How can we make our tuning better? How can we make our highest and best, higher and better?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Laitos. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you today. As always, my friends, we would ask, as you work with our ideas, that you discard any that we may offer that do not seem helpful to you, for we are not those in authority over you. Your discrimination is all-important. Please guard your own spiritual evolution and your progress. Follow the path of resonance in your seeking rather than any authority whatsoever, whether it be others or ourselves. We thank you for this consideration, for it allows us to speak without being concerned that we may infringe upon your free will.

We are most happy to work with each instrument and wish each to know that we will be working to adjust for comfort and for clarity of contact with each instrument as we offer thoughts on this excellent subject which has been brought to our attention; that of how to make the channeling process more effective in your own practice, or as the one known as Carol put it, how to make the highest and best that you are, higher and better.

The one known as Carol is correct in seeing that the state of being highest and best is not only unique to each channel but, within one channel’s experience, unique to the moment. A sign of spiritual maturity is the regularization or standardization of the vibration with which an entity characteristically meets life. However, even in the most spiritually mature person there will be variations in tuning which occur due to the natural ups and downs of the events of a life lived in third density.

To a certain extent this is also true of us and of all those in fourth density as well as in fifth density. Within sixth density it is likely not to be the case that there is a noticeable variation in the basic tuning.

Whatever the tuning of everyday is, it is likely to be less close the ideal of one’s personal highest and best in that particular moment of time than it will be if tuning is done, and that is why we encourage each to move through a tuning process before opening oneself to channel.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos and greet each again through this instrument. As each entity proceeds through the process of tuning, there is the desire to serve as an instrument which propels the entity to its highest standard of excellence, shall we say, in achieving the tuning process. This desire, in our opinion, serves as the foundation stone upon which this service is built.

This desire is that which springs from the deepest portion of the entity’s being; the mind, the soul, the heart, however one may view this deepest portion of one’s being, combined together to fuel the energy of being, the energy of existence, shall we say, and is the first channeling that an entity will experience.

As this desire is then channeled into the conscious mind of the entity it begins to manifest in various ways so that the entity may gather its forces, gather this energy and point it in a certain direction. We shall pass this contact to the one known as L. I am Laitos.

(L channeling)

Much as a flame can become brighter and bigger by adding fuel, such as wood or oxygenated air, so too can the fire of a channeler be made brighter and the tuning made more refined by the substance of experience fueling that channeler. The idea of “better” and “more better” is meaningless. There is only what is. Every word that comes from a channeler that is spoken in faith with a purity of heart is perfect already.

[An attempt was made to transfer the contact to R.]

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are again with this instrument. So when channeling, there is no consideration of wishing that you were better or that you were more perfectly tuned, for that which you offer in that moment is perfect of its kind and wholly acceptable. And yet there is not only intention and will and focus in the preparation of a channel, but also one’s own very personal and even intimate sources of inspiration.

We would, at this time, transfer to the one known as J. We are those of Laitos.

(J channeling)

We are those of Laitos. So it would seem that, as the desire of that which one expresses is felt more keenly, the power of the expression and the words that you use when you’re speaking of intention or the power behind that which is given to you is greater.

And so in this it might be best that you find those topics or those areas of interest that are of great meaning to you, for which you have much passion. In this way you can more easily bring through the energy of what you request, because it more closely resonates with your being and is a closer match with your being. When you are a match for the energy that is presented to you, it flows more easily, more freely through your instrument.

As has been stated before, it is the quality of your intention that is important in bringing about the spoken word in your channeling. For as you are clear upon the intention of what it is that you would wish to learn or to have further elucidated for yourself or for others, the quality or the intensity of the energy is heightened because of the matching between, or maybe we would say, the meeting of, the minds.

It is no different from how one would find oneself in ordinary, everyday life. When you find little interest in something, it is difficult for you to maintain focus upon it. And so it is well if the topic upon which you request to speak or to have greater knowledge or information shared about in your channeling process is of interest to you. So maybe it is best, when you are in this learning process, to pick topics that are of great interest to you, so that you might have an easier time of matching the energy and bringing forth the spoken word that matches the impulse of the thoughts that we are bringing into your instrument.

