Our question today concerns how we might cultivate the desire to be a seeker and to be of service.

(L channeling)

We are Laitos. We come to you in the name of unconditional love, as this channel has challenged us. We met the challenge three times, fervently. We wish to offer you this our service at this time.

We wish to remind all of you, once more, that everything spoken here is of our humble opinion and that we wish to offer our opinions to you. However, each of you must use your own discernment when using these humble opinions in your everyday lives. Use them as you see fit. We merely wish to be the fountain from which you come to drink.

This instrument is anticipating what subject matter we are going to speak about today as much as the rest of you are. She has anticipated this throughout her tuning—perhaps this subject or that subject. And each time she has said, “I do not wish to anticipate but rather only to offer myself to be molded and not to lead them into speaking words that are not their own.”

So let us speak about anticipation today. Each of you has brought up the idea of anticipating, in some form, throughout this Intensive.

As we send our energies around the circle, each of you is continuously receiving the energies that we have to offer, even though we are only speaking through one instrument at a time. It would be too much of a cacophony for us to speak through each of you all of the time! Yet our voices are with each of you all of the time and many of you pick up on those words that we wish to speak before we have prompted you to speak them. That is wholly acceptable.

This group has been reading in previous materials 1 that we and our other brothers have supplied to you. In [the study sessions] each of you has the [binder of channeling quotations] in front of you, but only one of you is reading from the book. Each of you follows along at your own pace. In this way also it brings up the concept that each of you has our words and will interpret these words differently for yourself. This instrument will interpret our [concepts in] words in the way that she sees fit, “clothes” them, as this instrument’s teacher has said. And others of you will receive these concepts and may clothe them in other words. Many times, when you have been reading from the material, one person or another will interject a word that is not wholly accurate, changing the meaning slightly, not even consciously realizing that he has made an error. Yet each of you sees the words yourself and can choose to accept this error as a possibility or to read the words and retain only that which has been written.

This is a beautiful thing to behold, where each of you can receive these energies and read the words, if you will, in your own way and yet hear the words from another self in a different way and take these two truths and balance them, one upon the other. Since we are not infallible, there is nothing wrong with having two interpretations for one concept.


In a newspaper article, such as you have in your society today, one may feel a loyalty to one newspaper or another, “I will only read from this newspaper because it espouses the ideas with which I am most comfortable,” or, “I will only read this newspaper and not that one.” Yet the stories about which these newspapers have written are one story. They are taken by instruments in your world and channeled into newspaper print, if you will. This is all a part of the creation. The Creator has so many faces that the Creator would not be the Creator without all of the facets that give the soup its wonderful flavor.

This instrument realizes she is floundering, mixing some metaphors, yet we assure her that the group understands the gist of what we are saying.

At this time, we would like to pass on our contact in a different way. This instrument’s teacher brought up to her earlier the idea of allowing the students to take flight when they are ready and not be overly cautious, holding back in fear lest they may fall from the nest rather than fly. You will not break your wings falling. You will have many opportunities to jump from the nest.

Therefore, in passing our contact we would like to give you the opportunity, as students, and very capable students, to pick up on our concepts and speak them when you hear them, rather than being prompted by this instrument. We will give this an attempt. If the ball is not picked up by another instrument there is no fear. We assure this instrument that it will come to happen that if this ball is not picked up by another instrument, we will again come back to this instrument. We are those of Laitos.

(Unknown channeling)

We are those of Laitos. To continue with the concept of anticipation, we would like to paint a picture, but first preface the picture by saying that the anticipation that each of you feels is natural, [both] before the contact and sometimes even during it. Often the anticipation for a service-to-others entity comes in the great desire to serve the others around you.

The anticipation that this instrument felt earlier today started before we chose to spoke through the one known as L. Approximately a half hour before this contact began, for no apparent reason, this instrument knew that the possibility existed that he would be speaking directly after L. This thought entered the instrument’s mind, yet he had no reason to think this, because in all previous sessions the contact had always been passed in a different manner, in a uniform manner [clockwise around the circle]. This instrument tried to shake this thought, this anticipation, yet it could not. And now as this contact continues, it is clear why this anticipation was felt.

As you receive our contact it is important to understand that the anticipation is a dynamic relationship between you as the instrument and us. Attempt to picture a channel of water, flowing through a pipe. The water flows at a velocity that may seem very quick. The water flows but the pipe itself does not move. And that is how you as instruments sometimes feel, a stationary object, while a stream of thoughts flows through you. Your job is not to anticipate the flow but to direct yourself to most feel the flow and interpret what you feel.

