Question from A: What guidance can you offer for my spiritual seeking? What spiritual principles would you recommend that I take thought on in my development?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose name we come to you this day. It is a great pleasure and privilege to be called to this circle of seeking. We would thank each of you in this circle for carving out some time in your very busy lives to seek the truth.

As we experience this instrument slowly relaxing into a more penetrating clarity of focus, we realize the tenacious hold that the details of the day have upon each of you and we congratulate that effort to move to a more spacious point of view and to spend that precious coin of time in attempting to move to the center of your self, your being, your purpose, and your nature.

As always, we would ask each to use discrimination in responding to those things which we may have to say this day. Be aware that we do not always hit the mark with our comments and be guided by your own perceptions of relevance and interest. Look for the resonance of those thoughts that we share. If our thoughts are not resonant, we ask you to lay them aside and move on until you find something that truly opens your heart or engages your mind.

You ask this day concerning the situation of being in the midst of an incarnation and looking at the spiritual principles that may aid you at this point.

We find that there is much of the past which has been very productive in one way or another, my brother, in your seeking. There is a substantial amount of information which you have become fairly well able to call upon and to use.

We find, further, that whereas in many cases among your people, there is a lack of passion and determination to persevere in the spiritual life; this is not true of you. Your interest in seeking the truth is stable and you have won through those energies that test one’s decision to be of service to others.

We would say that there is much progress that you at the soul level and your guidance system will be very pleased to observe when you next meet after incarnation. You are at a point in your maturation spiritually, my brother, that you share with a great many others. You know many things and you have had some real success in applying those principles that you have learned so far.

Perhaps the principle we would suggest for you to consider at this time is that simple principle of oneness, the oneness of the system of which you are a part. It is easy to focus upon details, and in a way it is reassuring to focus upon details. If one is concerned with meditating, for instance, at the correct time, meditating in the proper posture, and so forth, there is a quantity of things to work on and a product that you can admire at the end of it—a finished meditation done properly.

However, my brother, you are at a point in your development where it is profitable to you to go deeper than the form of the meditation. It is time for you to become aware of yourself as part of an enormous, indeed, an infinite pattern. You are one with the Earth. You are one with humankind as a tribe. You are one with the Creator. You are one with truth, and the values of that system in which truth is a living being, that system of time/space, or the metaphysical universe, in which your soul and your spirit live and move and have their being.

It is time to move beyond what you know and what you can know, and to keep a part of your consciousness free to observe as much as you can of the larger picture into which all of the details of your life and your thoughts fit.

When one begins the spiritual search there is a tremendous eagerness for new information. There are many interesting and fascinating subjects which seem to pertain to the spiritual walk—and we use that term, walk, advisedly. The process of spiritual evolution is a journey and it is taken one step at a time.

It is not about progressing or chalking up accomplishments. Rather, it is about finding the grace to allow those things about you that are not serving you to fall away.

It is about beginning to penetrate your own outer self, that self that so fascinates the psychologists. Beneath that personality shell lies consciousness itself. You share that unified consciousness with every iota of the Creation. You put your own spin on it as it comes through you but you participate in the dance of being. You are not cut off from the pattern and its so-called implicate order.

Therefore, we would suggest that the principle that is most helpful to you at this time is that great principle of oneness which underlies and makes possible the universe and your own unique place within it. The adventure of seeking the truth can be seen profitably as caving. Remember, as a spelunker, to carry your lamp and keep it burning brightly. Hold faith itself to be your safety lamp, and replenish your battery by dipping into the silence of your own sacred space within your heart.

May we ask if there is a further query, my brother? We are those of Q’uo

I believe my son, Seth, has an activated fourth-density body. In thinking about this, what spiritual principles would I consider?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of you query, my brother. We can indeed confirm this dual-activated nature of your son. This entity experiences life slightly differently than do you because of this double activation.

