Question from M: In this situation in which I find myself, I can see a fundamental pattern. I see some fear and resistance around becoming more determined! I fear to trust in the use of my own talents in music, business and other things. Therefore, I remain in a threshold zone, repeating experiences until I destroy this deep fear. By experiencing this situation of the lack of a job, the feelings of uncertainty and hazard, and the load of the responsibility to support and provide for my family, how can I process this experience to transform the inner chains I still have as fear and pride?

(Carla channeling)

We are the principle known to you as the Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this evening. It is a profound privilege and pleasure to be called to this circle of seeking and we express gratitude and thankfulness that you have given us an opportunity to share our opinions with you. It would be helpful to us if you are very careful, as you listen to our thoughts, using only those thoughts that resonate to you and feel alive and useful. Those thoughts to which you do not respond in this way are thoughts that miss their mark, and we will ask you to leave them aside.

If you will discriminate with care, that will allow us to speak freely without concern for possible infringement of free will. So we thank you for this consideration.

My brother, the query that you place before us is rich in thought and depth of insight. There is in the query itself a great deal of useful self-knowledge, an overview that is often not seen in those who are seeking the truth.

It is easy to become involved with the seeming chaos that occurs when one’s outwardly physical concerns are not as you would wish them to be. It is easy to become deafened by your own self-doubt when things have gone awry in the outer world. It is a more mature spiritual being who is able to see underlying themes and repetitive energy expenditures that have not served as you would wish your energy expenditures to serve you. For that we commend you, my brother. It is far easier to speak with one who sees more clearly into the ways of the self.

Now, let us look at that word, self. This instrument has been reading a book entitled New World by Ekhart Tolle. This material, which she and the one known as Jim have been reading in their Morning Offering sessions, center upon the nature of the self. It is synchronistic that your query happens to involve this concept deeply.

My brother, you are aware that in our way of thinking all things are one. The Creator and you are the same. Yourself, therefore, at the deepest level, is the self of the Creator. Your I is the I AM of the godhead principle.

Moving a bit closer to concensus reality, moving down from an infinite Creator who is a complete mystery to the half-revealed mystery of that expression of unconditional love that this instrument call Jesus the Christ, it may be seen that you are one with the unconditional love and compassion which Jesus the Christ carried upon his human shoulders as the regal robe of kingship that was his.

You also, my brother, are royal. Every soul in the infinite reaches of the creation is heir-apparent to creatorship.

So, what is this self that you think that you are? It is an interesting question, for there is a part of you that is asking the question of the rest of yourself. It is interesting, my brother, to see how the personality begins to disintegrate upon careful examination.

Indeed, your culture is not oriented towards helping you to move deeper into the nature of the self. The somewhat materialistic culture of what you are part tends to identify the self by various things about the self.

Each entity chooses distinguishing characteristics which are their favorites. They can include sexuality, racial origins, types of skills, whether at work or at play, and so forth.

Your culture does not have an interest in your moving deeper into who you are. It would be happy to see you define yourself by how well you are doing in the eyes of the world.

There are, in your own patterns and structures of personality, favorite quirks and things about the self that feel important. It is a rich round of characteristics to examine in a contemplative fashion, looking at the nature of each quirk, what its possible origin might be and what it shows, the way a scar can show an injury under the skin.

You spoke of using the catalyst that you are now receiving, which is trying to find a job and being concerned about taking care of your family, in order to work on those areas you feel are the most significant, namely fear and pride.

We are speaking now of pride. Pride is the self which is aware that the self has virtues. It is not that it is incorrect to be aware of your virtues, any more than it is wrong to be completely aware of your weaknesses. However, when there is an emotional charge to the awareness of one’s traits, that emotional charge creates something to defend.

The one known as Eckhart commented upon this concept, saying that was characteristic of the unconscious or egoic self, that it liked to be right and, therefore, it identified others as being in the wrong. Structures which include pride, no matter what the source, are structures that tend towards splintering the light and dividing the power of love into smaller and smaller fractions.

It is difficult indeed for an entity that is more intelligent, more creative, and with a more mature spiritual point of view than most to avoid feelings of satisfaction at the distance traveled so far. However, often it is that times of difficulty offer the positive effect of bringing one to one’s knees and making one realize that of oneself, one can do nothing.

The humbling of a proud man is a gift that is difficult to receive, we are aware. Yet at the same time, there are gifts at the end of the process of emptying your pretentions. One gift is that you are indeed empty, with nothing to prove and nothing to defend. In that state of emptiness, you then may ask to do the will of the one infinite Creator, to serve with love, compassion and a far more directed will.

When one does not distinguish between tasks and when one does one’s tasks with love, all tasks are equal. Pour your pride, then, into a new vessel and let it be transformed into the will to serve at whatever lies before you in this day.

If you are able to find an exalted place of employment that stretches your creative abilities and offers you a great deal of the world supply, then do that work with absolute love and passion, do your best.

And if fortune sends you labor that you feel is beneath you, yet you can do it, and it can pay the bills, then find the love and the pride that you would take in that exalted work and apply it with utmost integrity to the work that lies before you to this day.

Do not distinguish between kinds of work but rather focus, in all that you do, on creating a poem of your love and your movements in the work of your hands, your mind, and your heart.

