The question this afternoon deals with wanderers and the problems that they face. Ra mentioned at one point that wanderers were more likely to have psychological problems fitting in with the vibrations of this planet. We are wondering if Q’uo could speak about the kinds of difficulties that wanderers face that might be specific to them as opposed to the kinds of difficulties that natives of this planet might face, and special recommendations that Q’uo might have as to what wanderers might do to harmonize their situations.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Thank you and bless you for calling us to your circle of seeking this day. We are most grateful to have this opportunity to blend our vibrations with yours and to offer our humble opinion. We ask only one thing, and that is that you take with you that which you feel is useful of what we say and leave the rest behind without a backward glance. Trust your discriminatory ability, not another’s authority, for you have your wisdom deep within you and we only help you remember parts of it. That is what we hope is our service to you, and we thank you for your great service to us, for without those who seek and hunger and desire to know the truth we would have no right to share our views.

You have asked us this day about a subject that is very dear to our hearts, as this instrument would say, for we have been wanderers and have dealt with the experiences of being one who is not native to the vibration of birth. We know the call to serve as a wanderer and we know of the tremendous effect the veil of forgetting has on the young wanderer that [is] so, so far away from any vibration that feels native, and yet we have not regretted in any way our service as wanderers, and we hope that each of you can come to feel that the service that you wish to provide is worth the sacrifice of comfort and the many feelings of difficulty and isolation that a wanderer is almost bound to experience.

This is a large subject and [at] this particular meeting we would like to speak using the organization of energy centers to allow us to share our thoughts in a somewhat more logical way than simply taking the various challenges of the wanderer one by one.

We are aware that each has a good understanding of the various energies that lie on the path or pole line from the entering energy at the root or red-ray energy center and that move upward through the body’s [energy centers] to exit finally at the violet-ray center, moving, as does each of you move, from the basic to the more advanced lessons of love which you have come to learn anew as if you had never known them before. Remember to turn in thanks and look once more to find what depth you have not yet plumbed in each energy. In each, shall we say, division of incarnational lessons there is an unending subtlety and refinement of what we may loosely call understanding or balance. There is no end to awareness and there is no end to the path each of you shares, but only an ever more profound allowing of the natural balance to come into manifestation from that great well of potential that is the human heart.

We would begin with the red ray, that great and powerful…

[Carla deals with Mo the cat wanting to climb into her lap.]

As each wanderer comes into being in an incarnational body the very cells of that physical vehicle, having been inundated and marinated in that consciousness that it now carries for a lifetime, shrinks and quivers with the mismatch of vibrations between the physical body of that consciousness and the energies which can be called public opinions, those cultural entities which mold and control, for the most part, the surface beliefs and habits of a culture. Your peoples, by their very basic ways of moving through their days, their seasons, and their years create a tremendous and powerful ethos driven by fear, driven by hunger, driven by need and desire that many of your peoples truly believe can be satisfied through the attainment of money and power.

These beliefs, so native, so normal and so very widespread, simply fail to ring true to the wanderer on the most basic of levels. And so that red-ray energy center is challenged first by the very instinct for survival, for it feels to the consciousness of that body as though it will not be able to survive.

Perhaps the most basic corrective of this feeling is the observation that each has in fact survived, and we may not create joy by telling you that each will continue to survive until all that you have wished to do is done, all that you have desired to learn has been learned. Being a wanderer does not condemn the body to an early grave. Rather, it promises a chronic situation of mismatching vibrations. This is often expressed, manifested, or shown in allergies, illnesses and mental and emotional difficulties.

Now, what can each do to open and strengthen this all-important first ray? We ask each to spend the time when the self is grooming and bathing and clothing that physical vehicle to care for it, nurture it and do those things that you feel will help it. In all ways find the way to give the most respect and love to this fragile, hard put, physical vehicle. Rock it in your mental arms. Hold it and tell it, “I love you. I love you. Rest easy, for I love you.” You are that body’s only human connection. You are that entry way where consciousness of self meets self, and you have been given this precious physical, chemically driven body. It has offered itself freely, given its instinctual life over to that consciousness that has never been born and will never die. This is a complete sacrifice of the body which, until recently, lived the instinctual life of the great ape. Know that you can nurture this body and that it needs your love.

