Jim: The question this evening has to do with the topic of ascension. Most of us think of ascension in terms of what will happen to us after we die. We know that we drop the physical body and retain our spiritual or soul body. We walk the steps of light and continue forth into a new experience in that way. We would like some information tonight on the type of ascension that, say, Jesus did, or certain masters of all religions have done. I think Ra spoke of the 150 souls who were graduated after the second cycle. They could either go on to fourth density, if they wished, or stay, as they all chose to do, because they wished to see all of their brothers and sisters, shall we say, ascend or graduate with them. So we would like to know something about this type of ascension in which certain masters of all cultures throughout the ages have participated.

(Carla channeling)

We are the principle known to you as those of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. As we gaze around this circle of seeking, we feel the great privilege of being asked to join you. Each of you has carved out a piece of your day to give to the seeking of truth. It is our honor to be included in that search and we are glad to share our humble opinions with you on the subject of ascension while in the body, that is, the physical body of third density.

But first, as always, we would ask that you listen to or read our thoughts with discrimination and your best discernment. Listen for what appeals to you, for what makes you want to seek further. If something is not alive for you in what we say, please leave it behind. In that way, we can be fairly sure that we shall not disturb your spiritual seeking or infringe upon your free will, and that is important to us. Thank you for this consideration.

In this instrument’s mind, we find the word “ascension” to have connotations of confusion and chaos. This, my friends, is because as long as spiritual texts have been offered to the people of your planet, the subject of ascension has been one that is held in heavy dispute. Depending upon the way one’s culture works, ascension may or may not be a part of the tenets of the religion of the culture. It may or may not be the way that particular religious or philosophical system describes spiritual advancement. Therefore, there is a certain amount of emotion that clusters around this concept and tends to create a situation in which it is difficult to speak about the subject without exciting emotion.

Our desire, as you know, is to consider such subjects in a way that allows the seeker to see into the structure of the query, to gather information about that query, and to lay out before the seeker resources that may possibly aid in thinking about the query. We would like to attempt to speak about ascension in that way.

We would start with the Christian concept of ascension. The act of leaving the third density while in one’s body and going elsewhere is called ascension because in the Old Testament and the New Testament, those of seemingly greatly advanced wisdom or love were able to be taken from the Earth. We note Elijah and his whirlwind and Jesus and his cross. Therefore, it is considered that they ascended in their bodies.

From our point of view, we would say that ascension in general means to the population of those not Christian, perhaps not on a particular religious path at all, the event tied in with the date of the Winter Solstice of 2012, or whenever a particular seeker considers that third density is over and the next density or Age of man has begun.

Now, what virtue is there in considering how to ascend while in the body? My friends, in terms of activity within the body, we do not find that this is a helpful concept for all people. The reason that we say this is that each of you won his or her way into the earth plane [at the time of] the harvest. Many there are who wished to have incarnations upon Planet Earth at this time, either to help raise the consciousness of Planet Earth with their love, or to do the work of third density in achieving a satisfactory balance between love and wisdom, love and power, or wisdom and power.

Consequently, having won your way into the physical, we find there is wisdom in choosing to stay with the incarnation until you have learned all you can and served all you are able and are truly ready to let go of third density and all of its gifts and challenges.

However, the one known as Y noted that the kind of ascension that she has seen discussed in the book The Masters of the Far East 1 seems to be a lot like living in fourth density, and we find that the heart of the question concerning ascension while in the physical body is keyed to this realization.

