Dealing with the question this morning of why it seems to be that for each of us, throughout our lives, the mother and father relationship seems to be the most critical, the most important. The voice that we hear in our head when we do one thing or another and the voice to which we seem to respond in one pattern or another and why is it so critical as in criticizing?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you this morning in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We are please to be called to your group, once again as it is a great joy to us to be able to share with you the great work in which we all collaborate. This being the work of attempting always to know more of the mystery of the Creator and in extending what aid we are able, to others in their attempts to do so, also.

As always, we ask that you consider our words carefully and accept for yourselves, only those words which resonate within the deepest self as true and to discard all others without a second thought. We would have you place no judgments on yourselves in considering our words.

You wish information this morning on the role each parent plays with the entity. You are aware that the relationship between each and its mother and father within this physical illusion is one which plays a central role in the life of each entity, beginning with the obvious fact that it is this relationship which allows each entity the opportunity for physical incarnation.

In addition, to this starting point, the mother and father are central teaching figures for most entities within your illusion for a significant portion of time of time the younger years of the entity and it is during this time that the basic personality of the entity is molded and formed and lessons desired in this incarnation are set up and well begun.

It is knowing the importance and centrality of this relationship that causes entities to set up these relationships before incarnation.

You wish to know why it is that these mothers and fathers, while playing, what would appear to be, a nurturing role in starting the young entity out upon its life path, so often have such a deeply, what you perceive to be negative effect upon the young entity which lasts throughout a great portion if not the entire lifetime.

You realize we must speak in some terms of overgeneraliztion as each relationship is most individualistic and specific and there are indeed many mothers and fathers who are perceived by their children to be adequate and loving nurturers however there are many who may, while attempting from their own perspective, to be as loving and nurturing as they know how, they yet, in the non-acceptance of the child entity in various matters which may be more or less perceived by them to be so, instill the child entity with the voice of criticism of which you spoke and indeed there are those mothers and fathers who do not find it in themselves to be nurturing and loving and find that all they have to offer is this voice of criticism.

“Why is this the case?” you ask. Many of your entities seem to have the bias of opinion that states that the role of the mother and father is properly that role of the all accepting, all nourishing, all loving parent and that whenever the parent entities fall short of this goal, they are then responsible for the damage incurred by the children.

This however, is not the case for as you are aware, the purpose for which third density entities have incarnated is in order that they might learn the lessons of love.

If each entity were born into a family where the only thing experienced was total love and acceptance, the experience of the entity would be similar to those entities who incarnated before the advent of the veil between the conscious and unconscious minds or before the availability of the choice between the positive and the negative paths, the result being that with no stimulus which is perceived as negative, very little growth takes place. Thusly, for one who incarnates for the purposes of learning the lessons of love, the perceived absence of love is essential in order that such learning may take place.

If the perception of love may be felt as total acceptance, then the perception of the absence of love may be felt by non-acceptance, which is manifested in the criticism of which you spoke.

The degree then, to which this criticism is perceived by the child entity from the parents may be seen as correlative to the lessons each entity wish to set up for itself, beginning with the infancy and early childhood. This relationship is by no means the only situation by which entities may learn these lessons of love, throughout the life, many other relationships and situations will be encountered in which again the non-acceptance or the criticism is experienced however, most entities will choose to set up these lessons early in the life pattern so that the patterns have got an attitude having been established at a very early age, have the opportunity to grow throughout the incarnation and interact with other situations that may be perceived similarly thus affording the entity multiplied, shall we say, opportunities for learning these lessons.

The learning of the lessons, of these lessons, as always with the lesson of love focuses again and again on the acceptance of the self and the other selves in the light

This group has done much work in this area, and these matters have been spoken of before. We would say at this time that we particularly enjoyed speaking with this group about these matters in what you see as your recent past and speaking and working also with the one known as Aaron and the one known as Barbara. We have been very pleased with the dedication of this group to such workings and feel that the interactions were of a great help to those present and a value to ourselves as well.

Thus the concepts of acceptance and forgiveness are those with which you are familiar.

We would reiterate only that in the dealing with the voice of criticism from the mother and the father that each entity may continue to feel and hear throughout the life pattern, that the purpose of the incarnation for the seeker is not to be comfortable and happy thus the goal of the seeker in dealing with this voice is not to make the voice go away, but to be able to accept it and continue to live the life. Gradually, becoming able to accept the self and the other self to greater extents and then becoming able to forgive the self and the other selves also to greater extents. This is not work which may be forced.

As the one known as Aaron has spoken about the need for the flower bud to be allowed to bloom.

We realize that it is a difficult process to proceed with a certain course of action in learning lessons and dealing with the self and at the same time not to judge ones progress. Yet this is what is necessary for the seeker, toward that end, we would encourage each in attempting to learn the acceptance. To focus on the present moment and not to attempt to swallow the entire life in a single bite, shall we say.

We feel that these words are sufficient at this time for this working and we’d be happy to respond further to any queries you may have at a later time. At this time we would transfer to the one known as Jim in order to close this working. We leave this instrument with thanks and in love and light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you again in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. At this time, we would offer ourselves for the responding to any queries, which you may have for us. Is there a query at this time?

Not from me, Q’uo. I thank you for answering both of the questions that were [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we thank each of you as well for your invitation to us to join your circle of seeking once again. We are most grateful for this opportunity and we cannot express our joy at these gatherings to a sufficient degree but can reaffirm that we feel a great peace and purpose is awakened each time we gather with your group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo and we leave you now in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.