Jim: The question this evening has to do with the concept of angels. We would like to ask just what angels are and how we can interact with them. Are they different from or similar to guides?

(Carla channeling)

We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. We are privileged indeed to have been called to your circle of seeking and are very happy to be a part of this working. It is our pleasure to speak with you concerning angels.

However, before we begin, as always, we would simply ask you to take responsibility for your responses to those things which we say. Be conscious of whether or not you find our thoughts interesting. If you do, then they are yours to work with as you will. If they do not cause resonance to start in your heart, then let them go, for they are not for you. If you will use your discernment in this way and pick and choose between thoughts according to how they strike you, how they seem useful to you or not, that will enable us to feel that we are not disturbing your free will and it will allow us to feel freer to speak our thoughts to you. We thank you for this consideration.

In talking about angels, perhaps it is well to start talking about humans. We also talk about ourselves, for we also have been through third density. We also have been flung out by the Creator to skitter across the pond of the universe and move through many experiences and gather those pieces of information that interest us and seek what we desire.

We and you together have had cause to feel the distance between ourselves and the one infinite Creator; not a physical distance but an emotional distance. Outer distances make far less of a difference to one’s feelings than the inner distances and we often have felt very much apart from the Creator and from other selves. It is part of the challenge and part of the blessing of being a spark of the Creator.

You deal, my friends, with illusion with a thick veil, with chaos and seeming uncertainty, for your entire incarnation. In a way, your life is a race that goes not to the swift but to the perceiver of truth. You’re racing not towards an object, but towards the correct perception of objects. Occasionally, one thing will come clear to you. You will have a realization about yourself. And you are one quantum step beyond where you were before, in understanding who you are.

However, as the one known as G said, it is very easy to become lost in the tangle of thoughts that clutter the mind. The mind is a complex thing because you are using both your intellect and your consciousness. Your consciousness takes its information from love itself. Consciousness, by definition, is the consciousness of all that there is, that which holds all things together.

Your mind, on the other hand, is like a library, with your information either filed fairly neatly or filed chaotically, so that you have to send one of the librarians scurrying after information—someone’s name, the proper word that means such-and-such. The gaps in memory are notorious among the old, but they exist for everyone. So that is what it is to be human, among other things. It is standing in two camps, one foot in each, on the one foot space/time, the everyday consensus reality, the matrix, call it what you will. Your other foot is in the inner world, in consciousness, in love.

Furthermore, that is the point of your being who you are. You are a place where two lands come together. You are the bridge between finity and infinity, between limits and limitlessness. You bring, if you choose, limitless and infinite love into a world that is starving for love. You bring infinite and limitless light through your energy body and ground it into Earth’s energy if you choose.

You ask a great deal of yourself in third density in that you ask yourself to wake up from a very comfortable slumber and become aware of the limitless potential that you contain. You become aware of your power and you seek its right use. You become aware that you do not know yourself very well and that you have been giving yourself a difficult time of it, looking with eyes of judgment rather than eyes of love upon what you do, what you think and how you feel.

You become aware that you have allowed a clutter of meaningless details to distract you from love itself, from the devotion of your deepest heart, from the hopes and dreams that you carry like treasure within yourself. And you become aware that you have the choice of how you shall be, thought by thought by thought.

As so, you choose to take on the challenge of third density as a person who is awake, aware and conscious and attentive and you make of your life a beautiful pattern, a pattern of learning and service, a pattern of responsibilities taken and manifested, and as you get to know yourself, you begin finally to forgive yourself for being human. And in the fullness of time you fall in love with yourself. And from that point on, your incarnation is easier, for the harshest critic is always the self. Yet there is no end to the challenges of life behind the veil of forgetting.

This is not the case with the angels. You have observed, as students, the regularity and predictability and hierarchical nature of the world as scientists have come to know it. The elements of which you are familiar and many of which you are unfamiliar, make up, not simply a random collection of elements but elements that have an arrangement because of their nature. They fit together in a certain way. And there is a hierarchy of energies. You, yourself, are a perfect example of that hierarchy of energies—the energy field of the entire physical body holding within it the energy fields of each organ, each system of hormones, and so forth. Down to the cellular level, your body understands its own hierarchy and it functions well.

The hierarchy of the angels of which you have asked us is just as regular and predictable. You have angels at the level of Creator, and you have angels at the level of personal angels. You have everything in between. They carry responsibilities according to their hierarchy. What makes angels unique is that they have never left the vibration of the Creator. They have never departed from the one original Thought of unconditional love. They have never incarnated and they never will. While they have characteristics that can seem to be like a personality, to say that angels have a personality is to anthropomorphize 1 incorrectly.

Angels are love. Angels are love responsible for realms in a hierarchical manner. There are those which work with your sub-Logos, the sun, in creating the archetypal mind and the blueprint for the densities in this particular creation. There are angels who are attracted to vibrations and flock to those whose vibration are beautiful to them. You may not feel beautiful, dear ones, especially when you are struggling, yet to those who vibrate in unconditional love, the qualities of one who is seeking to learn and to serve are irresistible. It takes a great deal of courage to persist in a spiritual preoccupation, and each of you is [very] beautiful to us and to the angels.

