(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Laitos. Greetings in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is our pleasure and privilege to be with this instrument and with each of you this day. We are most privileged and pleased to be able to work with this group of developing channels. We want to thank each of you for offering yourselves to this service. It is our hope to work with each of you. As always, in all that we say through any of the instruments here present, please take the ideas and concepts that have resonance to you and leave the rest behind for we would not be a stumbling block to any. We thank you for this consideration.

We would like to do some story telling this afternoon. We shall move about the circle, clockwise from this instrument and shall attempt to work with each of you. While each of you is not channeling we ask that you continue to tune your instrument, sensing into the energy that is moving in a clockwise fashion around the circle and leaning into that clockwise motion of shared energy which strengthens the contact for all of the group.

We would like to experiment with refraining from identifying ourselves at each shift of contact and instead moving ahead with the story so that the continuity of the story is enhanced. However, if any of you wishes to state, “I am Laitos,” as a part of your personal working with this energy that is entirely acceptable.

Once upon a time there was a very special angel who was floating on a cloud in the heaven worlds of your planet. She very much wanted to become a person and live an incarnation on planet earth. And so she went to the head angel to ask if it would be possible for her to leave her cloud and to come into the dust and dirt of the earth plane for she thought that she might be able to serve the cause of love in incarnation.

We would transfer this contact to the one known as G. We are those of Laitos.

(G channeling)

When she was before the head angel experiencing… explaining that she wanted to experience life on the earth to its fullest, the head angel inquired of her. “Since you carry a feminine energy, do you want to remain as a feminine being on planet earth or would you like to experience the opposite gender as earth people know the opposite to femininity.” She thought for a moment and she said, “Oh, I want to have the fullest experience possible and I know what it is to be the carrier of feminine energy. In this life on earth I want to carry the masculine energy,” and so the head angel said, “So be it.

The head angel asked, “You know something about the climate on the earth and the different cultures, so do you have a preference as to where you would like to live on the earth?” And this angel said, “I know all about the sublime climes of the heaven world and I know how comfortable it is here and how good it feels to be here, so I want to experience an environment that would not be so easy for me.”

The head angel asked, “And where might that be?” And the angel replied, “I would like to go into one of the darkest jungles, that is located where earth beings call the equator where it is very hot and it is not as comfortable as it is here.” And the head angel said, “So be it.”

The head angel asked, “Are there any other requests that you have for this life that you are going to be living on the earth?”

And I now pass this to the channeler on my left who is known as C.

(C channeling)

The next question that came to the angel who wanted to be a human was, “In what type of family would you like to be incarnated with?” And the angel stated that he would want to learn the lessons of love—that would be the reason for going. Therefore, a family who had experienced great hardship would be the family that the small angel would like to incarnate into. So the head angel gave the choices and put them in front of the small angel and said, “You will have the choice of several families to choose from. The one I would suggest would be the one who has lost a child and won’t be able to give you much love as you go in.”

The small angel took the suggestion of the head angel and said, “This will be the family that I will be born into.” The small angel was able to look forward into its life and see the major lessons that would come to him. As he saw these things he got excited about the coming incarnation that he would have. He knew that he would have a sister that would be born after him; that he would be able to take some of the love that his parents had given to him and give to his sister.

The head angel also showed the small angel that this sister would have physical difficulties and the small angel was very excited about learning the lessons of love with his sister.

The only thing left to do was to choose the type of death that would be coming at the end of the lifetime and this would be a difficult choice but one that needed to be looked at before going into the incarnation. So the head angel suggested that the small angel look at the different options available and see which form of death would be the one that would suit and benefit him for the largest lessons in love.

He considered that one of the best lessons would be learning how to forgive. Therefore, the small angel chose a death that would be at the hands of one that he loved. Therefore, he would be able to learn to forgive for the loss of life which would be one of the greatest lessons of love.

I now turn over the contact to the one known as L1.

(L1 channeling)

And the head angel said to the small angel, “You’ve undertaken… you’re about to undertake a most difficult yet rewarding activity. And there may be times when this activity that you’ve undertaken on the Earth will feel overwhelming. And I will give to you a gift to bring you back to remembrance of where you come from. This is the gift of song.

So the head angel also said that by this activity in coming into incarnation you bring back to us awareness and knowledge that benefits us and [inaudible] so do what you can and so the small angel came down into an area, a tribal area, and was born accompanied by the sounds and songs of the people she came into be with and the drumming and chanting and the singing.

These were used by her people to help bring about their survival in the jungle areas; survival where there were perils all around from animals in the jungle to other tribes that were hostile.

