(Question chosen by PLW poll) 1 I noticed sort of solar flares for a moment or two after they happen. I will be interrupted by a tingling sensation of the nerve endings over a large part of my body. Mentally, I often notice a type of rift in consciousness, where a moment in time seems to expand dramatically, stretching five minutes into three or four hours… two or three hours. It feels tangible. The problem is not the flares, but the geomagnetic storms a couple of days later. Is there any way to combat the physical fatigue and mental stimulation and sleeplessness problems associated with it? It disrupts my life dramatically.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you and your people Thank you for the beauty of your vibrations, and for calling us to your circle of seeking. It is a privilege to be so called, and a pleasure to share our humble opinions with you. However, as always, in order to allow us to feel free to share those opinions, we would ask that you guard the gates of your perceptions carefully. Do not accept our words or anyone’s as true, but rather look for the resonance that attracts you to certain thoughts and not to others, and work with those thoughts that are resonant to you. We greatly appreciate your helping us in this way, for it does allow us to feel comfortable about speaking with you. We would not wish to trample upon your will or to take over your process or spiritual evolution inadvertently.

You ask us this day concerning the solar flares and the geomagnetic storms that follow such flares, and how you can deal most skillfully with the effects that such things have on the sensitive individual. Naturally, these effects are planet-wide and can be assumed to have an effect on each and every person in the tribe of humankind. However, there are dramatic differences between people in terms of how they perceive and structure those perceptions.

Consequently, not all people experience the acute symptomology connected with these flares, such as the questioner has described herself feeling. However, we do confirm that there is every possibility that sensitive entities will indeed have the reactions and the responses that you have been having.

You have asked us how to cope with and how to deal with these experiences of sleeplessness and distraction. And so, we would talk a bit about energy and how that works. All entities that are self-conscious beings – that is all of the tribe of humankind – possess energy systems that have integrity. And within that integrity, the mind, body, and spirit of an individual are knitted together as three flaps of a rope, making a very strong, very sturdy, and yet very sensitive instrument through which to view the experiences of an incarnation, and to use those experiences to glean a harvest of beauty, joy, sorrow, suffering, service, learning, and enhanced feelings of balance and understanding.

This energy is uniquely yours. It is no one else’s. Only you, of all of the bits of the Creator in the universe, have your signal, your strength, your power, your balance, and your web of perception. You are so special. Each and every being upon the planet is just as special, just as unique, and just as necessary a part of the intricate weaving together of a plan of the Creator.

The planet herself has an energy system, which is in the midst of a tremendous ending and beginning, shall we say. For the energies of third density, as this instrument was saying before this contact began, are so heavily interpenetrated now with fourth-density energy, that the vibrations of love are having a powerful unseen effect on all entities in their inner energy systems, or what this instrument would call the chakra system. Because of the fact that fourth-density energy contains truth without reserve, the effect upon third-density entities is a marked increase in those entities receiving into their conscious awareness material with which they do not wish to be in. This energy of truth sometimes does not feel like unconditional love. Indeed, in third density, unconditional love cannot be seen to contain that truth; rather, it contains the creative structures of those yearning for truth. The yearning is very helpful to entities who wish to cooperate with the interpenetrating energy of fourth density.

When you know why you are being faced with that about yourself which you particularly did not wish to deal with, then it becomes easier to accept the fact that it is now time to deal with that issue and simply get on with doing that. How you do that is certainly up to you. We do not have advice for you on the techniques of coming to terms with what is in your picture right now. We only say to you that the way of energy is…

[Fifteen-second pause while there is movement in the background.]

We can only say to you that the way of energy is to attract to the self that which is needed for spiritual growth. You have entered and have been experiencing for some time a profoundly effective growth environment. This time of dusk and dawn on Planet Earth is a tremendous growth environment – a hotbed, if you will – where the soil is just right, [the] seeds in your heart are planted, and everything is laid on for growth. However, in growth there is always surrender. Surrender of those things which no longer serve you. Surrender to change and transformation.

What we would encourage in each is the awareness that it is possible to cooperate, even with seemingly harsh energy. Understanding the nature of the metaphysical component of the solar flares is helpful in being able to better deal with the effects of them upon your system. The core of the solar flares is not connected intimately with you, as a person or as a tribe of humankind, as a group. It has more to do with the turn of the clock from planetary third density upon Planet Earth to planetary fourth density. The time of choice is coming to an end on Planet Earth, and the time of the density of love and understanding is dawning.

