The question this week, Q’uo, has to do with the state of the world as perceived by those of us who are in it. We were wondering if you could give an idea, just in general, of the types of energies that are available now for people who wish to grow and how people who are able to open their heart in some degree can accept these energies and what you could expect in your daily life, your pattern of growth, the amount of catalyst, the ability to deal with it, and then contrast that perhaps to people who are having difficulty opening their heart, maybe not being able to do that at all, and the types of experiences they might expect from being unable to open their hearts to these energies. Could you tell us about the energies and how people are able to experience them with harmony and without harmony?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is our great privilege and pleasure to be with you. We thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking. You enable us to be of service to you by this request to share our thoughts with those who would seek to know them. That is our humble desire.

We assure you that we are very well aware that there is no way in which we can be an authority for you. We can only share our opinions and we must ask of you your most carefully discrimination as you listen to our thoughts. Please take only those that have resonance to you personally and leave the rest behind. We would not wish to be a stumbling block before you. We are, as you, fellow seekers, and are glad to share our experiences and our opinions. In order for us to do this in a free manner, therefore, we would ask you to be careful in your discrimination of what you accept to work with in your process. It is a very sacred thing to us to maintain integrity and freedom of will in our relationship with you. We thank you for this consideration.

To give you a complete and detailed description of the energies that you meet on all of the levels of orders of magnitude in your experience would be an exhaustive and lengthy process. Suffice it to say that the universe is a universe of vibration. The physical vehicle within which you experience life at this time is a fairly dull instrument compared to some of your other animal species in receiving those things that may be heard and tasted, sensed by the sense of smell, and so forth.

These very simple vibrations are not to be ignored. The temperature and the comfort of your physical vehicle has a sometimes powerful impact on the thinking processes of your being, keeping you focused almost entirely within very simple energies.

Overlaid to these purely physical experiences, like how warm it is and whether the wind is blowing, whether it is raining and so forth—all of which have very characteristic vibratory bouquets to offer your physical body, as well as your emotional and mental bodies—there are the metaphysical energies that are native to your planet and are not particularly swayed by the end of the age or considerations of that kind. You have a certain vibratory structure in this particular density of your universe as well as the other densities within that octave of densities that creates the universe that you know and see, and, as well, that reciprocal universe that is unseen and yet is felt in terms of its effects upon you, more and more.

These energies connect with you where you are working within your energy body. The infinite love and light of the one Creator flows through your body system continuously. The energy is caught by weakness or over-activation within a chakra or ray within the energy body, or perhaps a chakra is simply blocked completely because of serious distortions within that particular kind of energy.

Therefore, before one even moves into considerations of the so-called end of the age and its specialized waves of vibrations, one is already living at the center of a personal vortex of energies: energies that are incoming, energies that are flowing through, and energies that you are blessing by your thoughts, your intentions, and your actions, and allowing to go forth from you. Are you a lighthouse? Or do you turn out your own light? That is for you to decide and it does not have anything to do with the end of the age.

These are the energies of every day and they are indeed challenging enough. They are set up to aid you in receiving that catalyst that you need in order to create choices that move you forward. You have the opportunity at any time to accelerate the pace of your spiritual evolution by using the resources of your mind, your emotions, and your body in a disciplined way. And we always encourage each to look at each day with that sense of creation and authorship that you would if you were looking at a blank canvas and deciding what to paint.

There is a great deal of life as you experience it that seems to be intransigent and unable to be dealt with in any way except to accept what is. However, there is always a creative way to find the love, the thanksgiving, and the joy that are inherent in that pattern, however difficult it is.

It may be that you see the love in that moment coming from the beauty surrounding the situation, whether it is physical or whether there is something about it emotionally which is touching.

It also may be that you are the only love in that moment and that creates for you a tremendous opportunity to settle into your true vibration and share that with the situation. It may not change the outer situation, but your use of energy, your expenditure of energy at that time, has made a difference, not only in the local atmosphere surrounding the situation in which you applied love without judgment, but also because such energy expenditures are added to the fund of love upon planet Earth. For your energy expenditure, when it reaches the level of ethical choice, redounds to the tribe of humankind, not only to your own spiritual evolution.

In addition to these normal energies which buffet you as though you were a small craft in a very large sea, each and every day of your life, planet Earth and the surrounding planets as well are being buffeted by galactic energies which have to do with the fact that Earth, as you call this living being, is rotating and spiraling as is its sun system, into a new area of space/time into which it has not rotated previously.

It is time, in space/time and in time/space, for a new age to begin. It is an age with a different kind of energy and while it is not to be physically linked with the idea of fourth density or the heaven worlds, it contains more light than the light particles that you know of as the photon. Therefore, there is more information in this incoming energy from the new age.

