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(Carla channeling)

We are the principle known to you as Q’uo. We greet you through this instrument in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is in this Creator’s service that we come to you this day. We thank you for the privilege of being called to your circle of seeking. We are most glad to share our thoughts with you on the subject of the tribes of Earth.

Before we begin, we would ask a favor of you. Please listen carefully to what we have to say, using you powers of discrimination in order to decide what is for you and what is not. If something resonates to you, please, by all means use it. If that which we have to say does not seem helpful to you, we ask you to leave it and move on.

Be very careful about what you accept into the web of your thinking, feeling and actions. You create your own universe by what you pay attention to and use. Create the universe that is dear to your heart, that inspires your soul and that lifts you until you are soaring, for that is your nature. You need to become passionately engaged and enthusiastic about the creation of which you are a part. And you can do that by the choice of that to which you pay attention. We thank you for this great kindness in listening to us, for it will allow us to speak our thoughts freely.

How precious each of you is to us as we rest with you in the circle of your vibrations and how precious as well is every member of the tribe of humankind on planet Earth! We thank you for asking us about the tribes of Earth.

In truth, your query is not one about which we have a great deal of information to share. We can affirm that there were indeed tribes of late second-density entities here before that point at which the Earth itself, as a planet, became able to support the kind of vibratory energy field that would be a good environment for a self-aware being such as you are. Therefore, if we go back before Lemuria and Atlantis on planet Earth, we are talking about late second-density beings which were striving for third-density graduation.

They were doing so very successfully at the very end of a long second-density period that had moved through geological ages such as your ice age and back beyond that quite a ways in your planetary history. These were entities of what this entity would call the great ape family. These entities were striving towards self-awareness.

If you are a person who is owned by a cat or dog, you are aware of the many childlike and humanlike qualities that are encouraged within a pet’s disposition and character as he or she goes through a life of being noticed, listened to, fed and offered affection. It changes that second-density entity and creates a more obvious likelihood that when such an entity reincarnates, he may have earned the right to choose to incarnate in a third-density physical vehicle.

Such was the case with theses entities of various species of the great ape genus. The animals, if you would call them that, which were of the second-density nature certainly had bestial natures. They were not conversing as you would with your friends.

However, they were developing means of communication with each other, starting with their second-density ability to sense into the truth of what is. That is the unique advantage of being a second-density entity rather than a third-density entity. Second-density entities such as the great apes had, and continue to have, a greatly enhanced ability to know the truth. That is, there is not a veil of forgetting between the conscious mind and the reaches of the racial mind, the planetary mind, the archetypical mind, and the Creator’s mind.

All of these noumenal, unknowable reaches of mind that are sought so eagerly by third-density entities were available without effort to the tribes of Earth before third density began to unroll its scroll of history.

These entities attempted to deal with each other and did so in the way of second-density entities, by creating territories which were theirs and common territories between tribal territories where they could all hunt. Therefore, there were the rudiments of communication, government and society.

There was the attempt to use tools, and the attempt to create beautiful things. Above all there was an overarching and underlying knowledge, we shall not call it faith, we shall call it knowledge, of the oneness of all things, and the sacredness of life. There was no question in these entities’ minds that they were children of the one Creator.

Therefore there was, in the late second-density being that was a member of the tribes of planet Earth in prehistory, every potential for the flowering of the spirit, and every ground laid for the third-density planetary experience that was to come.

We as a group did not approach such entities, in that there was no call and we are those who move by the rules of free will. The call from entities such as you asked for information concerning did not feel the need to call outside of the web of being that surrounded them all, which was instinctually known to be sacred.

Therefore, rather than calling for entities such as we, the call was immediate and moved into the earth, sky, the water and the fire, the plants and the animals which shared its environment and the Creator herself. In late second density, the Creator was seen to be a feminine character as females [give] birth [to] everything that exists.

Our experience with the tribes of Earth, indeed, does begin with Lemuria and Atlantis. Consequently, this is the sum of that about which we can speak concerning those tribes that danced the dance of late second density upon planet Earth and prepared the ground for the density of choice that was to come.

Is there a follow-up query at this time, my friends? We are those of Q’uo.

Did these second-density entities become third-density entities that again formed in tribes and behaved as mind/body/spirit complexes?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. In essence, you are correct. The story, however, is a bit more tangled than it would appear.

