The question this evening has to do with the general topic of the energies that are in motion in the Middle East, why there seems to have been such turmoil and confrontation within this particular area of our planet for so many thousands of years and what exactly is the pattern of the playing out of these energies that is now continuing in the Middle East.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to each of you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. What a blessing it is to join in your meditation this evening, to thread our energies through yours and feel our oneness with you as we both seek the mystery of the Creator of all that there is. We are especially glad to greet and welcome those who are coming to this meeting for the first time. We hope that we do not [inaudible] make your mind going on as well in speaking too long. This instrument speaks to us often in her mind of our wordiness. We shall therefore surge through this evening’s question with only one thought. We do ask each of you to be responsible for listening, understanding and taking in that which we say, but only as an opinion. We are not without error. We are not infallible. We are simply entities such as yourself who have been working to walk that path which leads home a bit longer, as you would estimate it in time. And so we reach a hand back to you hoping that we may be of service to you in our opinions and our thoughts. But please listen and if anything seems to be incorrect to you drop it and forget [it] without a second thought. For we would not mislead you nor be a stumbling block in your path of seeking.

That area of your Earth’s surface known as the Holy Land is and has been for millennia a trigger point, as this instrument would call it. A place where whatever an entity has done in working upon its own consciousness will be magnified. It is a powerful place. A place of beginnings. A place lost in the roots of time upon the surface of your planet. And to this place more attention has been given, more love extended. It is as though there were upon the surface of your planet certain places which have their own power. There is none so potentially great as that which you call the Holy Land.

The energy has been placed into that earth, that sky, and on beyond by the prayers, the cries of terror, the joy of learning, and the passionate yearning for understanding of many, many of your peoples through many, many of your generations. Were all of these people moved by some magical means to Cleveland they would not be doing that which they are doing. Rather, they would be responding to the portion of the Earth’s surface upon which they stand, this particular location not having any intrinsic spiritual power except that power that is understood to be in all things. That power is enhanced to some degree by those who lived there before you and your people and to some extent all of your land is blessed because those who lived before you, whom you call Indians, are greatly aware of the Law of One and the way of life which may be called conscious, magical or faithful.

Those who live in the Holy Land are in a place which magnifies that which is upon an entity’s heart. Now let us move away from this particular situation long enough to express the nature of your metaphysical makeup in terms of being a person of power, what some would call magic, what others would call wholeness. The Creator is best known to us as love. Love in its [classic meaning,] that which may be called intelligent infinity, contains most of that which is the Creator. But the Creator, by the power of free will, has the desire to know Itself. And so creations begin in those parts of the Creator created of love which is the Creator and an equal amount of free will, which is infinitely different for each person, have created each unique being, including yourself. Each experience that you have, each decision that you make is of vital interest to the Creator of all things. For as One gazes upon consciousness that is Its own consciousness becoming an actor upon the stage of the world, It learns about that infinite entity which has been made finite by this illusion in which you now enjoy yourself.

The Creator planned lessons based upon what It had learned from each of you and all beings that have been created and the last creation before this one. Its lessons were simple and you are at the heart of them. You first learn of consciousness itself and in that learning you may be anything, a rock, a sea, the wind, fire, earth. Everything is conscious that you may think of or touch. Everything is the Creator and [when] this has been seated firmly, you as an imperishable entity moving through these illusions learn the lesson of the light, of turning, of motion towards that which brings you warmth, blessing and help.

And so you experienced being part of the creation of the Father that you see about you—clouds, trees, animals. Eventually you are not just an animal but rather through loving some entity such as a pet who loves its master and being loved in return, your metaphysical self meets for the first [time] itself in a self-conscious manner. That is, as a person conscious of self.

This is your arena, your stage. Here you made a choice. You chose to express all those things that have gone before. All the lessons of consciousness and turning to the light with an innate love of that infinite One which made you. But there are two basic ways to express this love. You may attempt to serve others and thus are serving the Creator or you may attempt to realize that you indeed are the Creator and thus manipulate people so that you have control over them and have power in yourself. These are short explanations of that split, that choice which you must make as to how to express that love which you have for the infinite One which loves and created you.

