Question from A: “You’ve mentioned before that the harvest of this particular sub-logos, planet Earth, is not typical. You’ve said that other sub-logoi have had considerably less difficulty at their times of harvest. Would you consider our sub-logos’ use of combined free will, together with strong veiling, to be an inefficient combination? And can you compare that to the harvest of third density on Venus? Both Mars and Maldek had warlike societies, and we were wondering what the third density was like on Venus and what major factors and catalysts went into their societies to bring them to a service-to-others choice. They must’ve done something right. So could Q’uo speak to the harvest that is now happening on planet Earth and perhaps contrast it with the harvests on Mars, Maldek and Venus?”

(Carla channeling)

We are the principle known to you as the Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is our privilege and our pleasure to serve the Creator by offering ourselves to groups such as this one which may have an interest in material such as is channeled by this instrument. It is a great privilege to be called to your circle of seeking and we thank each of those who have taken the time and the space out of their very busy daily round of activities in order to create a sacred space in which to seek the truth.

As always, we would ask of each the care with the discrimination in listening to what we have to say. We may not hit the mark for you. If our thoughts do not resonate to you, please lay them aside without a second thought. We would not wish to be a stumbling block in your way. Sometimes, if the wrong thought is held in stubbornness, when resonance is not there, it can do harm. So we would appreciate your being very careful about those thoughts that you allow past the gates of your perception.

Your query this day is about the differences between various planetary entities’ take on third density and what was done differently on the planet you call Venus that allowed that planet to have a more harmonious and far more successful journey through the third density.

The one known as A asked whether the combination of very clear and starkly delineated free will and the fairly profound veiling that is apparent on Earth’s third density, or the Density of Choice 1, was a combination that spelled a difficult and challenging third density for those of planet Earth. And we would agree with this assessment of factors involved in the creation of a somewhat challenging Density of Choice for planet Earth, especially in regards to comparing it to the Density of Choice on the planetary energy called Venus.

For indeed in that third-density environment, there was less of a heaviness involved in the veiling. The free will was as marked as is the factor of free will upon your planet. However, there was, for the entities of Venus, a transparency in the veil which was just transparent enough to allow processes which you know as envisioning, journeying and dreaming to have a more robust life within the conscious processes, as well as the subconscious processes, of the entities in third density upon the planetary influence you call Venus.

This is, in fact, the one difference between the third density of the planet known as Venus and the other planetary influences of which you are aware.

The problem with the somewhat transparent veiling process upon third density is that the choice is not made in an atmosphere of boot camp. Therefore, when the third-density entity becomes a fourth-density entity, and then a fifth density entity, the energies move along with utmost smoothness until fifth density, at which time the lack of challenge in penetrating the veiling process shows up as a dynamic that is negative with respect to being able to work well with the opening of those energies of wisdom which seem dark to the naïve and unsophisticated seeker.

Consequently, the work and challenge came for those entities experiencing the [higher] densities on Venus’ influence instead of in third density. Those who graduated into sixth density from the influence of the planet known as Venus, then, have often, in coming back into third density on your planet to serve as wanderers, been faced with a very challenging, self-given agenda of learning. That agenda is in rebalancing love and wisdom in order to value them in such as way that they are able to interpenetrate each other in true sixth-density unity.

The benefit of the more impenetrable veil is that it creates for the third-density entity attempting to choose between service to self and service to others a stark and seemingly profound experience of suffering which this instrument would call Golgotha. 2 The third density of your planet calls forth from the seeking entity a purity of humility and surrender that is, in our humble opinion, a far more favorable plinth 3 upon which to build the character that will move through all the densities of your octave than the third density where there is always seen the benefit of teachers and the benefit of taking another entity’s word for something. Third density with a lighter veil creates a wonderful [place] for entities to put themselves in the teaching situation. And the system of guru and chela, as known among your Buddhists, is very similar to the kind of enjoyment that third density upon Venus created.

However, it was found, in this early third-density experience, that indeed there were difficulties in higher-density work that were engendered by the seemingly quick and easy move through third density. What this has to offer to those asking this question is our assurance that those within Earth’s third density at this time have received a powerful gift. In receiving such a difficult and challenging third-density atmosphere, you have faced those shadows that await you, if not in third density, then in more subtle work [in higher densities] where those shadows are more difficult to deal with. Your present environment is a powerful environment; powerful, that is, just as a loaded gun is powerful. The question is, “Where do you wish to aim this experience when you pull the trigger on tomorrow?” Where would you like to be headed? Because the choice of heading is indeed yours.

You are in a position, each of you, my friends, to make powerful and life-changing choices this day and every day because you must deal in faith alone. When you do choose to move in faith, the planet moves with you. You take the power of your being and focus it upon your intention, and that which you choose is chosen. We cannot express to you the power that you have over your destiny. We cannot express it, nor can anyone, because that which you choose must be chosen in faith alone.