We would like now to offer our contact to others in the group, as you feel lead.

(C channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and press harder and harder on this instrument as time moves on. She wishes not to be hasty, yet we are the hasty ones at this time. We understand that it is easier to be told, “It is your time. You are now allowed to speak,” than to feel you are perhaps stepping on another’s toes by interjecting. You are all much too courteous!

We at this time again place the ball, if you will, in the center and ask that others of you rejoice in being vivacious and hasty and grab that ball. We are those of Laitos.

(S channeling)

I am Laitos. I speak now through this instrument, which brings us to the question that we entertain today, the question of anticipation, anticipation’s own patterns, which include also the element of responding or reacting to the propensity to anticipate. One can become quite convoluted in this process. One can see that when one anticipates one’s anticipation and attempts to fall back from that, one can find oneself in quite a pretty tangle indeed.

So let us assure you that there is a degree of anticipation which is quite healthy and quite normal. When one finds this at work in one’s process of orienting oneself to the preparation to receive the channeling, as it were, this may be regarded as a healthy configuration, shall we say.

For the important point to keep in mind is that a stability of the energy of the instrument itself is highly desirable. What we are suggesting is that a kind of anticipation without an overreliance upon what it is that is anticipated is the desirable result. But there will always be some need for a content for this anticipation and this content, though it be a distortion of one’s own thoughts, is not to be despised as part of the process. For one’s own distortions are indeed part of the Creator itself, and are a perfectly acceptable portion of the process of the channeling experience, in proportion 2, as they are viewed as a requirement for the sustained opening [to concepts from the source], which shall never be lost sight of.

Once again, we return this ball to the center of the circle and ask that as each is inspired to reach for it, they do so without hesitation. I am Laitos.

(T1 channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we now speak about the concept of acceptance. This instrument felt the concept in the words wishing to be expressed through her, but hesitated, though she herself had focused upon the open acceptance, the embracing of faith, in preparation for this channeling circle. For the first time, she was able to bypass any form of anticipation, laying herself open to participate fully in whatever would eventually [occur], but yet, as the circle was opened up to the rest of the group and the indications were there to speak, she paused.

And it is this tendency in so many who wish to serve that slows the progress towards greater light and service. For there is this desire in so many people seeking the light, who wish to serve so fervently, but yet, when the opportunity is presented, there is hesitation. The reasons are many for one not to proceed along the ways of service. Much of it, perhaps most of it, comes from within the server. There are so many illusions that would confuse one when one would step upon the path of its own true service. There is also confusion which would make it difficult to discern the truest path of service for any given individual. There are also societal pressures to which some are prone to succumb. And there are other reasons to get in the way of one’s true path.

But recognize, all of you who are committed to the service of the planet and the Creator, that whatever obstacles impede your path, within you resides the ability to overcome these obstacles, even the ones that come from within your own being. In fact, these are perhaps the greatest to overcome, and for that reason they are the most necessary to overcome.

For when there is a place within your heart where that desire to serve and to do so truly and fully is recognized, then a way can be found. And the desire is therefore a reason. And unless and until you find the way through to that service, there will not be the fullness of peace and rest and joy that you would experience and would share with others.

We now pass this contact to the center of the circle. We are those of Laitos.

(T2 channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are with this instrument. Others have spoken, concepts have been given to [another channel in this circle], of memories of his past, things read, feelings felt, those feelings of anticipation, those feelings of anticipation dressed with adrenaline and the thoughts that he felt of one that was written of in his Old Testament of the Holy Bible, where the servant of the Lord was called as he lay sleeping and he awoke and his words were, “Here am I Lord. Send me.”

We bring to this instrument these thoughts, helping him to remember how he felt when he first heard these words, putting himself in the place of this young man that heard his Lord in the middle of the night and he awoke with anticipation, with excitement.

We gave him another impression. At times, when having been in groups, in places, one subject matter was of utmost importance and cut too deep within his heart. He had to control himself, merely to keep from blurting out all the inspirited thoughts that went through his mind. At those times, [his] fears [were] laid aside. At those times only those things which jumped from the heart and into the throat and out were those that felt as though they would be of benefit, of service to some, of clarification to some, of comfort to some.

Anticipation often is merely the addressing of the feeling of desire to be of service.

We are those of Laitos and the ball is again tossed into the center.