And this young angel grew up in the tradition of this group to be the type they called “the warrior” and learned from his youngest age to deal with weapons, battle, survival in this environment of the jungle.

I now pass this story on to the channeler on my left.

[M said she would pass the story on to T.]

(T channeling)

As this young angel grew and progressed in its culture and its environment, it began to notice many areas of pain and discord scattered amongst all of the beauty that there also was to behold in his life. There was great sensitivity of being that he experienced and the juxtaposition of the pain and ugliness and the beauty and delight of his life caused him to move back and forth from anger and confusion to unbelievable longings of peace and love and understandings.

This confusion of energies caused him to begin to lose the remembrance of the song which was to be a ticket to his true inheritance. But at the same time, this confusion planted a great seeking and a great longing to find some way to bring order out of the chaos that his life was becoming.

I will now pass this contact on to D.

(D channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are with this instrument. We interrupt this story briefly to assure each that the conditioning wave of which you were speaking earlier is being offered to each so that whether or not you are able to pick up the impressions that we are offering at this particular moment, please be assured that we are working with each of you and we feel that each of you is making progress.

We would resume the story of the angel with the one known as J. We are the ones known as Laitos.

(J channeling)

The angel as the young boy, as he was learning the ways of the tribe that he found himself in, was confronted with the needs of his people, the needs of his environment, the needs of his own body, its feeding and its comfort, and this in contrast with where he had come from where he had no needs, he had no outside pressure requirement of him other than to be and this caused great pain and discomfort within his being. Yet at the same time he was beginning to forget that which he came from, he was beginning to forget the angelic realm that was his origin. He was only remembering in the dreams that he had when he was sleeping.

Each day then he would find himself moving deeper and deeper into being a human, to being a tribal member, of dealing with the constant requirements of life on earth and he felt a deepening sadness growing within him. One night when he dreamed he remembered the singing, the singing in the heavens and remembered his own singing, or was it his own? He did not see himself as a boy, he saw himself as a creature that was capable of great beauty and that beauty came out in his voice and so when he awoke next, he remembered that dream which seemed so very real to him that he felt he could break out in song.

And thus, he began his singing within his tribe. First, by himself in areas where he would not be detected, for he was self-conscious about this and wondered whether or not he would be accepted or not in this singing because it was not natural to his people to break out in song in the way he felt compelled to do so.

But one day another heard his song and was compelled to confront him about the song and the origin of this song and the meaning of this song.

We now pass this communication on the channel on the left known as L2.

(L2 channeling)

The one who over heard him singing was his little sister. It brought her joy to hear his song and when she told him that he sang for her because he felt safe with his little sister having taken care of her since she was born, loving her with her physical difficulty. She was confined to the hut a lot of the time because she was immobile. So when he sang in the hut when no one was around but her she was the only one to hear him. She encouraged him to spread his song.

He was apprehensive to do so but felt that the people in his most immediate vicinity in the little circle of huts that he was a part of would be receptive to his song. She desired to sing with him and thus encourage him.

And so they sang together in the middle of everything, in the middle of people going from here to there and living their lives and going about their business, the two of them stood together, her beside him in the middle of the grouping of huts and they just let out their souls without worry because the two of them were together to support each other.

People did not take notice at first but one by one people stopped and listened to the song and as one person stopped and another person stopped and they stood together to listen which attracted yet another person and eventually they had quite a little group around them and the people did not mind at all, in fact, they enjoyed standing there smiling, watching these two children enjoy themselves because their light flowed off of them and to the audience and the audience appreciated this light and it fed them too, and soon everybody was stomping a foot or clapping hands and smiling and laughing with the two children.

We pass this contact on to R.


(Carla channeling)

The villagers asked the young boy where he had learned this beautiful song and the young boy replied, “I learned it in a dream, or perhaps I remembered it in a dream, I do not know. I am not sure. I only know that it is my song. It feels right to sing my song.”

“What does it mean?” asked one of the villagers. Again, the young man said, “I do not know, but I feel the love that pours through me when I sing the song and somehow I know it speaks of times that are easy, where we have it hard, I know it speaks of healing, where we are poor and ill nourished. It speaks of rightness and goodness for I feel these energies flowing through me when I sing.”

We would transfer to the one known as G.

(G channeling)

As time went on the young man and his younger sister became the object of high esteem in his tribe. Then one time when they were singing out in the midst of the huts—out in the center space that had been cleared for such gatherings, a terrible storm came up so quickly that the lightning was flashing, the thunder was roaring and before the young man’s sister could get back into her hut, their hut where they lived with their parents, a huge bolt of lightning caused a tree limb to fall on her and she was killed instantly.

