The question this evening is a continuation of last week’s question, which was on the general topic of how one deals with a totally unacceptable person or situation when you have attempted to do everything that you know how to do. How does one balance the doing what is possible with the accepting of the situation? There seemed to be more information from Q’uo last time; we would like that information this time. Then at the end, if you have time, you might give us a little information about how Latwii and Ra have blended together to become Q’uo, just how do you do such a thing—equal parts of one, stir, bake at 350 and serve chilled, or what?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you in the love and light of the one infinite Creator. To Her service we are dedicated. It is our great privilege and honor to be asked to join your own seeking as you sit in meditation this evening. We are pleased that you asked us to continue speaking upon some of the more telling ramifications of the concept of unacceptability. We ask, of course, as always, that all remember that we are not infallible, and discrimination is requested. Each will know his own truth, what seems not appropriate to be left behind, for we would not be a stumbling block before any path that leads to the presence and the awareness of the One Who is All.

We are continuing to speak upon the subject of accepting of the unacceptable, forgiving the unforgivable. We have noted much upon this subject in general, and so we would like to speak about an aspect of this question that we are happy to be able to have more time to discuss. Each of you is well aware of the way those things in the distance appear very small, whereas those things just before one loom large. Many call this a sense of proportion. It is the key to observations of any kind which may be helpful when they are of an intellectual or reasoning nature. In situations in which the intellect is not used, the sense of distance, or proportion, continues to be an excellent tool for achieving a state of mind in which the heart, the true and deep mind, may learn the lessons presented by the unacceptable and unforgivable entity, relationship or condition.

We have spoken already about love. We would speak now about the free will that is beyond understanding, and is the first distortion of intelligent infinity. Without it matter could not have been illusorily created. Without it there would not be dimension, or the illusion of time. Without free will there would be only love unknown and unknowing, that is, the essence, the Logos of Love, which is the Creator. As this love is unconditional, whole and pure, just so is free will absolutely unpredictable.

Thus, as each sub-sub-logos—each of you—chooses to enter upon the path of accelerating your spiritual growth, you are dealing with a sensibility of mind which is all too firmly connected and concerned with the bodily, mental and emotional needs which have been acquired within the illusion that you now enjoy. Many, many choices that you make are not based upon spiritual principles, for your experience of life is that it moves too quickly sometimes in its actions for an entity to have a sense of proportion about what is occurring. The reasons for this are bound up in the principle of free will. No two entities are alike, and no one entity shall remain as it is throughout an incarnation.

The incarnate state is one of constant flux, learning, loss and opportunity. The loss is artificial in that it consists of the empty places made by those persons once loved, now discarnate; by truths, once loved, but now seemingly necessarily discarded; by ideals which the world you live in has provided enough catalyst to undermine in your own experience. And so, because free will, like the wind, blows hither and yon in all entities, it is inevitable that those who plan to learn as much as possible in one lifetime will arrange to have serious and fundamental challenges to its understanding or grasp of the principle of unconditional love.

In order for an entity to be able to find the self that can do this, it was necessary to find that which is woven with free will in order to make a physical illusion, and work with it in such a way that you are at least temporarily able to untangle the strands of love and free will. When you see, and know, and trust the absoluteness of love, the mind may rest much easier, the heart may become aware of its truer intelligence, and the responsibilities of meeting the challenges of difficult relationships and impossible situations begins to change and transform in shape.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite One have often spoken of the need to discipline the personality. By this we do not intend to mean the controlling, the suppression or the repression of any feeling that you truly feel, any thought which you truly think, any action which you do feeling that it is appropriate. These are each entity’s choices, choices which one is unable to make while remaining concerned primarily with that which is mundane and of no spiritual consequence as far as you subjectively can see.

In fact, all things are fraught with spiritual teaching. All of the creation sings its song of love to you. But it is the disciplined personality who has gained the perspective on the value of mentation and the far greater value of the infinite wisdom of the heart. Thus, when challenging situations occur, one who has the firm foundation of a life in faith will not fear the unforgivable, will not fear the unacceptable, will not need, in fact, to react unless as an entity of the heart there are those things which you feel may aid in a spiritual way that one which is unacceptable.

