The question this evening has to do with what Jesus meant when he was quoted as saying, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes unto the Father lest he comes by Me.” We need to try to balance that with the fact that when people pursue any particular spiritual path that person will construct for him or herself a unique path that may or may not—does it?—partake of this position or concept of which Jesus spoke, “The Way, the Truth and the Life.”

(Carla channeling)

Greetings to you in the love and in the light of the one Creator. I am Q’uo, and it is indeed a privilege to share your meditation at this time. We bless you for your generosity, and your desire to know the truth. To listen to our humble opinions is indeed kind of you, and we are most grateful and honored to be asked to come among you at this time. As always, please remember that those things which we offer to you are our thoughts, not an infallible truth, but the truth that we have been able to call our own, at the place where we are now in our own learning.

The question you ask this evening needs answers in two different ways. We shall move to the first way as the lesser of the two understandings that may aid in diffusing the tremendous damage the phrase, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by Me”, has caused. This instrument is not familiar with the day-to-day living, the means of worship, and the sociological description of the times of the teacher known as Jesus. Suffice it to say that as now, then also, the more learned was the teacher, the more complex and sophistic his rationalizations might be. The teacher known as Jesus wished a return to simplicity, and a turn to the realization of the unity of all things, a calling to all of the children of the Creator.

This entity did not agree, nor accept, the pluralistic ways, the negatively oriented hints which characterized the theology and the teachings of the teachers of his own religion, which was Judaism. The entity never asked to be elite; he asked only to be a servant, and he related to others as teacher and servant, not being authoritative, except by the authority that was heard and could not be ignored within this entity’s tone of voice, mode of expression, and knowledge of those prophetic writings, holy works and sophistic, argumentative commentary which at his time pervaded his religion.

As is almost always the case, it was through intense examination of his own religion, through active, day-by-day immersion in the belief systems of that religion, with all of its faults, its idiosyncrasies, and all of those things which he considered to be wrong, that he became aware that he had been born in order to express a channeling, in order to learn how to be of service in the deepest way open to him personally. He was given insight and vision through his contact with his Father. This humble servant called himself the son of man, not the son of God. He repeatedly said, “When you hear me, you hear not me, but the Father within.” He said this many, many more times than is repeated in your holy works. He said this every time he spoke, just as we say to you we are your servants, we are your teachers, any truth which comes, comes through us, and through this instrument. We are not wise, we are students of the great mystery. So too, was the teacher known as Jesus.

The name of the Creator, within his religion, bore a great deal of resemblance to the word we use so often, that is, consciousness. The Creator’s name, never spoken aloud, simply meant, “I AM I AM,” or, “I AM because I AM,” or, “I AM that I AM.” I AM. This is the Old Testament Creator. This is a concept of great promise, great authority, full of nuances and mystery, and there was indeed a large body of Jewish mystics, which line exists to this very day. As a mystic, Jesus attempted to express the nature of redemption as being a surety of consciousness, a bonding with that Creator which could withstand the threat of death, for eternity was more important to the teacher known as Jesus than this little life, but he knew what it took to embrace eternity, and as teachers do, he attempted to use that which he had, the name of the one infinite Creator most familiar to those whom he was teaching. I AM, I AM. I AM the Way. Identification with the Creator, the Way. I AM, the Creator, the Truth. I AM, the Creator, the Life. Stand up and be counted, for until you know I AM, you shall not come to I AM. Faith comes first. To think that this teacher meant that it considered itself a human doorway is a potentially wholly destructive distortion of that which was meant by the teacher known as Jesus.

You will note that we do not deny that Jesus was the Son of the Infinite One. We do not deny Jesus the Christ. We meet the challenge that this instrument offers. To her, Jesus is Lord, and by Jesus she means that which cannot be spoken, that is beyond our words, but that is the one infinite Creator. Let us call it love. Let us say love is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by love. This is a New Testament change, which would have been acceptable to the one known as Jesus, for to Jesus his experience of his beloved Father was love given and love received. Difficult things were asked of this man, but this man was a channel with great determination and greater faith. He was speaking to entities who were very simple people. He spoke to them in words that left nuances, aromas, questions to ponder, but simple ones. Those of his own time knew the name that could not be spoken. Jesus [inaudible] spoke half of it.