With that we pass this contact on to the one known as D.

(D channeling)

We are those of Laitos. Just as a single musical instrument makes a beautiful sound, and the resonance of multiple energy sources of musical instruments creates a symphony, the heightened tuning experience of the channel is heightened by refinement in alignment with other harmonious energy sources. The intensity in the tuning of the channel increases with the union and unity of these energies.

We pass this contact to T.

(T channeling)

We are those of Laitos. There has been much useful information given regarding the way to improve the tuning and to improve the means of communication, but all in all there are simple concepts which might also shed some light on this process. These are simply to be clear and pure with the intention, to offer the self faithfully and unreservedly, to practice and practice and practice in the company of those of like mind, heart and intention, and most of all to love: to love the self, to love the expressions of which the Creator makes you aware in contact, and to find within the self that deep well of connection between you and the Creator and, through the Creator, to all of its expression.

These words are simple but they provide a means of continuing with this process and improving and perfecting the tuning, in a sense, though it is worthwhile to remember that perfection in and of itself is an ever-moving goal and will never, in this density, be fully achieved.

I now pass this contact to G.

(G channeling)

We are Laitos. Other selves in this group have spoken about the importance of practicing. Just as the symphonic musician has honed his performance through many hours of diligent practice and the athlete has honed his performance through many hours of diligent practice, attempting to achieve a goal, so it is with the person who is learning to channel. It will take diligence in working toward the goal of a perfected tuning.

There is a kind of lifestyle that supports this kind of practice and that is a lifestyle of living in integrity. In your books of wisdom there is a simple but eloquent statement that you know as the golden rule, and that is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 1

A lifetime of integrity is also set forth in one of your books that has been very popular in recent years and that is The Four Agreements, written by a man named Don Miguel Ruiz. Living a life of integrity, moment by moment, hour by hour and day by day, forms the foundation for the kind of skill that one needs in perfecting and honing one’s tuning abilities.

I now pass this to the one on my right, known as C.

(C channeling)

We speak of tuning today in hoping to create a more refined way of connecting with each instrument, with an understanding that each individual is working towards his or her own personal evolution, just as the Earth is working towards her evolution. This is the beautiful symphony that has been spoken of all coming together to form the music of the creation.

For purpose of tuning to connect with us with clarity, we ask that each considers the chakras as they connect with each density. The first chakra in the body connects with the first density on the planet. To have this chakra balanced and clear one cannot be concerned with one’s own survival.

We ask that each individual work towards balancing the chakra system, beginning with the first and then the second and then the third. When balance is achieved, one will not be so concerned with how the self appears to others. The third density correlates with self awareness. As this chakra is balanced and the energy is able to move up into the fourth chakra, which correlates with the fourth density, one can feel the love in the heart. And when this love is felt, you are connecting with the fourth density. This is the raising of the vibration through the levels and then connecting through love. Once the connection is felt you will know.

In speaking the words earlier of Hatonn in the readings, it came forward that a signal can be made when connecting with the contacted channeler. This, dear ones, can be your signal—the feeling of love in your heart. This is what we mean when we say we are with you in meditation with the desire for love and the feeling of love.

As we spoke, it is difficult in the daily life to hold that vibration. But it’s very achievable when the desire and the intention is set to raise the vibration to the level of love within the heart of the human.

We pass this contact to the one known as L.

(L channeling)

We are Laitos. We begin with an image the instrument has. He is standing at home next to a stepladder and his little granddaughter climbs up the stepladder to a point above his head. She turns to him and says, “I am taller than you.” And in a sense she is right, but in another sense she is up in the air. Her body is not on the ground.

The lesson here perhaps is that to be really tall and high you also need to be grounded. It’s also like the oak tree, where the deeper it goes into the earth, the higher it goes into the sky, into the upper realms. However, the oak tree at each point is a perfect oak tree, so that there is not a real higher or lower, but rather there is development. And the lesson here is perhaps to pay attention, not just to being high but also to being grounded in the lower chakras. From there comes the energy into the higher chakras, so that development is balanced and stable and steady.