Thus, your only responsibility is to love. You do not have a free will responsibility at this point, for free will does not forgive, it is love that forgives. Thus, as you step aside, disciplining your own freedom in order to serve and learn, you experience a love you could never experience within your humanity, a love which is in infinite supply. And to that difficult or impossible situation or entity you simply send love, and use your mental capacities to reason with yourself as to the cause of unacceptability, gazing at the situation, not with an eye to solving it, but with an eye to understanding the unacceptable entity or condition, and when that is done, to forgive it, to forgive yourself, and be clear and ready to gaze without any fear whatsoever at the situation or entity, for there is love and service in this opportunity.

This is a simple and seemingly rather glib summary. It does not take into account the enormous difficulty of doing these things within your illusion. And so we would speak of an aspect of your illusion that is absolutely necessary to the illusion, but is that which baffles almost all entities. You know free will if you know the wind. The winds move here, the winds move there. The winds bring rain and are a boon to your Earth. The winds bring storm and destroy life upon your Earth. The winds are zephyr soft, touching the cheeks of lovers on a summer night. The wind carries raging snow that blinds those who challenge it. In short, the wind is an influence not to be influenced.

In metaphysical sense, the wind that blows for you and moves you about on a level of which you are unaware is free will. It cannot be predicted. It cannot be wholly understood, and yet it is the same experience for all entities. If the wind is blowing within your illusion, no matter how many entities experience the same wind, they all will acknowledge that it has passed them, for they have felt its effect. The world of metaphysical things is more subtle. The effects of free will are just as subtle, but set up situations within your energy web where you are open and vulnerable to the challenge of a distortion of love brought about by another’s free will.

So it is not you that finds another unacceptable, nor is it another which is unacceptable. You have the same nature, but you do not have the free will you had yesterday, and tomorrow it will shift again. So it is with the other entity. It is that free will portion of yourself, not your deepest self, that generates judgment such as “unacceptable,” “unforgivable.” Within the heart which is freed by a discipline of personality, and given a path of service by freely made choice of the entity, love abides, and your instinct is to send love to that entity which is in enough agony to act inappropriately and to act as painful catalyst for you.

In this painful catalyst you may see in the other’s free will choices, free will choices of the self, made with distorted understanding. Consequently, all statements of judgment of others are made not with the heart, but with the mind and undisciplined free will, for the heart will not judge. The heart will accept and allow the self to be the self, and other selves to be their selves. The heart of one who is positively oriented does not control an unacceptable situation to cause it to be acceptable. It controls the often destructively illusory free will portion of itself that it may move into a deeper self, into the wisdom of the heart, and from that standpoint all conditions of entities are seen as part of a blueprint of evolution which it is up to you to learn to grasp at least in essence.

Now, the wind is often used also as a simile for that which in the spiritual distortions called Christianity is named the Holy Spirit. As all things are holy, if it is acceptable to each we shall use the term, “Comforter.” That which is carried upon the wind of spirit is alive. The spirit of the consciousness of Christ is alive and speaks to the world today saying, “Peace, peace, forgive, console, pardon, and start with yourself.”

Now, this Comforter does not give comfort any more than the teacher Jesus the Christ gave comfort. Healing this entity gave, and freely, strength to the weak, sight to the inwardly blind as well as outwardly blind, strength of limb to the lame. But did this entity ask to be understood? In your experience, has any entity whom you have considered great or wise asked that you understand him or her? It is unlikely, for it is unimportant to those who live in the heart. They do not need to be understood, and consequently they do not attempt to be understood. Spirit does not attempt to be understood. The comfort is in its understanding, and your comfort also is in understanding.

Step back, back and back to the beginning, before the beginning of time to the very beginning of creation. You were created before your environment. You are the light, the active principle of the Creator, and we use that term apropos, for we wish you to understand the term “principle” as we use it. You are, in the deepest sense, the Creator, and in distortion upon distortion, because of your illusion and your own biases within that illusion, you are more or less a distortion of the Creator. Thus, you too begin to take within yourself the unpredictability and the divine guidance of the wind of spirit. Without fear you are capable of moving as you feel to move, capable of learning that which you feel you need to learn. Little by little, the disciplining of that free will, which is your very nature, yields to meditation, contemplation and experience, and you take the wind within yourself, the disciplined wind of the most perfect free will, that will to seek, know and be a transparent exhibit of the love that flows through all.