That is the first way of understanding this phrase. It was a simple teaching. It was the preaching of faith, which leads us to the second portion of the meaning of these words, and why they are not the only words that lead to eternity, but merely words which show the intensity, the devotion, the worship, the surrender; the love, and the desire to serve the Creator by serving each other.

All paths of service, if they be positive, full of love and light, harmless to all, are helpful to those who are comfortable with that particular story or way of bridging the gap between present and infinite. This entity indicated the intensity necessary for a life in faith successfully to move from the mundane world into an arching bridge connected with eternity. Those who call themselves Christians, and go to church once a week, are as little likely to be able to graduate into the next density as those who have no path at all, but simply are looking, and testing and trying, and thinking, and mulling, and refusing to make a commitment that leads to surrender of the smaller self, in order to make room in the earthen vessel that is your body for the expansive and loving self that you truly are, the self that is Christed.

That which is called religion works as a tool to polarize, purify, and discipline the seeker, not only one day a week, but every day. Better is the path which is alive in faith and service and worship that has been created by the entity itself, but that includes the forgiveness of self, the forgiveness of all others, an adoration and worship of the Creator, and a surrender to the Creator-self within, the self that is you but is a deeper and unknown part of you, to your conscious mind.

How do you get from your conscious mind to this extremely deep realization that allows a safe and peaceful surrender of the self, a trusting surrender, a safe surrender? It is the faith that comes from persistent, daily attempts at meditation, no judgment of the meditations, no taking the spiritual temperature, but looking always for ways to see the Creator, for ways to recognize the hunger and the thirst for that which the Creator can give only to those who have surrendered to their Higher Selves.

Any path, be it orthodox or personal, must consist of several things. A complete and unutterable faith that the Creator loves you, that the Creator made you because He loved you, and that it is only appropriate that you love this Creator in return. It is necessary that you deal in some way successfully with the understanding of your own eternal redemption. How could such imperfect entities as we be eternally forgiven and eternally given another chance, over and over and over, so that we would never lose courage, but simply pick ourselves up and try again? There is a requirement that we stand so four square, so honestly, earnestly, eagerly and completely in the light of this love and belief, this faith, that we realize it is our identity, something that we cannot possibly deny, that we would refuse to deny upon pain, even of death, for we have found out who we are, and we will not deny that.

This attitude, once digested, shall we say, makes us realize the enormous preciousness of each moment that we are conscious in this milieu which you call third density. Here, and only here, can you demonstrate your faith, for you have forgotten and do not see the reality of your light being, the illusion of your mundane self, and the great beauty that you may make of a life in faith, a beautiful gift, a substantial, marvelous gift, a rich and honeyed gift, for the Infinite One.

We speak to a group of cultural Christians. Each of you knows it is not necessary to find the Creator in one place or another. The Creator did not need houses built for it, for the house of the Creator is your heart, that room into which you may go and shut the door behind you. The most personal and intimate part of yourself is the part that has faith. If you do not have faith, you do not have a way, you do not know a truth, and you do not know how to live your life. Nor do you know why you are living, nor can you rejoice at the moment of your death, whether it be natural or placed upon you because of your beliefs, so that you are a martyr. Most unusual happening—seldom will anyone have to die for what he or she believes—but that concept must be seated deeply within yourself, because it is part of knowing for sure, in no uncertain terms, who you are metaphysically.