To simplify this discussion, we will focus strictly on the time/space age which we would call fourth density. Trying to bring a physical body and a physical way of understanding transformation into the discussion is impossible for us. You will have to take it as given by us that our opinion of the process of physical death and transformation is that it is a natural occurrence which is very easy to do when the natural time for transition comes. Dying, as this instrument has said several times, is difficult, but the actual death is very easy.

We ask that you not concern yourself with such fear-based thoughts as what might happen to you that is difficult or challenging or causing death in the event of the interpenetration of third-density vibrations by fourth-density vibrations. This is not an occurrence that we see happening in your Earth world. We do not see a possibility/probability vortex at this time, in terms of the natural run of things in the metaphysical world that would cause a planet-wide catastrophe. Your planet has received enough love and understanding from the many, many groups around your planet that are attempting to communicate that love and concern and sense of stewardship and partnership with the Earth.

That which we do see as a possibility, and that which we would encourage you in all ways that you see to be helpful [to respond to], is the blocking of the pretensions of some of your leaders who are drawn by energies that they cannot explain towards the act of conflagration which would be a physical Armageddon.

Nature does not need a pole shift, so-called, at this time because the Earth’s people are waking up quickly at the grass roots level. Many of them cannot explain it. They cannot talk about it. They are not confident enough to be able to say anything about what is occurring to them to the world around them.

But what is occurring to them is that they are waking up and realizing that the goodness of themselves and the goodness of other people cannot depend upon governance but can only depend upon the self and the other selves in the local area about the self, so that more and more, people are becoming awakened to the possibilities of cooperation and peace done somewhat under the radar of government and the larger culture.

We believe that there is a tremendous possibility that these pockets of love and light and cooperation will begin to proliferate as loving people find other loving people and form local groups to solve local problems in all of the different areas of life.

However, the picture, regardless of the possibility of some man-made Armageddon, at this time is a picture of a time of graduation and harvest that is already occurring. Many of your people have already graduated. For the last thirty years, you have been receiving—as children coming through the normal processes of procreation—wanderers from your own fourth density who have graduated from your present third density [and who have] realized all of the many options available to them now that they are dwellers within fourth density, and have decided, naturally enough, that what they want to do in terms of service to others is to come right back to planet Earth and help the rest of the planet shift their consciousness to the value systems that are compatible with fourth density energy.

As you begin to settle into a fearless attitude towards the incoming vibrations from fourth density and the many waves of energy that are hastening the process, shall we say, or helping it mature appropriately from what this instrument knows as the central sun, there are increasing probabilities that, for each entity, the experiences that are to come will be substantial. They will not necessarily be heavy, for heaviness depends on how you emotionally react to the incoming catalyst. However, the nature of the fourth-density energies is one of the most transparent honesty and truth.

Under the light of this energy, or shall we say, under the influence of this energy, that which is within the mind and has been shut away as unworthy or undesirable, shall move from the shadowed recesses of that inner closet into outer manifestation. There will be a situation in your life or a person in your life or just an inner thought process that will show you the shape and the basic feeling that you have about this hidden part of yourself. That’s the key to understanding how to work with these incoming energies.

Resistance, as this instrument remembers the Borg saying many times in Star Trek, is useless. These energies have an intended effect of helping individuals who are attempting to awaken to see the shape, the texture, the odor, and the nature of those parts of the shadow self that have not yet been recruited to be a part of your round table of white knights.

Remember that knighthood is that which is attained by warriors. In working with these energies, see yourselves as warriors for light and truth, let yourself become fierce. Do not be afraid to gaze at the murderer within, the liar within, the adulterer within, the lazy person within, or whatever other distortion hits your attention with all of the power of a harsh wind or a severe rain. Stand in the wind, glory in the rain, and give thanks.

When you are giving thanks for this catalyst, you are releasing from yourself pride and pretension. You are emptying your mental pockets of all of the tools that you have in the everyday world that are supposed to fix things. You empty yourself of these tools because that which is hitting you is not to be dealt with from the level of third density. It is to be dealt with from the level of fourth density. There is no concern as to what this means, my friends, for you have heard it many, many times, in many different ways. You are love. You are light. You are all that there is. You are not going anywhere. You are never at risk.

When you begin to get a sense of the eternal and infinite nature of your soul stream, and when you realize that you are here at this time specifically to be hit with this truth and this shining light, that realization may help you to firm up your determination to take advantage of this opportunity. You are not responsible for what you see coming in. Your area of responsibility is in how you respond.

This is not a call to martyrdom, my friends, but rather it is a call to ethical behavior. It is an encouragement to make of life a spiritual, sacred, game in which you attempt to move yourself from the still point where you neither love others greatly or yourself greatly. We encourage you to make a choice. If you wish to polarize in service to others, start gazing at others with the realization that you are here to help them just as they are here to help you. Open your minds to the creative question of what seed might you plant that may be helpful.

