Q’uo, today we would like to focus on some experiences that B has had recently. He’s had some very meaningful metaphysical experiences like seeing a city of light in the sky that really does seem to exist, having a contact with Titans and entities from the past that he has relationships to, and feeling his heart open in ways it has never opened before. Now he’s wondering how he can communicate this, how he can get access to this in a way that he can understand, in a way that is not intellectual, which was his previous way of understanding. We need to get some information about how to get a language of the heart that is understandable to B and that allows him to share what he’s feeling with himself and with others.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we are privileged to come to you this day. Thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking. As always, we request that you listen to our words using your powers of discrimination. If our words resonate to you, that is a wonderful thing. We encourage you to use the information to continue to investigate your creation. If the words do not resonate, we ask you to leave them behind. If you will take responsibility for your thoughts, that will enable us to speak our thoughts freely without being concerned that we will infringe upon your free will or interfere with the very appropriate process through which you are going at this time. We thank you for this consideration, my friends.

The instrument was somewhat startled to discover that those of Hatonn were going to speak rather than those of Latwii this day. For it has been many years since those of Hatonn have been that entity of the three that was most appropriate to speak. However, this query concerns the heart in a special and unique way that calls forth the energies appropriate for the one known as Hatonn to intercept. Therefore, this instrument was forgetful in squeezing the hand of the one known as Jim and we apologize for startling this instrument and disturbing the beginning of the session. 1

We would pause at this time for we wish simply to share the love of the infinite One that flows through us with you.

[Pause of approximately one minute.]

Ah, my brothers and my sister, this love transcends all the words that we can find to use. This love of the one infinite Creator is that which creates and destroys, that which causes changes.

Each change, each aspect of the one infinite Creator, is beautiful and worthy of love and we share with you only that which we are given a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold, and a million-fold. Rest always in the knowledge that you are loved completely. There is no part of you that is not loved infinitely. You are cherished as the children of the Creator. You are the treasure of great price that the Creator has tossed forth, with total trust in the outworking of the present moment, into the field of the creation.

Through eons of time, encompassing vast numbers of individual experiences, you have come to love the planet called Earth. You have chosen it. Again and again you have given yourself to it.

And it has given itself to you. And you have partnered together and dreamed together. And together you have created the illusions that mask the truth that you now experience and with which you now dance.

When the world as you know it was very young, each of you was a being full of potential who moved into choices of environments. It placed each one of you on a certain track. Each in this room has a unique track. May we say, humbly and with knowledge that it is only our opinion, that it does not matter whence you came, any more than it matters whither you shall go when you leave the precincts of Earth.

You have met at this day of Sabbath and rest to seek the truth and your paths have met. There is a feeling of blessing as each within the group rests within the affection and regard of those who have affection and regard for each other, not only because you have met before in this world, in this incarnation, in this place, but also because you have done work for the light together before. You have soldiered together in faith and fearlessness. You have encouraged each other in deep times. You have rested upon the bosom of each other in other lifetimes and you have been comforted.

And so this gathering is a kind of family, a kind of nest. We have observed through many years of working with the group that no matter what group gathers, we find a tremendous amount of interrelationship. Whether entities come from far or near they are responding to subtle suggestions from deep within themselves that cause them to flock into groups of people of like mind.

Those whom you see in this particular circle of seeking represent three separate lineages of family in terms of inner-planes and outer-planes connections. And this is an aspect which enriches and deepens the connections and empowers this group. Again this is true not only of this particular group but of each group that gathers to seek the truth and to offer honor, love and praise to the one infinite Creator.

Such families of lineage have an energy and a field that is outside of space and time as you know it. It is a portion of that which this instrument calls time/space or the metaphysical continuum. It is in that space that information and energy is collected from all times and all spaces, as if in a circle, everything moving and tending towards the central sun of self to be collected in your heart.

We take the time to draw a picture of your environment because we wish to speak concerning the process of opening the heart. There are entities such as this instrument who are born with a heart that is open and that has no way to close. Were this instrument not possessed of a powerful intellect, this instrument would be greatly overbalanced. As it is, this instrument is able to maintain a good balance in her life experience in terms of the consensus reality portion of it and to maintain a stable and responsible lifestyle despite the constant waves of feeling and emotion that flow through her heart.

Because this instrument was born with this gift, she herself does not have a clue as to how one actually works to open the heart. She is much more conversant and familiar with how to use the powers of the intellect to create means of registration for the feelings or the emotions of her heart.

Working from the intellect to the heart is a completely different matter. And we would express our sympathy in understanding of the plight of those who are attempting to move from the head and the powers of the intellect to the heart and the powers of the intuition. Perhaps it may help to realize that the heart is ready to accept the entity that is lost in the mud in all of its confusion.