We accept a kind of vibration, which you may call Christ consciousness, or any other name which you may wish to use, as a description of one who is committed, and (our) hope when speaking to those of third density, is largely to help people remember who they are, that they are as tall, and as deep as eternity itself, that they have being, that they are and that they will be, but that this is the moment—and in cosmic time, 75,000 years is a moment—of decision. It is a decision that must be made without reservation or evasion. You cannot say, “I know I am supposed to believe in something, so I choose this path, and I will believe it.” Rather, you must become what you believe, insofar as you are capable of it. You must begin to realize that the life you channel is a life of love.

You yourself upon the surface of life are in tempest after tempest, and your small boat often loses its rudder, but in faith that frail barque will ever be afloat, and ever be moving toward the destination of paradise, for you who live a life of faith, you who grasp the need to become committed to a daily recognition of the Creator, will find yourself in a well-watered and most beautiful place upon release from the clumsy, chemical shell which you now use to carry your spirit. If you do not know, if you do not live as a light being, or, and this is in the end the same thing, attempt each day, give time each day to the attempt to became aware of being a light being, then you will feel uncomfortable with the need of the metaphysical world to be absolutely who you are.

The paradise of which we speak is that portion set aside after an incarnation in which each soul is healed, each pain eased, each tear wiped away. It is not necessary to be successful, happy, wealthy, or any other of the values so shallow in your culture. It is necessary to seek, to ask, to turn, to forgive. How difficult to trust in the Creator, and how much easier to trust in that Creator when you are aware of who you really are, and that things which may seem unkind that happen within your life experience are those offered in true kindness that one may learn more and more to be authentic, real, healed of all lack of self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others, so that all is forgiven, all is accepted, and there is no thing which can separate you from your faith, no tragedy, no horror that can remove from you the knowledge of who you are, an absolute and explicit part of the Creator, a being of love.

We do not hesitate to answer this entity’s challenge that Jesus is Lord. This instrument has invested a great deal of passion and intensity in coming to know, to feel, to think, to act with an awareness of how the teacher known as Jesus might so react. The entity is active in faith. Each of you may be active in faith, but it cannot be done once a week, or when one needs comfort. It needs to become a part of each of you, to ponder, to revel, to rejoice and to allow your own absolute nature to be made known to yourself. You are an imperishable light being. You have chosen to be of service to the Creator by attempting to love those about you as if they were yourself. Are you a channel yet in your life, a way, a living truth, a silent witness, an example of life that reaches beyond the physical, the dropping of dust, and the disappearance from this illusion? One decision to move along the path of service is good, but you must keep making this decision, for your life experience was designed to allow you honest doubt, clear evidence that the Creator is not kind.

It is not easy to life a life in faith. Indeed, the more intense one’s faith becomes, the more central and important, the more it is tested in the fire of experience, for faith is not rigid, it is flexible, adaptable, accepting. It allows people their own paths. It allows people not to find a way to eternity. It allows people to be where they are without regrets for them, because of the sure knowledge that one day they will awaken to their true self, to the I AM, and they will turn to seek the Way, and the Truth, and the Life that is yours in eternity.

Nor need you wait for this experience, for eternity lies in each present moment, and as your path of service moves onward, we pray you the grace, the alertness, and the ability to flow and adapt that will bring you to your own I AM, your own surrender, and your own experience of yourself as an absolute and ideal being, the greatest blockage to this way of thinking, being and manifesting, of the lack of self-forgiveness, the low opinion of oneself, a tendency to characterize the self as unworthy.

How long shall we accept the appearances of an illusion? Work as you will with those things which keep you from your awareness of who you are. Do not be discouraged if the rest of your life is taken up in the first step, self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. You have all the time in the world to become your own I AM. Courage, my children.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We realize that we have spoken for a lengthy portion of your time this evening, and once again we apologize for the wordiness which we find necessary in expressing those concepts which are our response to your most thoughtful query. We would ask if there might be any further queries at this time?