The process of opening one door while closing another is again difficult because of perception problems in this illusion. Free will in its raw and untamed state is almost precisely the opposite of true freedom of will, which is the will of one who is disciplined and freely chooses. Thus, not being blown about by the wind of the self, you may then internalize the wind and become aware of the spirit. And as you become aware of this spirit you shall find yourself moved in mind, in emotion, and sometimes even geographically, in order to do those things which you have not after all forgotten you came to do.

The wisdom of the heart is full of this blueprint. The conscious mind, governed by logic and free will, can never accomplish this. To move from head to heart, while retaining the concept of mind, is not anatomically sensible, but it is the best vocabulary we have to describe the deep love and security which you may find when you have accepted the wind within you, for you are spirit. It is the body which is weighty and full of chemical reactions that are part of this illusion.

As you offer your free will to the blueprint you have planned for yourself, you become free and enabled in your actions. In this awareness there is nothing unacceptable, nothing unforgivable, but only that which may be seen as this or that distortion of love brought about by untamed free will. Free will holds up the mirror to free will. If you gaze at another and find unacceptability, realize that that is a mirror. Now you may do your inner work, for you have been aided by that entity which has been disparaged and judged. What is there within you that must be forgiven? For if you judge others you have not forgiven yourself. If you are completely self-forgiven you have absolutely no need to judge, for you have no fear and nothing to defend. You can see through the free will, having seen through your own. You can tame the wind for yourself, and you can be of service to others by mirroring to them as honestly as possible that these are actions that you choose to make, and you choose them because they are of spiritual aid in the service of the Creator to this beloved self, that is you, in other-self form.

You picture yourselves, most naturally, as entities with a head and a backbone, two arms, two legs, the requisite number of organs and digits. You are a kind of entity you cannot understand as you gaze upon your physical vehicle. The difference between you attempting to move through…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…the difference in your consciousness between seeing yourself as this physical vehicle, and seeing yourself as spirit, is the difference between being blown by the wind and being the good and kindly wind that blows love always, that is open and fearless and is vulnerable, unafraid. Once you have found your own essence you shall never fear again. It is the catalyst caused by facing the unacceptable, and finding ways to offer love and to glean and harvest love in the situation as well, is the wisdom gained through this shift in identity from chemical plant which moves you about to the essential self which is humble, nonjudgmental, completely unafraid, completely free, and completely able and willing to listen, to understand and to love the tormented hearts of those caught in this illusion which you now enjoy, caught painfully, caught unbearably.

If someone is unacceptable to you, that entity is deafened by the wind of his own free will, and has an extraordinarily distorted expression of love to offer. You cannot heal or help the other self, but only make your own choices. The entity that is unacceptable does not impinge upon you. It is merely catalyst if you still have work of your own to do in forgiving yourself for being all things, including many, many things which you consider unacceptable. You are carving out for yourself the right to ride the wind of spirit. Judgment, which is behind unacceptability, and fear, which is behind judgment, anchor your feet to the ground. You cannot fly, you cannot soar, you can only be injured and injure as you seek through judgment and the putting on of mental and spiritual protection to attempt to make yourself more comfortable in the prison of your bones and sinew.

When you find the love within in its pure state you are not confined, you are not finite. You have found your own eternity. In this eternity the wind of the present moment offers all lessons, whether it is necessary for the illusion which causes judgment to seem appropriate to be very hard to penetrate, so that you, that beautiful and wondrous unique spark of love and free will, will make your choices to judge or to appreciate, to ask for service or to be an agent of infinite service. If you are able to let your love free to ride the wind of spirit, you are always following the blueprint you have laid out for your own growth.

This is the density wherein you decide the nature of all entities about you as well as yourself, and with this understanding choose how you shall serve that mystery that created you and all that there is. Do you wish your feet anchored to the earth by judgment and the need to get points across, or do you choose to soar in the wind of spirit, judging neither yourself nor others, but asking, and asking, and seeking and hoping to be love, to be a channel for truth, to share in the infinite that your light may be a catalyst that frees others from their own bondage.

We are sorry for having spoken so long, but we believe this may deepen the understanding of that which was offered in the previous session upon this subject. If there are other questions we are always glad to entertain them.