The other way that you can open this energy center is by coming to grips with the sexuality with which this physical vehicle was supplied. Gaze at experience and come into ever closer awareness of the sacramental nature of this energy. That which is called sexuality is only the surface expression of that driving force which has created the densities. It is as though each of you had within the self a port upon the ocean of eternity, for through the physical vehicle of woman flows the ocean of life and to its shores come each male energy to enter and know infinite love, infinite energy and the miracle of birth from the forever into the now. And to the male has been given that driving enthusiasm that is manifested in that seed which is fertile and which takes hold and offers life within the ocean.

And male and female, energy and energy, come together and flow into each other and create all the polarities, all the densities, all that you can think of. All polarity has its first expression in red ray, so whether you express this energy or are celibate, it does not matter, for if you know and respect the goodness of that basic energy it will well up within as the never-failing spring, always life giving, always life enhancing.

That second energy which is often associated with the belly is the orange-ray or second chakra, and within this energy come the difficulties and the dynamics of the self’s journey with the self and the self’s interactions with other selves, one at a time. For the wanderer whose experiences of other selves are often difficult, the orange ray presents the challenge of remaining open in a hostile environment of, as this instrument would say, taking the slings and arrows of challenging fortune and still remaining eager for further contact with people.

It is often true that the wanderer will not be completely aware of its difficulties of accepting itself. Therefore, the wanderer will project that difficulty outward and it will then feel that it cannot deal with other people. Yet other people are the mirrors which reflect the self to the self. It would be possible to work through the lessons of love without other entities but it would not be probable. It is the mirrors that touch your life that give you the information you need to turn within, and, little by little, find ways to deepen the love that you have for yourself.

Now, each would say, “Of course I love myself.” And yet there is the self that criticizes self, that asks the self for more, that is never satisfied with what has been done. This instrument would call it being hard on yourself. Yet this is not an adequately deep expression of the kind of damage most wanderers do within themselves because they do not have mercy upon themselves. Somewhere, dimly remembered, each wanderer feels there is the possibility of giving, serving, doing, being more.

We do not deny that there is always more, but we ask each to see that this is not at all the point. To aid the orange-ray center we ask each to work at becoming more able to accept, forgive and support that self that is living by faith alone in a difficult environment, that is hungry for food that they cannot find and that becomes weary with every passing revolution of the sun. As each becomes older the weariness increases and yet this is not necessary for the one who has learned to accept the self as it is, with its dark side intact, not regenerate, not born again, but the self in all its dirt, with every mole and wart and running nose showing proudly.

Beloved ones, know that your physical vehicles will always be challenged. Your reactions to other selves will always contain the inevitable biases which handicap you in physical and emotional ways but enlarge your area of action in other ways. So, perhaps the one word that expresses our advice on dealings between self and self would be mercy. Compassion and forgiveness heal. They heal the self and they offer others a place wherein they too can chose to heal themselves. Let your witness with this strong energy be that of the loving and the merciful. This instrument would say shepherd, but that is not the concept. We simply cannot give this instrument a more accurate word.

Moving up into the solar plexus we find the yellow ray that is the primary ray of this density, that is the ray within which the greatest work of learning and service can be offered. This is that ray within which wanderers must learn to work within various groups and institutions of your peoples. The yellow-ray difficulties mirror and extend those difficulties of orange ray. However, dealing with group dynamics is in one sense simpler, but in the normal sense far more complex than the dealing of one person with another.

Within this energy nations are built and destroyed. Religions are started and abandoned. Peoples move across continents and cultures evolve, mature and fall away. And within each group there is the more balanced and loving and compassionate path. Within this large assortment of groups that each entity will encounter within a lifetime lie the matings, the marriages, the belongings, the revolutions that shape the present and the future. In this energy each comes into deeper contact with the group mind, the national mind, the racial mind and the archetypical mind. This is the seat of power within the entity. This is where the instincts of control and influence dwell. This is the place where the spider builds its web or decides to become another entity. This is the crucible of your lessons in love.

