(S channeling)

[I am Laitos.] We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We come to you on a day that is unexpectedly nice for this time of year, and at a time when the circle of seeking, though perhaps a little reduced in its number, is certainly not reduced in its intensity. For there has been work done, my friends, during this session of seeking that has extended over several of your days. We find that we are coming now to the end of this process for the time being and would like to express our gratitude for the determination and the commitment that each in this circle has shown over the course of a period of time during which it has not always been convenient and it has not always been easy to pursue this chosen path of becoming a channel for our thoughts and through us and through those higher energies—we correct this instrument—of those higher energies which we too attempt to channel: the highest being, that of the one infinite Creator.

As always, we ask that you take of our energies and of our thoughts those which suit you in that path which you have chosen and leave aside that which does not seem to fit. For by holding to this resolve in your own path of development, you help relieve us of the very great burden that we might otherwise take on of having infringed upon free will or having provided, instead of the aid which we hope to offer, something which is more of a hindrance. We are humble seekers, even as are you. We ask if you—we correct this instrument—we ask that you take what we have to offer with that knowledge.

Let us begin now a story, which each within this circle of seeking may contribute to as the inspiration suggests. Once upon a time, a pair of twins was born in a village far removed from any large city and quite accustomed to a bucolic way of life, in touch with the rhythms of the land more than the hustle and bustle of urban life.

But there is even within this small burg a division, a societal division, as you might say, between those who were wealthy and those who had not as much. And it happened that through an accident of circumstance, at birth the twins found themselves separated, so that neither was aware of the other.

One, it happens, is taken up into the family of a long noble line, wealthy, highly educated and of considerable standing in the community. The other is taken up into a family of humble circumstances, a family you might describe as that of your peasants, who work hard to glean from the land a living that to the wealthier family would seem meager and spare.

Now, it also happened that between these twins, there obtained a strange kind of symmetry, in that one was of a very happy disposition, a cheerful disposition, a disposition such as one who is able to find the silver lining behind every cloud. And strange as it might seem, this was the twin who had been taken up into the peasant family.

The other twin, taken up into the nobility, had a rather dour disposition, able as you might say, always able to find the cloud in the silver lining and quite capable of being perfectly miserable in circumstances which most observers would describe as quite favorable.

Each of the two twins felt from a very young age that there was some strange component of their lives that was absent, that was missing. Each feels an instinct, if you will, to seek out that component, although it is not clear to them in what this seeking should consist, where that component of self might be found, or even how to proceed with any attempt to fill in the missing spaces.

But it happened upon a time that the two twins came into contact with one another as each was traveling in opposite directions upon a single road.

At this time we would pass the contact to the one known as R. I am Laitos.

(R channeling)

We are those of Laitos.

And the two brothers on the road come to a barrier. One brother on each side of the barrier and they look at each other for the first time. And they don’t know what to say. This instrument doesn’t know what to say. And reverts to an image of a, the brothers don’t know what to say to each other. And they look at each other thought that comes. This instrument feels like juggling hands that drop the ball and look for the, pick up the thread, pass the contact to the one known as [inaudible].

At this time we would pass the contact to the one known as G. We are the ones known as Laitos.

(G channeling)

We are those of Laitos and we are with the instrument known as G.

This was a very precipitous situation for the, the twin brothers. Anu, the one who had been taken into the family of privilege, and then to the one who had been taken into the home [of] an honest humble hardworking couple. There was a glimmer of something that passed between the two of them as they stood before this barrier in the road, which consisted of a tree that had been felled by a storm. This glimmer of something that passed between them, a kind of recognition that was beyond description, as though there was some knowingness, each of the other, that they could not put words to. It was as if [at] a very deep, a very deep level of consciousness, there was some communication going on.

It was very interesting that this happened at a time when they were both faced with the same barrier. Not only was there the barrier in their road, but there was the barrier to the communication and the barrier to the communication which might have facilitated a greater knowingness on the part of each of them.

Anu, who was from the privileged family, was accustomed to having servants who waited on him and did his bidding and he was unaccustomed to having to do very much of anything for himself except to enjoy the privilege of the position in which he had been raised.

So even though there was some knowingness of the other fellow who also stood at this barrier, his first reaction was to size him up. As he looked at his attire and his rough hands that showed the signs of heavy work, he made a judgment about the social class that this man was from and not being, not having the wherewithal to do much of anything, he suggested, or should I say, ordered the other to come up with a solution as to how they could remove this barrier from the road.

I now move to the instrument on my left known as L1.

(L1 channeling)

We are those Laitos, and we are with this instrument.

Bantu, wishing to be of service to the community in clearing this tree and to the other self on the other side of the tree, tried to come up with solutions to this obstacle or this perceived obstacle. But at every turn of suggestion, Anu decided that he knew best that this solution would not work and that another one should be devised.