In the short run, such double-activated entities have a difficult time, from time to time, in the growing-up process, as this instrument would call the process of developing into a mature physical being. The sense-awareness matrix of such entities allow more sensory input and as this instrument would say, it gets noisy in there from time to time, more so than an entity who is activated only in the yellow-ray physical body.

While this is inconvenient both for the child and the parents, there are advantages to being wired for both densities: the density that is now being experienced upon your planet and the density that is interpenetrating it. As this entity becomes a mature being, physically as well as emotionally, the inherent stability and toughness of the basic structure of the double-activated body will be of great help to this entity.

As the interpenetrating energies of green ray buffet this planet more and more, the challenge to all entities is to be able to face the truth of themselves clearly and straightforwardly. Double-activated entities have a head start in being able to become completely honest with themselves. This creates an atmosphere in which they may be more calm and serene under conditions which may seem challenging.

The forces of evolution create a forward movement which is the response of nature itself, shall we say, to the rapidly changing environment of planet Earth. We encourage you therefore to relax into an awareness of the rightness of such changes. They may sometimes seem to be those changes that are inconvenient. However, the overall plan is a good one and your child’s hope to serve as this entity desires to serve within this incarnation he is experiencing is not in vain.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

Do you have any suggestions for establishing and maintaining an optimal working space, metaphysically speaking, for teaching and learning in a high school classroom?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of you query, my brother. The conditions of an environment do not end with the dynamics of the dimensions of the room, the heat of the room, and so forth. A classroom is far more than a physical space. It is in some ways a cocoon where the larva enters to find a little quiet and time for thought so that he may ultimately emerge as a butterfly.

In some aspects a classroom is a sacred space. It is filled with souls. They have been thrown together by circumstance, and there is a rough influence from authority figures, such as principals and other entities which create curricula and give textbooks and so forth their place. Yet, at heart it is a place where the teacher and the students shall create together their environment, their experience in their path of learning and service together.

It is as much of a work environment for the children as it is for you, my brother. This is the practice that entities receive as children that is intended to train them to take their place in society as entities with a good work ethic and a good moral ethic in the ability to participate in their democratic environment as citizens.

Yet these are also flowers who need sunshine and rain. They are living entities with hopes and dreams; they suffer as much as any grown person. They struggle and they deal with a tremendous amount of incoming catalyst, just as do you, my brother. Yet, because of your situation you are the leader of this little band of souls. As an ethical person who is desirous of serving, we know that you wish to start with the first distortion 1 in considering how to move on in creating this environment of classroom.

The first distortion of the Creator’s universe is free will. In considering how to handle situations with your students, recall that principle and attempt to apply it to the situation at hand. All entities are deserving of respect, and their rights are in your hands. See what you can do to maximize their experience of personal freedom without minimizing your experience of a comfort zone for yourself and for the whole class.

The second distortion of the creation is that Thought which chose to create the universe that you experience at this time, and that the rest of those parts of the Creator that are we, this instrument, those in this circle, and everyone else, experience also. Remember, this love was so powerful that it set into motion those forces that have created all that you see and all that is unseen as well in endless and amazing order.

Find the springs of love within yourself that are not attached to any students or any personalities whatsoever, but are attached only to the Creator, so that you are seeing the Creator in these flowers of the field that have come to you. No matter what they are doing, their nature is love. Let the love within your soul respond always to that same love which lies within them. They may not have become acquainted with that portion of their personality, but as you look deeply within them, past the misbehavior and the personality quirks, and see them clearly, so shall they then see themselves as in a mirror for the first time and perhaps even begin to recognize their own true worth.

The third distortion is light, that light that manifests all things. A great part of your function, in terms of the teach/learning aspect of a classroom, is involved in this illumination. Information is the light of the mind; it is the food of thought. Encourage entities to think. If the curriculum as you look at it does not excite you, how shall you make it exciting for them? Therefore, as you prepare for your students what you do not find illuminating, move to one side and instead venture forth into those aspects of what you are teaching that you do find interesting and that you feel your class may find interesting as well.