The young man was deeply grieved because of the loss of his sister. The chief of the tribe accused the young man of having brought this disaster on the village because the young man’s music and singing was so different from that of the rest of the tribe.

The young man was deeply grieved over that. He had lost his sister. He had lost the prestige that he had in the tribe. He felt betrayed. It became increasing difficult for him to live in the tribe. There were people who believed the chief; most of them believed the chief. He began to be shunned though there had been no edict that he be shunned he was shunned even by his own parents.

And now I pass to the channel on the left known as C.

(C channeling)

When his parents began to ignore him his heart began to close. He thought that he had failed completely in this lifetime and did not know how he could go on. At this he decided to go off into the jungle on his own and prepare for death, and hope for death for he no longer had anything to live for.

Completely heartbroken, not knowing how he would go on he walked for days in the rain, in the sunshine, not knowing where he was going. He continued until he came to a large river. He had not seen this river before in this lifetime and thought, “This will be the place of my death. I will go into this river and know that if I die, my death was meant to be and if I survive then I am to continue living.”

He had been taught by those of his tribe that it was important to have an honorable death. That if you died by the hand of nature, your death would be honorable. He didn’t know any better than what he’d been taught so he waded out into the river, and decided to float on his back and go down the rapids as far as he could and see what would happen, hoping that his life would be taken for in his heart he no longer felt the love and once again did not know how he would continue to live without any kind of joy.

I now give this story to the channel on my left known as L1.

(L1 channeling)

As he floated down the river that was unknown to him beyond the lands that his tribe had explored, he could feel the different currents, some moving him forward, some sideways, but they seemed to buoy him upward, but finally, after what seemed like a long time the current moved him to the shore and there he was in a clearing. He was deposited on the shore in that clearing.

He stood up and looked around and he found himself in what he later came to know as a missionary settlement that had come. These were people of a different color, who looked very different, dressed very different who had come to this area. At the time he didn’t understand what they were doing there but later he understood this was a missionary settlement sent to this continent that was meant to make contact with and be of help to the people on that continent.

And so he was thrust into a totally different environment. Some there in that settlement knew something of his language and could communicate a little to him and they in turn communicated to him knowledge that they had of other parts of the world and also about their spiritual existence.

And so they took him in there to this missionary area where they were setting up a school and he became part of this endeavor there, not forgetting where he came from and what had happened to him…

[Tape change.]

(L1 channeling)

…against him and encouraged him to learn new things, things he had never thought of in terms of his previous upbringing in the forest and the jungle, like reading, writing, and a whole new set of possibilities and experiences opened up to him that excited him and caused him to no longer just wish to drift to death on the river.

I pass this story on to the channeler on my left.

(M channeling)

The young man now seems to be an adolescent age to this instrument as she is visualizing it. He became especially bonded to one of the missionary’s daughters who reminded him very much of his younger sister whom he loved so dearly. And he spent time with this missionary’s daughter who had possessions and cultures and habits very foreign to what he’d ever seen before. Her dress and her toys had femininity in appearance and present that he didn’t experience in his tribal upbringing and they seemed to ring more deeply of his existence as an angel and as he spent time with this missionary’s daughter, he had deeper dreams of his femininity and the missionary’s daughter’s toys and clothes and feminine ways came alive in his dreams.

They sang, they danced, they became beautiful and larger than life then he experienced on the physical plane and he wanted to recreate them for his new friend and give her gifts to reciprocate the gifts she had given to him and he didn’t know how to do this at first, but he remembered his beginning training as a warrior in the tribe and he knew how to use his tools for things that he never did get to grow accustomed to and now he realized he could use his skills to create beautiful toys and gifts for the children in the missionary school as further expression of the joy and love of the Creator.

We now pass this story on to T.

(T channeling)

As this young man began to settle more comfortably into his new life and into the opening remembrance of some of his native gifts and assets, he began to feel more confident and drawing upon these unconscious tools and expressing them in his new life he also became more willing and interested in learning about this new life and incorporating newer gifts that were now being presented to him.

As he did this he began to increase his knowledge of this new language that was the native language of the missionaries and he began to explore more of the reasons behind their thinking and their actions.

In other words, he was expanding his awareness, his consciousness, both in terms of his physical life but also in terms of a larger life that was coming more and more into his consciousness, although he was still viewing much of this as if it were a fog or some kind of a walking dream.

