Traveling the spiritual path, it seems that many get burned out after a while, and we would like to know what it is that burns out—our inspiration, our desire, our will, what is it, and what is the best thing to do to get our inspiration again? What is the wisdom of resting along the path?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the infinite light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us to your group this beautiful day. Your springtime has cycled around again, that time of expanding light, and even in the purely physical illusion your colors bloom and blossom rejoicing in the increase of light. There is the palpable lifting of vibrations among your peoples as the light increases in its daily amount each of your days. The self-aware life of your planet actually increases in its fidelity to the original Thought. As light increases so does remembrance of love increase.

This is as a blossoming on the metaphysical plane, so springtime redounds very much to the finer densities and is not at all simply a surface phenomenon. Indeed, each individual, each kind of thing, has its seasons and its cycles of being and for the spiritual seeker such cycles are to be expected.

We do not wish to forget to remind each, as always, not to take our words as those of authority but as those of fellow seekers, fellow wanderers upon the spiritual path. We are not infallible. Indeed, no source is infallible, for to speak is to err. It is only possible to approximate understanding or truth at the level at which words and symbols have meaning. Truth lies behind all appearance. This includes the finer densities as well.

As we ponder how to discuss this interesting topic we find ourselves moving to the consideration of that which is the essence of each individual seeker. That essence is, in all cases, the perfect vibration of love which is the great original Thought distorted in a way chosen by the individual into patterns which are unique to that one individual so that each entity is congruent with each other entity and at the same time, and antithetically, each individual is entirely separate and different from any other, for truly, as with the snowflakes, there are no two entities just alike.

Just as each entity has the fingerprint that is unique to it, so the individual spark of consciousness that has coalesced into that sub-sub-Logos that is each seeker, that coalesced entity has its unique soul-print or signature of self. This means that each entity has, in addition to the commonly held cycles of time, of season and so forth, additional cycles unique to that one individual. There are tendencies that are common to seekers, but in the deepest sense each individual seeker must chart its own cycles and come to penetrate the mystery of those cycles for himself, for that which is perfect for another is not likely to be the optimum way of dealing with these spiritual cycles for the self. One can pick up many, many good tips, good tools and resources to use in searching out the deeper truths of one’s nature, but one must always depend upon that discriminatory faculty that lies within the self.

This power of discrimination is not a passive power entirely. That which fuels the power of discrimination lies within the precinct of the deep mind and can be seen as potential memory. In other words, implicit within the essence of self, truth articulated within what you would call your past lies stored; not only the universal spiritual truths but also and more importantly the way in which these spiritual truths have come to have meaning for the infinite entity which is your consciousness.

Much, much work has been done by the being that you are. Much has been stored. Within the subconscious these potential memories lie as hidden treasure. The key to that treasure is the process of affirming the self that begins with silence, with meditation, with the opening within of the door to that inner sanctum, that holy of holies where beyond time and beyond space you, the consciousness, dwell with the Creator in an eternal tabernacle of adoration, praise and thanksgiving. Within the archetypical self lies this deep identity, and it is into this portion of this identity that you wish to move. From this sacred place comes the faculty of recognition of that which is your own. When we or another speaks to you in ways that resonate with that deep faculty of discrimination it is as though that potential memory has been given permission to move into the conscious planetary self which is your waking personality.

The use of meditation, silence and the practices of contemplation that are various is to open the avenue from the deep mind into the conscious, temporal, incarnational mind that is in cooperation with infinite consciousness, living and giving structure to the living within your illusion. Each entity will have fairly regular cycles of enthusiasm and a lack of enthusiasm. Now, each has been calling this lack of enthusiasm “burnout,” and this is one name for the point in the cycle in which the seeker feels unexcited. The truth of the essence of the self is not much connected to these seasons of enthusiasm and seasons of burnout. That which each is learning can be processed by the self which puts itself into the silence regardless of the emotional weather taking place at the surface of the mind, for even in the stormiest ocean the movement beneath the surface is far profounder and far less obvious, and this is also true of the deeper processes of consciousness.

You are learning in season and out of season and what you do in terms of emotional response to surface condition is actually relatively unimportant if in season and out of season you simply remember, in a non-dramatic way, who you are and what you seek. You do not have to wax poetic to be a seeker. You do not have to sustain enthusiasm to do your work as a seeker. It is not necessary for each day to be a carbon copy of each other day in terms of a rule of life. Each seeker will need to adjust its rule of life according to its surface weather, its felt needs at the level of the surface, at the level of time and space and connections within the illusion. It is not only satisfactory but recommended that each alter the rule of life as needs, hungers and desires are felt.

Let us attempt to clarify this. Just because one has ceased to feel enthusiasm for a given practice that does not suffice as a reason to alter the practice. As long as one is not hungering for another specific practice it is well to be persistent in enthusiastic weather and in the reverse weather alike. However, as long as the seeker moves into that listening, that silent listening regularly, the seeker can feel fairly confident that it will have the inspiration and the desire to alter its practice when that alteration is appropriate.

If an alternate practice, then, moves the seeker, by all means let that seeker alter its practice in accordance with this new enthusiasm. But when the nature is simply dry and the spirit feels isolated, arid and generally in the desert spiritually, this is the time to persist. This is the time to ask of the self that in memory of those deeply held desires that still seem fair, though the yearning is missing, it is extremely well done to rely upon those memories. And in the absence of another practice continue with the practice that has seemed fair up until this point.

This instrument would suggest that it has said in the past it is easier to find a good job if you already have a job. In seeking also, it is well to persist and to be loyal to a practice that affects daily life and causes the self to come into remembrance of the Creator, regularly, inevitably, daily. So if there is the practice that no longer feels new this is still an acceptable practice. Those periods of regular silence and asking are all-important, for the Creator and you together have crafted an elegant plan for your incarnation. All those things that are needed for learning and for service have been prepared. Thusly, it is to the entity that has learned to abide that the fruits of a deeper contentment and a deeper commitment may come.

