The question this evening has to do with acceptance, and the ability to balance the responsibility one has in a situation that one sees as a problem. We have the ability to act, to react, to think, to analyze, to respond in different ways, and eventually, if one discovers that there is nothing that one can really do, it seems you are faced with the need to accept. How do we balance the need to accept what is in a situation with the need to have an effect upon a situation and to form the situation in a way that we think would be most helpful to ourselves or another person?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to each of you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are most glad to be with you once again to share our thoughts with you and to accept the sharing of your meditation with us. We use terms like honor and privilege and gratitude when we speak of the opportunity of sharing our thoughts with you, sharing just a few steps of your path as we sit with you in meditation, and it seems like perhaps the overdoing of courtesy or politeness. Indeed, we are neither courteous nor polite; we are truthful. We are with your people at this time for this purpose. Our work with color is for this time period finished. We have, as you know, become a principle with Latwii’s agreement to move from the study of your color complexes in the various densities as you approach harvest in order to be able to aid the brothers and sisters of sorrow that you know as Ra.

Thus, at this particular space/time we have only one hope, and that is to serve. This is our means, not all of it, but a large part of it, of polarizing further towards service to others as our method of accelerating the pace of our spiritual development. So there is no one-sidedness; we do not stoop to speak to you, for you are our equals, indeed, you are ourselves, and we, you. The rest is illusion, for all is love.

The question that you pose this evening is one which seems, upon the face of it, to be a question regarding challenges that are impossible to achieve a satisfactory outcome with. When things are unacceptable to an entity, the unacceptability is usually not shallow, not having to do with the petty and the mundane. Usually, those relationships which one finds unacceptable for one reason or another are a substantial portion of the catalyst for learning that you yourself have set into motion before the incarnation. You are not faced with these unacceptable relationships because of some failure on your part to understand, or some failure on the offending entity’s part.

Rather, you are gazing at a situation and you may assume, in most cases, that this is not unacceptable in the deepest sense, but rather a condition of relationship that you yourself chose because you felt that there were, in your loving and compassionate nature, those difficulties within yourself which made the limits of your love and compassion, and the very power of your metaphysical or magical being, less. These you wished to bring into perspective. These are lessons with which you wished to work. You have in unveiled knowledge before incarnation done this to yourself, for there is almost no one upon your planet that has not come far enough along the path of choice that he cannot work actively in the arrangement of catalyst for an upcoming incarnation. Therefore, those things that you find unacceptable were intended by you for your own spiritual work.

When you gaze about you, you gaze about you with unique eyes. No one else sees what you see. No one else hears what you hear. No one else interprets things as you interpret them. There are times when the strongly inbred, inherent, deep personalities of two entities are unacceptable, either one to the other, or one-sidedly. It is because this problem has been worked on in this relationship in past incarnations.

However, that which is known among your peoples at this time as karma is only one reason of several that one may have had when one chose such relationships. One very substantial reason is the desire to graduate from this density, and seeing a lack of one particular way of loving within the self, the larger self and the God self choose to make agreements with those with whom there is no previous karma, but rather it is an agreement based upon one’s own desire to work upon one’s ability to love so that one may graduate and move onward to learn more harmonious and different lessons in the next density.

We would, in fact, give as our opinion that it is by no means the majority of entities who find each other unacceptable in some way, shape or form, that have had karma to be balanced. It is just as possible that the entities that you truly are—they being far more pure than you can imagine—have made agreements, one with another, for the mutual benefit of each. Each need usually in these relationships to learn the same kind of lesson about love, and we believe that the word in the question was “acceptance.”

We would suggest, to begin to get an idea of things one may do in this situation, that you think of the pure and beautiful spirit that you are and that the other entity is, who fearlessly and boldly and courageously made these agreements to come into a path which involved the ordeal of not being understood, and in many cases, not being loved. It is even more intense an experience within your illusion for those who are wanderers, for their sensitivity registers at all times a state of some discomfort with the planetary energies of your particular sphere. It is as though you faintly remembered a beautiful tune, a wonderful song, a lovely poem, but you cannot find it. That is because the veil has been dropped, and those things are not within this illusion.