Perhaps the most common and challenging of these groups is the family. Within this small group entities have the most steady, deep and lasting opportunities both for weal and for woe. Each is capable of becoming a portion of the so-called good of another’s experience or becoming the nemesis and the avenger that can destroy another. This family is so deeply a part of the experience of third density and so fully fertile with opportunities for service to self and to other self that we cannot overstate the opportunities for polarization that lie within the challenges and circumstances of the self dealing with groups.

Community is something wanderers understand instinctively. That much almost always comes through the veil of forgetting that marks the beginning of an incarnation upon your planet in your density. The remembrance of a loving, supportive and steady family. The remembrance of men and women and children that are not only connected by names and by association but also by commonly held beliefs in service make the wanderer’s plight very, very lonely within what this instrument would call the nuclear families of your Earth, for within these families there does not seem to be a constant and steady atmosphere of love, for when faced with challenges of yellow-ray energies many entities, wanderers and natives alike, move back into orange-ray energies and remove themselves from groups insofar as possible, or, alternatively, entities can choose to immolate themselves within a certain group or “ism” that there is no longer the necessity for making personal choices.

We encourage each to catch those feelings of retreat and even panic and to express to the self the word “remembrance,” for if the wanderer can but remember that there is a good reason for having come, there is a good reason for dealing with these entities, these groups, then there is still the weariness, still the pain, but also courage and strength that comes from the knowledge of who you are, why you are here and where you are headed.

Now, this triad of energies is difficult, is hard work for any, native or from elsewhere. In fact, we may go as far as to say that it is well for the wanderer to realize that in choosing to come to offer this service at this time the wanderer has put itself into the situation identical with that of the native of your Earth. That is, to graduate from this plane of existence it is necessary for wanderer and native alike to walk the steps of light that offer with each step more fullness, more density of light, and if the wanderer becomes caught in the pain of living and creates a lasting imbalance in energy, the wanderer will then as surely as any Earth-born native need to remain within third density until that wanderer has again become balanced and polarized sufficiently to bear to endure that fuller light that is the experience of fourth density.

Now, in fourth density there is the dropping of the veil of forgetting. There is the greater awareness of each as the self. There is the lifting of limitations and boundaries so that each is unique, yet each shares the thoughts and experiences of each other in harmony. This sounds paradisical to the Earth entity yearning for manifestation of unity. Yet we ask each to remember that each density has its own challenges and lessons, so that there is never an end to the learning. There is never an end to challenge. Within manifestation there is always the awareness of self and the awareness of other, and as the densities refine that awareness the consciousness asks with more profundity the nature of oneness, the nature of unity.

Moving into the heart, the green-ray chakra, that heart energy center, we stop and ask each to think upon the way in which energy works. Now, if there is a tightness, a stringency or a blockage within red, or orange, or yellow, to the extent that that energy is baffled, energy into the heart will not be as much, for there will be the energy bleed-off before the energy of the one Creator reaches the heart center. The energy that reaches this center is, in practice, that energy that the self has available to begin to work upon consciousness. The disciplines of the personality—learning to communicate, learning to find the sacredness of all things—these lessons of love are not well undertaken by those who have not come to some degree of balance within the lower energy centers, and this situation is perhaps the most typically devastating to the wanderer of all situations we could explore, for wanderers yearn so for the vibrations, the feelings and associations of home that they do not have the spirit and the energy to clear those blockages to allow confusion to reign as it will without becoming enmeshed in that sea of confusion.

We are being told by this instrument that we are taking too long to speak with you this evening and that the energies are somewhat flagging. And so we would simply halt at this point, realizing that perhaps at another session the circle may wish to explore this interesting subject further. We ask each to know that each is perfect and whole and in total unity with all that there is. This is reality. The rest is illusion. For each his star. Know hope and faith as you know your fingers and toes, and dwell in love. As the one known as Jesus has said, “Love the Creator. Love each other.” Dear ones, if you can but remember these simple things each day will [be] doable, each night a cause for thanks and praise.