Bantu, after several attempts of coming up with a possible solution, asked Anu [how he] thought it should be done. Anu took this as an affront to his intelligence. “Do you think that I do not know how to take care of myself?” he asked.

This was not a question directed at Bantu. It was, as an observer might look at it, directed at Anu. It was directed at Bantu, but to the inner seeking of Anu, it was a question to himself. [Looking] over this large tree as best he could into the face of his brother, he saw himself, not only in the literal sense, but in the figurative sense of the seeker who sees himself in any other self.

Although this question, this quip, was not entirely kind to Bantu, Bantu did not even consider it an affront. He merrily acknowledged that, “Of course, you are a capable adult, just as I am. I am certain that you have many great ideas for being able to take care of this tree in the road.”

This non-defensive position, a position of acknowledgement, love and trust in the other self that Bantu gave to his brother, did not work in the way that Anu was accustomed to interacting with others, where there was a tug of war of personalities, a wall put up between selves to defend against other selves.

As he had nothing to fight against except himself, he was forced to think within. The burden somehow was no longer placed on Bantu, but was set squarely on Anu’s shoulders and he did not know what to do with this. He had no way of crawling out from beneath this responsibility that he had very apparently set upon his own self. “Perhaps,” Anu suggested, “we should head toward the end of the tree where the branches are weak and easily broken, and break through some of these branches and create sort of a hole in the tree, like a tunnel, maybe, instead of moving the entire tree.”

And this was akin to one of the suggestions that Bantu had given. He did not care that this other-self had criticized him for not having a good idea and now suggested a very similar idea himself, he merely agreed. “Yes, I do believe that that would be a reasonable solution.”

And so the two worked from each to their own sides, clearing away the very small branches and twigs and then reaching the portion in the middle of the tree where there were larger branches that they then could work together to break apart and they did indeed create a small tunnel, if you would, in the upper branches of this tree, where it lay across the road. Anu felt very proud of himself, one for coming up with such a brilliant solution, and two for accomplishing the solution as well.

Bantu was also encouraging of his brother, that he had done such a good job with no reservation of his own that he should receive some credit, for the job was done and really that was all that mattered so that Bantu could continue. He did not have any ego invested in the situation.

And so he thanked his brother and said, “I have an obligation. I must be on my way, as I am sure you must also but I hope that I will meet you again one day, as I believe we may have a lot to talk about.”

And with that we would like to pass our contact on to the one known as L2. We are known as Laitos.

(L2 channeling)

I am Laitos, and the story continues.

The two brothers passing each other with some recognition, but not full awareness of the other of themselves or the other and go their way. Anu goes on to the town where he is expected as a royal guest and treated with great celebration. Bantu goes on to visiting a relative of the family that took him in, so he thinks it’s his own family, who lived in a hut in the woods and gained their sustenance by hunting in the woods, gathering nuts and fishing in the stream.

And so, apparently, each pursues their own separate path. But each has a memory of the encounter, and it stirs other memories that they cannot formulate very well, but gives them the sense, each of them, the sense that they should seek out the other and have some further meeting. For Anu, this is a new kind of experience. He is used to others serving him, but he is not used to having his own inner self direct him to a very specific goal, which he held, as it turned out, with determination and even a sense of passion, the same as with his other part. And so each did not know exactly how to contact the other, but they knew that they had met on this road and so they one day set out back on this road with the idea that they might again encounter one another.

I am Laitos, and pass the story on to the entity known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument.

The brothers felt the urge to meet once again, for at the first meeting there was the feeling of familiarity, of a common origin, purpose, direction and a possibility of perhaps a friendship. As each was individually moved to begin seeking once again upon this road, each traveled a goodly distance from their respective domiciles.

And yet along this path, along this road, there were various incidents, entities, adventures and opportunities for other discoveries, shall we say. Each found himself engaged in one experience after another and though each was indeed enriched by these progressive experiences, yet still each wished to accomplish the goal of meeting the other once again.

And each pondered carefully how there had been experiences and distractions that had stood in the way of coming together once again. It had seemingly separated these brothers in a different way than the original barrier on the road had stood between them.

At this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

We are now with this instrument. We are those of Laitos and greet this circle of seeking in love and light through this instrument.

Held to unforeseen circumstances by a web of events in sequence of them that seemed to enmesh them. At first frustrated and finally resigned, they finally ceased the struggle to disentangle themselves from their circumstances and instead, turned to the circumstances that had created the unforeseen web.

Time passed. Seasons rolled by. Each of the brothers found themselves creating new relationships, relationships that developed into deep friendships, friendships that deepened into mutual devotion.