To put it another way, an entity which is attempting to process incoming catalyst through use of the intellect is an entity that is working with the connection between the intellectual mind of the second-density body and consciousness itself, which is that portion of yourself which thinks from the heart.

That part of awareness, while not at all intellectual, is extremely intelligent. In fact, rather than thinking, its power is a power of knowing. This instrument was attempting to express this shade of difference between thinking and knowing to the one known as Jim just the other day, without achieving a very successful result in communication because it is a difficult concept to grasp. But the faculty of the heart is knowing.

When information stems from the heart and its powers of intuition and direct perception, it is a knowing that is functionally stable and solid as long as the intellect does not begin to take it apart. Gnosis 2, or knowing, has a validity that is not vulnerable to methods of investigation in proof.

From the point of view of the heart, the workings of the intellect seem young, untrained and immature. However, it is our feeling that it is helpful not to scorn the use of the intellect completely but to do as this instrument does, and depending primarily upon the knowing aspect of the heart, move into the use of the intellect, directing the intellect rather than being directed by the intellect, in the perfectly just and reasonable attempt to look into what might be happening, as the one known as B said, in terms of geometry or densities or however one can think about the experiences that have been so powerful and so plentiful for the one known as B in these last few weeks. It is not necessary to scorn and lay aside the intellect. It is only necessary to remove it from the driver’s seat and to ask it to take up its rightful place as a servant.

Let us refocus and look at a word that may be of help in reorganizing the way that you may think about what is occurring in incarnational experience. That word is will. Each entity possessed of a soul and spirit that is incarnate upon planet Earth at this time has the potential of being a magical and powerful entity.

The power of an entity resides in its ability to focus its consciousness at a steady state on a single-pointed desire.

An entity becomes magical when it chooses to allow itself to become powerful. Entities within your density become powerful when they choose their manner of being and serving. They have a choice to make. This choice is well known to those to whom I speak. It is the choice of service to self or service to others.

Once that choice is made, the remainder of the incarnation may be profitably spent in remaking that same choice with absolute tenacity. Over and over again, you will be offered choices. And each time that you choose consciously to serve others, you will intensify the energy of your field of being.

Perhaps you have had the experience, as this instrument has, of having those moments of realization when the choice becomes completely effortless and you rest in realms of builded light. Perhaps you have yet to have that experience. Perhaps you have had other experiences which indicate to you that there are many levels of awareness of which you are capable of at this particular time and place.

As you use your will to choose to open yourself to the light and the love that is in each moment, in each situation, and in each relationship, you will find that love itself will teach you what love is. It may feel awkward for quite awhile, off and on, to experience the rush and the roar of emotion. We encourage the one known as B to realize that these experiences are safe for him because they are being experienced in the nest and family of a group whose energy is able to help move energy aside in certain cases within the energy body where there have been blockages so that the love and the light of the infinite Creator can flow through in an uninterrupted and balanced manner where previously there was a shortage of that infinite energy coming from the Earth. It was moving into the body but it was being blocked at the red-ray energy center.

There has been an adjustment by the healer of which the one known as B is aware. This is an adjustment that can hold for a certain amount of your time and it can be renewed by this entity at will. Yet the hope in an experience such as the one known as B is experiencing—which is held by not only the healer known as R but also those vast families of unseen friends that have been brought into combination by those groups coming together—create the opportunity for the one known as B to choose to do that good work which lies before him.

The ability to speak of things that are too precious and too dear for words will not come easily, not only to the one known as B but to anyone who attempts to share the astounding richness of the experience of life itself. For there is an infinite flow of riches, beauty, truth, strength, peace and joy that flows throughout creation at all times. Tuning into that is like opening a door in the summer. There is never any need to feel alone, abandoned, neglected or discouraged in a universe so replete with loving energies of every imaginable nature that cluster and gather around each soul that is attempting to seek the infinite Creator.

We encourage any who choose to open the heart to make use of the gifts that are so close and so easy to use. The main gift is that of silence. The ability to choose silence, to enter into the silence, and to listen to the silence, is an ability that will stand any seeker in good stead. Waiting in silence is the whole undistorted essence of unconditional love, that Thought, that Logos that created you and the creation in which you exist. That Thought is your deepest and most primal self. You are love.

As you seek to understand love, know that you already are love. So you need to engineer from that truth the ways in which your intellect can come to grips with a universe in which the foundational truths are gnosis rather than empirical investigation and the results of that ongoing experiment.