Because there is some energy for questions we would wish at this time to continue this contact through the one known as Jim. We would leave this instrument in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if there might be further queries that we might address. Is there a query at this time?

I would like to ask how we as wanderers can better serve the Creator and the creation?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Whether one is a wanderer on a distant sphere or an entity of third-density illusion which has grown from roots on its home sphere, to love is to serve. To seek ways of serving more completely fuels this desire and the opportunities then present themselves to one who wishes to serve more fully. Thus, my friend, we say to you to desire to do so is to begin the process.

Is there a further query, my brother?

I have a follow-up. I know R1 is talking about helping people to network via computer and so forth and to make a place where wanderers can get together to combat the loneliness. Are these kinds of things useful or is our service mainly just living?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. These many choices are but mechanics and detail. The desire to serve is the foundation upon which all shall be built according to desire. Fuel, then, this desire. Seek to serve in whatever way is yours and those ways which are yours shall come to you and through you.

Is there a further query?

I would like to know if there are entities that actively work against the progress of wanderers, and if so how does one recognize them?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. There are indeed those which you may call the dark angels which serve in their own way by providing the catalyst of which you speak. Any crystal shall fracture along its most flawed line. Thus, look into your own pattern of beingness to see those opportunities presented that tempt you away from love and service to each entity that you meet. When these opportunities present themselves it is your free will choice as to how you shall proceed. Perhaps the choice is made in action rather than in thought, thoughtlessly rather than in contemplation, seemingly by accident [rather than] a choice, and upon the foundation of this choice the dark angels, or loyal opposition as they have also been called, may offer the intensification of that choice which has been freely made. Then the wanderer who is like unto a light is tempted to dim that light of love and service. If possible, the dark angel would seek to put out or control such a light. Thus is their service offered and thusly do they evolve in the negative sense of the service to self, the putting into order, and the gaining of power over others. They are a part of the illusion as surely as is the light, for the one Creator blinks neither at the light nor at the dark that makes up the nature of the creation itself and its expression in this third-density illusion.

Is there a further query, my brother?

As one becomes more aware, does karma become more instantaneous?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother, and feel that you are most perceptive in your recognition of this principle, for as one becomes aware of what it is that one wishes to accomplish and clears the way for such activity and is successful in achieving it, so then are the challenges more intensive and the feedback more immediate. This is efficient learning, though its disguise is often pain and suffering and confusion. Yet [by] persistence, utilizing the faith and will that are the rod and staff of the seeker of truth, one may move through this pain, suffering and confusion.

Is there a further query?

Can we erase karma while we are in the third-density illusion?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would suggest the [word], perhaps, balance because to erase karma is to erase those lessons which have been programmed previously to the incarnation and this would be like erasing a portion of one’s existence, whereas to balance those lessons programmed is to remove the effect of the karma which ties one to the incarnation until the balance is achieved or until the will is depleted.

Is there a further query?

Do wanderers have to remain within the third density until they have achieved a balance in their own light at the fourth-density level?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The wanderer, as with any other third-density entity, must meet the same standards of giving love, of offering compassion, of opening the heart to the unconditional kind of love and compassion that are the fourth-density hallmark. Thus, the wanderer must meet these same standards.

Is there a further query?

Do wanderers get to go back to their home density after completing the harvest here?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The wanderer may do so if this has been the agreement and may do otherwise if the agreement has been, for example, to remain for a certain portion of the experience of the planet that it has chosen to serve.

Is there a further query?

I am curious if you, after the meditation is over, stay sort of in the background and eat food with us?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We are always delighted and filled with the love and light of this group as it meets in workings such as this one. And as you disperse from this circle and share your light and love with each other in meal and conversation we are able to partake by experiencing this light and this love in its movement between you.

At this time we would again thank each for inviting us to this circle of seeking, hoping that you will forgive us for speaking overly long but we are not aware of the passing of time as we speak with you, and we are always glad to be with you. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.