The main question has to do with the properties of or place for inner work and outer work and the balancing process. For instance, consider someone with a yellow-ray blockage due to difficulties in his or her relationship in the work environment. I understand that the blockages can be resolved through internal balancing techniques, examining the nature of the difficulty and experiencing appropriate opposing thoughts and feelings to clear up the issue internally. But the blockage also is an inner manifestation of an outer issue between the self and another group of selves that may still need to be addressed to resolve the issue within the third-density experience. It also seems that if the outer work is performed properly through communication and unconditional love, it would inherently resolve the inner blockage. I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the relationship, if any, between the inner work and the outer work necessary to resolve such conflicts and blockages.

(Carla channeling)

We are known to you as Laitos. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this afternoon. It is our privilege and our pleasure to join this circle this evening and we thank each of those who is attempting at this time to become able to be channels for the love and light of the one infinite Creator. It is our humble hope also to collaborate with you in that service, creating resources for those who seek.

As always, we would request of each the use of his discrimination so that you take those thoughts that are helpful to you and leave the rest behind. We greatly appreciate this consideration for it allows us to feel sure that we are not going to infringe upon your free will by offering our humble opinions.

You wish to know the relationship of the inner work to the outer work when it comes to a perceived issue. In this case, there is a situation in the workplace which is causing catalyst and pulling you away from peace of mind and a feeling of unity with your co-workers.

Our discussion must be divided because the purposes of inner work are somewhat different from the purposes of outer work. In inner work you are working upon your own energy body and using the balancing exercise that you describe in your query as a means to regain a constant flow of the Creator’s love/light through your physical vehicle and through your energy vehicle as well. You are not striving for a solution when you balance the distortions of your day. You are seeking to return to a fully functioning wide open energy body with all of the chakras allowing the infinite supply of love/light through into the heart and onward through the physical and metaphysical vehicles and off of the top of the head into the Creator’s universe.

It is a metaphysical action to work with one’s emotions, feelings and thoughts. Tomorrow it is entirely possible that you may need to do this again. Indeed, it is likely that each and every day will hold moments which you may, in hindsight, pinpoint as triggering moments of distortion. Thusly, the inner work is designed to lessen distortions within your energy body and restore the open and full flow of the Creator’s love/light and light/love.

On the other hand, that which you may call outer work is, indeed, aimed at solutions. There is a rock in the middle of the stream and one wishes to remove the rock.

We would, at this time, transfer this contact to the one known as S if the one known as S wishes to participate in working upon this particular query. We are those of Laitos.

(S channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument. We would say that the inner work is of great benefit in dealing with blockages and imbalances as one sallies forth into one’s daily round of activities, which seem to be able to present constant challenges to the one who seeks above all to find the means to be of service in this life.

However, over and over again one finds that the service one proposes is not taken in quite the spirit in which one proposed the service. And so one has to reevaluate the terms and the conditions of the service that one has to offer.

It may be that in the process one takes a wound oneself and finds that the person most proximately in need of healing is oneself and, therefore, it is appropriate at that moment to withdraw, as withdraw one can, into a period of reflection or a period of inner work. This need not be a period which takes a great deal of your time, but it is a moment in which the self can be re-gathered and the intent to be of service instituted as it may, so that when one reengages with the entity or entities or set of circumstances which has provided this strong catalyst, one comes at it perhaps a little differently.

To some extent there is a question of cultivation of artfulness in the presentation of one’s service. To some extent there is an increasing understanding of those for whom one wishes to provide service. And sometimes there is an increase in understanding regarding the nature of the service one has to provide. All of these possibilities typically are in play in a situation in which outer workings are what are at issue.

Now, it is true that the blockages which can form in our energy centers are, indeed, often triggered or shall we say made known to us by the outer circumstances in which we engage. This does not mean, however, that these blockages originate in these outer circumstances. For it is generally the case that they are already present in the energy bodies and are merely being triggered by an occasional cause which allows one to see what has already been there.