There have been difficulties within Planet Earth which have been caused, metaphysical speaking, by the tremendous amount of heat which the unhappy and restless spirits of those who have lived upon your planet have offered to the planet as the harvest of their incarnation. The planetary tendency towards repetition of cycles of wars, aggressions, and entities being consciously and purposefully unloving to each other, have created an environment within the inner planes of Planet Earth which has more of a direct connection with the solar flares. The imbalance is expressing both from Earth to sun and from the galaxy as a whole down into the sun’s sphere and then down into the Earth’s sphere. There is a feedback that is bleeding or venting energies in such a way that the planet and the solar system remain more in balance and is more stable. The necessary concomitant effect of this, however, is certainly difficult, not only for the planet, but for its population of souls.

Cooperation with what these energies bring up is very helpful, we believe, in terms of skillfully dealing with these experiences. If there is sleeplessness, allow it and use it. Take the time of sleeplessness, and turn it into a sacred time. Do not attempt to move into a normal schedule, but rather accept that there are feast days and days of penitence that are not on the Christian calendar or any calendar. They come up for you, because of your awareness, as immediate insight of the changes that are taking place on the planet and in the entire sun system of which Planet Earth is a part. Indeed, some of these energies that are creating solar flares are galaxy-wide and even further than that, coming from the Central Sun, which is helping to balance the entire system of the infinite creation.

Therefore, it is helpful in terms of normalizing the unusual to embrace it and to explore it creatively for its harvest. It is not necessarily a negative thing to have one’s awareness taken. We believe that we may, without infringing upon your free will, share with you the perception that we have. That this rift in the moment of which you speak is very hopeful, helpful, and useful to you. You are being pulled by this blend of energies that is coming into your system very close to the gateway to intelligent infinity. It is almost the same kind of energy that you would experience in a psychic UFO encounter, where you have the perception of losing time.

Using words and this instrument’s awareness of how things are, we cannot give you an accurate representation of the full dimensions of this experience that you are having. But we can say to you that it is wholesome and a helpful part of the learning experience that you created for yourself when you came to Planet Earth. You are not one who must do anything with these perceptions or this energy. Rather, your mission here, as one who is much more aware than most of what is going on with the planet, the sun, and the whole system, is to enter in as a loving minister of light to what may seem to be terribly impersonal energy. They are not impersonal; they simply are not human. The essences involved are extremely loving and are looking with care, wisdom, and compassion at the entire system of this local part of the infinite universe, and creating what balance they can from moment to moment, from sun to planet to souls.

Your part in this is to embrace that which seems to be such a dramatically difficult thing. To accept those of times when you are aware as times when your true heart needs to be found. Let that sleepless time be a time of grounding, centering, and focusing, so that you become that which is stable, that which is crystalline, and that which is capable of receiving, transmuting, and passing on, with your blessings and your love, that one great Original Thought, which is pouring through you at all times in infinite supply. Let yourself be the lighthouse that is not dismayed when the waves crash upon the shore, but serenely shines in sure faith, in peaceful mind and a faithful heart, so that others who are concerned and distraught may catch some of that light, and be oriented and steadied by the energy that you do not need to express, but only to radiate.

We would also encourage you, and all who feel in any way concerned or disturbed by the world which you see, to ask for help. We cannot say often enough that the nature of metaphysical seeking is such that it is necessary to ask for help in order to receive it. Positively oriented guides will not insist upon being heard; rather, it awaits the asking. Remember to ask. Remember to ask not once and not simply when there is a need; but rather, create for yourself a very stable daily time where you can depend upon having a few moments in the silence in which the Creator speaks. Your guidance is hoping for you to create that time.

When you have a sense of that rift in time, know that because of the work you have done and the spiritual maturity that you have gained, your higher chakras are functioning very well. And you have the capacity at those times to do great work in consciousness, not only for yourself, but for the entire planet. It is a simple act to dedicate that which is in your full and loving heart to the Creator and to the planet of which you are a part. Truly, that light which you dedicate from your heart pours out into a hungry world. The world is starving for love and light, and all entities are capable of being lighthouses. Be light to each other. Be love to each other. The times are inconvenient because they are profoundly transformational. You came not to enjoy the inconveniences but to serve and to learn. These are times to walk with focus and faith.

We would at this time ask if there are follow up queries or any other queries that we may answer before we leave this instrument. We are those of Q’uo.

[Thirty-second pause]

We seem to have exhausted the questions for the day, and we thank you once again for the pleasure and privilege of your company. We leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai.

  1. PLW refers to a small and now defunct online magazine called Planet Lightworker.