We would mention in passing the advantage of remembering resources such as humor, persistence and the ability to visualize. It is not everyone who can use this ability but to those whom this gift has been given, the ability to visualize sharpens and helps to discipline the magical personality. You may visualize certain shapes, fields of color, or icons subjectively meaningful to yourself.

In the attempt to move into an understanding of the open heart, it is helpful to begin to feel the focused power of yourself as a magician or a shaman or a priest. Taking yourself seriously as a priest creates within the seeker a certain attitude and engenders a desire to live a sacred life. This is a line of heart-logic that coincides with a line of mind-logic and therefore we would offer that to you as a key thought.

Each entity within incarnation is love, a sacred being whose essence has come into flesh. Why did you come to this place at this time? Why have you taken flesh? With what shall your heart and your mind focus and choose to love or express love? As the eagle flies, as the deer runs, as the wind blows, as the grass grows, and as the sun shines upon all, you dance the mystery dance. Take it all as lightly as you can. Laugh and enjoy yourself, for you are doing the most serious work of your life and the laughter is needed for balance.

Again, as we end this portion of our discussion, we would pause, for always the words end but the love flows on, ever-powerful beyond description and more real than anything else.

[Approximately one minute of silent pause.]

We are those of Q’uo, and would ask if there are any queries at this time.

Yes. The part where you’re discussing the relation of the magician with the heart, and, I assume, the scientist with the mind, and the connection of energy that flows between. I didn’t quite understand that. Could you extrapolate?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We shall do our best to focus on this aspect once more.

The heart and the knowledge of the heart is the higher knowledge when compared with the knowledge of the mind. We do not wish to denigrate the knowledge of the mind or the process of investigation of that incoming information which is precisely what the mind and the intellect were created to process. Indeed, we encourage the natural functions of the mind and would only suggest that the mind be honest with itself and not indulge in sophistry and shallow thought but go deeper and penetrate, to the best of your intellectual ability, the tendency towards shallow analysis as opposed to a deeper and broader point of view that shall bring you more information at a level that shall be helpful to you.

Rather, we were suggesting that it is helpful, when attempting to move from head to heart, to start with the knowledge that the higher faculty is heart and the lesser of the two is mind. Therefore, you have that powerful ally of the heart to ask for help when you are attempting to invite the mind to rest within the mystery of that which is unknown and which must forever, within third density, remain essentially unknown and mysterious. There are guards upon the knowledge that is the gnosis or knowing. It can only be approached through the faculty of faith.

[Side one of tape ends.]

The experiences that you have had recently have numbed your mental faculties and awakened your faith. You have been rebalanced in order that you might take in this content which now is amazing you and making you wonder if you shall ever be able to master the experience or control it in any way.

We do not believe that it is possible to master or control the knowing of the heart. What needs the mastery and the control is the use of the mind. When the mind has been given greater honor and respect than it deserves, when it has been enshrined, there is born an inherent imbalance in the construct of thought within that entity’s mental, physical and spiritual nexus. The experience that the one known as B has had recently has removed the glamour of the intellect and so the entity has awakened to the deeper knowing of the heart.

As the one known as B said earlier, if he does not find a way to encompass this new kind of knowing, he will lose it. That which is not understood and has no place to rest is lost. Therefore, this entity is seeking to find a way to seat this heart-knowledge.

We have talked to you of the will and how you may will to do this simply by having a firm intent and by backing up this intention with the daily seeking, not the seeking of an arrogant person who knows what it is that he wants but the seeking of a humble person with an empty mind, ready to be filled with new things.

There will be a good deal of shuffling and reorganization if the one known as B has the courage and faith to continue in this wise with this seeking. There will be moments of great clarity and many more moments of confusion. But all through that experience, if it is remembered that you may start with the heart and you may rest in the heart, in all your confusion, then you have a place to rest, you have a nest, even if you are by yourself in any particular moment or in any crisis or situation.

You may go to your own heart and you will be let in. And you will be in a place of tremendous unconditional love. You will be back to the true roots of your being. It is from there that you will be able to rest and to know that you are calling the rest of yourself into balance.

It is difficult to talk to an entity about faith. It cannot be proven. It is a fool’s choice. Yet it is the archetypal choice of third density. Shall you, by faith alone, acknowledge the love and the light that is your essence and therefore become more and more deeply who you are? Or shall you wander from place to place attempting to put together the puzzle that never can be completely placed in a finished frame by intellect alone?

Those things that have occurred to you have shown you that there is reason to have faith even though it is unreasonable to do so. This is the paradox you now face. Your mind and your heart seem to be paradoxical also, but we ask you to look at the figure of the mandorla, that figure where two circles intersect with a fish-shaped section of commonality. What do your mind and your heart have in common? You. They are two faculties of one being. The way you allow them to be integrated defines your experience.