As the years passed, the enmeshing circumstances began to gently, inevitably, inexorably to fulfill patterns that created service to others and made of these beloved companions brothers, brothers in a spiritual sense rather than a sense of blood-ties.

Eventually, first one brother and then the other completed his patterns of involvement with unforeseen circumstances and each was able to look back over a decade of good work, good companionship, and the development of new sisters and new brothers, bound together not by ties of kinship, but by ties of mutually satisfying work and service to the one Creator.

Finally the day came when both brothers were able to reach their first destination, the destination that had seemed so central and so important. They greeted each other with embraces and kisses, and the first excitement of finally achieving a meeting together over, began to tell each other their stories.

They marveled at each other’s adventure and at the many seeming roadblocks that had eventually become positive experiences and that had led to great service, humbled before the working of the great Master of Life. They realized that as they came together, they had much, much more to offer each other than they would have, had their plans gone according to the agenda set.

How could this happen? How could well-set plans be so much less satisfying than the seeming chances and changes of life that distracted and distracted again. How did distractions turn into life well-lived as patterns were completed?

I would at this time transfer as a contact to the one known as S. We are the ones known as Laitos.

(S channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument.

The meeting between the two brothers, having issued into the discussion which allowed each to access the life patterns of the other, revealed much about the dynamics or workings of these life processes in particular, and perhaps, of life processes more generally.

For even in the way their lives unfolded, there was a kind of symmetry amid difference, if you will. In each case there had been growth and a more full bodied sense of the spiritual development—we correct this instrument—the spiritual dimension of life.

In the case of Anu, he had learned over the course of time that his riches by themselves could not supply what he most longed for. And as his heart softened, he was able to find, in the joy of giving, that not only was the one who received thereby benefited, but he himself benefited, even as if a great burden had been lifted from him. And so he began to be less and less dour and felt a growing center of contentment in his being.

Once he had recognized the pattern that this entailed, he was able further to accelerate his activity of showing a generous face to the world, and became a philanthropist, even to the point eventually that he turned over the large manor into which he was born so that it might become a house for the blind. He, himself, chose to live in a modest cottage that sat in a far corner of the formerly large estate.

Bantu had discovered in his life pattern that he, because of his optimism and his great personal industry, he was quite competent and able to enter into a great variety of enterprises, all of which turned out to be very successful. And he found himself growing in importance and esteem, though he was able to keep a sense of perspective and humility about him, for he did not lose sight of the humble circumstances from which he arose.

All the while he felt, however, as if all that he had done could not yet be enough. And so there was more to do to establish to himself more than to anyone else. The sense of his worth, and the more he did, the more came his way, almost to the point that it became an embarrassment to him.

And this was the point that he was able to convey to his brother, as they reflected upon the many mysteries of the events that take place in their lives and give to them the pattern that they assumed. And so the two brothers felt that at last they had come to the point of being able to share those life experiences which had marked them in a deeper way, those life experiences which had marked them and to make common cause in their village for the betterment of that village and all who lived within it.

At this time, we ask your indulgence for this instrument is attempting to deepen its meditative state.

At this time, we would transfer the contact to the one known as R. We are those of Laitos.

(R channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are with this instrument. This instrument sees an image of a boundary with a dark area in the middle. The lines on the boundary are brown in color and wavy.

We are Laitos, and this instrument struggles with putting words to the image, searching for thread that seems to elude the fingers. We thank the instrument for the contact and transfer to the one known as G.

(G channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are with the instrument known as G. The boundary which has just been described by the contact on my right is the boundary between the seen and the unseen world. Both men are now in their advanced years and they are both perceiving snatches of what the next form of existence may be. And so when their end of the incarnation comes, it comes with a two day period for each one of them and as they both—one moment, please—both of them experience a peaceful dying surrounded by loving friends and family, they leave their physical bodies and quickly are taken up into the realm of the bardo.

They were very fortunate in that each perceived that the other one was there. And they greeted each other with deep love and respect. They quickly acclimate themselves to the environment of the bardo and in short order are approached by a person—I hesitate to use the word person—by a being of higher knowledge and wisdom. It greets them and asks them the question, “Is there anyone who has gone on before that you would like to meet with?”

And both of them simultaneously say, “My parents, it’s been so long, since I’ve seen my parents. I would like to see my parents.” Two sets of parents came forward and there is a wonderful reunion. Their parents were just the parents who raised these men and they were just as happy to see them as the two, Anu and Bantu, are to see their parents.

