Some sources say that the Mayan culture was contacted by extraterrestrial entities and given information concerning this planet’s transition to the fourth density. Is this information relatively accurate or should we look into other areas for a clear understanding of their culture? How can we use the information which has been left behind concerning their culture?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. We greet each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is indeed a privilege to be here, to enjoy each energy as it blends into unity, the energy moving in such a rhythmic and lovely way about the circle of seeking. It is a blessing to share in your meditation, and we are most grateful to you for asking our opinion upon such an interesting subject of the ways entities might work to aid in the coming of the next age or series of experiences and lessons which shall be that which is suited to your planet in your future.

We encourage each to be aware of the oneness of the group and the energies of light that move about it, to allow them to flow through you to the next density, not moving or changing them but realizing that you are part of a whole which is greater than yourself, a beautiful group of people who, together, have much more power than any one separately might, power to ask, power to seek, power to hope. This is the greatest thing, we feel, that entities such as yourselves who seek to serve the planet at this time can possibly do. And that is to spend time in the seeking, in the being with the infinite One and those who seek the infinite One.

Let us begin with a few introductory remarks which we feel would make a good basis for the general message. We are aware that each within this circle has a different gift. This is so not only of each in the circle but of each entity that is ever created. Each of you is unique. No one has your gift or gifts. No one your talents but you, yourself. But if you sit thinking, “Well, I have gifts, but I also have difficulties,” may we say that if you gaze at your difficulties you will find them to be the other side of the coin of your greatest virtues. This instrument, for example, spoke of its lack of memory. This is that which seems within the illusion to be thoughtless and rude. It is, however, that which allows us to fill this entity with our concepts, for this entity does not cling to the past nor think greatly on the future. It is within the present moment that each of you exists. Memory and prophecy are irrelevant to aiding the planet or to living in the most spiritually appropriate way of service to others that you can possibly devise.

We also realize that each has aspirations and hopes. Each hopes to be able to contribute and because of the culture in which you live you see these contributions as those which can be held, seen, measured and given to others as objects. Indeed, each of you may feel quite appropriate, wishing to serve in these ways. However, it is well to realize that that which is a creation of yours is that which has been given to you because you have honed your consciousness, begun the process of choice which more and more refines the self, the emotions, the self-images and the journey itself so that there is no outside authority that may say to you that “This and this is what you must do.” Only you in your inner guidance may come to a sense of peace and creativity, a feeling that needs no outside affirmation, a feeling that this is right action. This occurs when the entity simply allows the Higher Self within to make known to the self the environment in which the gifts which each has are to be created and presented.

Behind all of these objects of creations, or may we say more accurately, co-creation with the infinite love and light of the Creator, is the infinity of Oneness, the primal beingness of which your consciousness is at this time an individuated field. Yes, each of you is unique. But each of you is created of Love, created with Love, created from Love, and within each of you is that which is pure, infinite, compassionate Love. Not the romantic love or a gentle sort of love, but a dynamic and creative love that burns away the dross within, that burns away the petty concerns so that you gently, quietly, allow that dross to be burned away, little by little, never judging the self, never allowing discouragement to last longer than is necessary to express it to the self.

When one feels discouragement, when one does not know what to do, one is generally used to blaming the self for this impasse. We would specifically encourage each to allow those feelings that are appropriate to a disappointment in the self, but to realize that they are but the disappointments of one who has made a mistake in spelling, and so the eraser is taken out, and the spelling corrected. There is no more weight to be given to such errors than errors of any kind. That which you have not yet learned you are not responsible for. It is only as you learn things that you do become discouraged. Yet the discouragement is predictable. Therefore, we ask you to cherish yourself and nourish yourself during these times of change, for as you seek you shall find that change has sped up, and change is painful to the mind that is distinct to the consciousness that all have in common.

You are asking your mind to refrain from being critical, whereas all intelligence is based upon the making of choices. You make choices each moment of each day. What you shall hear among all the things that come into the ear—when you are concentrating upon this instrument’s voice you do not hear the cars, or the furnace, or the birdsong, or the gentle sound of the unpredictable wind. Yet your ears have heard them. You simply have chosen to focus the attention which is finite upon the most interesting thing in the environment. Each time that a seeker comes to the realization that it wishes a transformed experience, it is wishing for the pain of becoming the butterfly. The pain is left behind with the chrysalis in the cocoon and the butterfly is free and beautiful. This is the process of change. The change itself will seem to the physical vehicle and to the mind of the physical vehicle very painful and it is considered appropriate within your culture to allay or palliate any kind of pain or at least to be disgruntled because there is pain.

As spiritual beings we ask you to realize that your situation is that you are a field of consciousness. You are using a second-density creature which has offered itself up to you that you may use it for an incarnation. It does not have the same priorities of consciousness. It is more of a creature that is capable of fear than the consciousness, and that which is fear is also that which is desired. When one moves either in fear or in love to desire or to not desire, either is seen as a desiring. Thus, that which you desire positively comes to you, and we always remind each to be very careful of what you desire. However, that which you fear will also come to you, so we ask you also to be very careful about what you fear.