You also asked concerning the experience of the energies as felt by those who do not at this time find it possible to move through those actions which open the heart. Those entities are divided into two very distinct categories. We would first speak briefly of the category of those who simply have not awakened. They have not polarized and therefore they are not experiencing the same level of life as this group which has asked this question. They are completely involved in the local cultural processes of moving through life.

It is quite possible for such entities to make graduation and harvest, for the energies of graduation and harvest have to do with unconditional love, it is not a book-oriented test. It is not an information-oriented area. The final will simply be your vibration at the time of your death. If it is a fourth-density vibration, you will graduate. If your vibration is still involved in the earthly things from the standpoint of Earth, you will continue to spend time on an earth-like planet until your eagerness and your hunger for more has driven you to move beyond that particular so-called box.

Those who have not awakened, however, may well be experiencing a good bit of illness and shortened lives because of the difficulty of dealing with energies that are full of truth hitting body, mind and spirit when that body, mind and spirit complex is not able to bear the truth or even realize what the truth looks like.

This is, in a way, unfortunate, and yet in another way it is the natural concomitant of an entity who has decided at some level not to do conscious spiritual work at this time. When an entity has decided not to move forward, it is inevitable that the entity starts moving backwards.

And you see, my friends, in many of those who are fundamentalist in their beliefs and very rigid in their dogma and doctrine, in whatever religious and political system to which this applies, the contraction into fear and the tendency to see all things in very black and white tones, when in truth it is truly a rainbow universe with not only black, white and shades of gray, but the most outrageous combinations of bright and creative colors, as entities have emotion, express suffering, and find in all sorts of energy exchanges more and more truth, more and more light, more and more grace, so that which they understand or feel begins to be coherent and they begin to achieve a metaphysical stature. This is the kind of work which begins to equip one to deal in fourth-density ways with third-density catalyst.

The last category, of course, is those service-to-self oriented entities who have decided that their way to the Creator is to love themselves more and more purely and to attract to themselves those entities which will help them and then put them to work as, shall we say, slaves or very obedient servants. You may see this kind of structure in place in organizations like your armed services and some of your churches.

The truth of the service-to-others polarity is just as viable as the truth of service-to-self polarity: no more and no less. Therefore, it is not surprising that some entities choose the service-to-self polarity. We are not of that polarity and have never been drawn to approach that polarity. We have found that the Creator of this particular sun system, of which we are also a part, has a bias towards service to others.

And we find that it is a straighter and more muscular path, one that is more fun to work with and one that yields a much greater harvest as one moves on. It is straighter, my friends, because one does not at some point have to switch polarities. For the negative polarity can only go just so far. Nevertheless, from the standpoint of an entity choosing between service to self and service to others, it is a very viable choice.

For those who have not opened their heart because they refuse to do—and that is the conscious choice of a service-to-self entity—the incoming vibrations will not be particularly troublesome. Such entities have long chosen to put themselves under the most rigid discipline. Emotional affect does not serve them. Being out of control in any way does not serve them. Consequently, they cope very well with a surprising amount of difficult catalyst because they really have to be firm in their desire to love themselves and very confident before they can make any progress whatsoever in that very difficult polarity.

We do not see a great deal of the global surface being filled at all thickly with those who have made the service-to-self choice. However, those who make the service-to-self choice have a tendency to seek earthly power as well as inner power and consequently they tend to create systems of governance which tend towards the enslavement of some beings for the benefit of others. We would ask entities who wish to think about this further to gaze at the world scene with those particular thoughts in mind.

The query asked what the state of the world was from the viewpoint of the people on planet Earth. We cannot answer that very well. We do not have the viewpoint of people on planet Earth. We have a somewhat detached viewpoint. We have the viewpoint which sees the perfection of the pattern.

We see the economy with which this time of inevitable transformation is progressing. We encourage each to realize that they are powerful. Each and every one of you is a sun, radiant, infinite and loving. As you sit in this circle in the gathering twilight, feel the power of your combined love and let it bless the world from your open hearts.

We thank this group for this query and would ask if there is another query at this time. We are those of Q’uo.

I had lung surgery a little over two months ago and I am in extreme pain all of the time. I am going to my doctor weekly. I’ve been to an acupuncturist and am going back this week. I’m going to start going to a social worker who specializes in pain management and I have an appointment with a pain specialist doctor in three weeks. I’m doing everything possible. Is there any other suggestion of what I can do to relieve this pain?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We thank you for this question and would offer our sympathy as you experience suffering, as we offer sympathy to all who suffer. We shall not insult you by suggesting that your pain is not real. What we do suggest is that there are ways to think about what you are feeling that are helpful in terms of becoming able to remain untouched internally by the discomfort that you are experiencing, no matter how fell and intense it may be.