Thus, we suggest that you immediately, when faced with a recognizable situation of finding another unacceptable, move back and contemplate the process of spiritual evolution. It is, in each case, a drama, of whatever kind you wish.

The natural wish among your people at this time is to be loved and accepted and cherished. Very few entities are able to experience this state of mind in a steady state, for it does not fit the parameters of the illusion you now enjoy. Largely, there will be some misunderstanding at all times between all peoples, for the veil has been dropped, and instead of gazing at the perfect beauty of the true being encased in such heavy chemicals and water and all of those things which are held in the complex energy field of your body, it is necessary to look at that which is not visible, that which is not even thinkable within the illusion.

So, it is well to put the intellect to one side, and to realize that this acceptance of entities which you find unacceptable is for you important, not to find the solution, for when these agreements have been made before incarnation they normally have been made because the entities have very, very deep biases which will give each other catalyst; thus, it is unlikely that the outward situation changes. Although it is always possible, it is not probable.

Now, when it is karmic, as you would say, it is simply a matter of forgiving, and the lesson is over. Most people this close to graduation are somewhat beyond these lessons, or at least have very little karmic difficulties which have been bred within this illusion. What, then, can you do? “Where,” as this instrument likes to quote, “is the love in such a situation?”

The answer, though simple, is difficult to enunciate. Those upon your planet have, because of their sightlessness, metaphysically speaking, the tendency to wish to control situations so that they are not so agonizingly difficult. It is a natural inclination for those sensitive souls who are already dealing with discomfort from the vibrations of third density. When you add to that intense and unacceptable relationships, you have given yourself a great deal to learn. May we assure you, nevertheless, no matter how unglamorous it seems or how sorrowful, that you have a good deal at stake in taking on these substantial challenges.

You as a spirit are honored and thrilled to be able to be incarnate at this time. Yes, you incarnated here, each of those in this circle, as wanderers, with a wish to help others. But because of the opportunities of third density, it is quite typical for those who wish to serve also to wish to become even more transparent to the love and the light of the infinite Creator. This, of course, does mean the ability to accept the unacceptable, to love the unlovable. You did not come here to learn how to be loved. You came to this particular sphere to love. If the unacceptability of someone close to you is not recognized as cold-bloodedly as possible as the opportunity you have given yourself to accept the unacceptable portion both of yourself and the other person, then you shall at least know the direction in which to move.

Let us back up and review just a bit of information about the way entities think within your illusion. In your illusion things are finite. The highest form of communication among your peoples is word by word communication, a most difficult way of gaining understanding, because even the most intelligent and dedicated communicator uses words which have more or less power for the self, but not the same power for the other self. Consequently, communication on a logical, conscious level is almost bound to be often extremely difficult, never impossible. Does this sound like a challenge you would give yourself?

We have spoken before of mirrors. When there is an unacceptable relationship, part of the love in the lesson is to realize that this unacceptable entity is yourself, not because of something unique between you two, but because we all are one. When both entities who have placed themselves in situations where they are in relationship with a difficult personality for them, the natural human attempt is to communicate, or to avoid. To avoid dealing with the relationship is to turn your back on a challenge you have given yourself.

We may note that taking this challenge too seriously will cloud your heart so that it cannot operate properly. If one of the entities does not yet remember why it chose this relationship, then it is that the love lies in seeing into the physical vehicle, seeing and comprehending in trust and faith and without fear. Thus, each time that you see the unacceptable entity, it is very well for you to say to yourself, “I came here to love and serve. I do not have to be loved. I do not have to be understood. I do not have to be consoled. For all of these resources are within me.” This is the thought process, as you clear out the attic of mistaken ideas, that brings you closer and closer to high polarization and service to others.

When one says “unacceptable,” one is judging the self and the other self. The thought itself is damaging. If there is a possibility of keeping the mind centered long enough to say, to yourself, “I am here to serve, I am here to love, I am here to forgive, to heal,”—and all of these things are possible through surrender to the self in its higher forms, which in the end becomes the God self—if you can take the few seconds to remember who you are, what sort of being that you are, and if you correct yourself every time that you say “This is unacceptable” within your mind, you are most likely to make great progress. Progress on your part is not dependent on progress upon the other person’s part. Your part is simply to learn better how to love unconditionally.