We have had one question concerning ourselves, which is fairly quickly answered, we feel, and so we shall end this instrument’s contact by speaking briefly upon this.

We are a social memory complex whose teacher of choice of the sixth density is the Ra social memory complex. We, as you, hold this complex in esteem. We were already in very harmonious contact with this group. That which occurred, though always possible, is rare, usually because a channeling entity will not be capable of receiving information of one type or density and another as well which it then relinquishes. Our teachers, those of Ra, were pleased when this group refrained from continuing to attempt to contact an entity whose ability to communicate was severely limited by a need for harmony not often seen in your density. These of Ra were, and are, grateful for the total willingness of this channel and this group to be of service in a way which was within the blueprint of the existence of each, even though this meant sacrifice on each entity’s part.

As the entities which survived the most serious of psychic greetings continued in the same dedication, undeterred even by the apparent cessation of life of a beloved one, those of Ra felt it was still appropriate to communicate with this group insofar as this entity could carry a message in a stable manner. And so those who are known to you as Ra suggested to us a signal honor, that of sharing at the level of social memory complex sharing, with the wisdom and the compassion of our teachers.

This was a project which was apart and separate from the Law of One channelings. It is we of Latwii who speak with this instrument, following the general way of conscious contact, gauging by feedback the stability of the group, the purity and stability of the instrument, so that we know that which is possible to be shared without damage to the instrument, and that which the instrument would sacrifice too much of itself in bringing through.

So we are both Latwii and Ra; or you may think of us as Latwii taught constantly and in a much closer configuration than most teachers and students; or you may see us as a melded principle, as we both serve the one Creator, and are both upon the same path, and are more and more of the nature of Ra, the lower awareness being blessed always by close association with higher truths and spiritual principles. So, too, has this instrument had the experience of becoming in part one with those of Ra, as it spent many hours in the company of those of Ra, who looked over it as others of our social memory complex spoke for Ra. Only to the Creator can thanks be given for this occurrence, for its approval, and for our carrying out this attempt at service. We thank you for this opportunity with our whole heart.

We would at this time close the meeting through the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We realize that we have spoken long once again in your terms, but we would wish to offer ourselves at this time in the attempt to speak to any queries which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time?

What were you referring to when you mentioned the approval of the occurrence which I took to be the joint project between those of Latwii and those of Ra—what approval was this?

I am Q’uo. The approval is that, not only of each social memory complex, but of that council which sits and serves as what you would call the Guardians of this particular planet, those entities which oversee Confederation attempts to be of service to entities upon this planetary sphere. This council, the session council, is known to you as the Nine, or the Council of Saturn.

Is there another query, my sister?

I assumed that’s what you were talking about. Then the Law of One channelings also had to be brought before this Council for approval, and do these social memory complexes, when they are considering offering themselves for service, in service as contacts through vocal channels, do all those projects need to be approved [inaudible] before the council as [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my sister, for there is, as you know, that which is called a quarantine of this particular planet because of previous efforts to be of service to various groups of entities upon this planet by members of our Confederation who were, though very well intentioned in their desire to be of service, mistaken in various aspects of the means by which the service was carried out, thereby infringing upon the free will of some entities and groups of entities upon this planet. Therefore, it is now quite carefully guarded as to contact between Confederation entities and the peoples of this planet.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Not on that, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you. Is there another query?

I do have another one. I presume also that Wanderers have to present themselves individually before the Council for approval as well?

I am Q’uo, and this too is correct, my sister, for each effort of service to this planet from those from elsewhere, shall we say, has the possibility of affecting the entities of this planet in a pronounced manner. The effect of each Wanderer’s service must be carefully gauged in order that the service is offered in a way which will serve as catalyst to the point of information without infringement.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Do Wanderers who offer themselves for service have specific projects in mind, or do they just come hoping to help in some generalized manner with the harvest of raising of consciousness or things of that general nature, or is that specific enough in itself?

I am Q’uo, and each Wanderer has a variety of services to offer, the first being the presence which is of a lighter vibrational quality, and which shines without any action being necessary and lightens the planetary vibration by its very presence and radiance.

The second level of service is that which you would call more specific, in that the entity will have brought with it into the Earthly incarnation those talents and skills which may be utilized in a more specific or focused fashion in order to operate, shall we say, more as would the surgeon’s scalpel.

