Question from J: Could you offer a word to those whose energetic profile matches service-to-self entities, who have strongly developed lower and upper chakras and a muted heart chakra, and who are working to effect their positive polarization now on this planet. For example: they have the advantage of possessing a great deal of personal gravity, will, intuitive force and perceptivity. Also, they have significant insight into the machinations of dark force operations now haunting this planet. On the other hand, ingress into the heart of such is a tricky business because it demands the balancing of polarized emotions of immense charge. It’s not so easy to accept one’s complicity in perpetrating the horrors of creation. The first question: can you recommend avenues of restitution and service?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this evening. It is a privilege to be called to your circle of seeking. We thank each of you for reserving these moments of your incarnation for seeking the truth and for calling us to your circle.

As always, we would ask of each that care be taken to discriminate in listening to our thoughts. If something seems resonant to you, by all means, use it. However, if our thoughts do not seem resonant to you, please lay them aside. Your cooperation in guarding the gates of your perception is much appreciated for it will allow us to speak freely and not be concerned with abridging your free will or your sacred spiritual process.

We would gladly speak a word to those whose profile matches the service-to-self energy pattern of well developed red, orange and yellow-ray energy centers, and well developed blue and indigo energy centers, but poorly developed green ray.

We would suggest that such entities experiencing this pattern of energy expenditure may profitably consider that they may well have chosen to incarnate in third density upon the Earth at this time in order to effect a more harmonious and full balancing of the energies which you may call love, light, power and peace. We offer these words to indicate the dimensions of love and wisdom, or the lessons of fourth density and fifth density, that are studied in sixth density in order to unify and solidify the point of awareness that contains all of the consciousness that is granted to all aspects of the creative principle.

Those who have experienced a far more comprehensive course of study in wisdom than in compassion move into third density not only to be of service to the planet and to its people but also to tackle a kind of strenuous metaphysical boot camp, if you will, in which your preincarnative desire is that you shall effect, within the athanor of incarnation, a more equitable and just integration of the energies of love and the energies of light or wisdom.

We wish to indicate that this is not, for an entity overbalanced into wisdom, a beau geste that is particularly easy to grasp or effectuate.

The chief stumbling block to one overbalanced in wisdom is a basic attitude with which this instrument is familiar that she calls pride. When she sees this element of character within herself, she confesses her pride.

However, we would perhaps use the term arrogance rather than pride. In pride, there is a conscious element: one is proud of something. There is a quantitative aspect to this concept of emotive structure. We do not wish to indicate that there is any conscious aspect to the structure involved in those who are wise at the expense of love. Therefore, we suggest the term arrogance, for arrogance is an unconscious attribute carried by those who are aware of the efficacy of their thinking processes.

We would say to those whose profile matches this distortion that it is time to become willing to be grounded in humility.

We would offer one figure before taking further queries. This instrument attended one of its Holy Week services yesterday evening. This particular service was devoted to focusing upon an evening meal held in an upper room tended by thirteen men, including Jesus the Christ.

During this meal the one known as Jesus offered two mandates as suggestions for loving each other. His first suggestion is memorialized in what this instrument calls the Holy Eucharist. The teacher known as Jesus took bread, the common, ordinary bread that was the substance of the night’s meal. He blessed it. He broke it. And he shared it with all who were at the table.

And he said, “When you break bread, do it in remembrance of me.”

And he took the wine, which was their common drink, blessed it and poured it out, sharing it completely with those present.

Again, the one known as Jesus said, “When you drink, do this in remembrance of me.”

A second mandate, as a teacher that evening, as recorded in your holy work known as the Bible, was to ask those present to remove their sandals so that he could wash their feet. The one known as Peter at first refused, for he felt that it was far too humble a task for a teacher to offer to his students.

But the one known as Jesus said, “Unless I wash you, you shall not be clean.” And so Peter immediately said, “Then, Lord, wash all of me.” The one known as Jesus said, “You are clean and yet it does not hurt to wash the dust of the day off your feet.”

Having washed the disciples’ feet, he said to them, “If I am your teacher and I wash your feet, then perhaps you may see your way clear to washing each others’ feet.”

The one known as Jesus seldom spoke directly. However, you may see his intention was to indicate not only the value of service to others but also the value of absolute humility.

We ask all of those who find themselves wise and who know themselves clever, has it helped you to love? Has it opened your heart? We have often spoke through this instrument of the most difficult journey an entity such as those you have described will ever make. That journey is the fourteen or so inches from your head to your heart.

May we ask for the next query, my brother?

