The question this evening has to do with personal guides or guardians, the spirits that oversee the progress of an entity. We would like to know what is the purpose of the guides, how they function, and how we can become aware of their work and work with them in our lives.

(Carla channeling)

I am known to you as Q’uo. Greetings to you all in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your group and allowing us to be of service to you, for without you we could not serve and we could not learn, for you are most appreciated for seeking the truth. We ask, as always, that you realize that we have not come to eternal truth and do not speak eternal truth. We are not authorities and we come to you as brothers and sisters along the way of seeking the truth.

Pilgrims and colleagues and warriors of peace and love. You and we will always be much misunderstood. Consider that a great compliment but do not let it keep you from the humility demanded of those who would be servants, those who would serve all others in the name of the one infinite Creator. For you are not here to learn how to be loved. You are to here to learn to love. You are not here to learn how to be happy and content and peaceful. You are here to learn and in learning is change and in change is pain. You are here to be uncomfortable a great part of the time but with the divine discomfort of one who is progressing in its evolution as a being of light in the metaphysical sense, that does not perish, that has always been and is now and will be forever. This is who you are. This is what you’ve come to uncover, the part of yourself that was created by love and is pure, whole, healed and perfect love. For that never varies or changes.

Of course, in this incarnation you are blessed as are all those who begin the walk of conscious speaking with an equal amount of love and free will. As love is a constant described in your mathematics as c2, so free will is infinitely various. So you are all the same, precisely the same and paradoxically because free will is always various.

Each of you is unique. So let us begin from where you are and examine some of the questions that have occupied a creative and seeking mind.

We would note that as is often true, though the questions asked seem quite dissimilar, they are clumped in the basic quest for understanding of existence beyond this density. So we shall touch upon things other than guardians, leaving others to be more specific of about those things of which we speak more general. This instrument is telling us to be short and so we shall attempt to be.

As you know, we have a slight problem being short as your Danny Devito that is in this instrument’s mind. Our heads are bigger than our bodies in the metaphysical sense and on and on we go and we do apologize. We are so eager to speak with you and to share with you.

The reason that you have guides in this incarnation is quite simply that you need guides in this incarnation. Now there are two ways of answering the question of identity of these guides and we shall answer them twice so we feel that mathematically this has significance. These guides are portions of your deep self, the self that you identify as the nurturer; the self that you identify as the provider and the self that you identify with spirit having little to do with anything but abstract thinking.

These guides are also those independent personalities which you call angels and which are in congruency with ourselves in nature. Do you think we would appeal to you as angels? Angels are passé. We learned many years ago to lose our wings and gain a planetary identity. We speak still the truth and yet not all of the truth. So we are angels and we are those who come from without your planet, adding planetary influences of our own. So it is we who most happily as a Confederation choose this path of service as guardians, as guides, as compassion, and wisdom that can be reached for and achieved by faith, by listening within.

Why does a third density entity need guides? In all of the densities except for the third density there is not a veil between conscious thinking and the memory and the thinking of all of those with whom you share a geographical propinquity. Only in this density are you purposely made unaware that you are all one. You see yourselves as separate and you see the world as very, very challenging if not indeed nearly hopeless. This is no mistake. We ask you to learn to appreciate that which is known as negativity. If you wish to think of matter and anti-matter that would be one way perhaps of thinking of free will. There is no getting at the heart of things and at the heart of your self while your will is completely free and undisciplined.

Oh, you may have your joyful moments. You may smile in the sun and be kissed by the rain and rejoice in the snow. But in and of yourself you are not one who seeks the depths. For it does not seem that it is possible to achieve joy by being serious, by being passionate and by being persistent. This is what we are here to help you to do. It is always your choice. Your days are days spent in a classroom. Again and again you may ask yourself, “Why am I angry, why am I happy, why was I irritated by what just happened?” And as you honestly ask these questions of yourself, either at the moment or at the end of the day, doors will open to you because you have asked and what you ask you will receive.

You will find as you ask these questions that your free will is a rogue in the sense of being out of control and unpredictable. It is in its purest sense willfulness. It chooses at random that which it will do and pushes love before it. So love finds goodness in everything and will not insist on having an agenda to follow. The taming of the free will, the teaching it to understand what freedom of will really is, is the job of yourself aided by those portions of yourself that are of the deeper mind, of the comforter, of the various aspects of yourself which together make the higher self.

However, in this dualistic density it is often important for entities to feel that they can come into contact with the feminine principle or the male principle or the principle that has nothing at all of duality. And so the spirit, the comforter, divides itself for your use in case it is needed as such. You ask questions that are too deep for words and in a number of days you have your dream, your vision, your answer. And the longer that you pay attention to that which occurs to you and how you react to it the more you know about yourself and the biases that you have. You can then decide what of yourself you wish to keep. You cannot get rid of the love and you cannot change it. But free will is free and your will may discipline that free will, for you are free to do so. Yours is the freedom and yours is the will.