He was putting himself in what seemed to be a whirlwind, which if he stepped into it would take parts of himself that he had not come to recognize and allow them expression which would, in turn, bring more awareness, more life, more remembrance, more passion into his life. It was as if he was on some threshold and the choice was being offered to him to keep this possibility as a potential that he could claim at any time while at the moment to continue his life in a way that he was comfortable in managing, or else he could take a step into that whirlwind, which, while he did not know specifically where that would lead him, yet at the same time he knew that it would greatly accelerate his life as he knew it, or possibly alter totally life as he knew it.

I now pass this story on to the gentleman on the left.

[Long pause.]

(Carla channeling)

The young man was no longer so young; time passed. As the years went by he found ways to adapt to life in his new environment. Occasionally often in dreams and once in a while in waking vision a song would come to him, yet he was not willing to sing this song out loud. For had it not been decided by the tribe that the song was not positive, not a song of love? Had they not blamed him for his sister’s demise?

He became more aloof. His thoughts often far away and one night he prayed to understand more of the path of his life which had been so very strange. And as if in answer to his prayer, in a dream he spoke to his sister as if she were still perfectly well and fully alive she seemed so real to him.

We would now continue the story through the one known as J.

(J channeling)

And his sister cradled him in her arms and comforted him, knowing how much pain he had been in for so many years and whispered in his ear and told him, “You have been given the gift of song and no matter how afraid you are of coming forward with your song, you must come forward with your song. This is why you have come here, this is why you have chosen this life, to bring the gift of happiness to earth.”

And when the young man woke he came to life with more focus and determination, still very afraid as to what path to tread and unsure of how he might come forward with his newfound understanding and his purpose in life. But one thing he did remember was that in this mission that he was part of he so enjoyed the services that they would have each week where they would sing the hymns from older times, hymns that were not natural to his understanding but nonetheless he took great joy in them.

He remembered this joy and felt that this was the path for him—this path of joy that would come through his singing. So he allowed himself to sing these hymns during these services, very quietly at first, very worrisome to him at first for he did not want to be discovered. But over time, as there were no negative repercussions, he began to sing more boldly. He began to sing from the depths of his being, a rich baritone voice coming forward that would speak of the love that he knew within his being.

We now pass this story on to L3.

(L3 channeling)

His own deep voice resonated within him and the way that he felt the resonance, resonated not just in sound but in spirit and he felt the overwhelming love of the Creator in this resonance so that it was like remembering home every time that he sang and as he sang, small voiced at first, growing more and more, the song became him, and he became the song.

The fear dissolved and the song filled the spaces where the fear had been. He started singing for himself and because he sang for himself, others felt the lack of fear when he sang for himself because he was not afraid to sing. Others gathered around him and sang with him. He sang by himself, he sang in the streets, and he could feel this power go through him with his own voice and it connected him to others.

He grew steady in this singing, it grew with him and he matured because of it. He would go on singing pilgrimages, as it were, taking long walks in the forest and singing from his own soul and sometimes his singing would correspond with the animals in various ways. The birds and the frogs became part of his choir and he was connected to the rest of creation through this voice. It combined in a way that felt like one voice, that he was not just singing for himself or from himself but that he was singing from the earth itself, from the Creation itself, that it was singing through him.

The soul of love, the soul of the earth, when he opened his mouth, she came through in this beautiful resonant voice and it no longer mattered what other people thought because he knew who he was—he was a gift to the Mother, to this earth that housed him to this jungle where he was raised, to his sisters, not just biological but spiritual in the missionary village, in his own village and he came to want to see his family again.

He wanted to see his entire family, not just his parents but the chief who had spoken ill of him and he felt such a love for these people who had pushed him out of their hearts because he knew they were part of his family. He loved them dearly.

And the song carried him through the jungles and took him back home to where he was born. And his parents saw him when they heard the singing they knew who it was and they came out to the edges of the village and they saw him coming and they knew immediately who it was. His mother burst into tears and ran to him first and his father, disbelieving, followed her and they embraced him and they said, “We are sorry.” And he said, “There is nothing to be sorry for. I love you.”

They walked back with him to the center of the village and they said, “This is our son.” Without shame, they proclaimed it.

We now pass this story on to R.

[Long pause.]

(Carla channeling)

Each soul who comes to earth in incarnation comes from a cloud of glory as the one known as William has said. Each entity on earth was once of an angelic, restful, stress free, existence. Every seeking soul donned a suit of flesh and bones because he truly wished to serve. Every seeking soul has brought with him a song that helps him to remember who he is and why he has come into the mire and the dust of earth and each soul wends his way, sometimes accepted and sometimes shunned, and we ask each to believe in the song of love unknown.

We are those of Laitos and we thank this group for an excellent session of working. This ensures us that you will sit with us again and we shall greatly look forward to the pleasure and privilege of working with each of you.

For now, we leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.