We are Laitos. I pass this contact on to my right.

(Carla channeling)

We are Laitos. The tuning process is indeed one which begins and ends with the true nature of the self, which cannot be pretended or faked, and not only the true nature of the self but also the passion of the self. Some of those in this circle such as this instrument and the one known as Jim have worked with the process of tuning for many years and it could be said that they long ago became proficient at the form of the tuning process. They are able to move through the various stages of that process as they have found them to be useful in the past.

However, tuning oneself to one’s highest and best includes an element of fire as the one known as Lorena channeled earlier. There is that fire of passion. It is easy for the most experienced of channels to forget the importance of the spontaneity and excitement of the fire of love and to become lackadaisical or oriented toward fulfilling the form of a tuning process. And so we would offer the idea that tuning for channeling to one’s highest and best is, in some ways, akin to tuning the self in relation to the mated other self for sexual energy exchange of a sacred nature.

It is not always the same elements that excite one and move one towards the readiness to exchange sexual energy. The red-ray Eucharist is a good analog to the tuning process in that it is more involved with the physical realm and is easier to think about in terms of how the passion is excited.

Perhaps for the past little while the passion was excited within one’s inner being by thinking of various aspects of the physical act of sexual congress, or by those things about the mate which have, in the past, excited and stirred one, whether those things be physical attributes or attributes of character. There is therefore the necessity, when one begins to play in the fields of the Lord, as this instrument calls lovemaking, to get in touch with what is truly exciting, not simply in the past but today and right now, and to focus upon that with all of one’s heart, giving to it 100% of one’s attention.

Just so, what inspired and excited and inflamed one to seek and to see and to serve the Creator in every way and at all times may have become a different thing than it was yesterday for you. Perhaps yesterday a particular prayer lifted you to the heights and stirred your heart into flames. Perhaps today it falls flat. Have the awareness then, when you are seeking to tune to your highest and best, to realize that it is not time to move forward with the tuning process until you have found that prayer which is effective today; that invocation of the higher self that lifts you today; that song or that visualization that stirs you today.

This instrument has often spoken of the tuning process to this group as if it were a finite thing. It is not a finite thing, any more than you are finite beings. You are a complex of vibrations which exist in dynamic harmonization with each other under the aegis of an overarching field of vibration that is your vibration as an entity. Within this field your energies are in constant motion. The colors of your auras are changing, brightening, dimming, spinning faster or slower, linking up in specific harmonies as you go about the choices and chances of daily life.

And it is no different during the tuning process. You are a new being every time you tune and you wish to be alive to yourself so that you are infinitely aware of how you are lifting yourself; how you are moving the music of your soul upwards to the vibration which is indeed your most inspired, your most engaged and your most focused for this particular moment.

Further, we would offer through this instrument that, just as in the lovemaking, the energy of physical desire can be dissipated or it can be focused and brought to the highest and best energy exchange possible, so in tuning to channel, that energy can be dissipated in emotion that spends the fire before it has become focused enough to lift the self.

This instrument, for instance, has on occasion become so wrapped up in praising the Lord Jesus the Christ, that she moves into a chant of, “I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus.” This is certainly inspiring her and lifting her up. And yet, in a way, choosing to focus upon the somewhat emotional or emotionally driven energy of this chant moves this instrument away from her highest tuning as a channel for the one infinite Creator, for she spends that fire on devotion rather than holding it in focus and opening through this devotion to the unknown which is to come through the gateway of intelligent infinity.

Consequently, it may well be that the tuning process which worked wonderfully for you yesterday may need what this instrument would call a bit of tweaking today. If you are praying a certain prayer, for instance, and it does not seem to move you as it once did, open your thoughts to the possibility that there are other prayers that would be equally inspiring and fresh to you, so that you do not become overly used to and overly familiar with something to the point where it no longer had the capacity to fire you.

We want to thank each within this circle for the great privilege of being able to work with your instruments. It has been a wonderful exercise for us as well, as we hope that we are more and more competent at conforming and adapting our vibrations to your own and moving with you as you develop as channels. We assure you that each of you is indeed evolving as you work with the energies of those such as we who come through you and link up with you to collaborate in this mutual quest to offer words of love to a world which has a great hunger for inspiration and encouragement.