Speaking of fear is a different matter, my brother. Fear is that contraction which occurs when one feels that one is at risk. Since life itself is a bad risk, ending surely in death, it is the human condition to experience fear. The universe is unfathomable and uncontrolable. Why should there not be fear within the heart of all beings who are able to watch while difficult and challenging situations occur all around them? It seems a dangerous place to be, planet Earth, does it not?

And yet fear is not greatly to be desired by the seeker of truth. What is there to fear? This instrument immediately responded to our question with thoughts of the fear of going hungry; the fear of being without four walls to call your own, and other fears that are concomitant to not finding a job, and finding it difficult to make ends meet.

These are very real and substantial fears. And yet we sense in your query a deeper fear, and that fear we can address, in such a way that perhaps it affects the fears within the outer world.

In truth, there is nothing to fear.

You are dwelling within a certain kind of illusion and your consciousness has created about itself a physical vehicle which moves this consciousness around. It offers a great deal of benefit to the consciousness inhabiting the physical vehicle.

When something occurs that creates an unviability to the physical vehicle, your consciousness will move onward without a break. You shall continue.

At heart, then, there is nothing to fear. For any circumstance whatever is as it is, until it changes. The changes are inevitable. The only question is the timing. You shall always, in this density of choice that is the Earth world, find yourself in the process of change and transformation.

If the fear that you feel is at heart a hollow thing, it is a matter of becoming more aware of the dynamic to fear. The dynamic to fear is love. Fear and love do not coexist, any more than light and dark coexist.

And just like light, love cannot be killed by fear. It shines even in the most hostile environment, just as does light. Even the light of a tiny candle creates a significant glow and illumination to the eye. The love within you is waiting for you to embrace it. It is something that you can do quite consciously. However, there is a significant amount of discipline involved in availing yourself of the catalyst that is incoming at this time, and using it in a positive manner.

When you sense fear within yourself, do not devolve into an inner atmosphere of self doubt and upset. Look at that fear. Intensify that fear. Become fully aware of your fear. And then ask for its opposite. Allow yourself to become aware of love, that love that flows all around you at all times; that love of the one infinite Creator which is without any limit.

Let that feeling of unconditional love lift you and help you to glow as if you were a lighthouse carrying this wonderful Pharos 1 of love and light that express through you. Feel that glow, and know that it is as real and as true about you as the fear that you are carrying.

You are not attempting to destroy your fear. We encourage you, rather, to think of it as a balancing mechanism. The human condition will always include fear, but it can at the same time include an equal and balancing amount of love, so that you as a being are one of 360 degrees, the light and the dark, the difficult and the easy, the sorrowful and the joyful.

You can allow yourself to continue to work with those things about yourself that you feel need work: the pride, the arrogance, the fear, the concern, the awareness of risk and hazard where you would far prefer to be competent. The details of your personality will take time to show themselves to you.

We encourage you, as you do this work, to remember that you are the Creator. You are the Redeemer. You are all the roles of godhead. Therefore, it is up to you to judge yourself or to refrain from judging yourself and to look to the purity of your intentions to asses your true worth. If the voice within you condems you, who, then, shall save you?

Let the voice within you be a voice of encouragement, strength and grit. Let all of those deeply anxious feelings be turned into perseverance and the determination to live well. When your focus is on living well, serving in as beautiful a manner as you can, and remembering the one infinite Creator in all your devotions and all your days, you will find it less and less easy to waste time doubting yourself. For you shall be focused on the goal of serving in such a way that when you look back upon your life, you will see a poetry and the grace and the symmetry of your intentions, your thoughts, and the projections of your creativity.

We would encourage you, my brother, to bolster this work with a gift to yourself: sacred time. It is sometimes fiendishly difficult to carve out for yourself a true experience of inner silence. And yet, in whatever way is most meaningful to you, we would encourage your securing for yourself those moments to be alone with your seeking, your quest, and your hopes and dreams.

Nourish and encourage yourself with silence. Wether it is the silence of nature or the silence of some form of formal meditation or whatever your choice may be, give yourself that strenghtening gift, for in that silence are connections to your personal guidance system and many, many other sources of inspiration and comfort within the inner planes as well as elsewhere.

We ourselves are always glad to be part of your meditation in order to strengthen your basic meditative state. You may ask for our presence by mentally requesting it.

It is well to remember that while this work is extremely solitary, in that it is inner and subjective, nevertheless, you are never alone. The hosts of the unseen worlds vibrate in sympathy with those who seek the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Your hopes and your seeking and your persistence draw increasing numbers of helpful souls to you.

We would leave you with encouragement to believe in yourself, to have confidence in the worth of your thoughts, your being, and your dreams. You have before you a pattern that is challenging indeed. See what you can do to cooperate which that which you find before you, always pulling back for a wider view, a view that sees the curve of the Earth rather than the streetlamps, the trees, and the houses.

You live in both worlds. The key to living in this one is to live well in the unseen world of your thoughts, your intentions, your insights, and your integrity in seeking the truth.

May we ask you at this time, my brother, if ther is a follow up question, or another question?

[Transcript ends.]

  1. Pharos is a peninsula in northern Egypt near Alexandria where Ptolemy built a lighthouse that was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World in ancient times. Any lighthouse can now be called a “Pharos,” through long usage.