What we can say to you, my friends, is that there is ample companionship for you. It is unseen, but it does not have to be unfelt. Ask for your guidance to be with you in these difficult days and in these difficult moments. For each of you has particularly difficult moments either at this time or in the near future.

That is the nature of these times, my friends. That is the nature of these somewhat inconvenient times. Nevertheless, they are times extremely fertile and rich in learning and in service. Please do not be concerned that you shall be responsible for some learning or for some service, for all has been, is and will be attracted to you as you are ready to express it.

Therefore, allow the spirit to move through you when you feel that it is your time to speak, your time to envision, your time to pray, or your time to heal. For when you sense the resonance of that moment and act upon it, all of the heavenly worlds support you, my friends.

Is there a follow-up to that query at this time, or another question at this time? We are those of the Q’uo.

We have another question. The question is: “As a practicing Reiki master teacher, I’m interested in what Q’uo has to offer about Reiki energy. Specifically, I’d like to know what can be shared about the nature of the physical and spiritual characteristics of this energy that, in my experience, can bring about profound improvements. What are the mechanisms by which Reiki energy can heal? How are the physical cells in the body affected by Reiki energy? Is it necessary for the recipient to believe in and accept Reiki energy for healing to occur? What’s the source of Reiki energy? Is Reiki energy protected or guided by higher spiritual beings?”

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query. We would ask the one known as Jim, after we have responded through this instrument, to review the questions upon this subject and to re-ask any which we did not touch upon in the first response. We thank the one known as Jim for this aid.

We are not aware, because this instrument is not aware, of the roots of the meaning of Reiki. We do not know this word as such. However, we examine the physical vehicle of this instrument which has experienced a great deal of Reiki energy given through various practitioners and masters of that art. There are, indeed, some strictures upon what we can say concerning this energy. However, we may touch upon some of the queries that were asked.

We would say that this energy is the energy of the one infinite Creator which is modified by its travel through the chakra system or the electrical body of the practitioner who is offering healing. It is not at all an energy which comes from the practitioner. However, it is helpful when thinking about offering Reiki energy to think about the concept which we have suggested through this instrument before in other applications of the being or soul as a crystal.

Each of you, both in the physical body and in the electrical body, has some of the characteristics of a crystal. Physically, in your watery body, you contain a great deal of that crystal substance known as water. And therefore your entire body may be easily tuned and magnetized to whatever vibration you wish to tune it. This instrument carefully tunes its physical body as well as its energy body before each session of channeling by singing hymns, offering prayers, and protecting the self by various means; calling the Archangels and focusing down into a more focused state within the physical body, the emotional body, and so forth. So does each entity have this ability to focus the energies of the physical body as if the body were a crystal and it could be tuned.

Now when the physical body is well tuned, it then may choose what kind of energy it will pick up—it chooses the radio station that it wishes to play, let us say. For a channel such as this one, the radio station is us. The channeler tunes the body, tunes the spirit, prepares itself, and then calls for the highest and best radio station in its capacity to receive. We show up. The instrument offers its faculties to us, and we speak through the instrument.

For a healer, it’s a slightly different contact, but it is the same kind of result. The practitioner tunes itself by aligning itself to open up its truest, deepest and most honest self. It tunes to its own highest and best self. This is one of those areas into which we cannot probe because of the fact that Reiki teaching is of a certain type, and we would not wish to infringe upon the teachings of this particular kind of energy work. Nevertheless, there is tuning involved, and it is a freeing kind of tuning where much of the self is dropped away that is irrelevant to the essential or core self, and that core self is freed from its normal strictures and allowed to become the dominant part of the mind, body and spirit.

This tuned being, then, this crystal, is now ready to carry energy. The energy that it receives comes into the crystal self as the entire spectrum of energies of the one infinite Creator. This power source is infinite, and the amount [of energy] that may be given at any given time is also infinite. The Creator is endlessly generous.

Now the nature of the activity within the crystal before the energy flows through the hands and from the body of the practitioner and into the energy system and the body of the patient, shall we say, is most closely approximated by a discussion, in brief, of the act of Holy Eucharist, or Holy Communion. In that rite of worship in the Christian Church, the body and the blood of the one known as Jesus the Christ is called into being either in literal or in symbolic form, and then is drunk by the communicant who receives the strength and the energy of Christ Consciousness.

In the Reiki energy exchange, infinite love comes into the physical and electrical body system of the practitioner of Reiki. That practitioner breaks itself open, blesses its unique vibrational characteristics, and offers them to the energy that is coming through. The energy that is coming through is then particularized and colored by the crystalline properties of the Reiki master, and the Reiki master blesses the resulting energy that is moving through it, and releases it in its altered form to flow into the energy system of the patient. Thereby, an impersonal, universal energy has been particularized and personalized by the genuine love and the open-hearted compassion of the practitioner.