(L channeling)

I am Laitos, and I begin with this instrument. We would pick up on the thread, which we find was beautifully treated by the one instrument known as T, in which we see an image of the circle of time completing itself. Anticipation finds again and again that it has a deep alliance with memory. For, how can we anticipate that of which we have no recollection? And yet, we find that anticipation is an experience which moves out past its known capacity for recollection in the hope of something new. All the while, over and over again, we find that as the process of anticipation fulfills itself in experience, that experience can be brought back as significant or important to the one who experiences it, only within the context of a system of significances that are in fact retained or recollected.

Now, recollection seems to suggest the carrying along of the past into one’s present, while anticipation seems to suggest the moving of one’s present into the future. And yet one finds that the anticipation which having moved into the future is then brought back again into the present, through being immersed, shall we say, in the residuals of the past, finds it is much enriched, finds it resonates, finds it has breadth and extension throughout the life experience, that makes it a more vital moment.

Again, the ball drifts towards the center of the circle.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are now with this instrument. The ball has been bounced quite well from channel to channel within this circle and we would wish to use and exercise the remaining channels before we leave this group.

We would, however, say through this instrument that there is a wealth of recollection which feeds into the present moment for each channel, whether new or experienced, that is powerful and helpful as the instrument meets the present moment and the spontaneous opportunity for cooperation with those of the Confederation such as we.

There is also a usefulness to the quality of anticipation. Anyone who has anticipated Christmas morning as a child knows the joy and the light of such waiting and looking forward, even though it seems like an agony to await until the sun has risen and it is all right to start the day, in terms of how one’s parents may feel. Still there is that overriding elation that comes with anticipation of a good event.

The only time that anticipation is not helpful is when anticipation is accompanied by fear or dread. So that there is the ambivalence of the salesman who is shy. He climbs the stairs and goes to the front door and knocks on it all the while saying to himself, “I hope nobody’s home.” It is an understandable quandary and we are certainly not attempting to make you into salesmen! However, we do await your willingness for us to, shall we say, knock on your door or for you to knock on our door or for us to knock on each other’s doors, in order that we may open to each other, come into our common heart and make linkages.

There is a good deal of possibility in any channeling situation, whether a formal channeling situation or a common, everyday situation, that you will be deceived to a certain extent because of prior assumptions or the expectations that are not accurate. Consequently, we ask that you make as few assumptions as possible and leave the past and the future at the door.

We earlier discussed the experience of the one known as Samuel in the Old Testament. It is so, indeed, that the ultimate outcome of the conversation was, “Here am I.” However, Samuel was awakened from sleep and confused by the Creator’s calling of his voice. He assumed, quite wrongly, that his master, the one known as Eli, had called him. And he went to his master, who, understandably, was not terribly pleased to be awakened in the middle of the night, saying, “Master, you have called me.” Eli, of course, said, “I did no such thing.” This occurred twice.

Finally Samuel realized that if it was not Eli calling him then it must be the Creator. And that was the moment at which the floodgates of his ability to serve opened and he said, “Here am I.” It was not that he felt suddenly that he was more competent or that he was more gifted. It was rather that for the first time he understood that it is possible to have direct communication with the godhead principle.

And in a certain way, we are a sub-type of the godhead principle in that we are unseen and unknown, and yet we are essences and entities that are as real as your essence and your being as an entity.

Consequently, the more skillful way to approach the awaiting for contact, or the seeking for contact, is to come as fully as possible into the present moment without denying either your past and all of the wealth that it has given you to come to this present moment or the anticipation that leaves you eagerly pressing into the present moment to discover its fruits.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as M in order that we may exercise that instrument. We are those of Laitos.

(M channeling)

We are Laitos. We are with this instrument. Anticipation is one of the many powerful tools that can be used in preparation for channeling, among many [ways to]work for the Creator. Any powerful tool is wonderful when used correctly and can be damaging to others and the self when not. The main mistake that is made when trying [to channel] and when exercising anticipation is to allow the fear and worrying about the outcome. It can just be said that in any event, whether the first channeling attempt or third channeling attempt or a channeling attempt of an experienced channel, there is always some element of anticipation that can actually be used to heighten the senses and the energy of the vibrations of the individual. And when the fear takes over or if concern about the outcome is begun to be felt by the instrument, just remember that…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(M channeling)

[Inaudible] for that joy and elation may be felt as powerfully as you remember feeling it on Christmas morning when you were a child.

When one is focusing on a task that one thinks is important, an important service—which is a good thing to be felt—sometimes [there is] a tendency to become microscopic and blow the importance out of proportion, a feeling of an “all or nothing” situation. But the opportunity to channel is a moment to be of service, just as every moment of living and breathing is a moment to be of service and in a sense you can anticipate every moment with joy and elation and feelings can well up within you and radiate. It’s a powerful propellant.