There are many, many, many distortions of being, and all of you are fooled. You have suspended your disbelief by a radical move of moving into service in third density where there is a veil of forgetting. Now, you know that that veil is there, and you know that beyond that veil lies a truth that is a higher illusion, that is, one closer to that which is the mystery of creation than the one you now experience. Thus, it is well to tread lightly upon your own thoughts, to avoid any sort of blame of yourself or the other person, to recognize that neither of you has learned exactly who you are, exactly where you are going. Third density is a density in which learning is done in very dim light, in which choices must be made by blind faith against a backdrop of often quite negative circumstances. Are you your circumstances? Are you your relationships? Or are you a co-Creator?

Now, we would answer in two ways the practical, down to earth—please forgive our pun—tools of dealing with this situation. First of all, it is necessary to see that the responsibility for this reaction is not the fault of the catalyst that you have been given, but the fact, which is not a fault but merely a condition, that you are not yet able to see that other self as whole and perfect. This is an attitude, a bias, that you came here to shift and change. To one who has no fear, to one who wishes only to serve and love, nothing is unacceptable, for each entity is the Creator, or as this instrument would say in its distortion of belief, each entity is the Christ. All of you are potentially Christed beings. It is up to you as to how you go about moving along the path towards unconditional love.

The second way that we would suggest that you think about this situation is to gaze within the self, and to try to communicate, not with another person, but with the self, for the root of the seeming difficulty in all of its enormity, often, is that there is that within yourself which still retains some desire for control and for protecting the self from the realization that the faults that you see in others are only a mirror image of yourself. If you did not have work in consciousness to do in an area, you would not react by having difficulty. Those things you have already learned become part of the human comedy. Your goal, to put it whimsically, is to see more and more of life, not only as the opportunity to serve and love and move forward in your own development, but to appreciate and find, in the end, merriment in all facets of the human experience.

You are within your body human, that is, a term connected with incarnation itself. Humans are those who breathe in the limitless love and light of the infinite Creator, without realizing by any outward knowledge or any proof that they are doing so. So turn this mirror clearly towards yourself, and release the other who is unacceptable in your thoughts when you are working with your own contemplations, prayers and meditation, for the only entity that you may effect changes within is yourself.

It is the gift of grace, of simple faith, that enables one to pull away from the seduction of confrontation and unwise communication. It is better to remember that one is a servant, a humble and loving servant to humankind. Those who are closest to you are usually those one finds unacceptable. Thus, you receive the catalyst that you asked for and that you need according to your own opinion so that you may erase from yourself those last vestiges of desire to control, desire to make things happen your way. What you wish to do in your heart of hearts is to move deeper, and to open the heart past those last conditions, those last expectations, remembering always that those expectations and feelings will encourage the use in your daily life of what you may call affirmations of the deeper truths and of your true desire, for what you desire will come about.

Thus, when you begin to think poorly of another, find a way to break into the pattern that you are attempting to change within yourself, that will allow you to judge another simply because you yourself have work to do in the same area, and therefore are uncomfortable.

This was not intended to be a comfortable life; this was intended to be an incarnation of very hard work, for the surrendering of the desire to control, and the acceptance of the need to be loving, whether there is love returned or not, to be understanding, whether there is understanding returned or not, is paramount in your path of service. This is what you are doing for yourself. This is the gift you gave yourself. Cherish it. Be honest with it. Be thankful for it. And use the tools of stepping back, making affirmations, and, if necessary, walking away from the situation in which you have to some degree become unable to do these things, long enough to be able to regain your perspective of infinity.

It is not that you have enemies and friends, that is the illusion. In truth, you do love all beings, as you love yourself, and if you do not love another, you must look within yourself to find why you are upset, why you cannot accept. With entities who are very close to you, and who are in this situation of mutual antagonism, the patterns have repeated themselves so many times in communications, each with the other, that they seem to become set in stone, and it seems impossible to change the situation. And that is true—you cannot change the appearance of anything. What you can do is realize, through the work that you do with your own consciousness, that you do love yourself, and you do love all others, for all of you are one being, and how could you hate, or find unacceptable, your own consciousness? To do so is to place the brake upon the advent of your spiritual evolution.