Now we shall begin with the question about specific ways of working in order to midwife the coming age, as it has been called. When one is dealing with a culture that is not one’s own it may be seen in many different ways depending upon one’s goal in aiding the planet as a whole to become more harmonious with the change taking place. If the desire is to be utterly accurate in detail then the requirements of both the mind of your physical vehicle and the requirements of your consciousness must needs be addressed. If a point is to be made in a completely fictional manner it matters only that the consciousness be allowed its intuitions and hunches. Thus you may see that there are as many ways of determining the level of history compared to the level of intuition with which one shapes one’s gifts as there are entities who may choose this form of service to others.

In the healing sense, also, there is the information which may be funneled into the mind from sources within the illusion which you share at this time; there is also the possibility of allowing intuition and intuition alone to aid one in finding one’s own voice as a healer. Any combination of these two may again be considered appropriate by one’s unique character, vibration or harmonics.

To one who wishes to use an object skillfully in order to aid in the birthing of the new age, again, one may go to those written words within your historical documents and find layers and layers of thought which have been crystallized in your writing. One may also simply sit with the object for it to offer that which it is and allow the intuition to arise to meet it. Any of these variations is acceptable. The place between one extreme and the other, between intuition and intellect, is equally acceptable as long as it is your true balance, that which you can stand behind and say, “This is I, this is the way I felt the need to do this.”

Until you have settled upon that much it is well to ponder the self itself. For it is your self, your consciousness, that which is in the end in union with all that is, that will be the vehicle which is able to aid the planetary consciousness. All of the tools of the intellect are just that, tools which may be respected and used but only in ways which do not create fear. May we say that fear is indeed a denial of the oneness of consciousness and an acceptance of the illusion.

Now, each of you is aware that science describes this universe, this room in which you sit, to be specific, as a great emptiness within which, just as the night sky sparkles with stars near and far, the atoms and molecules of your bodies, of that upon which you sit, that of the air and of the floor, look back at you winking in the cosmic flow of energy. Each of you is galaxy upon galaxy, creation upon creation. There is in fact nothing but illusion and who you are is in the end that consciousness, that light being that is and was and shall ever more be, whether it is activated or has chosen to come once again into an awareness with the unpotentiated Creator. You are you. You are also all that you see and the Creator Itself. Within this illusion, however, each of you has made the vital choice that is the purpose of this entire density of learning, that choice being how to relate to the one infinite Creator. Shall you love the Creator by serving others, or shall you love the Creator by keeping others at a safe distance while you make yourself more powerful and thus more able to control your environment?

It may be seen that in one way you express unity, or that which is. In the way of separation you may see the acceptance of that which is not, the illusion that there is anything separate from anything whatsoever. There is in fact no separation at all. And as you rest back into this awareness you find no room or place for fear. It has never been a welcome visitor. We encourage you to bid it leave you when it wishes, not fearing fear, not judging fear, but simply saying, “This is fear. I know that voice.” This allows you to become more and more skillful at making choices seemingly large and seemingly small. The greatest choices that you have to make are simply the choices of how you wish to be and this is indeed the heart of our simple message to you this day. No matter how you wish to be a midwife, no matter in what way you wish to assist the birth of a new vibratory rate of consciousness, the work that needs to be done is work within the self, for it is in your being, and not in those things that you do, that by far the majority of your service lies.

Think back to someone you have known. It may be a person of any age, sex or degree of estate in life, but that person, regardless of its race, intelligence, or color, or age, was lit up, illuminated from within. This entity somehow made you feel that hope was possible, that things were OK, that you were safe. That is because this entity had learned how to be a servant, had learned the hard lesson of disassembling the reliance on the rational thinking enough so that it was able to place more emphasis on the moment by moment considerations of the catalyst that it is being offered in every present moment.

It is in the present moment, as we have said, that one meets the infinite Creator, there and nowhere else. The present moment is always the intersection with eternity. You move in a river of time and space, and it is inexorable within your illusion. It is an excellent illusion. However, there is that x-axis and the y-axis, the x-axis being the inexorable movement of the river of illusion intersected by the y-axis of infinity so that each present moment has extravagant possibilities of resonance and of resonant, euphonious living and being. It is to those who dwell in the present moment in praise and thanksgiving regardless of the estate which they have within the illusion who are able to channel through themselves that infinite love that no humanity can ever engender.