As third-density conditions become prevalent on planet Earth, beings with this body type of the great ape continued to incarnate and live lives that were of a nature of a tribe or clan, seemingly unchanged from second density.

However, the light of third density is that light which supports and encourages the development of the spirit complex. The probable course of development of these Earth-native entities that were now ensouled as they came into incarnation but dwelling in these particular bodies is unknown, for that evolutionary line was interrupted by those who felt it would be helpful to offer the third-density entities of planet Earth a much improved physical vehicle, one in which the jaw was manipulated in order that speech was more possible more easily, and one in which an upright posture was more possible.

To the adjustments to the body were added adjustments made to the mind complex in order to sharpen mental acuity. This experiment, shall we say, interrupted the normal course of evolution.

In a way it accelerated that evolution by making it far more possible for the body types of what you now are aware of as your human form to do the work of third-density entities. They were more able to make tools. They were able to think about the tools they made and to make changes to make them better.

However, the natural course of the development of the great ape into third density is one in which peaceful means of resolving disputes is valued almost to the exclusion [of] open hostility. There is a knowledge, shall we say, that is the carry-over from the awareness of late second-density of how things are. This territory is for group A, this territory is for group B and so on. There is a natural tendency in entities with this genetic heritage to find peaceful means of resolving differences of opinion.

As the advantages mounted, in the newfangled genetically adjusted human being, this [type of] being began to feel not at all humble, but rather begin to be filled with the arrogance of that concept that is almost unknown within tribal societies, the feeling of arrogance; that feeling that not only do you have a place in nature, but that you may take whatever place you can defend and make it your own.

The changes wrought by entities which were truly innocent of intention to do evil or to wreak negative consequences became that which was judged by the so-called Council of Nine as a disaster. There have been attempts made, ever since these genetic adjustments were offered to the tribe of planet Earth’s humans, to make amends, to rebalance that which was done without awareness of the quite substantially difficult consequences of these changes.

May we answer you further, my brother?


We are those of Q’uo, and fear that this instrument’s ears did not catch your question. Could you please restate your question. We are those of Q’uo.

At some point, this second-density tribal group of entities, Earth’s first third-density group, was joined by populations from other third-density planets that failed to make harvest to fourth [density]. Ra mentioned that sixteen other planets had given their populations to Earth when they had their harvest to fourth density and the populations did not make it to fourth density. So they came to Earth to repeat the cycle. Was this second-density tribal group able to keep its identity throughout the third-density cycle of Earth, to live together and evolve together? I’m wondering if the second-density group of entities that you spoke about was able to evolve, on Earth, in the third density, as a group, or were they assimilated into other groups?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The second-density great ape bodies, when compared with the second-density genetically altered bodies that were available for use, in the natural flow of the reproductive cycle, were seen by those entities who were coming into third-density Earth and taking form to complete their third-density cycle, to be the model [which was] more highly developed and easier to use, to the extent that the second-density bodies did not receive ensouled beings and simply reverted to [being] second-density animals carrying second-density souls, or rather mind/body complexes, as this instrument would call them, to differentiate them from mind/body/spirit complexes, which are the ensouled third-density type.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

We thank you, my brother. Is there a final query before we leave this instrument?

There was, I’ve read, one civilization called Ur that was highly evolved before the Atlantean and Lemurian times. Do you have any insights or information on this civilization?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We find that our only awareness of the civilization which you call Ur is that in this instrument’s mind. In this instrument’s mind there is the information that this was an entity or tribe of people in the Middle East. This, however, to the best of our understanding, was a third-density civilization and society that pre-dated the height of, say, the Egyptians with which this instrument is familiar, that being the Egypt of Akhenaton, Tutankhamen and Amenhotep. It did not pre-date the third density.

If there was an advanced civilization on Earth before third density, we are not aware of it and we simply cannot share any information on that subject. We are sorry, my brother, for our lack of information.

We thank this group and this instrument for the blessing of companionship and the privilege of sharing the beauty of your beings. It has been a pleasure. We are those of Q’uo, and we leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. May the oneness of all that is penetrate your isolation within the illusion. May you know, as the early tribes knew, and as you shall know in fourth density once again, by faith alone, that all is one, and that you are a perfect part of the perfect dance that will unfold every mystery to you as you move through the steps that lead to infinity and eternity.

Adonai. Adonai. We are those of Q’uo.

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