With greetings to you both. I am Aaron.

You ask why I am not content with the term “density.” I have nothing against the label itself, but it is your misunderstanding of the label which I was trying to circumvent, to stir you beyond that misunderstanding.

When you were speaking of this on Thursday morning, K was thinking of it as specific grades that at a certain density of light, there is immediate movement into the next density. It doesn’t work that way. You move back and forward to a certain degree. Yes, there is this harvest that Ra talks about. There is a time when you are ready for the next, for the lessons of the next density and yet, you may move back and forward as you need to. Sometimes you wish to repeat a class for certain reasons. We are speaking here of opacity of transparency [inaudible] and there is a general movement toward more transparency and yet on any plane there are times when the entity becomes stuck, in a way. Not that it’s [not] moving forward, but that it needs frequent repetitions of the lesson.

As that happens that being may temporarily find they misunderstood, not because it is falling backwards, but because there is more to understand. It might help you here to picture a being climbing a mountain. At first, there is a gentle slope and not as much exertion is required. At some point, the being may come to a steep cliff and it begins to climb, seeking out footholds and handholds. And as it does, so its energy changes. It becomes more tired. It’s sweating, perhaps. This does not mean it is not as skillful a climber as it was in the lower levels, where it was not sweating or exhausted, simply that the slope is steeper.

Yet, for many of you when you come to that steep slope and feel a sense of spiritual exhaustion there is a reaction to it. It is not the exhaustion that is the problem but the reaction. The reaction pulls the solutional body that we spoke of this morning into play and temporarily your light becomes more opaque. Yet, in a sense that cliff must be climbed to reach the plateau on top.

Say that again, Aaron. You gave me a lot of images at once. This is Barbara speaking. Aaron, I’m seeing it as you see it, through your eyes, so to speak. Yes, I see, side by side, two beings: one has energy. Its own energy is flowing swiftly and it’s very transparent and its aura is radiating with light. The one beside it is climbing up the steep cliff, I guess. [Inaudible] not nearly as transparent, but it’s putting forth such a feeling of hope and love of reaching the top that it’s radiating even more brilliantly.

So, Aaron, is what you’re saying that a… (I can’t begin to say how fast that is) transparency is not the only significant factor. [Inaudible]. Will you tell me if that is correct?

[Side one of tape ends.]

Essentially, child. This density is only one factor. This is why I have preferred the word “dimension.” Let us first define what I mean by dimension, as I don’t know if Carla has read this in the transcripts.

Picture a ball of clay, trapped between your hands. Pressure is applied to it from both sides and as it squeezes together, most of the mass eases out from the top of your hands to form a new ball in another dimension. You still have the flat piece that went down between your hands, but now you have a piece that’s erupted onto the top. Take that and squeeze it and allow it to move in a new direction.

You cross many thresholds within each of what you are accustomed to thinking of as a density and [also] from one density to another. Thus within each density are many of these thresholds and each time a meditation or [inaudible] experience takes you to a new perspective, your eyes are opened to some truth to which they have been shut before. You have a new way of understanding.

Now, there are larger thresholds and smaller thresholds. One might liken it to a flight of stairs with a landing, and then you are on to the next flight but it is all one stairwell. For the density of the being is generally moving toward transparency and there are certain limits of transparency or opacity within each of your labeled densities. This is only one factor.

Barbara is asking me here what are the other factors and I find it almost impossible to find words in your vocabulary which will express [our thoughts]. In a sense, I understand why Ra is using density because they all translate into light. And yet it is not enough to simply say, “This is light,” or, “This is not light.” When you have a deeper faith, you do meet more light.

As distortion is dissolved, you meet more light and allow more light to pass through you, but there is a level here where the distortion must be accepted as where that being is. In other words, Ra speaks of love as the first distortion. 1 That original energy that was flowing through this small spark of God cannot grow into a flaming sun without the distortion of love. Yet the distortion of love does create a [inaudible] and take one away from transparency. This is where the term density can be misleading. [There can be the] feeling that it is preferable to move toward transparency, but it is not that it is preferable, it is simply to be seen in the same way that as one walks down the path, one moves further down the path. It is inevitable. It is not something that you need to try to do.

Say it again, please, Aaron.

I am sorry, child. This is not the fault of your channeling. I am thinking two thoughts at once. I am thinking this through as I speak.

One must continually love and reach out toward that love that is other, giving and receiving and clarifying the connection between the self and the source of that love until the self is absorbed into the source and further separation ceases. The soul yearns for that but so does the love that draws one deeper back to love. It is love that overcomes the separation and yet love is the separation.

As I am trying to understand how to explain this to you, we are found to be thinking two thoughts. Firstly, that one must always be striving to love more fully, to live more wisely. Yet at the same time one must not be doing anything. And there is no paradox there.

