Jim: “Q’uo, many New Age seekers and fundamentalist Christians believe there will soon be a rapture or ascension in which the true believers or chosen people will be whisked away by UFOs or angels, leaving the rest of humanity to suffer the tribulations of these last days. I don’t believe that any true Christian or service-to-other seeker would want to leave Earth before their fellow seekers could leave too. Could you speak to the difference between this idea of a rapture or ascension and the [Confederation channeling’s concept of a] graduation to fourth density that follows the death of the third-density physical body? What spiritual principles could help us think about these possibilities?”

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. Thank you for the great privilege of being called to your circle of seeking. We rest in the beauty of your vibration.

We are most glad to speak with you concerning the query about the so-called rapture. But before we begin we would ask each of you to guard the gates of your perception carefully. Do not allow our comments and thought to sway you unless they seem to be particularly resonant to you. If they do appeal to you, by all means work with them, but if they do not appeal to you and do not seem lively and helpful, then please leave them behind.

We are no more of an authority for you than you are for us. Please realize that you are the authority for your spiritual journey and use your discrimination well. If you will do that for us then we will not be concerned about infringing upon your free will. We thank you for this consideration.

Before we approach the fundamental query we would like to address a matter that we find appearing frequently in entities’ queries when they have to do with ascension or the rapture. We would like to address the thinking of those who were involved in creating the concept of the ascension or the rapture, at the time in which the Bible was put together.

At this time in your history your Middle East, as this instrument would call that region of your globe, was the home of many civilizations that shared this area. It was not the native land of [any] but rather a place where many cultures mingled.

The common belief system at that time for many Jewish entities, as well as for the many other religious groups that populated that area at that time, was in reincarnation. The difficulty with a belief in reincarnation, if you are looking at that belief from the standpoint of one who wishes to get the attention of a populace, is that if an entity believes absolutely that he is part of a soul stream that will incarnate many times, then that entity is not particularly concerned with whether or not he is virtuous in this life because he assumes that he shall have another chance to make things right in his next incarnation.

Therefore, the concern of teachers was to focus the student on this life and the behavior that was required in order to create a shift in consciousness from the old ways of doing things to the new way of doing things. For the one known as Jesus, the old way of doing things was the way of the world. The old way was the way of money, power and influence. The one known as Jesus was suggesting that it was time for people to wake up, to turn from their worldly ways and release their concepts of the importance of money, power and influence.

The one known as Jesus had another kingdom in mind than the kingdom of the world. He called that the kingdom of heaven. He was interested in turning people’s minds from the world to heaven, from fear to love.

As he talked about the end times, therefore, this entity was speaking in stories and parables, not attempting to teach literally but attempting to create an atmosphere in which the truth would become clear.

Many times this entity said, “He who has ears, let him hear. He who has eyes, let him see. He who has a heart, let him understand.” He was asking entities basically to move from the environment of the mind and from one way of thinking to another environment of the mind in which the heart did the thinking.

We cannot address the concerns of those who would read these words from the standpoint of a faith in the literal truth of them. We do not wish any to believe, word for word, in what we say, and we do not wish to persuade those who believe the Bible word for word that they are wrong.

We would simply ask that those who believe in that fashion not attempt to work their way through what we have to offer you, for we assure you that the view of your church authorities, though narrow, is penetrating. You will be able to follow the instructions and the teachings of the one known as Jesus the Christ without reference to what we have to say. And for your own peace of mind we would suggest that you not proceed further with any but those sources that are accepted by your leaders, for we truly would not leave a stumbling block before you.

Now let us move on to the basic query of this session.

It is so that the one known as Jesus spoke of the day of rapture, of a time when one person would be left in the field and one would be taken. We have indicated that we do not believe that this is a literal scripture nor that the teacher known as Jesus intended it to be taken literally in terms of space and time.

However, my friends, there are other ways to look at this concept that perhaps may create for you a more understandable story.

There are two ways in which there is an absolute ending to the open possibilities of the present moment. The first is that moment when you, as an incarnate being, pass from this world to the next. At the moment of the physical cessation of breath, as the life leaves your body, so does your consciousness. And that tuning or vibration which you carry at that moment is absolutely the final tuning of your incarnative experience.

It is at that resting point at which you leave the incarnation that you move on in consciousness to that vehicle of light which you have enjoyed as it has interpenetrated your physical body throughout your incarnation. And in that body of light energy you shall move through the process of graduation. That moment in the field is that moment that you may call death.

In a larger sense, and this is from the standpoint now not of yourself but of the planet as a whole, there is also an ending point to the possibility of being able to sustain third-density choice-making possibilities. The third-density energy on your planet wanes at this time. There will not be many further third-density incarnations.