Indeed, we would encourage you in this regard to pay close attention to the questions that you are asked, and to those subjects that are brought forward. There are often opportunities for teaching that lie completely beyond the bounds of any subject. Be bold at laying aside your textbooks and your lesson plans and saying, “Today we are going to talk about what you just said, because this is something that you need in life. You need to think about this.”

There is much that we could continue to say to respond to this question because in being a teach/learn learn/teacher, you are entering into a transaction that is of the most deep and profound character. When you, yourself, look back upon those forces that shaped your life, you undoubtedly recall special teachers that told you that you had worth and that sparked your interest, so that you wanted to know more. What were the characteristics that you loved about them? Think about that, my brother, and develop within yourself those characteristics that you most admired in your own favorite teachers and inspirers. For you are a voice in the wilderness to which they will listen. Circumstances have brought you together. Take this opportunity to maximize that environment for freedom, for loving, for learning, and for exploration.

Why is it that entities must go from their homes out into the world and engage in work? What is it that pulls people together for goals and ambitions that lie beyond the needs of survival? What is it to be human? What is it to learn? As you shape this environment for yourself and your students, ask these questions without having to answer them. Let them be those questions that open the windows and let fresh air into your own thoughts in the processes of your own professionalism as a teacher.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

Does the curvature in my spinal column indicate an energy blockage or imbalance which I will not be able to correct in this incarnation? If so, what is my best metaphysical response? Or does it indicate a condition which I set in place before incarnation? If so, what was the plan? Any thoughts which you would find helpful to share about my mind/body/energy and suffering I would appreciate hearing.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There are aspects of this query which lie beyond the boundaries of the Law of Confusion. 2 This is an active question in your own metaphysical development at this time, my brother, and so we will step lightly around part of your query and focus upon the response, which is the same regardless of the details of why you are suffering at this time.

In many cases, before incarnation there is set up a fail-safe system that kicks in if during incarnation if you as a personality shall forget to focus on that which you as a soul wished for the incarnation to be focused upon. In other cases there has not been a preincarnative arrangement made, but there has been sufficient difficulty within incarnation that there has been illness that has occurred.

In either case, when the suffering is part of your environment, the most skillful first assumption to make for a seeking soul is that it is a good plan. It is a plan to get your attention and it has succeeded. Therefore, you may give thanks that you have awakened within the dream of life to one of the aspects of this experience.

It is not usually a one-to-one or linear relationship between pain or suffering and the metaphysical reason for the pain. It is a comfortable and easy thing for outsiders to look at someone with a bad back or an ulcer or a cancer and say, “Oh, that person may be carrying too much, and that’s why the back hurts,” or “Oh, that person must be worrying too much and that’s why the ulcer is there,” or “That person must be feeling great anger inside and that is why the cancer is there.”

My brother, this is often not at all accurate. It is less linear and more filled with grace and charity than that. Being in pain or being ill is a way of narrowing your attention. It is a way of distracting an active and energetic soul from loitering on the playground of life when there is work to do in the classroom, for life itself may be seen profitably as a school.

The density of choice 3 is a certain type of classroom. Before incarnation you had a plan for this incarnation. You wished to learn certain things—not linear things, but rather qualitative things. And you wished to be of service.

You brought grist for the mill with you so that you could learn. You chose your parents and other relationships. You chose many more relationships than you actually needed, because you knew that you would move through relationships. So you have a great deal of redundancy in that system. You will not run out of good catalyst that will help you to learn.

You gave yourself gifts to share. You packed those in your bags when you came into incarnation. For this instrument, it is a singing voice, and she has sung throughout her incarnation. Everyone has little things that they can do that make others smile: a special dish that they can make or the way they greet you and obviously are enjoying your presence. Some people have that gift of hospitality. There is no end to the gifts that you can bring with you. Some are dramatic and others are not noticed, really, by those that are looking for accomplishments out there.