For within the illusion you are indeed finite. The patience wears out. The temper snaps. The love is embittered by disappointment. It is only when one seeks to live a life in resonant faith—and this can be done only blindly and courageously—that one is able to tap into that endless love that rains upon each and wishes only to move through each and manifest within your illusion as only you with your specialness can do. No one else can bring this energy into manifestation but you. For although all light is one basic vibration, yet it is your choices through many, many lifetimes that have made you able to receive in just this way, and for just this way you may radiate it.When you come to the working of the various objects in order to produce a desired service for others then you are necessarily dealing with distortion and somewhat imperfect memory. We may say that a good deal of that which is written is written in so biased a way as to not only camouflage the spontaneous moment in which something is being described but even to change its nature in such a way that it seems like something else entirely. Thusly, when one does the research among those artifacts of your culture one must be prepared to deal continuously with those facts that seem to contradict or in some way modify that which you would wish to be the way you would wish to express to others that verity which you are seeking to express. In this we encourage each to use its special gifts by allowing them to do their work without interference of will, for when one has been hollowed out by this consciousness of fiery and creative love one is then precisely such and such a vessel, and that vessel more and more, as you allow it to be so, has its own wisdom, its own ways, and will be able to communicate those ways to you.

The allowing of a life in faith, then, is the primary resource which each entity may use regardless of its path of service in order to aid the infinite oneness which is more and more perceived as you enter a new area of the space and time river. This river has occasional bends in it, shall we say, occasional changes literally of the area of space through which the planet itself is traveling, this great spaceship, this island of yours you call Earth is rotating into a previously unpopulated vibratory pattern. It is doing this naturally and economically and the difficulties that you have spoken about are those difficulties of a difficult labor wherein the Earth itself must be able to continue its balance while receiving as the living being that it is these new cosmic influences and the new ways in which other cosmic influences from outside your sun system may come to you.

It is fortunate for those who wish to serve others upon this planet at this time that the most skillful way to serve is indeed by being. Each prayer, each moment in which you have thought of the one Creator becomes resonant and light-filled and the joy and light and peace of that contact with infinity moves through you along the x-axis of time and space and illusion, and beyond all illusion entities may be greatly touched and greatly helped simply because you are. Your consciousness is the greatest treasure which you hold within the hollowness of your Earthly, physical vehicle. Know it for its sanctity and purity and see that as these emotions and desires arise they arise repetitively again and again and each time you have the opportunity to move into resonance and into infinity and to make a more skillful choice, not out of fear, not out of worry that you may not be doing the right thing, but in perfect allowing of this moment to be this moment, of allowing that which you can never understand, that mystery which is the Creator to flow through you. Love flowing through Love into Love, fullness through fullness into fullness, all perfect, all beautiful and all one.

You may say to any who may say something like this, “This is not true. There are wars and rumors of wars. There is hunger. There is pain. Why are these things there, and how can we fix them?” that it is precisely for such experiences as these that you incarnated. It is precisely the forgetting of oneness that you wish to accomplish in your incarnation here. You did not want to remember the truth. You wanted to forget the truth and then find it again, for within an illusion where you cannot know even scientifically the root cause of anything you most certainly cannot know the root cause of those things which are invisible and which are immeasurable by the instrumentation of your peoples. You wished to be confused, chaotic and scared. Why did you wish this for yourself? Were you in some way mean to yourself? To the contrary. You were giving yourself an opportunity to live a life in faith alone. Nothing can be known, but you have all inside, each of you has all inside. And as one approaches the self, more gently, more quietly and more aware of the true nature of the self, one is able to see that one is indeed born again, as so many of your peoples have been distressed to hear the phrase. Born within as a self-aware, eternal light being, to aid the Earth that you so love, to aid the changes that must come. It is simply necessary to find who you are and then be who you are in the very most truthful way, the most honest way that you can. All else will follow.

When one accepts the higher wisdom of this mysterious love one is a servant, yet one is for the first time entirely free of the prison of flesh and bone, life and death. One has become a citizen of eternity. Give respect to that part of yourself that is being born with the so-called new age. Love that child within. Nurture it within your heart’s womb. Talk to it. Cherish it. Nurture it. And as you cherish the growing awareness of who you truly are you open your eyes at the present moment and there is your service before you, precisely there. It may distress you. It may be a pile of dirty dishes. It may be a discipline problem with a child. It may be digging a hole. It may be anything whatsoever. If it is done in love and compassion and respect for this experience right now, it is the greatest service you could ever perform. For you are being an entity that approaches the illusion fearlessly and lovingly.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and in love and light transfer. I am of those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We realize that we have not spoken in a precise manner concerning some portions of your query for this evening and we would ask at this time if there are any questions whatsoever that remain upon your minds to which we may speak? We would also preface any responses by saying that we wish to give that which is helpful to you in your journeys of seeking, but we do not wish to be seen as those which are infallible, for, indeed, we are not infallible, and we give that information which we have found to be useful in our journeys. And we ask that you take that which is useful to you, leaving behind that which is not.

Is there a query at this time?

I am still quite interested in the Mayan connection to the Pleiadians. Is this what was responsible for the beginnings of their peaceful culture?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your question, my sister. As we look into that culture which has been called by many of your peoples the Mayan culture, we see that these entities through their desire to know more of that which you call the truth and their desire to progress as a people upon the evolutionary journey drew to themselves a variety of influences that were both of this planet and entities that had their location both within this solar system and beyond it.

[Tape ends.]