If one were to take the point of view, for example, of a waking dream to inquire what deeper meaning there might be to a circumstance, which on the surface seems to be such a hostile one or one that is the bearer of such an unfortunate and dysfunctional circumstance that one hardly sees one’s way through it as if it were a confusing dream, then one can begin to sense a deeper resonance to the kind of engagement with one’s other selves that happens over and over again.

“Why is it that I find myself over and over again in a situation in which [there is] often confrontation with other workers over a certain kind of issue?”

“Why is it I find over and over again that my feelings are hurt when I have only meant to be helpful?”

“Why is it that over and over again other people trigger me in ways that I find unfair, unjust and unexpected?”

These are thoughts well worth contemplating and the protected environment of the meditation is an excellent place to undertake the work involved in sorting through what the deeper resonances of these highly personal issues might be and how one might be able to find a way through them.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as R.

(R channeling)

We are Laitos. We are with this instrument and we find a concept. This instrument has difficulty transferring the concept into words. We pass the contact to G1.

(G1 channeling)

We are those known as Laitos, and we are with the instrument known to you as G1. For any individuated expression of the infinite Creator it is important in all situations, including that of the workplace, to be aware of who you are. You are an individuated expression of the infinite Creator, a spiritual being having a physical experience.

As far as resolving a workplace issue in the outer, it is very important to understand clearly what your role and function is in the organization in which you are employed. It is important to understand something as basic as your job description. If you are in a workplace where you have no job description, it is important for you to do all that you can to bring this about so that you do know what your job is and what the job of other persons is.

As far as the inner work, it is important in your relationship with other people to interact with them in a manner of integrity so that you speak the truth, and do what you say you will do and that you not take things personally.

There is a book that has been very popular recently in your culture that expounds more fully on these ideas and others and we of Laitos would recommend your reading that book. It is called The Four Agreements. 1

In any workplace it is very difficult to get caught up in the details of what is going on between other people and yourself. There is one easy technique that can be practiced to help one keep a sense of detachment and [to refrain] from focusing too intensely on the interpersonal interactions that can be upsetting. And that is to focus on the breath. On the inhale in your mind say, “Ah.” On the exhale say in your mind, “God” or “Spirit” or whatever word represents to you the infinite Creator.

I now pass the channeling to the individual on my left, to T1.

[Long pause.]

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are with this instrument. We return to this instrument simply to assure the one known as T1 that we are working to create comfortable and effortless pathways between our energies and those energies of the one known as T1 and we shall continue to make a judgment as to adjustments as the session moves onward. We would now offer the channel to the one known as L1 if he would so wish to participate in this particular question.

We are those of Laitos.

(L1 channeling)

We are Laitos. Since all is one, in and out are necessarily interconnected, but as you are brought up in your culture, from birth or maybe even before you distinguish between what goes on inside of you and what goes on outside, so they appear as distinct realities although in fact they are interconnected. And what happens on the outside often reflects what is happening to a person on the inside. The inside efforts may attract outside efforts. Something to consider in doing inner work is whether the outer events are connected in some way to one’s own idiosyncratic history. These may be conflicts in the outer climate or they may be as easily “successes” that one is attracting from the inner work.

There do come times, however, when the choices with which one is faced in the outer realm may have to put one or could put one in jeopardy, doing things that may be dishonest, or if not dishonest, perhaps hurtful to others. One is then faced with difficult decisions as to whether to follow orders, so to speak, when the orders may seem destructive.

Here again though, the outer events may reflect or push one to reflect upon one’s own inner values, purposes and goals. And in a sense, this relationship between inner and outer is the basis of the third-density experience, so that at best, in examining one’s own inner planes in relation to what is happening in the outer planes, one then uses the best insight and free will to make a decision. The more difficult the decision is, the more challenge one is being offered in [terms of] personal growth and in service to the larger society in which you live and to the larger spiritual community.