You will begin finding that you habitually act in a negative way concerning yourself, for instance, and you must call upon the nurturer for you do not feel that you are worthy. And the comforter is there to hold you and to keep you and to love you just the way you are. It is not the purpose of these guides to change you. It is the purpose of these guides to offer comfort and the wisdom that is part of yourself, in your deeper and hidden self. There are times when you find yourself engaged in a habit which intellectually offends you and you will probably call upon the male principle, for you wish not to be nurtured but to be kicked, to be shaken, to be taken out of yourself, that you may have a longer point of view and begin to see the damage you are doing and so cease to do it.

Usually the last portion of the guidance offered to you from within and from without is the androgynous or spirit-filled entity which has no bias and is a portion of oneness. You come to this comforter when at last you see that of yourself you cannot free yourself from your free will. The work you have done so far has given you a vision of what you wish to be. You are ready to make your choice. You are ready to surrender your willfulness to the higher self within, that self which is of love, which is of the Creator, which is connected with the heart of yourself and of all others. It is that guide which has no bias neither towards compassion or wisdom but only the consciousness of oneness that can aid you in surrendering your most precious free will in complete trust that you are only surrendering a small will to a will that you have created through many, many lifetimes, a will that you have deeply been yourself connected directly and immediately with the one infinite Creator.

Then it is that you discipline your will and you become passionate in your path of service. For you see that of your free will you may chose to serve and be a servant to all of humankind, serving the Creator in every moment, in every thought, in every hope and dream and ideal and in every humble chore in all things. Can you have the consciousness of serving the one Creator if the reason you will to do that which you do, even if it be sweeping the floor, is that you do it for the love of the one infinite Creator?

This is the illusion of separateness. You must be separate so that you can be hurt, so that you can be challenged, so that you can be taken beyond yourself and given opportunity after opportunity to chose to love Creator by serving others or love the Creator by serving yourself and forgetting the others. As always, there is the divine paradox that before you can serve others you must learn within yourself to love yourself. For the commandment reads loving your neighbor as yourself. Therefore it is not selfish to work upon the self. This must be done persistently, patiently and compassionately. You would not be here if you could do this well. You would be learning other lessons. To love is your lesson now.

It is also, as has been mentioned this evening, for that reason that the Creator placed the attraction that creates the mated situation between men and women. The thinking processes are the same in a mated pair of men and women but the woman has, physiologically speaking, a much stronger link between logic and intuition. This creates for the mated pair a mutual ability to serve each other as teachers. To honor your mate is to honor yourself, is to honor your teacher, is to honor the process of choice. Yet have few of you in this density used the opportunity to communicate with another unique entity made of love, to find the differences in thinking, to use misunderstandings as challenges, creating abilities to improve communication. Opening the mind, especially of the male, to the gentle and pleasant waters of trusting and resting and being inspired. The female also enjoys in that equal partnership during clear communication, the practicality, the effectiveness, the different way of approaching the same subject that the mate has.

Skill at communication is poor. Skill at communication between men and women is poorer. This is not, nor is it intended to be, an easy and unchallenging relationship. Due to free will in this density the oddest people mate. We find it always, especially that part of our self that is [inaudible] calls for humor. 1 For we look at mates that vibrate in such different ways that to pull together as yoke to oxen the cart of learning and advancing is the challenge of a lifetime. How poorly sometimes you entities do mate. It is well to find someone to whom you can speak.

In the density of love and understanding the mated relationship is there but there are two great differences. Firstly, there is no jealousy because the sexual experience is as common as the shaking of the hand. It is an electrical exchange that occurs without the need for the body or the vehicle touching. It is natural to those who are seeking together to share this energy. This energy is not remarkable, star-crossed, romantic or sentimental. This energy is the foundation of your passion. This passion the Creator had for you when He created you. This orgasmic intensity is love.

Realize that when you approach a mate you are touching the Creator and you are experiencing a communion that is holy; a sanctified, blessed Eucharist, a sharing that is part of your metaphysical being if you chose to make it so. You may chose not to but what a waste. The other thing that is different about mating in fourth density is that vibratory patterns are not hidden. Consequently, there are very few masochistic enough to chose one with whom one is eternally at odds. In fourth density all problems do not go away. Much remains to be refined. But you see in third density you have made the choice. Will you be master and cause others to serve you and control them for your benefit? Very well. You are upon the negative path and are so with the blessing of the one infinite Creator. Have you decided to become a servant one who helps without asking for return or thanks or acknowledgement of any kind? Then you have opened your heart to service to others. And in fourth density positive you shall not have to marry anymore than you shall have to have a name. Vibratory patterns and the blending together of vibratory patterns to create a deep third vibratory pattern which is the Creator, the male and the female.

It is obvious to all, the need for language is lessened considerably by the ability to move in harmony with the thoughts and the feelings of others without judgment and with the desire to help. If you will look at your church congregations you will see what was intended to be a social memory complex, a community based upon absolute and unconditional love. We are afraid that the teacher known as Jesus was not able to sell that idea to third-density humans but it is held forth as the ideal. For no matter how different you seem all of you are the Creator and to serve anyone is to serve the Creator. Never argue or criticize yourself but when you feel that you have acted inappropriately begin again. Allow that female spirit to nurture you in forgiveness and redemption until you are strong again, worthy again, and able to go forth with the feeling of blessedness that is truly yours.