Trust that you have these lessons to learn and these gifts to share and that if your physical vehicle is acting in ways that limit your movement or your abilities, that part of the plan is not random. Part of that situation is for your profit as a soul. Upon what has this suffering caused you to focus? Upon what have you concentrated as a result of this catalyst of pain and suffering? Have you given thanks for it? Have you trusted a seemingly negative situation enough to offer honest and heartfelt thanks? We encourage thought along these lines, for it is in an atmosphere of gratitude and thankfulness that the beginning of the solution to the particular tangle of this puzzle will come to you.

When you assume that it is a helpful condition that is for your benefit as a soul, you shall begin to see the great gifts that illness offers. In the first place, to those who are overactive and overly distracted, it offers rest and the opportunity for leisurely thought and contemplation.

It offers you the opportunity to experience a tiny portion of the suffering of humankind as a whole. In your suffering you are one with the entity in Biafra who is starving to death, the entity in Iraq who is being tortured, the child in New Orleans who is being beaten, and the wife who is being brutally raped within the sanctity of her marriage. The suffering of the world is shadowed in your pain and you are a part of that dark beauty, a part of the whole that contains those dark notes. Rejoice, for you know the cost of living more profoundly than a healthy, comfortable person.

It is interesting that entities among your peoples know that they shall die and yet they fear it. Face that which is implied in suffering, that is, death itself, and know that this is a part of the experience of incarnation. Gaze firmly into the eyes of death. And when you have realized fully your mortality, open your eyes to the sunshine and the beauty of the night sky and know the privilege of living and suffering and sharing all things in this experience called living.

It is so intense when one is within incarnation and cannot see the greater pattern clearly, but we encourage you to find the very center of self that exists most triumphantly through any pain and suffering and so focus on that center of self that you are able to move into an environment that is free of anything, any sense input or intellectual input of any kind, and that simply contains the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

This instrument has at times been in a great deal of pain with rheumatoid changes to her skeleton and musculature, and the effects of those changes can be very limiting. Because this instrument is a Christian she used some of the holy words that she had learned as a child from her Bible. The phrase that she used over and over during this period was that which is found in the writings of the one known as Paul who said, “If I live, I live in Christ and if I die, I die in Christ, so whether I live or die, I am in Christ and Christ is in me.” 4 Substitute the words “unconditional love” for “Christ” and know that this is the reality of your experience, in or out of incarnation, in or out of pain.

You are unconditional love. You have poured that love into a package that carries you through this incarnation, but this is your nature. Use this experience of suffering, for it is there in order for you to use it. As you use it, you may find your situation changing. Your first job then, is to embrace this opportunity.

May we say that you are never alone when you are attempting to do something like this. Your guidance system is very close to you and you need only ask for it to begin responding to you. We, ourselves, are glad to be with you and mentally requesting us will bring us to you immediately. We are there to underscore your meditative efforts and help you to feel that feeling of support and encouragement that is so precious to the growing soul.

We thank you for this opportunity to speak through this instrument. The energy of this instrument begins to wane, and so we would suggest at this time that we end the session. We thank each and leave each in the love and in the light of the one Creator. We are known as the principle of the Q’uo. Adonai, Adonai.

  1. This terminology is typical of Confederation information. The Creator is a mystery without distortion. The first distortion to this mystery is free will. The second distortion is unconditional love or Logos. The third distortion is light. 

  2. The Law of Confusion is another way which Confederation channeling has of expressing the primal nature of free will. To invoke the Law of Confusion is to say that a question which has been asked cannot be answered by them without their violating the free will of the questioner. 

  3. Third density and the density of choice are both terms for consensus reality, the life we are living now on planet Earth. 

  4. The accurate quotation, from Paul’s Epistle to the Romans 14:8, in the Oxford Annotated Bible, reads, “If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.”