Those who have been incarnating lately, for the most part, are those entities who have volunteered proudly and sacrificially to enter this waning third-density environment as pilgrims of fourth density. They are like unto those led by Moses in the desert. They shall not see the Promised Land, but they shall create the Garden of Eden upon your planet once again to the best of their ability.

Thusly, treasure this incarnation and realize the gift that it represents for each of you. This is your last opportunity to make and sustain the choice of polarity that shall lead you through graduation and into your taking up higher-density work. Those who do not make a choice of polarity and sustain that choice until polarity is built up to the point where you are able to bear the light of higher densities shall experience another cycle of third-density incarnations upon another planet and shall once again take up the lessons of love.

We emphasize that in our opinion there is no true downside to this equation. If you are not ready to make that choice, you have all the time in the world to consider it further. If you are ready, then this is the opportunity to seize the day, to take hold of the direction and path of your spiritual evolution and to invest your walk into the light with every fiber of your being, every hope and every joy and enthusiasm. Give thanks, my friends, for these are wonderful days for those who wish to make that choice and to walk that path towards the light.

In terms of what physically is going to happen upon your planet, we are not able to tell you precisely how the possibility/probability vortices will work themselves out. Your people are waking up at a phenomenal rate. It seems to be spreading exponentially, not only in the area of the world of which this instrument is aware, the United States and North America, but in every continent; in every culture, and in all peoples, no matter what their circumstances.

Indeed, my friends, those whom you would think would know the least about these troubled times—that is, those indigenous tribes and natives in various parts of your globe—are fully aware of the situation and have not been distracted from direct and intuitive communication with all of the densities, both inner and outer, by the distractions of civilization. It is actually the civilized nations, so-called, that are the furthest from a direct apprehension of the situation as it exists at this time.

We do feel that there is little or no danger that the Earth herself, in her movement into full fourth-density existence, shall need to express a global catastrophe that would cause a physical rapture to occur. As we have said before through this instrument, what we see as we gaze into the mind and the heart of your people as a global tribe is a troubling tendency to seek aggression and war instead of diplomacy and conversation. This tendency multiplied throughout a power-hungry world could result in your nation-states acting aggressively in such a manner as to set off a true doomsday with their bombs. This is possible.

And we would ask each of you to be aware of this tendency in the human heart toward aggression instead of patience insofar as you are able personally. We would encourage each of you to choose communication over aggression, patience over impatience, love over fear, and hope over exclusion.

What you as a person do may seem to begin and end within yourself. But we say to you that you act not only for yourself but for humankind. The choices that you make, if made purely and with conscious intention, can change the world.

Yes, you are that powerful, that magical, and that influential! You have within you the consciousness that was in Jesus the Christ. It is buried, in some cases, beneath the rubble of a carelessly spent life. Begin this day, then, to live with care, patience and love, being consciously aware that you stand for Earth this day, not only for yourself. Do not let this concern you or weigh you down. But know that your choices truly make a difference.

You have asked what the dynamic or the difference is between this theory or story of the rapture and ascension and the Confederation’s teachings concerning graduation and walking the steps of light.

In a sense, the differences are slight because both stories focus upon each individual soul making a choice, of his or her free will, as to how to be and how to serve. Shall you be a radiant servant to others, a servant of light? In that case make each choice with that in mind.

For those few who read this who are dedicated to polarizing in service to self, in terms of your graduation we say to you, my friends, focus carefully each time you choose upon who you serve and how you wish to express your choices.

To those who persist in their choices, graduation is almost inevitable, for you are full of the desire to move on and when you organize that desire into a focus and point your will, nothing can stop you. You can be in prison and you can still make your choices for love, service, devotion, joy and gratitude. You can be on your deathbed. You can be on your sickbed. You can be in any circumstance whatsoever, and as long as you have the will to make these choices, you are already in paradise.

It is those who do not wish at this time to engage with this weighty choice of who to serve and how to serve that shall not graduate. For they simply have not become people of power. They have not chosen. Few there are, however, at this point, who are not aware that there is a choice to make.

You have time to direct your thinking and to pursue your seeking. There are some years yet of third-density energy. We do encourage you, however, to move ahead at this time with your choice-making and to be as faithful as you can to the intention of that first choice. For you enter now into a time, in perhaps six or seven of your years, when you shall no longer be able to make that initial choice. Time is short.

It is not that you shall die when this energy wanes from third density. It is that the vibrations will be simpler and will not contain those energies that mount, spiraling upward. Therefore, life shall be sustained, and those who come into the environment having already graduated, as many of those born now have done, will carry with them that energy of graduation and will not need to be concerned at the end of their third-density existence. Those to whom we speak now, however, for the most part have yet to graduate. Therefore, we speak to you, not with a sense of urgency but with a desire to share the information that will help you make skillful choices in your present and in your near future.