There is an art to seeking the will of the one infinite Creator. That art is grounded in the faith that you do have a proper path. And we do say to each that each does have a very appropriate path. Now, each path is open to the free will of the individual, but as that path unfolds each will be unable to avoid following the path, for it is not a straight path. It is often a roundabout and complex path, but all variations of your path lead you to the infinite love of the one infinite Creator. No matter what general permutations of your path you choose you still are upon your path, for the path is more a journey of self than a journey within time and space.

These concepts are almost impossible to share using your language. We apologize if we seem to be vague. But it is deeply so, we believe, that you cannot ruin your path. You cannot fail to continue to have constant feedback from all experience that offers a constant and self-renewing source of catalyst to the self.

In the terms of movement there are times it feels well to race upon one’s path and then we urge your feet to have wings. The cycle will contain those times when the body of emotions has been beaten and it needs to rest and recover, and in those times there will be the pausing upon the path. But all of the various moods that consist in the emotional weather of self are acceptable.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We leave this instrument in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we greet each of you again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if there are further queries to which we may attempt to speak?

Could you give me a suggestion as to how I can maintain the silence when I sit down to meditate?

When we are asked to join any entity such as yourself in the meditative state it is our ability and our honor to attempt to blend our vibrations with yours in a fashion which tends to reduce the peaks and valleys of alertness, the beta waves of your brain’s working. This allows the perceived environment to move by your notice in a much more peaceful fashion. It is as though we were taken upon the back of your brain activity and given the opportunity to ride the waves, bringing each more nearly to the point of harmony or that which would be seen as more of a ripple than a wave in the physical sense.

When we do this blending of vibrations we tend to work from the violet ray or crown chakra down to the heart chakra and work with the reservoir of accumulated love that is the essence of your being by blending our love vibrations with yours and aiding the opening of the meditative state or the reduction of the conscious state. We then hope to offer a more calm and peaceful environment in which you may practice of the one infinite Creator. The responsibility that you and we share in this blending of vibrations is the responsibility to use this blending in service to others. Whatever essence or kernel of love you may feel and connections you may make in your own understanding is a fruit, shall we say, that may be of service to others as you put it to work in your own life pattern. The same is true for us.

Is there a further query?

I want to know how to deal with a person at work that I often seem to battle with. How do I keep from battling?

I am Q’uo, and we may comment. We are aware that this other wishes to be confrontive and gain the upper hand in each encounter so that there is a system of dominance established, and when you are required to be in this entity’s presence it is difficult to refrain from engaging in the conflict which this entity appears to enjoy with not only yourself but others as well. There are many, many kinds of personalities which have formed around free will and individual expression of this will. It is inevitable that there will be conflict and confusion, for the free will expression of personal identity is an activity that third-density entities are liable to use with or without discrimination and yet the expression of this free will is central to all choices made and most importantly central to the choice of polarity that is the gift of this density. Thus, each entity is in its own way attempting to carve out that vehicle of personality that shall carry it to those places it wishes to go.

There is, however, as you are well aware with acute sensitivities intact, much of friction or wasted energy it would seem that occurs when entities inhabit an area of work that is the place where the personality shall find its fullest play, and the play of more than one personality conflicts with others. This is the very stuff of your density, my brother, for whether the interactions are long or short, intense or not, there is always the opportunity to give love for whatever is received from another, each instance offering a certain degree of difficulty, yours being more challenging than most for you at this time. Yet we can assure each entity that each personality and opportunity to interact with them is given in a way that is possible to achieve, to give love rather than conflict. We can only suggest to each entity that the meditative state be used as often as possible in order to return one’s own desires and intentions to the proper tuning.

[Tape change. During this time, Q’uo finished the previous answer and B asked another question.]

(Jim channeling)

As you have observed previously this day it is difficult to be vulnerable. When one is wishing to give love and acceptance in place of any conflict offered to the self, one is placing oneself in a vulnerable position, for there is not the attempt made to protect. To protect is the more common or natural response from entities who are working their way towards understanding. It is not easy, as you are well aware, yet it is always possible and it is for the possibility of such a breakthrough that such efforts are made.

Is there a further query?

Sometimes I wish to serve and find no one to serve. It is very frustrating. Do you ever find yourself in such a position?

We have felt great desire, as have you, to be of service to others. However, we are somewhat more accomplished at feeling the opportunities and answering in a manner which is appropriate, for it is always possible for us to simply send the vibrations of love, light and healing to those who are in pain and who call for such healing with their anguish. It is not so easy for you to do this, yet it is also possible if this is a ministry that one would wish to take upon one’s shoulders.

There are many entities that one meets in the daily round of activities and even the smallest smile or offer of assistance can mean much to any entity. To give even the smallest amount of time and energy to another is to assist. To wish to assist is to lighten the vibrations of this planet by the simple desire to serve another in love rather than to bring difficulty and grief to another through machinations of the mind and the random thoughts that accompany such random desire. Thus, the tuning of one’s own mind/body/spirit complex in the desire to be of service to others is in itself and in its essence a service. Where there is desire to serve, there is always the opportunity to serve.

Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful, as always, to have been with each entity this day in this circle of seeking. We feel that when the queries are from the heart the depth and power with which the desire to know is [enhanced]. And we are grateful to each for allowing us to be a part of this most personal sharing of concerns, ideas, inspirations and confusions, for all of these are a part of the one Creator in each entity. [Each] entity has a portion of a great puzzle and when we come together in sessions such as this we see and feel and are much more than any individualized portion that we were before. For this opportunity to grow and to serve we thank you with all of our hearts. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.