, care for it, show it the love as you show all others [with]. We do not advise taking the martyr’s path unless there is no alternative and the martyr’s path is clearly marked by an unanswerable destiny.

It is time to speak of a subject that all who channel deal with, and that is that there is only one truth, though there are many ways to say it and many approaches to take to it. Thus, you will not find yourself offering something brand new and exciting to those who seek. If you are in an advanced group, where entities are attempting to live as they are learning, you will indeed receive exciting results if you find metaphysics exciting. You will find yourself more able to be a conscious being. You find yourself ready to hear things on a level that is deeper than you heard things before, so that your mind does not block you from the wonderful experiences and discoveries of the deep mind. But, in effect, you who serve as vocal channels will be offering information of a certain type, in an endless series of ways, but always with the same basic thrust. We are concerned with building in your mind’s eye a theoretical model of the universe which most closely approaches the Creator’s. But you may see the universe and its purposes as does the Creator insofar as we have learned this vision. Thus, we do not teach you to love. We explain to you why choosing to love and how to love is so very important in this particular experience. We transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet you again in love and light through this instrument. We speak to you of the benefits and the necessity in your own spiritual life of learning to love. My friends, it would seem that this would be a most pleasing task, to love…

[Blowing sound in microphone.]

We shall pause.


I am Q’uo. I greet each again through this instrument. As we were speaking, the difficulty in learning to love is not apparent from considering this process upon the surface. For when one thinks of loving, it is easy within your culture to think of these things which are lovable, which attract your admiration, your attention, your affection and to which you would easily give all that you have. This concept of love is that with which most of your peoples are familiar. However, the love of which we speak is beyond that of mother for child, of lover for mate, of friend for friend. It is beyond any concept of love which you are familiar with and which you have experienced in a steady state.

The love of which we speak is beyond the description of words. But when we use words it is well that your word “unconditional” be foremost among words used to describe that concept. For of the previous kinds of love, the conditions of closeness of relationship, of specialness of relationship, of previous experience with an entity, are primary in this kind of love. However, the love of which we speak has no condition tied to it, so that this quality of love is given without any consideration of the entity, the situation, the time or any other consideration that might qualify the object of the love to be loved.

The love of which we speak is that feeling tone that comes from the green ray energy center in a free and open manner and has as its focus the entire creation about one. It is a quality which is developed from within the being. The only effect in the outer experience an entity will have on this quality of love is to become the focus for it. To develop the ability to love, one must experience the testing. This is a kind of testing that is similar to the tempering of your metals, that known as steel, for example, by the fire, the flame, the heat. The heat of your experience as you live your incarnation and your ability to process this heat into a light-filled consciousness will then allow one to express the product of this processing, which is that which we have called love.

The perceptions, the attitude, the manner of seeing is that which is formed and focused through this tempering process. As one works one’s way through the incarnational experiences, one will have many, many different responses to situations that become the focus for work in consciousness. All situations, all entities, all thoughts and experiences become the food, the catalyst for this process; become that which is burned, the fuel for this process. As one works with the heat, the friction of the experience, there is a slow smoothing of those rough places of those distortions within the lens of one’s ability to see, to see in a more and more clearly and specifically focused matter, so that one does not see that which is other than the self, other than the Creator. There is much work that is entailed, as you are well aware of, in this process. The process of smoothing the lens of your consciousness, of your attitude, of your perception, is a process which, within your incarnational experience seems to be a very, very slow working process.

However, we may assure you that from our vantage point, without your illusion and without the veils that are the natural portion of your illusion, this process occurs very rapidly. That is the great virtue and value of the illusion in which you now find yourselves. This is the work, not of just one lifetime, but of many, many experiences which you call your lifetime; is a process upon which you have been endeavoring for a great period of what you call time to accomplish. You shall continue to work on this process for another great portion of time. Yet, we assure you that within each incarnation, no matter how slowly they seem to proceed, there is much work accomplished, much of the polishing of this lens perception.

We shall now transfer to the one known as K. I am Q’uo.

(K channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. This process of refining the lens, through which you view reality of existence through the various illusions you experience, is then, as we have said, a process of many, many lifetimes. And, indeed, is not yet at an end with the harvest from this density, but proceeds throughout the densities until each again has become the awareness of All That Is. For this is eventually the perspective the lens of viewing becomes, the range of vision broadens to include all. The clarity of sight perceives all and penetrates through each layer of illusion that is experienced by the individual, by the social memory complex, by the higher selves, by the mind/spirit totality complexes, and all the various and progressive layers of consciousness which you shall experience.

We urge you not to be discouraged by the length of this process, but to realize, as we have said, that in each incarnation progress is indeed made, though you will be largely unaware of such within the illusion you now inhabit. We encourage you to realize that this is but a part of the process of “learnings” of your life, and it is a part of the progress towards the great mystery which again stretches out infinitely before each. But in your day-to-day life within the illusion, you may still consciously focus on and be aware of your problems and your intentions in the areas of which we speak, that is, the perfecting and the finding of the lens of perception through which you view the Creator and the universe of the Creator as expressed in the world around you and the entities who you meet each day.

As you greet each entity that you are encountering in your life’s journey, whether that meeting be but for a moment or for a lifetime, you will be aware to a greater or lesser extent of the face of the Creator in the face of this entity. And you will also be aware to a greater or lesser extent of that process of the love of the Creator radiating out from the green-ray energy center to this entity, whether in the moment or throughout the lifetime. This is a process upon which you may choose to focus consciously, [may just] attempt to develop consciously. There is also one of which you may become more and more aware. For the reality is that the love of the Creator is all pervasive and your task is but to become aware of that fact. For all that you see about you, no matter how positively or negatively perceived, is but a distortion of that one great original Thought, which is the love of the Creator, and it is this love which pervades you also and radiates from you also, in whatever distorted manner it might be received by your self and those other selves around you.

Now, how shall you go about attempting to become more aware of this process and to begin to refine the distortions, so that what radiates from you is more closely aligned and not distorted? We may suggest first of all that which has been suggested to this group before in the form of simple exercises, that is, the attempt to heal the self as Creator, the attempt to view each entity about one as the Creator, the attempt to view each second-density entity about one as the Creator. As these exercises are practiced it will be noted that there is less and less necessity to make the courageous attempt because of the growing awareness of the fact that all about…

[Tape ends.]