We are Laitos, and pass this question on to the entity called M.

(M channeling)

We are Laitos. The perceived outer experiences, experiences perceived as outer in this density, are clues for your internal adjustment. You have [been] preprogrammed to have the potential opportunity to make [use of] here. When one does outer work one is recognizing that catalyst and is taking the opportunity to balance or adjust internally. And the success of the balancing as an indication in itself is reflected in the subsequent experiences and how they are perceived. If the internal balance is coming along, the outer blockage dissipates and falls away and new opportunities for other balancings present themselves. If the first set of internal balancings did not hit the mark, so to speak, the outer experiences seem not to resolve themselves or stay blocked or set up patterns [in which the issues] represented are reencountered.

This instrument would like to share a spectacular but puzzling image that appeared to her at the onset of the question when Laitos first came in. Shortly after the onset of the question, when Laitos first came in and the question started to be passed around. She has very little clue as to what it means, but she would like to share it with you.

It was the image of a mannequin clothed in a black, stocking-like material. The whole body, the main trunk of the body, is pictured in a black, stocking-like material. There is no other clothing, no other apparel except a band around the breast a few inches thick, coming into the center of the breast. It is pointed in and it is lined in gold. Where points of the white band come into the center of the breast is a gemstone at the heart-chakra location, but it is yellow in color and has hues of green. The gem begins to grow and spin and in a sense rotate, but in some multidimensional kind of way. It grows into some crystal-like, mandala in appearance. Once it grows to that, it opens as if it was a door. That is the visualized image.

We now pass this contact to L2.

(L2 channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are with this instrument. The image that we gave to this instrument is the continuation of the analogy of the river started by the instrument known as Carla in which there is a stone in the middle of the river that one wishes to rid oneself of.

We would say that there is little to be gained from [doing] outer work without doing inner work, for when the stone is removed from the river, there will always be another stone. And when all of the stones are removed from the river, there will still be a rough, sandy bottom. And when all of the sand is removed, there is slick, muddy, sticky silt. And even if the river were paved in smooth concrete, the river would still be forced to flow in one direction or another according to the confinements of this trough of concrete.

We say, instead of changing that which is in the river, be like the river. The river does not care if there is a stone in its path. It does not care if there is a cliff or a tree. It does not care if there are fish in it. It does not care if there is a person who walks across it. The river flows on, ignoring those obstacles, because one cannot make perfect what is already perfect.

In the song that was played before this channeling circle began to channel, in the tuning portion of this channeling circle, the one formerly known as Cat Stevens asked if there was a world where such and such a perceived unwanted obstacle [did not] exist. 2 We would say to you that that world already exists and it is here. What the seeker then must do is work on the inner self to know that to be the truth. If it were perfect to you, would it be perfect to the next person? If you desired only sunshine, this one sitting next to you may desire only rain. For both of these desires to be one, it is helpful to do the inner work necessary to enjoy that which is given already.

We conclude this contact for this instrument and wish to offer our contact to the one known as Jim, if he wishes to continue with our contact. We are those of Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument. We shall continue. The outer work which each of you within this third-density illusion participates is the work by which you encounter your daily round of catalysts, shall we say. This is the food that you shall process, that shall aid your growth in an inner sense, as you are able to glean experience from the catalyst that has been successfully processed. Thus, the work in which you engage in the space/time portion of your continuum is that which feeds the progress which you make in the time/space portion of your experience, that which is timeless, that which is forever.

Thus, the boundaries of space and time and the experience that is gained from the process and the catalyst within them are the food that allows growth in the spiritual sense, in the timeless sense, in the inner sense. Thus, each of you moves within an illusion that is couched within the greater illusion. All of that which seems mundane and meaningless offers itself to you as that which can become sacred and holy according to the time, attention and effort that you give to working with what it provides you.