Can you make suggestions which make easier the polarization of these ones in particular?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We have perhaps made a modest beginning at suggesting the general strategy for working towards the full integration of wisdom and love. We have talked before about the heart chakra. It is a much misunderstood energy center encompassing two distinct aspects.

It is impossible to make a direct assault upon the closed heart. The heart itself is protected within what this instrument would describe as an outer courtyard. The overarching dome of light that signals the presence of consciousness is gently enswathed in the basilica of the inner heart.

Outside of that sanctum sanctorum is that place where entities come, in all their dirt, to see if they are ready to enter their own heart. The difficulty that entities find when attempting to enter their heart is that they must needs integrate all of their personality shell into that entity which stands at the door and seeks entrance. All entities carry the full 360 degrees of personality. The entire spectrum of light and dark lives and thrives within each spirit sent forth by the one infinite Creator before the world was.

For those who carry that arrogance of wisdom, there is subtle work to be done in emptying the pockets of self. It is lonely and unforgiving work to break yourself open to the point where you can see and acknowledge all of the factors that go into what on the surface is a simple and seamless attitude of confidence and self-knowledge. Nevertheless, this is the task ahead of one who wishes to open his heart.

It is a difficult thing to grasp because there is no cleverness involved in opening the heart. There is only the acknowledgment of the falsehood of any claim that one may wish to make to true wisdom. For wisdom uninformed by love is not stable or balanced, in terms of that lesson which entities such as yourself incarnated in order to balance.

The wiser an entity is, the more narrow his ability to see beyond his own intelligence. The ability to use higher chakras further confuses the issue, because from the viewpoint of manifestation, there seems to be such a likelihood that such powerful knowledge will be useful to the self, to the Creator, and to the planet.

In orienting you and those like you to the actual situation, we would ask each to move back in perspective until there is a broadness that takes in all of the third-density pattern. A pattern involves a choice of how to be and how to serve. In third density, the path to graduation involves a simple choice followed by a series of congruent choices which progressively tune the spirit under such discipline to the point where that spirit is able to surrender to love.

The difficulty is in releasing all of the intelligence and knowledge that is so proudly carried and so skillfully used in the outer manifestations of life on planet Earth.

In order to dig down into the treasure of self, you must break the container that holds all of that pride or arrogance of accomplishment. When you have released this structure, you will find that you are as vulnerable as a tiny kitten, such as the one that is snuggled up against this instrument’s ankle at this moment. Only when you have become as a tiny child, free of the burden of your wisdom, can you at last break the bunker of self-consciousness.

My brother, how deeply and how truly you seek to do that! And yet how clever are the many, many thoughts and strategies that will gladly entrain your intelligence and distract your will. These forces within you do not wish for you to open your heart. They like having full pockets. They do not want you to empty your pockets of these things which, to the surface personality, seem to suggest selfhood. Yet there is a powerful voice within you that says that this is not true consciousness. And you hunger for that.

What is the “I” of a person and of a soul? When consciousness itself is the “I” of you, then shall your heart be free to open and blossom and radiate infinitely. And from that perspective alone shall you at last be able to march from the sanctum sanctorum, fed and strengthened, in full knowledge of who you are for the first time and ready at last to do serious work upon balancing the wisdom which you offered to yourself as a gift and as catalyst.

You seek to wend your way from the penumbra of articulated thought to the daylight of love. We wish you every good fortune in your seeking and we commend you for your awareness of the basic situation.

May we ask for the next query, my brother?

Can you speak of the response on the inner planes to those who choose to relinquish their status as spiritual achievers and surrender their proudly held, imbalanced acquisitions for the common good?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The response to one who has at last been able to lay aside pride, break the pottery of intellect, and offer the naked soul, as it is, to the one Creator in all humility, is embrace, inclusion, comfort and support. Indeed, these are the responses of your guidance system and those spiritual forces which surround you regardless of your circumstances.

However, to one who has indeed cast aside arrogance, the voice of spirit becomes quite audible and there is a liveness of interchange that is not possible while the egoic structure of the personality shell retains its knowledge of its self-sufficiency.

We speak as if there is a “we” and a “they,” a “you” and an “I.” And this is not precisely correct. For there is an ever-flowing movement of energy along lines of force which are created by your thoughts and feelings rather than there being a dynamic of two.

You are experiencing ways of structuring the self so that it may be known to the self. We do not wish to take away every structure of your thoughts in an instant. Rather, we would that you would conceive of this journey as a dance. It is a dance in which your movements express a gradual increase in your ability to be naked and without personality.