In terms of the way we see what shall occur in your next few years, we do see the difficulties and the inconveniences which are involved with the Earth moving through the changes that it must make in order to achieve a stable balance within fourth density. This is calling for third-density Earth to realign itself. That realignment is well advanced.

The work of this group and many, many others like it, as well as many individuals working alone in terms of physicality, have created a grace period. Since 1998 in your counting, you have been living on grace alone. This grace continues. It shall not continue beyond a certain point. For you see, at a certain point it is as though there were energies mixed in a glass of water.

We apologize for the oversimplification of this figure, but we are using a non-scientific instrument.

The energies are all mixed in a glass of water and to a certain extent they continue to be melded within each other, but at a certain point, the heavier elements sink to the bottom and the lighter elements rise to the top and there is a separation between the two levels. That point is coming for third density on planet Earth. This is not a tragedy. This is not the rapture. This has nothing to do with ascension. It is the natural, evolutionary process by which spiritual evolution of people and of planets occurs.

Your Earth shall become, in the fullness of time, a fourth-density positive planet. However, there is a golden period that is coming for your people. It is a time when those entities who have graduated third density and who are very concerned with the karmic patterns of their past are going to be able to create a time of restitution on planet Earth.

It will be a difficult time. It will be a challenging time. For the technology that you have currently created will not be adequate to the needs of the future. You will be creating new ways to do things. But the energy that is among you will clear tremendously from that which you are experiencing at this time. Those entities among you at this time that are attempting to graduate service to self will have moved on. Those entities who remain upon the planet shall be those positively-oriented entities whose concerns involve restitution to this planet.

There is another group of entities who shall be upon your planet for some time into the future if they so choose. These are entities who are not able to graduate into fourth density, or higher densities if they were wanderers, but who yet feel that karmic pull and wish to make restitution. Those include many who are alive at this time, and you will find that many entities will be attempting more and more to refocus upon the needs of the planet and its resources. They will be wishing to clean its water, its air, and its soil.

These entities are hoping not to graduate but rather to go to a kind of summer school, if you will, where they can free themselves of the habit of carelessness. For it is a careless thing to misuse the environment. It is also a careless thing to misuse people, relationships, societal entities and groups.

So this is a time of great excitement and hope upon your planet. Many are attempting to graduate. And many who do not feel that they can graduate at this time are attempting to make restitution so that they are free of the karma of having destroyed or hurt the planetary beings upon which they lived in the past.

This is how we see your present moment, not as one in which there will be a sudden change but one in which the changes are continuous and metaphysical in nature rather than physical.

We thank the one known as Jim for asking what spiritual principles are involved in thinking about this question, for that allows us to ponder with you that great and central spiritual principle of unity that governs the outworking or manifestation of spirit in the world.

We said earlier to you that if you could consciously make your choices knowing full well that you choose for Earth, you would indeed be part of the creation of a shift in consciousness for planet Earth.

Unity consciousness is very powerful. When you see people making distinctions between those who belong and those who do not, you see clearly the marks of service to self.

[Side one of tape ends.]

No matter how logical the explanation for leaving out certain entities in any grand design, the underlying truth is that such thinking carries delusion and error. To the Creator, all of us—we, you and everything that there is—are one being. The concept of rapture has within it the seeds of service to self, for it chooses some and not others, and condemns those who have not made it to this final destination of heaven to a final destination of hell.

And we say to you, your heaven and your hell lie in the present moment. You make of your world a heaven or a hell. He who approaches life from an attitude of love creates a heaven wherever he goes. We find in this instrument’s mind the example of an entity named Dietrich, who in the Second World War was condemned for preaching the gospel and put in prison. These entities were on starvation rations and were expected to die. This entity knew code, and he would tap out prayers and encouragement on the bars of his cell and other entities who knew code would carry on and pass the word. He would do this every day. He would create services and prayers that sustained an entire prison block of entities through the Second World War. He did die a natural death, but not before he had carried with his love and with his faith an entire community of imprisoned souls into light and love simply because he kept talking, the only way he knew how, about the only thing that mattered to him, which was love. 1

Let your lives be about love and you shall make of your world the heaven it surely is. When you walk through the gates into larger life you shall only see more of the same, my friend, for you have been there all the time. This day you are in paradise. Believe it and act on it and let the word spread that heaven is on earth today. It is in your hands. It is on your lips. And it is in your heart.