There are lessons which await you: love, wisdom, the unification of love and wisdom so that for the first time love does not end in martyrdom nor wisdom in solitude. Once you have learned all these lessons you begin to turn back towards the Creator, your learning for this creation nearly done. The cosmos has experienced in terms of the time which is part of your illusion many millions of years. But as you are imperishable and will live eternally, whatever illusion of time you experience does not mean that there is a deadline or a [threat]. It is indeed true, as far as we know, that the time draws near for the close of this density of learning on this particular sphere. Consequently, many entities are here desperate to learn enough of the lessons of love to be able to graduate into the next density where there is much more harmony and where the lessons are those of one who has already chosen to love and be of service to others. It is indeed a different atmosphere than you are now experiencing and certainly different to that of your Holy Land.

We feel that you needed this background to understand that those who live in a place of power are like the crystals that you dig in your mines. Different crystals contain different properties and there are those healers that are able to use these properties to effect changes, to make entities feel more whole or healed. But often what does not occur to people is that the healer itself must be at least as crystallized within as the crystal it is holding or else healing will not occur in any significant amount.

So we have in the Holy Land those who are all potentially crystallized beings, even literally and physically speaking, that is, speaking of your physical vehicle that carries your consciousness around. You are potentially a crystallized being. So the greater portion of yourself by far is a kind of crystal. It is, however, not charged most of the time. That is the water that is a portion of all your fluids. They are all capable of crystallization. Great portions of your consciousness reside in a portion of your physical vehicle that is almost completely unused that is the frontal lobe. And there is great chance of crystallization there also which carries with it the inner centering consciousness of the energy center of the brow in what some people have called the indigo ray chakra.

More than this there are crystallized beings which you recognize as pyramids, the Sphinx, and other artifacts put there for the balance of this complex and troubled Earth. This crystallization has great power yet it is out of the frame. It is not placed correctly because of the passage of time and because of its misuse in the past. It was intended to heal and seldom has it been given the chance to be used in that way. It was intended to be a place of initiation and at this point it cannot be what it wishes, what it was made to be, for it is no longer properly aligned.

Consequently, [there is] this great energy in this place of so many people’s thoughts and deepest feelings and prayers and that attention from the infinite One; and there are those of faith who are discarnate, who are there in hopes of helping to stabilize that place and the globe upon which it sits, [but who] are increasingly unable to be effective. The people have taken the power of crystallization and have chosen the path of separation, the path of controlling others for their own benefit. Called holy by so many, it experiences now a complex jungle of many, many entities whose lives dwell upon negative thoughts of holy wars and brave soldierly deaths.

It is at this time critical upon your planet that those entities of good faith and good will realize the importance that they have and the ability that they have to be responsible for lifting this heavy and powerful state of mind so that the entire planet is not engulfed in this dark tide of anger and grief.

As you meditate know that your consciousness is the most important thing about you. Your consciousness is light if your thoughts are joyful, if you find a cause for giving thanks and offering praise to the one infinite Creator. You can by your smiles and the lessening, unjudgemental ear share with people that light. They do not need to know how you came to be able to offer this. Never volunteer this information. Speak of these things only to those who ask of it of you. The world will change not because you are persuasive but because you are sincere, passionate and persistent in opening yourself, aligning yourself to become crystallized. We say the crystalline shape offers space, a spaciousness in which any sort of light which you wish may arrive. Each time as you decide to do that which indicates love for someone else and unselfishness of yourself, you are crystallizing your own being and lightening the consciousness of your planet.

It is not money that people need to solve this problem for man has his toys and always will. It is the realization that all people are powerful and they will be crystallized and opened up to depend on those repositories and carriers of love infinite and unending compassion.

We must stay away from the specific things that are occurring in this region but never not to lose contact. We can only say the time now is critical. That that which is called the holy city is indeed a holy city not because the Creator considers it a holy city but because it is old, because self-conscious entities lived in society there for a longer time than almost any other place upon your sphere. Millions and millions of souls have placed heart and soul and mind towards the protection of, the pilgrimage to, the deep respect for the Holy Land. Those who are between incarnations or who have chosen to remain discarnate also are very sensitive to those such as Galilee, as Jerusalem.

The loves of the Creator have not always been the same but they have inspired the same faith. Unfortunately, the more crystallized of many of the entities who are most devout have chosen to place the power of their crystallization in attaining more and more power, wealth and importance, not truly realizing that they are a trigger point, so that that particular area becomes truly hostile and warlike; the will of necessity to be that which no one wishes; the war which takes all of your peoples and polarizes them in separation from each other. It is not a desired outcome from the standpoint that we have of service to others that this should occur. We would encourage each of you to allow yourself more and more to be a crystallized being, a planet healer, one who is love made manifest.