The world about you that seems outside of yourself is filled with a myriad of opportunities. Most go unnoticed by the seeker of truth. For every experience, or shall we say every opportunity for catalyst, cannot be taken for they are infinite and within the outer world your abilities to function are finite. Thus, you pick and choose that which you shall use, but the inner realms of your being are a greatly various and wonderfully rich environment in which you find yourselves moving, living and breathing and having your being.

At this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. We are Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

We are Laitos, and are with this instrument once again. Gazing at the outer world, it is easy to see that which has a solidity to it, which is unmovable. However, as one chooses to look at the workings of one’s life within incarnation as sacred one is able to open oneself up to that sacred creativity which is willing to reconfigure the stream and the rock.

It is well to have a deft and light hand as one thinks about such an outer problem. As a person in the workplace who seems intractably to block energy in the workplace and keep it from being harmonious. Firstly it is well to use your intellect and powers of analysis to pinpoint the way in which that entity who seems to block energy is indeed blocking that energy.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

What mirror does he hold up to you, at which you do not wish to look? Is it your impatient self? Or that part of you which is simply selfish and mean? Look until you find that information, for it is well to understand, insofar as you can, the mechanics of this irritation that is being passed.

Once this work is done, the skilled seeker of harmony shall rewrite that character. That character shall become the Christ. Of course, that character does not know that he is of the Christ. He is very busy being a rock in the middle of the stream, and for whatever reason is enjoying the blockage of energies caused by his attitude or actions. However, it is not necessary for him to know that he is the one infinite Creator. It is only necessary for you to become aware of his true identity.

Continuing to be creative, it is well, then, for you to relate to this entity supportively, tolerantly and with a light touch. For you have drawn his teeth. You have seen that he has no true evil within him, but only the confusion and lack of happiness that create in him a desire to be inharmonious. It is not so much that you move the boulder out of the stream. It is more that your re-visioning of this entity creates a smaller and smaller obstacle until finally your love has created within you, at least, the ability to move like the water around that stone without aggravation or even notice.

In the end, your outer work shall go through many, many phases as you encounter the situations that for a time define your challenges and are the grist for your mill. And yet you may begin to see that the outer work and inner work flow, one into the other. The outer work can never replace the inner work. There are times when inner work can create a situation in which outer work becomes unnecessary. To the extent that your outer world creates challenges, however, you shall again and again find yourself playing a game called living well and you shall bring to that game all of your resources of imagination and creativity, based on the solid foundation that all is love, so you are playing rather than working at solutions in your life.

We hope that as you find sacred play delicious, you shall find your life an ever more harmonious experience. As always, entirely significant to any work in consciousness is time and silence. If you only have five minutes in a day to give to tabernacling with the one infinite Creator, embrace those five minutes with joy. For in that few seconds of time an infinity of inspiration may flow through you, rejuvenating every cell, lifting every weary spirit.

We would at this time ask if there are any queries in the group before we leave this instrument? We are those of Laitos.

I have a query. There are times when I am daydreaming that I will ask myself a philosophical question, and then I will muse, “What would Q’uo or Hatonn say about this question?” And I continue to muse and think they might say something like this or that and I form a little answer in my head. I would like to know if I am at that time channeling or just having an amusing daydream/

We are those of Laitos, and are aware of your query, my sister. The names that we use create a sense of personhood and it is easy to use those names to trigger the process of guidance being called upon. In actuality there is a cross-over between the channeled entities such as we and your guidance because of the fact that, as a wanderer, your higher self is a portion of one of the several planetary sources with which you have a channel. That is to say, your guidance system, being your higher self, is also in your future a part of those of the Confederation. This is quite common among wanderers.