Mathematics, from density to density, is impossible to express. There are certain characteristics which have been mentioned of this language. Those things which are true but have no way of being proven. For instance, if you have a language…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

We shall continue. We are those of Q’uo. If you have the language, “A squared plus B squared,” it would seem that the answer would be the square of the number represented by A and the square of the number represented by B [inaudible] and here is an indication of mathematics to come. There is a different kind of squaring which means that one must include A and B with a 2, the language being, “A squared plus 2AB plus B squared.” We ask for corrections as we have difficulty giving this instrument subject matter she is unaware of as she is not in trance.

What we are attempting to say is that the squaring changes. This density has a local habitation, a local geometry and physics and mathematics, a local time and a local space. All models that you can create which seem logical within this density are those which inform one only tangentially of mathematics of the future. Just as in the married relationship, to become one in third density, in fourth density and above, two remain two but they are squared or as this instrument would call it, doubled.

The energy of such doubling is that which we meant by exponential in our last speech on this subject. It is not a concept to be understood in this density. As this instrument already knows, to examine the first inklings of fourth-density physics one may look well to the work which describes this density as movement or velocity, called the reciprocal system. It offers two equal and simple bits of language, v=s/t, v=t/s. This density is an illusion to the very last idea of this illusion. In that which will come it will be more transparent that one may move in space, one may move in time, and one may move in eternity, the third option that has no mathematics at this time.

We are being told by this instrument that it is time to move on. This instrument and the one known as Jim are both most happy to entertain further questions at this time and we shall at this time transfer to the one known as Jim. In love and light we are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. May we ask at this time if there is a query to which we may respond.

If I could, the last time we spoke you used the phrase [inaudible] concept language [inaudible]. Could you elaborate on the components of this language?

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. We shall speak to the best of our ability through this instrument. This instrument has not the depth of meditation necessary to bring forth concepts with which it is not familiar. However, we feel that we may make a beginning upon this topic. The non-local nature of this language refers to a philosophical description that attempts to describe a situation in its most fundamental components. This has to do primarily with the articulation of the qualities of love and light as they are acted upon by free will. The free will being that consciousness which has evolved to a certain level of understanding or breadth of perception according to its own experiences and its efficacy in blending its vibrations with the creation about it so that it discovers the nature of the events, entities, ideas and interactions by becoming these events, ideas, entities and interactions.

This type of language is that which expresses itself by what you may call a kind of concept communication. Quite literally in your terms it is the equivalent of walking in another entity’s shoes so that one approaches complete efficiency in the communication.

May we speak further upon this query, my brother?

No, thank you very much. On another topic, could you comment on the nature and seriousness of divorce as you have already spoken of marriage.

I am Q’uo, and aware of your query, my brother. The mated relationship is one which provides the greatest amount of efficiency to those entering into the relationship and the learning of the lessons which are those chosen before the incarnation by each entity. The efficiency is achieved in a direct proportion to the intensity of the relationship, the vividness of the relationship. This intensity is enhanced by the familiarity between the two entities. As the entities become more and more aware of and informed by each other and the dynamics that grow between two entities as they share the life experience, this familiarity then describes in clearer relief the nature of the lessons that are being worked upon by the entities.

When there is a difficulty in perceiving the depth or breadth or ramifications of any lesson or set of lessons then there is the disharmony, the friction of the parts which do not fit, shall we say, into those places in the life experience that each entity has made for them. If the difficulty in fitting these pieces or portions of the life experience together persists and is not reconciled or given a place in each entity’s life pattern into which it may comfortably fit then this disharmony we have found within your culture frequently results in that which you call the divorcing of the entities. That is, the removing of each entity from the relationship in order that there may be a cessation of the friction, a removing of the frustration that results from the inability to find a place for the lesson that was being attempted within each life pattern.

The seriousness, as you described it, is only that of the efficiency of the relationship and the efficiency of learning and being able to be of service as a result of utilizing that which is learned in the life pattern. The entities will find that the lesson which was being attempted shall repeat itself in whatever future relationship is attempted even if no further relationship is attempted. However, in the solitary situation the efficiency is greatly reduced for there is the lack of the mirroring effect, that which intensifies and in most cases clarifies the lesson at hand. In the beginning again with a new relationship there is the need of retracing steps that have previously been accomplished with the former partner. This, of course, in your terms takes time and there is much of the repeating these steps which means in most cases that the efficiency of the learning has been greatly reduced. However, there is always the opportunity for the realigning of the dedication and determination so that there may again be the resumption of the pattern of lessons and services and once again there may be the finding of the mirroring effect so that this process might continue the pace.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Could you comment on the fact that is has a [inaudible] on marriage?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. In your terms, that is, in the mundane terms of the culture in which you live…

[Tape ends.]

  1. Carla: I would guess that their thought was, “especially that part of ourself that calls for humor to take things lightly.”