Do you understand what I mean with this, or should I try to explain it further?

I understand it Aaron. Do you, Carla?


So we come back to this original question about density and my preference for another term. Actually, I don’t prefer another term, I prefer [that] there be no term, that you try to move yourself and your thinking beyond labels. Simply understand that you go through this progression, which can be roughly broken up into eight mutual parts, each with many smaller parts, but that they overlap. You are always in the space you need to be and that space truly needs not labels so much as your constantly being in that space, in that moment, and not striving to be anywhere else while still knowing the absolute desire to be fully merged with that love. Do you have questions?

I don’t have questions. Aaron. I understand what you are saying. Carla?

I would suggest the image of a stairway. Each step is more full of light. The spirit walks the stairway until it reaches the light that is comfortable. If it tries to go further it is uncomfortable, so it finds its place. That place may be in third density or fourth density but it only matters if you are comfortable.

I thank you, Carla. That is a very clear illustration. I would add a bit to it. Let us put the stairway outdoors and allow you to visualize the light of the sun as shining brightly on it and, of course, as you come up from the world you move more and more into the sunshine. Picture it as a spiral staircase, perhaps, with small landings at different places. There are times when you move around and find yourself in the shadow for a bit. So you are both emerging up into the light and yet temporarily fully covered in shadow and will emerge back into the light as you move around, beyond that shadow.

Each shadow is a difficult place in your growth. [And this is so] in any density, because it is not only third density that has to learn, though learning is not as painful [in other densities.] Yet there are times when we feel ourselves to be in darkness. The difference is [that] when you feel yourself to be in darkness, it is as if there is total blackness and you lose sight of the stairs that wander round.

When a being of a higher density finds itself to be in darkness it is only a slight shadow, and one can still clearly see the staircase, but while it is a constant progression, into more and more light—and you are very accurate in saying that you only move as high as the light is pleasant and when it becomes intolerably hot, burning away that in you that is still too dense to meet that light, then you pause for a bit to work to a degree of transparency—so while you are moving toward this light, there are also moments of more brightness and moments of shadow.

I find this very accurate, Carla. May I suggest that the steps are such as you may have meant in what you call a funhouse, perhaps, where there are times they are firm, and times when you step up [where] they seem to sink down. So that the difference of one step, and the step that follows after, disappears and the next step looms very high above.

Each step is truly a universe unto itself. That is all.

Carla, I see a bit of confusion in your understanding of this. Yes, that happened to you, but it didn’t happen to you by chance. Thus, first there was some energy blockages [in some] [inaudible] region of your body. Then there was your mother’s action, which around your life is called your “retention tether,” but the energy blockage existed in a sense of the potential for the energy blockage, let us say, before that choice of your mother’s. I would suggest that this is related to a past life prior to this one. Do you wish me to speak further on this?


It may be useful for you to know that there has been a past life in which there was severe brutality and mutilation to the bowel area of your body. I would suggest that this may be a defense, a protection, against that. I can give you more details on this life if it would be more useful to you but you [do not] really need to know [inaudible] what happened, so much as to become aware that you are creating some protection of some sort. You have released most of the karma between you and that being who did this disemboweling but the body is working in its own way, on a cellular level almost, to provide protection. It is not a matter of forgiving, which is why I feel you do not need to know the whole story behind it.

It is just a story. [To tell it] will pull you back into it. Rather [than going back into that story], understand the fear of the body itself against such violence to it. Hold that fear lovingly in your arms and relate to it compassionately, as I believe there has been more warfare than love with this area of your body, in this lifetime. Do you understand?

I think so.

You seem to be dealing remarkably [well] with learning of this incarnation without knowing about other incarnations. I believe you do know what you need to know at a certain level that is not conscious. But you do not need to know about something that simply happened to a being that you were that is not immediately relevant to this lifetime. All that is relevant here is that you are saying that the pattern your mother established has been carried through but the pattern was established long before your mother toilet-trained you in that way and in fact her choice of toilet-training in that way [served] to emphasize the pattern in this lifetime 2, to draw your attention to it, so you may heal that brutality from a past lifetime, not by needing to know the details of it but just to bring [inaudible] to that area of your body and understand the cellular level. Do you understand?


I understand that you have, Carla, but there is still another level here that you can begin to relate to more consciously as [we] speak about it. Perhaps just knowing this will be a help to bring the awareness more to the conscious level of mind.

I find it delightful that on my plane I have finally reached the point where I equate beauty with the light that shines from within and [has] nothing to with the physical. It is a pleasant stage to have reached. I would like to remind you both that when you choose to incarnate into a body, into a family, into a culture, you know the generalities of that body or family or culture, that for these that you have chosen to be parents, these have been the issues that they have come to work with and that you have shared with them in the past.