This is not done in any kind of intellectual way. In fact, when intellect is applied to this art, it falls apart. It must be done from direct feeling. That is the way the heart thinks. The heart knows and then immediately it produces that which, in thinking, would be a process.

May we ask the one known as Jim to repeat the portions of the query about Reiki upon which we have not touched? We are those of the Q’uo.

“How are the physical cells of the body affected by the Reiki energies? And is it necessary for the recipient to believe in Reiki energy?”

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query. The energies of Reiki move through each cell, and their information is coded so that each cell may pick up the energy involved. Let us be clear in stating that there is no push or pull to Reiki energy. It is not something that is given. It is, rather, an environment that is created. For the time that the Reiki work is being done, the patient lies in an increasingly Edenic environment. The distortions that create illness are suspended. The crystalline nature of the energy pouring through creates an alternative environment, and if the person chooses to accept the new environment, healing may occur. If the person chooses not to accept the healing environment, then it is as if it never occurred. No harm has been done, but also no healing will have occurred.

It is not at all necessary for an entity who is being healed to believe that anything is occurring. However, it is necessary for the entity to accept the new configuration of energy. Some entities are completely able to do this without believing at all in the entire exercise. They are able to say, “Given that such a thing occurred, then I accept the healing.” It is not belief that is necessary, but the willingness to accept a new environment that is required.

We are those of Q’uo, and would ask if there is another query at this time.

We have a series of questions about names of various entities. What can you tell us about the original Yahweh, now a name. Is it a social memory complex? If so, what density did Jesus come from?

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query. The entity known as Yahweh is an inner planes entity, as opposed to an extraterrestrial entity. It is an essence native to this particular sun system which has been involved in the guardianship of the Earth sphere for thousands of your millennia. It is a combination of energies which are male and female. Rather than creating a hermaphroditic entity, however, this entity holds the energies of male and female in a sacred dynamic. One might as well call such as entity Adam and Eve, but it is both Adam and Eve. And it is not in any way, shape or form that which has been incarnate, but rather, it is of the angelic realm.

It is ironic in the extreme, we feel, that it is this entity which is responsible for creating conditions under which the male aspect of the species has become so unbalanced in its dominancy over the female aspect of deity, which in the original Yahweh energy was in perfect balance.

May we ask if there is a follow-up to that query, my brother?

Ra refers to this entity as unnamed, as Yo-Heh-Shin-Vau-Heh, and its meaning as “He comes.” Can you explain the abundance of names and non-names? And finally, Arcturus also means “He comes” and is an Egyptian name. Is the positive Yahweh from Arcturus?

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The entity Yahweh is not from Arcturus, but rather, as all angelic entities are, is part of the energy involved in your sun body. However, this entity has been involved with Earth, as we have said, for a great deal of your time. The naming of entities, and its seeming confusion, is due to the fact that in both lower and higher densities, naming does not necessarily occur. It is not necessary, for each thing has an unique vibration. Your vibration is a much more eloquent signature of your character than a name that has been given to you by someone who is not aware of the sacred nuances of your character.

The attempt to name essences and energies is generally done because there is a third-density being involved who feels more comfortable and more in control knowing the name of an entity, and not just how that entity feels.

The energies involved in Yahweh became aware that the work that they had done in creating an enhanced DNA signature for the human species had not had the results which had been hoped for. That entity moved into a time and space of deep and devotional meditation and prayer asking how it could begin to make amends for the mistakes that it had made.

The addition of Shin to Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh was chosen by Yahweh in order to adjust the vibrational nuances of its name in order to indicate Christ Consciousness. It is as if Adam and Eve changed its name to Emmanuel. There was a move from the feeling of the Old Testament to the feeling of the New Testament. That was a move from worth by being chosen people to worth by a certain level of consciousness which was love. This was indeed, for this entity, a valuable adjustment and one which has reflected down from the heaven worlds into the Earth world as that environment into which the one known as Jesus the Christ came.

Is there a follow-up to this query, or is there another query? We are those of the Q’uo.

I think R may have some questions from the internet group.


We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. And may we say parenthetically what a joy it is to be in touch with you and with all of those who visit with this group from a non-local location. It is a treat to us, indeed, to work with this non-local group and the enhanced energies that it offers for communication and for fellowship.