There are two basic energies which angels have to offer. One is the simple energy of love itself and the other is a feeling of safety, which could be called a healing energy. Both of those aspects are the resources which angels have to offer. Angels also have connections with the four elements and the four directions 2 so that as you become more and more aware of the correspondences between certain archangels and certain energies, certain powers and certain directions, you become more able to cleanse your habitation or the area around you with the help of the archangels.

There is another class of angels that is indeed angelic and yet [these angels] have had incarnations. Those are the entities who have chosen to be angels but were not angels from the Creator. Yet between incarnations it became apparent to these souls that the work that they wished to do was angelic. And so these entities were incarnated and lived for a short time on this terrestrial ball you call Earth. And then, seemingly far before their time, they were taken. Instead of moving into the healing of the incarnation and the choosing of another incarnation, these particular entities move into the angelic realm. They are able to become angels because of their innocence within incarnation. These little ones are especially fond of those whose hearts are open and are very grateful to rest in that open heart that will accept them.

As this instrument mentioned before the meditation began, it is critical, if you wish to work with angels, to thank them, and to ask them to participate in your life, to be with you and to share their love and their healing and their feeling of safety. If you do not ask them, they cannot break free will. Therefore, it is important to remember each day to thank the angels that are around you and to ask them to continue helping you.

One way that this instrument and the one known as Jim ask for the angels’ help is when they bathe, for angels are very good at magnetizing such substances as water or oil. And if asked, angels can place healing energy into the bathwater or shower so that the water carries the vibration of love and of healing. This is also true of substances such as food. If you ask the angels to help with the preparation of a food, they are able to help you magnetize love into the food. Homely chores such as chopping wood or cleaning house are ennobled by the angels as they aid you in magnetizing love to the motions that you make with your body and the thoughts that you think with your mind.

We find it stupendous to contemplate the generosity of the infinite Creator in enriching the experience of each of those it has sent out to gain experience by making sure that there is no corner of the Creation that is not full of love, not only on a passive level, but on the active level of those who love, those who care.

We are those of Q’uo, and would ask if there is a follow-up to this query at this time.


We are those of Q’uo, and as there is no follow-up to this query, we would ask if there is another query at this time within the group.

I have a question, Q’uo, but I would first like to thank you for sharing that and sharing your love with us. My question is about the substance of marijuana, the chemical THC, and what effect it has on seeking of any given seeker. My question comes from my experience, which is that it has an impact that seems to be negative on my seeking. It lowers my energy in days following exposure to it. But at the time of using the substance I do feel a certain inspiration and a sort of freedom, so that’s my question. What is the nature of this substance and its effect on seeking?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Each substance has complex characteristics. Each food that you eat, each liquid that you drink, has those characteristics which are generally considered positive and those characteristics which are considered undesirable and therefore called something like “side effects.” The substance, marijuana, is no exception.

In general, my brother, if you want to obtain maximally useful results from your observations and your witness during incarnation, you are best served by a completely pure and this instrument would say “sober,” base. Every substance you ingest, every substance you drink, creates not just one, but several different effects within the body, and, as the one known as S has said, it is quite so that every seeker will have a different experience of apples or asparagus or marijuana. However, none of asparagus’s side effects impact the spiritual life whereas in the case of marijuana, its effect on the spiritual life is inconstant and untrustable.

The basic principle involved in this opinion is that principle which suggests that you will be able to open your mind, your body, and your spirit more and more as you become lit from within, as you become kindled by that spirit that yearns for the perfect devotion, the truly whole giving of the self to service. As you persist along this line of seeking the veil thins for you, little by little, in a way which is safe for you.

The difficulty that we see with the use of marijuana in the spiritual seeking is that it enables you to experience an environment for which you are not naturally prepared. Thusly, while the experience is a good one, perhaps, at the time, the side effects that come with the use of marijuana, mainly the damping of the energies that you would normally have in more abundance, create the sum total experience of a positive time that you could not fully use because it was artificially created, and the cumulative effects of the use of marijuana, which involve weariness and a lack of motivation.

It is to be noted that all of these effects, both positive and seemingly negative, are temporary. The [chemicals in marijuana] are chemicals which have an effect, here and there and here and there, and then within a month’s time they are gone. Consequently, it is a relatively transparent, recreational mood changer. And as this instrument can attest, that particular substance has medicinal qualities that are very appreciated by those who have chronic pain and chronic nausea. There would be no reason for us to encourage people to think of marijuana as evil or as an agent that will lead people astray. However, in terms of improving the spiritual life, its uses are very limited.

When you wish to improve your spiritual life, turn within. There is no substance, there is no answer, there is no shortcut outside of the vast reaches of your heart. When we suggest that you go within, we truly mean to go within, to cross the boundary between the ordinary reality of everyday life and the reality that is the environment of your open heart.

Dear ones, your people have ingested and drunk and smoked and breathed in an amazing variety of natural and manmade substances through the years of your history, working with outer things to attempt to achieve a result. And no result is found that is satisfactory. Meanwhile, quietly, humbly, invisibly, person after person after person has gone within and walked through the deserts of the self, climbed the mountains of the self, sailed on the oceans of the self, lost, wandering, exultant, cast down, and in every weather and in every situation the limitless potential of consciousness awaits.