Is there a follow-up query at this time, or would you wish to ask another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

We have another question: “In order to choose the light we must first acknowledge and understand the darkness. That is the only way we can consciously exercise our free will. The question concerns the nature of the darkness. There has been much given about negative entities that bring disease and disharmony to those seeking the light. But is there a separate class or type of negative entity that brings disease and disharmony to service-to-self beings as well? Are the service-to-self beings themselves what have been called dark angels or demons that have been cast out? Could you offer any spiritual principles that would help me to think about this?”

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query. My brother, we would untangle your question a bit before we respond fully, for we find that there are two questions where you intended only one. Therefore, we would remove one question from the other so that we may answer cleanly.

The situation in which an entity might help to create illness within a spirit in incarnation is rare. There are such situations. However psychic greeting is able only to accentuate preexisting faults, or as this instrument would say, chinks in the armor of light.

For instance, in this entity the chink in her armor that created the possibility of a rash of unfortunate falls and difficulties that have resulted in this instrument having a broken ankle and other difficulties, bruises and so forth, was her tendency to be forgetful and not to be aware of where she is or what she is doing because of the fact that she is thinking about something.

It is a habit and a pattern of absent mindedness that this instrument has carried since birth and has accepted because it actually has physical roots in birth defects that have to do with her amygdala. Her eye was pushed into the amygdala at birth and therefore the connection between long-term and short-term memory was severed at that time. She has compensated well, but she has an inborn tendency towards faulty memory and absentmindedness.

And so when she was indeed greeted lately in an attempt to distract her from those good works in which she was engaged, the target of opportunity was her physical body. And so she has sustained what she calls “dings” to it. It has not dismayed her or distracted her. Nevertheless, this is a good example of the kind of ingress into physical health that an outside force has. It is not great.

The general cause of disharmony within a body system is disharmony within an entity’s thoughts. There are very toxic thought patterns that can be guaranteed to result in a less than optimal physical configuration.

Thoughts of fear drive out peace. Thoughts of love build up inner peace. It is as simple and as challenging as that. As your mind, so shall your body go.

That which you worry about, that which you fear, you call to you. We would encourage you to watch your thoughts like a hawk. When you find them becoming toxic, ask yourself to stop thinking along those lines. Ask yourself how your highest and best self would approach the situation that has you in worry and fear.

When that thought comes to you of what the highest and best would be, try it on, my friend. See if it feels more comfortable to you, more profitable, more skillful, and more helpful than your fearful thoughts. This is the kind of choice which does not look like a choice of polarity, but it is. The choice of fear is the choice to have life be about you. The choice of love is the choice to have life be about the one infinite Creator.

Is there another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

[Mostly inaudible. The question was about whether the inner and outer densities are the same as the inner and outer planets.]

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. It is so that the inner and outer densities are the same as the inner and outer planets. This is so, my brother.

[Mostly inaudible. The questioner asks something about a break point.]

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There is no difficulty in having both. There is no break point, as it were. There are inner planes in each density. All densities have all densities within them in sub-density form. In third density you have all densities, one through seven, in the inner planes. They are inner-plane densities as opposed to outer-planes densities in that they are time/space in configuration rather than space/time in configuration.

May we answer you further, my brother?


We are those of Q’uo, and would ask for a final query at this time.

[Mostly inaudible. The question has to do with how the Q’uo group sees the group gathered on the internet from around the globe as it sits for this circle of seeking.]

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We give this instrument the image of the planet itself, with the kind of view down from a height that this instrument has seen from an airplane flying across the continent from one big city to another.

As she looks out the window at night she can see the lights that twinkle such a far, far distance below. From miles up, she can still see the lights of the farmhouses and the little towns in the smaller, less populated areas of your country. And so we see your lights as you exist about the globe.

And yet at the same time we see you that are absent from this group as it sits in Kentucky, those that sit in one room, being together in one locality. This is because by opening up the group to non-local members, you are truly acquiring time/space characteristics in the midst of your space/time, real-time presence.

It is a very exciting experience for us to have this time/space component which is created by the non-local entities joining this local group. It is a beautiful grouping in which, although you are probably not aware of it, your auras are interpenetrating and so you are creating dynamics that are inexpressibly subtle and yet quite ineffably beautiful. The coloration as one entity’s soul stream touches another, that touches another, that touches the next, is perfectly marvelous and we feel very lucky to be a part of this group.

We greet all of you and we thank all of you for taking the time out of your very, very busy lives to seek the truth in this circle of seeking. This instrument’s energy wanes so we would at this time leave this instrument and this group in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It has been our privilege and our pleasure to be with you and we thank you for calling us once again.

We are those of Q’uo, and we leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Dietrich Bonhoeffer did not die of natural causes, but instead was put on trial and executed by the SS. Please see www.dbonhoeffer.org for more information about his life.