We will always fall down. We will always make mistakes. We will forget to meditate. We will not think upon our own personal power, your own deepest ideals. Do not by any means scold yourself or feel that you have in any way failed because of these things. Were you able to do all that we say you would be running out of lessons, not learning. Simply begin again. Persist, endure and love.

There is more that could be said upon this subject concerning the nature of the crystallization of entities and of how the crystallization of the pyramids and other such structures have caused changes. But we wish to not infringe upon free will. Therefore we satisfy ourselves with giving you the spiritual principles that make this particular area a sensitive area of this particular planet, more sensitive than many, many other somewhat sensitive areas, and to give some idea that the entities there have chosen to act in the way that they have.

Can you alter them? No, you cannot, [not immediately]. For all through the planetary consciousness, that the power that has become negatively oriented is short-circuited to some degree. Yet, my friends, you can [in that] you are part of the solution. If you do not pray, simply sit and think. Contemplate that which you are praying. Or visualize the love and the joy and the peace that you feel when you know that you are centered and in touch with the creative self within. Allow yourself to radiate like a beacon, a lighthouse and know that you are one of millions who attempt at this time to cause this planet to lighten this consciousness to feel it quite crystallized, now fuller and fuller of love. Many entities ask what is my service, what is my path, what must I do, what did I come here for? And we say to any and all the first and foremost thing of which you came here [to do] was to be loving in the face of a cold and unloving environment.

[Side one of tape ends.]

We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we shall continue, realizing that this instrument tells us that we must end quickly.

The illusion tends to give one the feeling that one is helpless and at the mercy of one’s environment. You are not helpless. You have always the power of choice. Chose to seek that mystery which is beyond our telling or understanding as well as beyond your own. Seek the mystery and the paradox of spiritual truth. Steep yourself in love knowing that you are loved, loving in return and experiencing with an authenticity which touches your very soul the forgiveness of yourself in every and all circumstances. Then may you forgive all about you. That too will diffuse this potential difficulty as harvest approaches upon your planet.

We thank you for listening. We urge you to take your own self and your consciousness quite seriously. For you are indeed children of love and there you are by yourself seemingly little, yet together you have the power to become transformed into that crystallized being which has no sense of smallness or largeness but only of being love. That love can transform the face of this Earth which you love so dearly. We hope that you shall take yourself seriously, not denying yourself laughter or fun or joy. Be [inaudible] when you meet sullen seekers who have not yet learned of the joy. That is the concomitant of love.

Our thanks to you. We must leave this instrument for it is giving us a boot. Therefore we thank this instrument for its willingness to work with us and if the one known as Jim is willing to close the working through this instrument and leave the one known as Carla. We leave this instrument in love and in light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any questions which those may find value in asking. Is there a query at this time?

In our family tree there is a myth or story…

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Do you have a query at this time?

There is the story about the Garden of Eden. I’ve never known whether it was a literal Garden of Eden or whether it was just the symbol of the beings living then in third density. Is there a Garden of Eden and if so is that just an old part of the world or is that the general [impression]?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. This story, that of the creation of humankind upon your sphere in a Garden of Eden is one which has used semantic images and entities as a means of transmitting information that is primarily metaphysical in nature. Thus, there is no physical location that may be associated with this particular story other than the recapitulation of this creation within each entity as the entity becomes a conscious seeking entity.

Is there another query?

This is a question for B, and we realize that you may not be able to answer but she would be grateful for any information. She has been in contact with an entity known as Kega and her experiences with this entity have been very positive. Would you have any information for her about this entity that you could offer, perhaps about its origin, about any connection that exists between this entity and herself or any information at all?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query and that of your sister known as B. We scan this entity and find that its great desire to know more of the entity Kega is that [barrier] against which we may not pass for we do not wish to infringe upon this entity’s free will as it seeks those portions of its experience that are yet mysterious and which play an important role in its current path of seeking and of being of service to others. It is important for entities such as the one known as B to learn their way through the many mysteries, puzzles, confusions, doubts, disappointments and so forth which are a natural portion of each seeker’s path.