I have one, but on a slightly different subject. I study karate. There is a concept called the “chi,” which [inaudible] that the power dwells in the area [inaudible] down about three inches below the navel. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about this concept of chi, and its relationship to the [inaudible] energy chakras, as far as location goes?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We will do our best to speak to this query, though it is one which leads into a subject which is interesting and intricate. The center, physically, of the physical vehicle for most entities, is that location of which you speak, and for any entity which wishes to move its physical vehicle in a graceful, power-filled and controlled fashion, will do well to move from this center, with this center fixed in its consciousness, for from this center, or any center that may be measured by gravity, there is a leverage which is possible that is not possible at any other point within the physical vehicle. This is a function of what you would call your mechanical physics. Because an entity is well grounded or in a firm foundation at this point, it may exert force in any direction in a more efficient manner by remembering this point, and by moving in harmony with this point. It is also true that from this point flows a kind of power which is also, shall we say, multi-dimensional in its nature.

This is a point which is very close to that physical location which you call the navel in which each entity upon birth is connected to its mother by the umbilical cord. Though this cord be severed, as is the case with each entity within your illusion, there remains a connection that is not visibly seen and is seldom felt, but is quite powerful, for each entity. This connection is with what you may call the prana, or creative energy of the universe. It is as though this energy were funneled into the physical and metaphysical vehicle of the entity through this connection.

When an entity is aware of this centering point in both the physical and metaphysical aspects then the entity has at its command a great deal of energy that may be expended in a manner of efficiency that is in direct proportion to the entity’s discipline of the mind. The practice of the karate, as you are aware, is a practice which trains not only the physical vehicle, but the mind as well. Indeed, the physical vehicle is but a tool of the mind and has but little use without the mind to direct it. In the practice of the art of which you speak this is most apparent to those who seek to master the ways of this art.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Which energy center would [inaudible], what color would [inaudible] be in that area?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The center of energy most closely aligned with this particular area is that of the yellow ray, and in many drawings of your Egyptian culture you may notice that the entity that seeks power in this world and in the mundane sense will be depicted as having a center of energy flowing out from this area. However, the entity that seeks to blend this more mundane type of power with its own spiritual learnings will begin to transform the metaphysical nature of this power into that which proceeds from the brow chakra, or that which is the indigo ray. Thus, in its simple and unadorned state the energy is of the yellow ray, however, it may be refined until it is of the indigo ray as well.

Is there a further query, my brother?

[Inaudible] function well, I feel more a flush over [inaudible] much like the initial flushes that I had when I was [inaudible] a channel, it involves a [inaudible] that I [inaudible] tonight [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we are unsure as to whether we find a focus for query, but we shall comment, for we feel we have a grasp of your statement. The feeling of wellness, of being flushed, as you have described it, throughout your energy centers, in both the channeling, the conditioning for channeling, and in the practice of the art of karate which you now experience, are means by which you have been able to bring your energy centers into a temporary alignment and balance that allows each to express in an unified manner the energy which is unique to each.

Thus, the feeling of well-being that occurs at these times. It is at these times that you are able to move your focus of consciousness from the more linear type of activity to that which, though it may be physically active, is more of the receptive mode, taking in the pranic energy, or that which in your art is called the chi, and moving that energy in a balanced fashion in order to accomplish a certain set of goals, whether these goals are simply to feel the energy in its movement and radiation to move the physical vehicle in a certain prescribed series of patterns or to serve as an instrument for contact such as of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Creator.

Is there a further query, my brother?

[Inaudible] for the first time in a long time I really felt intense conditioning. I know [inaudible] try to, I find that what I need to do [inaudible] choosing not to channel, but the conditioning tonight was very intense. I felt, [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We must apologize for being overly enthusiastic in our greeting of you, my brother, for we were wishing only to aid in the deepening of your meditative state. There is also the consideration which we had hoped that we had accounted for, and that is that there were two instruments in proximity to you which you were able to feel the conditioning as a result of the closeness to these instruments and the sensitivity of your own instrument. Thus, there was the doubling effect of the intensity of the conditioning which you felt. We do apologize if there was any discomfort. This was not our intention.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank each most heartily for we have enjoyed this evening once again…

[Tape ends.]