(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are again with this instrument and our energies are very much grateful to be with this group.

Once again we will start the process of helping new channels by using the learning tool of a story. And with this story we would like to start with a forest of trees, a very dense forest, heavily packed, where only the tops of the trees receive the light of the sun. The branches crowd together and the leaves are so dense that the floor of this forest gets very little sun. And because of that there is very little growth on the forest floor, which is mud and dark dirt.

We would like you to picture the image of a person standing in the mud of this very dark forest. There is enough space between the trees that this person can maneuver to go in a path. Many different paths are open, because this person may walk between the trees however this person feels is fit. And down the way, at the far edges of this person’s sight, there is a tiny little glimmer of light. And so this person walks on toward the light.

This concludes the portion of this image for this instrument. Many of you can receive the signal that we are sending. But instead of throwing the ball into the room and expecting someone to go pick it up, we would like the story to continue by actually passing the ball to another member. We would like to pass the ball to the one known as T1. We are those of Laitos.

(T1 channeling)

Upon this narrow path that leads toward this dim light, this one who is traveling proceeds innocently but with certain fear and doubt. She alternates between [looking at] the light that beckons her and looking at her own feet, fearful of stumbling, fearful of what lies in her path.

As she moves towards this light, undergrowth does appear to be growing, small at first, then thicker, taller and larger. At times it seems to obscure the light, but something deep within her presses her forward, hoping that there will be that moment when the light is reached. But as each step is taken the light seems to recede before her. Not knowing why, she continues, finding comfort periodically along the way, solace under these great majestic trees that seem to have to fight through the undergrowth, through the entanglement of the vines and the branches. Still she presses forward.

We now wish to continue through the one known as T2.

(T2 channeling)

We are those of Laitos. As the aspiring traveler continues upon the way, noticing the thickness of the underbrush and becoming acutely aware of the resistance of the sticky mud obscuring a clear path, she begins to wish for some clearing of the path so that the way forward may be made easier. But what can she do to clear the path? She searches deep within and receives or discovers somehow that she has an ability to call forth energy and light and a way to manipulate it, to use this energetic light somehow to reduce the effect of the sticky mud, which slows down her steps.

She begins to walk upon the surface of the mud and not to sink into the depths of it, which has so greatly hindered her step and in fact caused some considerable pain and difficulty. She begins to call forth this light, not knowing at first how to use it in order to help her upon her path, but sensing from deep within that this light that she is calling forth, in and of itself, will teach her its proper use and how she can increase its benefits to help her along the path that she has so created to pursue.

We now pass the story on to the one known as M.

(M channeling)

We are Laitos. The woman looks to the trees as she is struggling or trying to deal with this energy that is surging within her, that she calls forth but isn’t sure how to use. And the thickly packed trees have dark shadows when she looks upon them. They seem almost to frighten her.

Being alone and discouraged, she almost seems to see faces in the trees telling her to go back and to turn from her path. And instead of giving into the fear that has taken a step into her, she raises her hands with the surge of the energy she calls forth. [The energy] touches the trees, and the faces evaporate. The trees respond to the energy, and she is able to touch the trees and to lift her feet from [the] mud and walk, almost as if on top of the mud. By touching the trees with the energy running through her fingers, she is able to move faster and more freely towards the light. It is an elating experience.

Pass this on to S.

(S channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are with this instrument. Our seeker has now learned enough from the inner light that lightens her step that she is able to find her way among the tangle to the very edge of the clearing, where the light abounds in the open and the green grass beckons to her.

As she approaches the clearing, however, she finds that the light there is so bright that it quite overwhelms her. She feels the glare to be too strong. And she steps backward, seeking the protection of the shade once again that she might steady her step.

Having done so, she now begins to gaze at the clearing from a safe enough distance within the shadow that she can begin to take its measure. And as she does so, she glances across the clearing and sees that there is another [person] standing at the opposite side, staring back at her. This other is a man. She gazes in wonder at his appearance across the clearing.

We now pass this contact to the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are with this instrument in love and in light. There is an electric moment of pure awareness as the two seekers gaze at each other. There is, equally, a feeling of the desire to move toward each other and the desire to seek the shade of the deep forest, and go separate ways. Yet the connection between the two seekers is stronger than the natural shyness of those who are tentative and unsure of the path upon which they are walking. And so, slowly and with hearts beating high, they walk toward each other in the sunlight. They stop, gazing into each other’s eyes, and find their anxiety beginning to be dispelled because of the gentleness and the goodness that they can see in each other’s eyes.

They are suffering from the intensity of the sun, yet they find as they touch their hands to each other in greeting that the touch seems to help them to bear the brightness of the light. Yet, there is in them a desire to find a less bright spot and so they gaze about them until they see a natural seat at the edge of this clearing that is afforded by two trees growing close together with moss upon their roots and created in such a way that there are two natural places to sit.

Each was traveling towards they knew not what, yet [each was] called to move forward in unknowing. Each has found the way forward impossible, unless the deep forest was entered, for it stretches seemingly forever in both directions. Each has been weighed down by the weight of the mud in those swales where there is no possibility of undergrowth. And each has been confused and distracted by the effort of finding their way through those areas that were overgrown. And they wonder to themselves as to why they have had to muddle their way through these difficulties in order to reach each other and the bright, bright light.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as R. We are those of Laitos.

(R channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are having difficulty communicating with this instrument. We transfer the contact to the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are again with this instrument. We assure the one known as R that each time he moves into the channeling, even though it may seem to him that he is not progressing, each repetition smoothes the way for the more immediate awareness of our thought impulses. We thank the one known as R, as well as each in this circle, for their willingness to use the repetition of the Channeling Circles in order to hone their skills at picking up our contact and at being able to move spontaneously with the flow of our concepts.

We would transfer this contact to the one known as L. We are those of Laitos.

(L channeling)

The two sitting in the natural bend of the trees ask themselves, “Why did I have to struggle to find you? Why couldn’t I have found you earlier?”

The answer, my friends, is that one must go through some struggle to be ready for that which they would otherwise not appreciate. If each of these two had met each other much sooner, they would not have had the energies that would result in their binding after traveling such a long distance. The struggle adds an appreciation to that which you find, when you find it.

The couple realizes this after talking for some time about their own paths, each one telling their own story. And they know that, at the place that they started they would not have been drawn, each to the other one. They were both seeking, [but] they were seeking something else, and it was only through walking in the mire and coming to find themselves that they were ready to find something else, to move on, to let old things go so that new things could grow in their place.

Old trees must die and create holes in the forest so that their seeds, when dropped, may grow. Seeds do not grow when they are overshadowed by their parents. All things come and all things go and the Creator moves on and forward, continuing and perpetuating.

The lovers, now walking on from where they are, can plant their own seeds together. Having learned their lessons individually, they make one unit now, forever together. Regardless of on what paths they may travel in the future separately, their energies have combined. They move on and plant their own seeds together and tend them. And then the two of them together move on and let their seeds grow, just as the trees will move on and their seeds will grow.

Each of you here has come to this circle having traveled paths that have brought you where you need to be right now. And in traveling these paths you have had to let things go and you have had to learn new things. And now you have come into these energies that you experience at this time. And these energies will grow, and they will move with you where you go. And wherever you go, you will drop your seeds.

We are honored to have dropped our seeds with you. We are here with you, always. But we pull away now and then so that you may travel your paths and grow. We thank you for communing with us at this time. Your energies are strong and we appreciate them. We leave you now with these energies, but we are yet always with you. Go now and disperse your energies where you see fit.

We are those of Laitos. We leave you in the love and the light of the Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.