In order to avoid triggering those prophecies which prepare you for doing outer channeling work, my sister, it would be well in your contemplations to wonder what your highest and best self might say about such and such a point upon which you are musing. That is a subtle difference, the difference between naming an outer source and naming an inner source, when the sources are congruent. However, it represents your acknowledgment of the appropriateness of retaining private conversation, when there is not a channeling circle to support you, as being that between yourself within incarnation and your higher or larger self. You are not having an idle daydream, my sister, but accessing information in a very appropriate way.

May we answer you further, my sister? We are those of Laitos.

When you say “appropriate way,” you don’t necessarily mean “responsible way,” I would assume, because I would think I need to concentrate on making sure that I don’t channel when I don’t desire to do so.

We are those of Laitos, and would agree, my sister, that is a matter of clear responsibility for you to retain that intention to channel outer sources for times when there are three or more in your group and when you have tuned appropriately.

However, when you allow your mind to wander and muse, as you have described, it is a very creative and yeasty mood or state of mind in that when the brain is out of gear and there is no logical taskmaster saying, “If A then B, if B then C,” insight, which does not depend upon linear logic, can often spring out of the surrounding musing and present an entirely novel point of view upon the subject about which you are musing and contemplating. Therefore it is appropriate to let the mind wander without guards upon it once the intention has been made within you to ponder a certain issue.

Certainly there are personalities that must always proceed with seriousness and solemnity, paper in hand, pencil ever ready, jotting down each and every thought that comes from guidance. However, this is not the way for everyone. For some, it is far more useful to, as this instrument would say, let the brain sag in the middle and see what new relationships are caused because of that sagging together of unlike ideas.

May we answer you further, my sister? We are those of Laitos.

I received the information that I was seeking and I believe that if I have any further need for clarification that my teacher can help me lift through that question. Thank you.

You are entirely welcome, my sister, and we thank you as well. We are those of Laitos. Is there a final query before we leave this instrument?

Yes, Laitos. Laitos, let’s say that there is sixth-density social memory complex which is a part of the Confederation and the social memory complex’s name is Zorton. Let’s say that the one known as L2’s higher self is part of this sixth-density social memory complex named Zorton. And let’s say that L2 channels her higher self. She doesn’t do outer-plane channeling but she is channeling her higher self. Now, I know that words are not the equivalent of concepts of thought forms, and especially in social memory complexes, but as far as words are synonymous of the facts for which they stand, wouldn’t L2, in channeling her higher self, be accurate in saying, “I am channeling Zorton?”

We are those of Laitos, and are aware of your query, my brother. It would not be at all accurate to say that in such a circumstance the one known as L2 was channeling Zorton. To say so would be analogous to her saying that she is channeling America when she recite the pledge of allegiance or consults the Bill of Rights or the Constitution for information. One’s higher self is the culmination of all harvested energy expenditures and biases that have accumulated around an individual’s soul stream throughout the progress through densities one through six. It is a presence unique to that entity. It is the gift of the soul stream to the third-density self at the point at which that sixth-density self realizes that there is no longer any desire to be satisfied except the desire to merge with the one infinite Creator in its entirely unpotentiated state. This unique source is only available to you. Each entity has his or her own higher self. This is not at all the same thing as the social memory complex as it is interacting as an whole with those who would seek its opinions.

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Laitos.

I am satisfied by your response. Thank you, Laitos. No further questions.

We thank you for your satisfaction, my brother, and are entirely satisfied with your response to our response.

We are those of Laitos. It is lovely to be with you. We feel the love from each of you and we hope that you can feel our love. Truly, it is a pleasure to be with you and to work with each of you. We shall look forward to each and every opportunity that you have created in this weekend gathering for our working together. We leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Laitos. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, San Rafael, CA, Amber-Allen, c1997. 

  2. Yusuf Islam, An Other Cup, CD 2006, “Maybe There’s A World.” The chorus lyrics are “Maybe there’s a world that I’m still to find, Maybe there’s a world that I’m still to find. Open up, O world and let me in, then there’ll be a new life to begin.” © Yusuf Islam, all rights reserved.