In the privacy and the intimacy of your silent meditation, allow all to fall away as it will and sit with that which is left until it, too, falls away. And then sit with that which is left until it, too, falls away. Repeat this process until when you sit, you simply sit.

May we ask for the next query, my brother?

I find in myself a strong affinity for higher-density planes of both polarities and information about them. This and other things have led me to believe that I have wandered through higher-density planes, both positive and negative, and then chosen to hop back into the maelstrom of third density. Could you please verify this and discuss the phenomenon of individuals exploring both polarities into higher densities? Could this be merely a grand way of deferring true polarization?

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We tread close to the limits of free will as we respond to this question. In our opinion—and we offer it for what it is worth—the pattern which you describe is that of a sixth-density wanderer whose fifth-density experiences were felt by the sixth-density entity to have too marked an effect upon the basic ground of being which is represented by the pallid word “love” and by the activity of the student of fourth density in realizing fully…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…the depths of that ground of being. The Thought that created all that there is was not a thought of wisdom. It was pure, unconditional, love. Consciousness is a Thought which creates and destroys the universe. That consciousness is a consciousness of love.

It is difficult to bring into focus within third density the function of wisdom. Perhaps the most skillful thing we could offer at this juncture is that which has been noted by all, we feel sure, and that is the difference between the thinking of the intellect and the thinking of the heart. Each entity knows people who seem to think with their hearts. Whether their intellects are great or modest, the solutions to the catalyst within their lives seem to involve the creative aspects of love.

Practices which aid an entity in becoming more aware of his own heart are those practices which are very momentary. It is difficult to discipline the self to use the present moment. But it is in the present moment that you may practice opening the heart.

Stop and think about your facial expression. Are you smiling? Are you frowning? Place upon your face the beginnings of a smile and each time that you become aware of your expression, curve up the edges of your lips into a slight smile. Over time, examine the results of this seemingly completely superficial practice.

When you become aware that you are entering the presence of another, take a moment to acknowledge, accept and admire the perfection of that individual. Naturally, that perfection is not apparent to the outer eye in most cases. Do not let that stop you. You know that each entity is the Creator. Take a moment to establish that acknowledgement, acceptance and admiration.

Before you arise from your bed, call for help. Your guidance system cannot begin to act actively in your life unless you call it, not just once but every day and every moment.

Wisdom has a tendency to create within an entity the feeling that he or she is powerful and self-sufficient. In truth, when power has been wedded to peace and light has been wedded to love, true power emerges. And in that power is rest. In that compassion is wisdom. But the ground upon which you stand in order to do this work of reconciling and harmonizing those factors that blend into who you are is love.

We find that this instrument’s energies are waning and we would ask for one more query before we leave this instrument.

Why is it that fourth and fifth-density negative beings don’t work in conjunction with their higher selves to see where the negative path leads and then switch over to the other polarity? This would seem to be so much more efficient! Is it fondness for the game, the enjoyment of feeling strong, inflowing, apparently fulfilling energies and fear of annihilation or interminable misery that keep them enthralled in their mischief?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. And, indeed, we find that you have offered many fine answers to your own question. Therefore, since this instrument’s energies are waning at this time, we would ask for another query before we leave this instrument.

Now that the era of service-to-self activity on this planet is coming to an end, are there scholars in the inner planes who are tallying up the lessons learned? What do we do better to understand now about the lure and the explication of violence and selfishness? From observing such difficult passage of a planet to fourth density, how can we better understand the properties of the service-to-self vortex as it reflects to us a distorted image of unending love?

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. We thank you for the subtlety and the beauty of this question and, indeed, for the great thought that you have put into all the questions for the session.

We truly have no words to offer but only the humility of silence to those who would seek to know the one infinite Creator. When such hopes and desires are expressed, it is time to move to the bare beginnings and to take up with joy a condition of infanthood, and then to surround that beloved, precious, infant spirit self with the greatest of faith that you as an entity may find within your self.

For it is faith alone that cleanses the intellect, that simplifies the abstruse, that brings the flight of fancy back to the most simple and profound truth of the one Creator.

Who is counting the beans, my brother? You are. This instrument is. Each entity does it for the self. And as the self acknowledges, accepts and admires with great affection the self, the Creator harvests all of that complexity and strains it into self-awareness that is without vice.

That which you seek, my brother, is closer than your breathing. Remove the stumbling block of self, with a small “s” and, as you are able to peel away layers of maya, 1 consciousness shall emerge and you shall become transparent to eternity.

We thank each again for the pleasure of this interaction and for the beauty of your vibrations. We leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Maya is a Hindu term meaning illusion and used to indicate the earth world.