The most effective spiritual practice is to believe in the spiritual practice and to seek it as does a lover its mate. It may seem trivial or unnecessarily emotional to encourage you to have intense personal, even intimate, feelings about the spiritual life, yet it is very helpful and healthy for the spirit to yearn and to crave for the presence of the one Creator. You have that presence within you, yet it is a journey over desert and mountain and ocean, finally to come to that magic island at the center of your heart where lives love, unrestrained, wild and free. We therefore encourage you to enjoy yourselves as you will.

We do not condemn marijuana, my friends; we are simply saying that for the serious seeker, that which he manipulates shall be within himself.

In olden times and in some tribes of those who live in the indigenous way to your present day, there would be the time of dying to the self in one way or another, whether it was a case of physically being immured in a cave or [whether it was being] buried alive for a certain amount of time. There were rituals in which there was the experience of death. And when that individual arose from the sweat lodge or the shaman’s quest, for the first time there was the true appreciation of the gift of life.

To have a keener, freer, wilder experience takes patience if it is done properly. Yet when you have come into states of mind that are altered and you have moved into them naturally, you are ready for the wisdom of the experience to impress itself upon you and you are ready for the responsibility of what you now know. As the one known as Ra said, “There are no mistakes but there are sometimes surprises.” To create an environment in which your surprises are likely to please you, we encourage you to seek within. 3

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

No. I’m very satisfied. Thank you.

We thank you, my brother, for your query. We would ask if there is another query in the circle at this time. We are those of Q’uo.

[Side one of tape ends.]

Q’uo, M writes: “Can personal events be metaphysically manipulated by negatively-oriented entities in order to give the outer appearance of synchronicity? If so, how does this demonstrate the Law of One and how can one best discern between true and false synchronicity?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. My brother, we would say that it is entirely possible that negative entities might be interested in a certain entity and might find it useful to manipulate events so as to create synchronicity that would help to persuade a person to feel that certain thoughts were helpful. As always, those behind the veil, unable to see the true vibrations of unseen friends, must depend upon their powers of observation and discernment.

If an unseen friend of the negative orientation were attempting to persuade you, for instance, that it was a good idea to break free of a relationship or otherwise destabilize your life, it would work only if the person being persuaded wanted that persuasion. Consequently, we would encourage each seeker to look at synchronicities and rather than scooping them up wholesale without thought, look at and ponder the pattern being made by synchronicity. If the pattern is one which does not sit well with you for some reason, we would encourage you to trust that and to lift away from finding importance in such synchronicity.

The principle of the Law of One which bears upon this question is the principle of free will. This instrument, for instance, was once given the negative impression that she could not breathe. Try as she might she could not bring air into her lungs. However, this psychic greeting was unable to be effective because its effect depended upon the instrument panicking and losing faith that all was well.

As it happened, this instrument was well aware of the greeting, as it had been ongoing for some time, and simply walked on, thinking that, probably, eventually she would fall to the ground because there was no more air and that when unconscious the psychic greeting would no longer have an effect and she would regain her ability to breathe. Consequently, there was no fear. And after perhaps a minute of this situation being ongoing it lifted away and was gone.

There is a tremendous amount of play that you have with the steering of your mind. There is a great deal to learn about the discipline that you can exercise over your thoughts. And it is the work of an incarnation to become an artist with perception working with thought in a creative way but not fooling the self; being insightful but not being clever; moving into the verticality of a moment so that it opens up like a flower rather than moving horizontally past the moment in search of a distant goal.

The web of synchronicity is valid and it indeed is offered from all sides that are attracted to you and your situation. It takes discernment to sort out the tremendous richness of information that is coming into you at all times. It is not the work of a moment. It is not the work of a year. It is the work of a lifetime. And we hope that each of you enjoys this carnival ride. Remember, dear ones, that what you see often depends upon how you choose to perceive.

The one known as L spoke recently in a circle like this one of experiencing a concert, first as full of negativity where the words to the songs seemed to be violent and hurtful and the energy of those in the audience seemed to be shallow and driven by substance abuse. Yet she persisted and moved to a level where she was able to see the love pouring out of every heart, every instrument, every note. And her environment changed from an environment of hell to one of heaven.

You have this capacity within you to make heaven of hell or hell of heaven. We encourage you to believe in the truth, which is that heaven lies within you. It is accessible. It is as if you were looking at a closed door. The key to that door is silence. Open it. Walk into your own heart and fly away. There you are safe. There you are loved. There you shall become capable of loving. We are with you; the angels are with you.

At this time we find that it is time to leave this group and this instrument, leaving each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai my friends.

  1. To anthropomorphize is to attribute to non-humans the characteristics of being human. 

  2. The four elements or powers are earth, air, fire and water. The four directions are north, south, east and west. 

  3. Ra’s wry statement comes in The Law of One, Book III, Session 69, Question 15, “Although there are no mistakes, there are surprises.”