The first asset that we would encourage you to consider is the strength of your own love of life. If you are glad to be somewhere, the discomfort involved in being there is less. Therefore, in your mind, ask the witness that is within you to pay more attention than you have been to the little things. For it is in the little things that sacredness most often shows its face.

Gaze at a blade of grass. Gaze at the shape of a leaf. Look at the quality of the sunlight as it dapples through the forest and touches your skin. See the color of something that creates in you a feeling, whether it be in a painting or a color on a wall or a point of decoration. Note that moment when you responded and know that you are part of the dance of all that is and what you see is only that part that awaits what you give back to it.

Feel yourself not as an entity in pain but as an entity that is part of an incredibly complex and yet harmonious dance. Let your spirits move outside the limitations of your body. The more spacious your universe, the smaller a physical pain.

Secondly, develop for yourself an intention. When this instrument happened to be in a great deal of nerve pain from the shoulders, spine, neck and arms, after a good deal of searching for a good focus for intention, this instrument, because of her Christian background and because of her love of science fiction, chose two points of focus. One was intended to take away physical fear. The other was intended to take away mental fear.

To take away physical fear, this instrument used a quotation from the Holy Bible. The sense of that quotation was, “If I live, I live in Christ and if I die, I die in Christ. So whether I live or whether or die, I am in Christ and Christ is in me.” 1 This always allowed this instrument to return to a state of fearlessness. Fearlessness is the key to working with pain. That is most helpful.

The other point of focus was a short phrase taken from the first edition of Star Trek and that was, “Faith, the final frontier.” 2 It helped to remind the instrument to pick up faith, jump into it; throw yourself at it and don’t wait to be convinced. That is emotional fearlessness. It sufficed for this instrument. It would probably not suffice for another human being. We use this example because this instrument gave us permission and because it shows the kind of work that you do in order to toughen the mind and become an athlete in dealing with pain.

The remaining resources simply have to do with recognizing that some pain is important to note and other pain is simply noise and not signal. That pain management approach that you are now investigating will offer you many helpful resources, we are sure.

Is there another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

We have several major cultural traditions here on Earth and they’ve evolved over some time but some trends are rather constant. Was most of our culture developed here on Earth or was it brought from the main places that humans have come from on other third-density planets?

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. Your use of the word “culture,” my brother, makes it difficult for us to be accurate in our discussion. We shall perhaps answer a question that you had not asked and for this we apologize.

The underlying and fundamental nature of all of the various planetary groups that have come to Earth are enough different that they constitute a certain dynamic which, if played wrongly, is a clashing tone cluster. If played correctly, it is a triumphant symphony. Your peoples do indeed have aspects of their archetypal minds that are significantly different, one racial or planetary group from another.

The unfortunate state of affairs among your many peoples is that one particular racial and planetary group, that which came from Mars, worked in Atlantis, and is now, through many repetitions of history, experiencing power upon the globe at this time, [and] has held onto its place in the world scene far beyond its natural time of rulership of the way planet Earth feels and thinks. We cannot call it a culture because your planet has not allowed culture to progress to the point where the various archetypal minds of planet Earth begin to collaborate with their many common points, since all are citizens of planet Earth and all have come through the gates of incarnation.

You have not realized, among the many planetary entities and resulting racial groups, the possibilities of collaboration, the choices of the Atlantis bunch, shall we call them, being heavily involved in the masculine virtues of aggression and the ability to make war and conquer, which have distorted the gifts that all entities upon the planet have to offer.

The culture that does exist upon your planet is in little spots here and there where you will note that there is a radiance and a positive energy that is discussed by many. Such centers of spiritual aliveness can be found by those who begin to seek for direct experience with such energy. It is truly said that when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear.

We encourage you to consider being part of the creation of a culture. Examine what you know of your own family culture, of the culture of your city, of the culture of your geographical area, and of the culture, such as it is, of your nation. What has been lost that could be again found? What songs that are not listened to could again be sung? What pictures could be drawn that have not yet been encouraged by teachers and authority figures? What creative possibilities are latent within the archetypal minds of your people when they are not deadened by giving up their creative nature in order to belong and to spend time involved in those things which are not creative but rather comforting?

May we ask if there is a final query at this time?

I don’t have a query. I wanted to say thank you for your words in the past and for the energies and for all of the help with the painful situation I’ve been dealing with. I very much appreciate it.

We are those of Q’uo, my sister, and the pleasure is all ours.

Is there a final query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

[No further queries.]

If there is no further query at this time, then we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. The quotation is from Romans 14:8: “If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.” 

  2. The opening credits of the original Star Trek, as well as Star Trek Next Generation, began with the words, “Space! The final frontier!”