We thank you for responding to the desire to be of service in this way. It is a great blessing to us that we have been given this opportunity to work with each of you.

Before we leave this instrument we would open this session to queries if there be any. Are there any queries at this time?

You were speaking about the fire and harnessing the fire, focusing the fire and disbursing the fire in various ways. When we finished with the last channeling session I felt the tremendous fire, if you would, an overflowing of love that I felt I needed to disburse to the group.

[Side one of tape ends.]

…harnessing and focusing vs. dispersing at various times for various purposes.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos and are happy to speak to that, my sister. There was an unasked query as to whether your actions at the time of the conclusion of the previous session were appropriate, in that it was possible that you could have further held the focus and refined that sharp focus of joy. However, we would assure the one known as Lorena that it was entirely appropriate that this overflowing of joy be shared amongst those who were part of the circle of channeling and seeking which worked together in harmony to bring the entire group to that point of joy.

This skill of expressing joy is a gift not given to all and it is a wonderful gift to receive that love offering that is spontaneously and genuinely given. There is no greater joy than to feel the joy of another and to feel that overflowing love. The times when it is well to allow that joy to flow are those times of completion such as the conclusion of the previous channeling session. The balancing dynamic of that is that it is also wonderful to express joy at times of beginning, when entities come together and are seeing and feeling each other’s vibrations for the first time. This is also a most appropriate time to let energies overflow and spill and be shared in generosity by all.

It is always, my friends, good to allow the joy and the fire of contact with others to be shared and to overflow when there is the greeting, the expression of joy at being together, that moment of the realization of oneness.

Those times when it is helpful to focus the energy are those times when you as a seeker have a certain purpose and a certain dedication of your energy in mind. In those cases, as you begin to build and focus, you are winding your coil as a magical being. If you are constantly allowing the explosion of self into expression then it is difficult to persist in the winding of the coil.

Consequently, it is well to focus when one perceives that one is going to set about upon lifting oneself to the level of the magical personality. You do this when you tune yourself to channel or to offer a sacred sexual energy exchange or to heal or to focus and bring yourself to a point of your highest and best radiancy of being. All of these are processes which benefit from the persistent and flowing harmonic and rhythmic movements of thought and feeling which continue to wind the coil until there is a tremendous amount of potential to be released when that release is appropriate, whether that release be in the fire of sexual energy exchange, in the work of touch which the healer does when he brings his focused energies to the one to be healed, or when an entity attempts to channel or teach using that honed focus or when an entity chooses simply to move into the magical personality and reside there for a period, allowing that honed focus to express itself in a sheer radiancy of being. All these processes are benefited by the retaining of the energy and the further refinement and purification of it.

Is there a final query at this time? We are those of Laitos.

[Long pause.]

We are those of Laitos and find ourselves listening through this instrument’s somewhat questionable ears to a resounding silence, indicating that perhaps we have exhausted the queries on the minds of those present for this little while.

We want again, to thank each for the extreme privilege of working with each of your beautiful beings. It is very moving to us to be able to do this and very rewarding and we cannot thank you enough.

We hope to be with this group again as this instrument has the intention in her own mind, and as we read the intention in all of your minds, of meeting together again in this sacred circle of seeking in order to seek the truth together. We shall be with you with great joy. We leave each of you as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as Laitos. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Amit Goswami, in his book, The Visionary Window; A Physicist’s Guide to Enlightenment, collects this list of versions of the Golden Rule:

    The Golden Rule of ethics appears in all religions:

    HINDUISM: This is the sum of duty: do naught unto others which, if done to thee, will cause thee pain. ZOROASTRIANISM: That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good for itself. TAOISM: Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss. BUDDHISM: Hurt not others in ways you would find hurtful. CONFUCIANISM: Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you. JAINISM: In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self. JUDAISM: Whatever you hateth thyself, that do not to another. CHRISTIANITY: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye ever so to them. ISLAM: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself. SIKHISM: As thou deemest thyself, so deem others.“