Anything that affects the physical body will have a rippling effect upon the non-physical or form-making or electrical or chakra body. However, it is impossible for us to pinpoint how physical effects ripple over into the non-physical, electrical body. It is completely the product of how each person’s chakra body is wired. Each entity is wired in a unique way. We do not mean that simply some entities have stronger red ray than orange ray, or stronger orange ray than yellow ray, and so forth. It is not only that to consider. There is also to consider how the chakras are wired within themselves and between themselves. The complexity of this, and the many, many different ways that people do set up their energy flow, make it impossible for us to discuss how diet and exercise and so forth would affect the energy body.

What affects the energy body most is the thoughts that one has. Therefore, if one is improving one’s diet, and is happy about it, the information of the improved diet moves into the chakra body as good news. If, on the other hand, an entity is plodding through a dietary regimen that is prescribed for an illness, but that entity is unhappy and feels constricted by this regimen, then the information that is given to the chakra body will be quite different. It will seem like a negative thing to the chakra body, rather than a positive thing, for the chakra body is not listening to the doctor nor is it listening to ideas that contain the word “should.” It is only listening to the feelings and the thought forms involved in the translation of physical effects into the feelings and the sensations of the body. A happy heart is more helpful to the chakra system than a good diet. A peaceful mind is more helpful to the chakra system than exercise.

There are times when it is wise to follow the needs of the electrical body and the chakra system rather than the needs of the physical body. We encourage all of those who must guard their health by means of diet, exercise and other regimens of this kind never to let duty press out the joy from the life. No matter how essential it is that the right things are eaten, and the right things are avoided in a diet, or how important various exercises are, in looking at the health of the entire organism, the faculty of joy is primary.

Find a way, if you must follow a regimen, to inject joy into it, and then even the bitterest of herbs, even the most stringent of diets, even the most aggravating of exercising routines will be part of that which makes you joyful, peaceful and strong. No matter how essential it is that you take care of your health, remember always that your health begins with thanksgiving, praise, joy and the open heart that embraces the Creator, the self, and all other selves as one beautiful, perfect, interrelated pattern of love and light.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

How may we increase the positive polarization of our connection?

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query. The key to increasing positive polarization with the Earth is to realize that the Earth is already positively polarized. You are not attempting to do anything to the Earth when you attempt to polarize positively with regard to it. You are joining it in its dance.

The Earth is dancing a dance of love and joy. Every flower and tree waves in harmony and ecstasy, dancing perfectly with all of the other elements of Creation surrounding it. We feel that many of you have had experiences where you tapped into this dance, the song of nature, the wonderful jig of Creation. Some of you have seen the mountains clap their hands, and the seas and the oceans leap for joy.

Enter into the joy of the dance of Earth! It is already ongoing. You have only to cast aside every doubt and every thought that would keep you from being purely an elemental part of Creation and join in its dance. Many have attempted to make this a complicated thing. It is not at all complex. It is a matter of shedding complexity and embracing what is.

We find that this instrument’s energy is beginning to wane. Thusly, we would ask for a follow-up to this question or for one final query at this time.

Is a non-local group better than a local group?

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We would not use the word “better,” as in saying that a non-local group is “better” than a local group. We would say that there is a difference. In a local group, there is a certain level or grade of energy which is possible for that group. It is that which is created by the members sitting in the circle, plus their unseen friends—their guidance system, angels that are with them, the rest of the social memory complex that overshadows wanderers and so forth.

When you create a non-local group, it is as if you’ve raised the energy or the plane of the group by one level. It is as if a flat circle has become a sphere. The non-locality of the group creates a more complex and intricate family system that is backing up the entities that are sitting in the group. Further, the fact that you are not local means that there is a global aspect to the group that is not obvious to the group when it is a local group. That is, a local group represents the planet, just as a non-local group represents all of humankind. However, it is not self-perceived as a group that represents all of humankind.

Whereas, in the perceptive web of each of those attending this session, there is a self-awareness that they are part of a planet-wide circle of seeking that is seeking to know the truth. This activates an enormous amount of energy on the inner planes of your planet and, indeed, in the surrounding families of those who serve to guide or offer angelic assistance to the members of the group. Consequently, it is a larger entity. It is an entity of a different level or quantum, and that difference is such that we are far more able to surf on the energy of the group in working with this instrument. So there is that aspect of a smoother and more universal channel which is opened through this particular instrument. So, as you can see, there are differences between a local group and a non-local group that cannot be accounted for simply by the numbers being greater in a non-local group.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

[No further queries.]

In that case, having greatly enjoyed each and every moment of our time together, we would at this time take our leave of you. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of the Q’uo. Adonai, Adonai.

  1. These two terms are used interchangeably by the Confederation sources. 

  2. Golgotha is the small hill outside Jerusalem upon which it is said that Jesus the Christ was crucified. 

  3. plinth: a flat or slab-like member at the base or bottom of a column, pier, pedestal, architrave or other architectural vertical member.