This instrument now places the ball back in the center to be picked up again.

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are again with this instrument. We would like to thank the instrument M for allowing us to speak through her. At this time we would like to pass our energies on to the one known as R that we may speak through him. We are those of Laitos.

(R channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are with this instrument. [Inaudible.] He cannot find the words.

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We are again with this instrument. We thank the one known as R for feeling our energies. We are with him. The attempt was made and we are very pleased with that attempt. We at this time would like to share for a moment our energies with the one known as Jim. We are those of Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos. I am with this instrument. We greet each again in love and in light through this instrument.

The topic of anticipation is one which we find to be salient for new instruments, for the process of anticipating what the channeling experience will be like is one through which each new instrument goes, not only in the beginning of the contact but with each successive word, each successive concept that is anticipated, experienced and expressed.

The anticipation that each feels during the channeling process is likened unto a kind of lubricant, shall we say, that allows the process to occur in the energetic body, for the channeling process is one which blends all aspects of the instrument’s being. Or perhaps it would be more correct to say, it requires the blending of all aspects of the instrument’s mind/body/spirit complex.

For this is a meeting of two worlds, shall we say; the space/time third-dimensional reality in which each exists in the normal round of activities and the time/space or invisible realms that each aspires to bring through to this third-dimensional experience, to inform it, to enrich it, to guide it. Thus, anticipation is most important and is not something for which each must search diligently. It is that which naturally springs from within the depths of each entity.

At this time we shall transfer the contact back to the one known as L so that she may ask for any questions. We are those of Laitos.

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are again with this instrument. This instrument did not anticipate being the one who would channel the answers to possible questions this group may have. She is pleased with the confidence we have with her in her abilities, pleased that she will be able to serve our purposes. At this time we would like to have questions from the group. We are those of Laitos.

Well, I’ll ask a question just to give you practice, if there are no other questions. I’ve been through several Laitos channelings now and when I come down I always get this classic Laitos screen in my third eye which is this purple, moving background. The details are not important. But this time, for the first time, I don’t know if it’s just the light, the fact that there’s lots of light [in the room], but there’s another screen. I got the Laitos screen, as I always do, but then there was another, different pattern, and it was a kind of screen. It was kind of overlaid and less prominent, less real. Is there a possibility that there’s another memory complex aiding you or listening in or helping or something like that? Do you think it was just that or was it just too much sunlight?

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are with this instrument. You are indeed correct, my sister. You have multiple sources of energy crossing in many different vortices within you. Those that are most prominent [are] the ones that we are. The energies that we have are the most prominent ones in this group at this time. Yet there are many energies always abounding. Each of you, opening up and being sensitive to these energies, are receiving signal overlaps, shall we say.

This second screen was an attempt by your subconscious to knock on the door, as you say, since there is another here along with our energies. It is as though you have multiple television sets on at one time in your house yet you’ll only focus in on one at a time. You have chosen to focus in on our energies, yet are still aware that there is another television set on.

We will not tell you what was on this television set. That is for you to know and to decide upon which television to focus. But you are correct in your assumptions. We would like to say that you are very astute, my sister.

We would like to know if we can answer you further, my sister. We are those of Laitos.

Oh no, thank you, thanks so much.

(L channeling)

Thank you. We would like to ask if there are any follow-up queries that this group may have regarding this session. We are those of Laitos.

[Long pause.]

We find that there are no more questions. We are those of Laitos, and find that we experience a sense of contentment with this group. We thank you for allowing us to serve you, as we talk about service ourselves.

We would like to comment that you have done a very good job remaining focused and keeping your energies very strong while contending with the catalyst of distraction as we have had during this circle. This will be good practice for you, as you become more and more experienced channels. As we say, there are no mistakes. All experiences are used as lessons and even unexpected lessons are wonderful chances for us, as part of the Creation, to learn and through learning to become better at our service.

We again thank everyone for sharing your energies, not only with us, but also with each other. It is beautiful to see that. Humbly we may say that you appear to look like a flower from our perspective, many different colors blending together, each of you a petal forming a beautiful flower.

In the love and the light of the Creator we leave you now with that image. We are those of Laitos. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. The group studied from the Confederation Channeling Quotes document. It can be found in the Channeling Intensive 2 materials. 

  2. Previously discussed material suggested that it is good when approximately 30% of the channeling material is offered by the instrument.