We grasp that you greatly wish to allow this area of commonality to enlarge and we assure you that you are fully capable of doing this as a part of your group, as a part of the experience that never explains but always brings to you that which you need, day by day.

You shall continue to dwell in a great deal of chaos and confusion in terms of that which you have been used to, for you are in the process of transformation.

So, basically I have to have faith that all this will pass and I will grow?

We are those of Q’uo, and, my brother, basically that is correct. Yet, by the faculty of will you may choose, again and again in matters small and great, to enlarge your faith, to square it and cube it by the choices that you make.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I think that about covers it. I had a few moments of clarity there while you were talking, I’m not sure that I grasp it all. It’s going to take me a while. I assume these things I’ve been seeing, cities of lights and dragons and whatnot, are there to challenge [the] intellect because my intellect is saying, “You’re crazy,” while my heart is saying, “You know you saw them.” And it seems to be a bit of a conflict at this time. But I am assuming that common area in the center where the circles intersect will eventually work out how to deal with it.

Is there anything you can tell me, a clue on what the commonality area is? I’m basically looking how to express the heart to the intellect. I understand the heart is based in love but maybe I just don’t understand what the consciousness is. I’m having trouble talking between the two. One wants to repress the other. I don’t want to get into that fight. If that question makes any sense at all, any advice would be appreciated.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Let us see what we may do to offer you resources that will be helpful to you in this wise. Consciousness is a very good word for you to think more about, for in the time/space continuum, although you are a person, an individual—and will be for many densities to come in this octave and experience—you are also a very impersonal energy. In time/space you are aware that you are but a drop of water in the ocean of life. And although you can feel your drop-ness and your uniqueness, there is no fear in blending and melting into the ocean. That same drop that is “you” shall separate out as naturally as it dissolved into the surrounding sea of creator-ness that is all of those whom you meet and everything that your eyes fall upon, in addition to many unseen realms that your eyes never fall upon.

All of these things are in that drop of consciousness that you brought into your flesh and bone, your muscle and your heart. [Consciousness] rests within your mind and your heart, easily, comfortably, given a good safe birth by the natural processes of ensouling during the beginning of an incarnation.

You are a living blend of mind and spirit. The knowing of the heart is connected with consciousness, an element of the mind is connected to the mental faculties. Both are a part of you and both are good parts of you within incarnation. You need the balance to go on.

However, the truth is that you exist within a very rich and dynamic environment in terms of consciousness. You have access [through] the consciousness to the planetary mind, the racial mind, the archetypical mind, and the mind of the Creator. All of these depths within are available to consciousness.

Naturally, as the door is cracked between the deeper mind and the conscious mind—and we carefully differentiate between the words “conscious mind” and the term consciousness—the door is cracked just a bit and light comes through, but it is not much light and so you get the dream or the vision or the seeing into other realms without enough context to allow you to understand what is going on. If you have a certain frame of mind that is curious and wants to know more about the unseen realms, then we would encourage you to investigate them for yourself.

Every time that you have a vision, write it down. When you have the gift of moving into unseen realms, do not dishonor or disrespect what you see. Do not allow the intellect to paw at it. Write it down. It is the journal of mystery. It is not that which is to be solved. It is that which is to be felt, treasured and accepted as that which is being learned in a classroom whose true construct you at this point do not clearly see.

We cannot say too much about the faculties of psychic sight that have been given you at this time by your mentor. We can only suggest that the experiences that you have are not crazy. They are simply psychic. You are being given glimpses into the larger picture. What you do with those glimpses is a matter of choice.

We encourage you to continue the road upon which you are now set, and as you do so, to give thanks and allow yourself to feel that uplifting of joy that creates a softness to the harshest experience. May you go forth on wings of love, my brother.

We find that, although this instrument is not aware of it, the energies of her body are fading and so we would choose at this time to end this time of fellowship and seeking. We thank each of you for the pleasure of joining your meditations and for the beauty of your beings. We are those known to you as Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, Whose name is love. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Carla was so distracted because of realizing that Hatonn was speaking for the Q’uo group that she forgot to squeeze Jim’s hand, which is his signal to start the tape recorders. Therefore, the session had to be restarted in order to pick up the initial greeting. Usually the Hatonn group and the Ra group are silent and the Latwii group speaks for the triad of energies which make up the principle of Q’uo. 

  2. gnosis: intuitive apprehension of spiritual truths, an esoteric form of knowledge sought by the Gnostics. (www.dictionary.com) The word has its roots in the Greek, in which language the word means “knowledge.” To look into the Gnostic belief system further, a good site is this one: www.webcom.com/gnosis/gnintro.htm