When an entity has offered itself as a vocal instrument as the one known as B has done, the need to protect this entity’s free will searching is doubled. For the entity has placed itself in a more obvious position of influence, not only the ability to influence its own journey and expansion of the point of view, but also the ability to influence others through the service that it has chosen. We can only say to this entity that as it seeks the solutions and answers to the many queries which are natural to a seeker in this position that it utilize those tools which are already well known to it. That is, that it seek with the purest desire available to it [inaudible] through its contact that may be illuminating in the process of the evolution of the mind, body and spirit. That it might share this information with those interested in such, that it might give as freely as it has been given to it. And that when there are doubts and puzzles that it repair to that inner being within the self and meditate and pray until it finds that there is peace and resolution when before there was turmoil and doubt. This entity has utilized these practices for a great portion of its incarnation and we are aware that it continues upon this path with diligence. We send our blessings to this entity in its chosen service and we send also our desire that this entity continue in faith and in will upon that path that it has chosen.

Is there a further query, my sister?

The group of people that [inaudible] has been working with here today is very positively oriented [compared to] the contacts that she has worked with, that are [known as] innocent contacts, and she’s noticed a great difference between those and what she’s used to in a Confederation contact. The parameters seem to be quite different and she’s noticed a great difference in the entity’s place on considerations of free will by the Confederation whereas with the innocent contact that doesn’t seem to be a consideration at all. Can you comment on those different kinds of contacts?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Those entities of this planetary sphere who have during some portion of their experience here have been incarnate and have walked upon your planet’s surface are natural citizens, shall we say, of this planetary influence and when they have retired themselves to the discarnate experience, that of the inner planes on this planet, carry yet with them this naturalized citizenship that allows them to speak in a more broad-ranging fashion concerning others of this planet, energies of this planet, and the potentials or possibilities within both the future and that which you know of as the past of this planet and of its inhabitants. This is a natural working out of the energies that are of this particular planetary sphere.

When we or others of an exterior origin to this planet answer a call that originates upon this planetary sphere and seek to be of service in our own way we find that there is what you have come to know as the Law of Confusion or that Law of Free Will which is necessary to consider before any service is offered. For our frame of reference and place of origin, as you would say, is not only other than this particular planet but is different enough in its parameters that we must remain within those concepts or principles which are general enough to unite all entities in our attempts to be of service to those which have called for our service. Thus we are far more restricted in those areas of which we may speak freely. For in many ways we [are] able to see those energies and entities which have, shall we say, gathered about a certain area or entity and have influenced this area or entity. We are able to see these in a way which is both more intricate and in some ways more misleading if we were able to comment upon them than are entities who are native to this planet in their ability to see and to comment upon such inter-relationships. Thus we find our service is more effective if we remain in those principles which unite rather than focus upon those principles which upon the surface appearance and examination would seem to separate entities, one from another, by the simple description of one as being more or less of this or that quality, location, determination or nature.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I have a final one and then I promise that I’ll leave you alone. [Inaudible] asked a good deal about the mysteries within those [inaudible] and wanted to know if he could ask specific questions in that line and also has requests from a colleague from the university who wished for you to tell him his social security number so that you could prove to him that you are real. The professor was aware that these questions were not [useful] as far as any spiritual or metaphysical meaning, and his question was why was he curious about things that have no metaphysical interest.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The entity of which you speak has found that there has been given through our contact information that is intriguing enough within his field of study that his curiosity about further information has moved in a fashion which you may describe as that of the shotgun. That is, he wonders if this contact is indeed legitimate, wonders if this contact can give further intriguing information, wonders if this contact can prove in an objective fashion to a colleague if it does indeed exist and can do tricks, shall we say.

We do not feel that this is at all unusual for many upon your planet to involve themselves in the seeking for information to enlighten and inspire the spiritual journey [and] also wonder about more mundane matters concerning the reality of this search for so much upon this path seems ephemeral, seems of the mind, seems to be slightly unreal. The setting is as the fool who walks off of the cliff without the slightest care as to where the foot shall be placed upon the next step. That is the nature of the journey for those who seek within the realm of the metaphysical, that which stands beside, indeed, that which undergirds your physical reality. However, we remind each seeker that those qualities and concepts and principles which are of most importance to each fail to be proven to any. For has any entity ever proven love, has any entity ever proven that there is such a thing as wisdom or peace which passeth understanding? Yet there are qualities such as these and others which each entity holds as a portion of its ideal and would give its very life for in the searching upon the spiritual journey. We are happy to speak upon the philosophical and metaphysical nature of any query, be it of mathematics or in any other field. However, we shall leave all proofs to those who write with pens and measure with rulers.

[Tape ends.]