But look! There is another couple coming forward. They are amazed because they have asked to see their parents and they have had a reunion with the parents who raised them. They are mystified, who can these people be? They turn to the being of greater knowledge and higher wisdom and asked who might these people be? And he says to them, “You asked to see your parents, and you have seen the parents who raised you. The ones you have known to be your parents. These people are your parents who gave birth to you, who loved you very much but were unable to take care of you. It is time for you to meet them. We now pass the contact to the instrument on my left known as L1.

(L1 channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are with this instrument now. The meeting of the birth parents and the twins, because it was in this other realm, has an element of communication of more depth and variety than the spoken word. These parents could share the essence of their incarnation, who they were on Earth and their circumstances, and by conveying thoughts and emotions and simply memories passed from parent to child. In the mother Bantu sees himself, this person of a difficult attitude who as it was said sees the cloud in the silver lining. And Bantu likewise sees himself in his father, easy going, calm, and so the mirroring continues self with other self. His parents through these communications explained that the value of the added value of the brothers’ actions with each other is akin to the added value of this couple, married young, arranged by their parents to marry at seeming odds in personality with each other. And yet, finding immense value as time progressed and they appreciated the value that they could see, each in the other, the lessons learned and the mirroring that each one gave the other.

And as this conversation played itself out to a natural conclusion, there appeared again on the fringes another set of parents. And again on the fringes of this area of being, they saw again another set of parents, until this place was crowded and they could feel the presence of millions upon millions of other beings.

And they asked their guide, “Who are these people?”

And he said, “You asked to see your parents. Did you think that at some time in your life you were not parented by—we correct this instrument—do you think that at some time within your many lives you were not parented by many, many different beings? Indeed, Each of you at one time was a parent for the other. And so in coming together, you meet each other as parent and child, parent and child. The thoughts of all of these beings came on transparently, seemingly at the same time, but not in such a cacophony that each individual’s thought would not be perceived and entire lifetimes were brought to the surface of their consciousness, if you will. Lifetime upon lifetime of memories and interaction in so many different ways, between each of these beings, that it seemed almost intimate.

We now take this opportunity to pass this contact on to the one known as L2. We are those of Laitos.

(L2 channeling)

I am Laitos. And the higher being now asks each brother what he had learned from this last lifetime. Anu points out that he learned that having material wealth does not necessarily mean having spiritual inner wealth. However, when one is able to turn external wealth, wealth of the third density, into deeds of compassion that contribute to one’s own spiritual wealth and to the increased energy of the third density, raising it to a higher level.

Bantu responds that he’s learned that his optimism was a great gift. However, this optimism when tempered with realistic views only when tempered with realistic views of what is happening. And with hard effort, it is in turn transformed into creative power for his own inner work and for his contribution.

Also, he and his brother have learned that separation from one another provided the gift of searching. So that separation and in that sense [that state of being] lost, when properly utilized, contributed to self-development and the development in the world.

I am Laitos and pass the story on to the entity called L1.

(L1 channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet each of you again through this instrument. At this time we ask if there are any queries to which we might speak concerning this channeling session?

I have a question, Laitos. As I had the contact the second time and I was able to perceive the image of the boundary line, why was I not able to pick up some something else besides the image, if you can comment on it?

I am Laitos. I am aware of your query, my brother. We applaud the courage which you have shown this session in working, in that you have been able to see and experience more of our contact than in previous workings. That you have not seen further into the contact is simply that journey which you have yet to make. The ability and willingness to open yourself to these types of concepts is an ability which is not common among your peoples. It is not normal to open oneself up in such a manner and it takes a great deal of practice for most entities. And for your particular experience, we find that you have made great progress and would not suggest further worry about that which has yet to be perceived.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Laitos, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have a query. Why is it that your social memory complex and others of the Confederation refer to themselves as humble?

We are Laitos, and I am aware of your query, my brother. With the increased experience and knowledge of the one Creator which comes to those who successfully seek past the boundaries of third density comes the realization that we all are but small portions of the infinite Creator. To experience this feeling of smallness is quite humbling. For as one moves into and through the third density, there is the gathering feeling of one’s own identity, one’s power, one’s influence in the environment about one. This gives a false sense of value and worth, not in the sense that you are of infinite value, but that you have an increased ability to affect the environment about you.

As we have moved beyond this experience, we have found that though we still seek to be of service in whatever manner possible, we see that there is a great distance between what we would wish to do and what we are able to do. Thus, we remain humble.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you very much, Laitos.

I am Laitos, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

[Long pause]

Thank you for offering yourself as a guide for learning the channeling.

I am Laitos, and we appreciate your appreciation, my brother. We are most honored to be able to offer this. As it appears that we have exhausted the queries of the circle with whom we are working, we thank each one once again for allowing us to work with each instrument. It has been our great privilege and pleasure. We look forward, as you would say, to future workings with this group.

We are those known to you as Laitos. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.