Now, we are not suggesting that you become prim and proper. Perhaps the most effective tool to use in situations where you must move more quickly than you would prefer is a sense of humor. If you have a genuinely deep sense of humor about the human condition, the more outrageous the temptation to find another unacceptable, the more of the sometimes bleak, but always unimaginably funny, human comedy can be seen, if you are able to find the perspective to do so.

You are not your bodies. You are not your intellect. You working to open your heart. We do not suggest that you embrace servanthood to the point of your own self-destruction unless you feel that it is your path to do so. What you wish to do, in truth, is to recognize what is your situation, and to keep recognizing that situation as it changes, accepting that the goal of this incarnation is neither happiness nor contentment, but service to others, and the learning, for yourself, of how to love without condition.

We ask you not to be discouraged as you strive and strive to do so, but seem somehow unable to accomplish that which you attempt. Long term relationships which have suffered from unacceptability in one way or another take an equally long period of time usually to untangle. Instead of wishing for the entity to do things your way, it is well to feel what you are feeling, but also, at a later time, to realize the dynamics of those things which give you catalyst. They are wonderful resources for your own work in your own consciousness.

We realize that as usual we have talked too long. We were about to launch into further considerations, but we feel that our time is up and this instrument wishes for us to say farewell through this instrument, and so we shall. We thank this instrument for speaking upon a subject which in truth she was loathe to attempt, as the instrument is indeed one of those who asked this question. We hope that the tools that we have made available are part of what you may use to move into harmony with love, acceptance and the allowing of all entities to be as they are, and that includes yourself. You cannot push a flower out of the ground. You must wait, nourish it, feed it, water it, let the sun shine upon it, and give all credit, all glory and praise and thanksgiving for the bloom to the Creator of that bloom. You all are stewards of an immeasurable bounty of riches. Your birthmark is joy unrestrained, and overwhelming love for all.

We pray and hope and have faith that each may find this occurring as each works with his own catalyst. However, if our words have not aided, and do not speak as your personal and subjective truth, then as always we ask you to disregard them.

At this time we would transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may have for us this evening. We realize that we have spoken long this evening, but we are quite happy to speak to any query at this time. Is there a query at this time?

Yes, I have one. Two other channels, whose contacts are quite a bit different than my contact with you, would like to get together with me and work with [inaudible] get together that you may speak [inaudible]. Is that a [inaudible] so often attempt to find the differences between one path and other.

My question is this. First of all, is it acceptable to you that we do this project? Secondly, [inaudible] while my eyes are open and I am attending to what the other contacts are saying? [Inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. First of all we are happy to serve in any way that it is made possible for us to serve. We go where we are asked, shall we say. Secondly, speaking to your concern that you be able to keep your eyes open in order to determine what is being channeled by the other instruments, we might suggest that this is acceptable, and it is then easily possible for you to close the eyes when it is necessary for you to speak our words through your instrument. There is a contact that will remain lightly present while your eyes are open that may be reaffirmed and strengthened when you close the eyes in preparation for speaking our words.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Yes. Usually when my eyes are open and I am focusing on [inaudible] channel is deaf, and consequently her speech is a bit muddled, [inaudible] with my eyes open, but [inaudible] or shall I just [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We would suggest that you proceed by allowing each instrument to voice the words of her contact in a “round robin” fashion, so that each has the opportunity to speak in turn, continuing the cycle of speaking for as along as you predetermine the sessions shall continue at a sitting. It may take you some time longer to prepare for your contact since you go through a more lengthy process of tuning and challenging than do most instruments. However, each instrument is unique and there is space and time available for each entity to be comfortable within the framework that it has developed for itself.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Are you comfortable with Emanuel and Aaron and are they comfortable with you?

I am Q’uo, and we speak only for ourselves in responding that we are quite comfortable with these entities.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No. No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and we observe the lull in the questioning that corresponds with the waning of the energy of this group and we do appreciate the attentiveness of each within this circle of seeking, for it is quite helpful to have the concentrated efforts of each entity in order that the energies available to the one serving as instrument be constant, and we are always glad to be able to work with this group, for the level of concentration and interest and desire is quite high, and stably so.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group, looking forward, as you would say, to those times in your future when we shall be able to gather with you again. We leave each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.