The third level of service is that which is more personalized in nature, in that the entity will also take the opportunity to provide a service not only to others, but will seek to balance or harmonize some portion of its being that is in need of such balancing or harmonization. As all interaction with other entities provides a catalyst which is a service this is also a level of service to others that is valuable, though it also has a personal component as well.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thanks very much.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Earlier today, Jim and I were talking about the project that Aaron and Barbara and Emanuel and Pat and yourself and me, and together we realized that we hadn’t asked a question of preferences of you, and for the life of me I cannot remember what it was we didn’t ask. If it is possible to look into either my mind or Jim’s, I wonder if you could comment on the question that I can’t remember, if that makes any sense [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and we feel that we have a grasp upon your query that is as firm, we hope, as the grasp upon this entity’s mind at this moment, however, perhaps that which we have to say will jog your memory as well.

We have no preference as to whether the project is focused in a chapter by chapter fashion upon a series of topics, or whether there is the opening of each instrument to what you have called in your past meetings the “pot luck” agenda, that is determined more on the unconscious or subconscious level of the mind than the conscious level. We are happy to offer ourselves in whatever way is asked of us. We do not feel that it is our place or proper purpose to choose an agenda of topics arbitrarily, for we feel there is great benefit to be realized by each entity partaking in this process of choosing of topics and agenda.

We do not feel that two session per day would be too great a burden for any of the entities involved, as long as those sessions have a reasonable length to them. We realize that that which we call reasonable may be in question concerning our previous speaking to this group, that is, somewhat overly long in duration. We would recommend a flexibility with the first day’s worth of work in order that each contributing instrument might be allowed to assess that which is possible for it and that no one be asked to partake in any longer or more strenuous sessions than she can comfortably partake in.

May we speak to any further facet upon this topic, my sister?

No thank you, Q’uo. I remember now that those were the questions that we had discussed, and you’ve answered them very well. I will share them with Barbara, who will share them with Pat. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time.

Is there any need to cleanse the house especially for this project?

I am Q’uo, and we find that this domicile is well tuned in its basic vibrational quality. We believe that this location will provide an harmonious setting for this undertaking.

Is there an exaggerated problem with my electromagnetic field anomalies because of the intensity of these sessions, and, if so, should we attempt to [inaudible] the microphones and recording systems as we have done before?

I am Q’uo, and as we examine that which has been discussed concerning this project, we are aware that there shall be a redundancy of recording devices, if each instrument brings her own recording devices. We would continue the recommendation that you have as little direct contact with any recording device as is possible, touching only those portions of the device that is necessary for having the microphone resting upon your physical vehicle. Other than this precaution, we do not feel that there is any need for further concern in this area.

I am aware already that Jim and K are part of the circle for this project. Others known to you of our group would probably enjoy coming and sitting in some of the sessions. I speak of the one known as R, the one known as S, the [other] one known as S, the one known as L, the one known as T, the one known as B, the one known as J. These are those entities which come to mind quickly. Is it helpful, neutral, or unhelpful for more entities than Jim and K, Pat and Barbara and me to sit in session?

I am Q’uo. We would suggest that you consider two factors in this regard. One is the preference of the other instruments that will be taking part in these sessions. The second being the ease of scheduling and carrying out any session when there are fewer entities to be considered.

Is there a further query, my sister?

So it’s neutral, as far as helpful or harmful, as far as you’re concerned, and merely a question of logistics?

I am Q’uo. For most of these entities, that would be correct. However, we do not wish to place ourselves in the position of one who judges. In some cases it would not be helpful to include additional entities.

We shall inquire separately of anyone who wishes to join us before [inaudible], and we will most certainly take into full account the wishes of all three of us. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there a final query at this time?

Not from me, thanks.

I am Q’uo, and we thank each again for this opportunity to blend our vibrations with yours and to speak to the heart of each entity in its desire to know more of that which you call the truth. We share that which is ours to give and share it with the hope that there will be some benefit to those present and to others that may eventually come in contact with this information. However, we share most centrally with a freedom and joy that we are able to walk a step or two with you upon your paths of learning and of service. This is a blessed and precious time for us. We cannot thank you enough for sharing it with us.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo and we shall take our leave of this group at this time, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.