You know the basics of what that fetus will become, but you have no idea whether it is going to be beautiful or not. This is not one of the choices you make. Let me amend that to say you may know that it will be extremely unattractive as the parents are unattractive or that [inaudible], but beyond those general limits, you have no idea whether it will very beautiful, or somewhat beautiful, or highly attractive or attractive or moderately unattractive, or so on.

This only becomes a concern to you on the physical plane and is of no concern to your spirit. That is all.

[Aaron,] we are talking about densities. You’ve generally not been willing to say anything about what density you are and said it didn’t matter. However, some time in the past few weeks in the Thursday group 3 we were talking about this spirit known as Jesus and in the Ra material it talked about him as being at fifth density and you said the spirit had nearly entered the seventh density and K was feeling upset about why there was a seeming contradiction. K said, “In the Ra material, Ra states the Jesus is currently in the fifth density and you say he’s seventh.” And Aaron said, “That spirit whom I understand as Jesus is far beyond the fifth density.” K is questioning the density of Jesus, who Aaron says is at the seventh density. K showed me the related features of the Ra material. Aaron said, “K, I want to you to discuss this [with] Q’uo. I do not agree with it. I am what you would term fifth density and this being has evolved far beyond me. That is all.”

And then you, [Aaron], went on to talk about what the term density means and about not thinking of it as a specific grade and that we are not fixed in place. So, Aaron, the question this is leading to is [inaudible] I don’t know, are you feeling, Carla, that as [inaudible] what makes you [inaudible]. What need you [inaudible] feel Aaron has not talked to my knowledge about what density he was at before. The only thing he has ever told me before is that he is beyond the causal plane. What made you feel that he was third density? And Carla was saying, “Barbara saved his life 400 years ago. At that time he was a third-density being. So he must still be third density.”

Carla, here we are back to the [inaudible] more fixed notion, that a being must wait for this general harvest to go on. Immediately after the end of that lifetime there was no need for me to return to incarnation. I have been very close to that for many lifetimes. On the spiritual plane between many lifetimes and for several thousand years, I had learned many lessons that you would term fourth-density lessons and yet had felt a need to return to Earth for the clarification of [inaudible] that needed to be cleansed, thus, actually was moving between these. Here again, I prefer to not use the word density for these levels of being, although density will do in a sense, because as a spiritual being, with an almost clear emotional body, I was far more transparent, but coming back to the [inaudible] final lifetimes, there was more opacity because of the presence of the emotional body…

Barbara, you need to reposition yourself. Your concentration is weak.


Following the final cleansing of that karma, there was no need to return to the earth plane, and yet I left behind me a beloved one whom I would [inaudible] through my guidance.

There is no need for me to do this work, karmically. There’s no karma between me and the present being you know as Barbara that draws me back and so I have no present bonds to work through to need to be part of the earth plane. I do so purely out of love, and yet there is still this distortion of love, of the desire to serve this one whom I have loved through many lifetimes. Besides that there are lessons of both wisdom and compassion that are valuable for me as a spirit that may be deepened with recontact with those of you who walk this Earth.

So, as I emphasized many times, you teach me as much as I teach you. You have reminded me of what it was to be young. When I say I am presently of fifth density, I am not speaking of a place where I am, but am speaking purely in terms of the degree of clarity of my mind. If I did not choose to do what I am doing now, during which work I must assume a look of personality and consciousness as I have spoken of before, then, going back to our visualization of that staircase in the amount of light that the being can enjoy and tolerate and benefit by being, I would be at the beginnings…

[Tape ends.]

  1. Actually, the Ra group speak of free will as the first distortion. But love or Logos is next! 

  2. Carla’s mother toilet-trained her from before the age of one year old by explaining to her that she needed to move her bowels, then putting her on the potty. Carla was too young to be able to perform as expected, although she spoke early and clearly understood what she was supposed to accomplish. She simply could not do it. This resulted in a perception that she was constipated. Therefore, she was given enemas at least once a week from babyhood.

    This compromised her peristaltic health and throughout her life until 1991 she had difficulty absorbing and processing food. Ten months after this discussion with Aaron and Barbara was taped, half of her transverse colon was surgically removed, the “disemboweling” being necessary to preserve her life. Thusly, the pattern played out for Carla in this incarnation, but in a healing and helpful way which ensured her continued life and increased vitality. She used this opportunity to rededicate her life to service and also to her own care for herself. She radically improved and remains in greatly increased health to the present time (2005). 

  3. Barbara is here speaking of a regular meeting of the Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Barbara and Aaron teach.