Life, as it passes by the individual consciousness, seems to be very solid. Yet, it is not. The flow of time and space has endless potential. For those who seek deeply enough into the present moment, that moment, every moment, comes alive. Beneath your feet, the floor opens up and you can dive into that present moment. Boundaries fall away and as the song which you heard before this meditation says, you can be unbound. 2

Some attempt to approach this state of consciousness from the standpoint of clearing the body—eating well, exercising well, and so forth. Others seek to reach that state by going more and more into meditation, slowing down what this instrument sometimes calls “the monkey mind” and allowing spaciousness to flood in to the mind that is too concerned with the ten thousand things. 3

Others approach the problem of lifting consciousness from its moorings in third density by reading and attempting to assimilate the gathered wisdom of all religions and all cultures, all systems of lore and myth. And although the scholar’s way often stays within the head, rattling around, filling the mind’s closets and shelves with too much information, the wisdom seeps down into the heart of the scholar and pulls him forward. There are as many ways to approach the evolution of mind/body and spirit as there are people.

The key to this work is this: the consciousness that you share with all others who are self-aware is one. It is the consciousness of the Creator. It is the consciousness of complete and unconditional love. [It is] not love as known to the poets who speak of romance. [It is] not the love of brother for brother. [It is] not the love that is sentimentalized in valentines tied up with ribbons, gifted with pretty gems. This is a love that creates and destroys. This is a state of aliveness and endless potential.

The vibration of love is the vibration upon which the planets turn in their courses, the suns rotate in the galaxies ever so slowly to your eyes [as they] climb the heavens. You are a spark of that one original Thought. Advancement in any density can be measured by how near the vibration of your consciousness matches the vibration of the one infinite Creator.

You do not mean to subvert or dilute this consciousness of love. It is inevitable that there will be distortion. There will be a measurable dynamic betwixt the vibration of love and the vibration of your being at this moment. You are seeking to lessen that distortion so that you may avail yourself of the vibration of love and be taken into the waters of that consciousness.

Those who would be priests among all peoples have generally sought to work with consciousness itself, to work with their thoughts, both on a moment-to-moment basis and on the deeper level of work in consciousness, to tune their thoughts to the pitch of love. In many, many ways there has been the dedication to devotion of the beloved One. There has been time set aside to tabernacle with the Creator, to come in from the desert of everyday life into the oasis of grace and mercy, to enter the tent of prayer and to rest in silence with the Beloved, blind to the world, open to the spirit.

You may have wondered why there is such a multiplicity of takes on how to serve the Creator, how to know the Creator. The answer to that, my friends, lies deep within the history of your planet, deep within the minds of its people. You have, among you on Planet Earth, sixteen different archetypal minds. They vary in seemingly small ways, yet the cultures produced by these archetypal minds vary widely in the way perception works. And it is according to the perception of people that they must work within the veil, veiled from memory of other incarnations for the most part, veiled from memory of the way things are outside of the veil. Various archetypal minds, various cultures, have found different doors of perception that work for them.

The perception of those such as the one known as Y has found useful is a perception that does not accept the reality of third density in the physical illusion. This is radically different from, for instance, the typical perception of those within the American culture or the European culture where great respect is given to the solidity of life, its mass and weight and physical characteristics. Your culture has found great value in coming more and more to understand how things work from the standpoint of chemistry, physics, mathematics and so forth.

Those who are able to develop the kind of realization that frees them ultimately from the bounds of the physical are those who have grown up breathing in the air of belief in the reality not of this illusion but of the Creator. It is indeed bewildering to many who are in the European or American cultures to consider that their bodies, their obviously physical, obviously present bodies that have weight and mass, might not be real. It is a matter of perception. Those growing up where value was given to the physical illusion would not tend to be capable of opening those doors of those masters of the Far East. This does not mean that those who focus according to Buddhist or Hindu principles have less opportunity or more opportunity to open the gateway to intelligent infinity. It means that their perception of what they are doing varies, sometimes radically.

We will say this, my friends, there are ways in which individuals steeped in a culture that supports the unreality of physicality will find, given a lifetime of work in consciousness, to be able to manipulate matter so that it appears and disappears. You have seen in those who demonstrate hypnosis that if the perception of a person changes, actions can be taken that would seem to harm that person, such as running a needle through the arm or walking on coals that are burning embers. Yet under the influence of a hypnotist, a hypnotized person feels no pain at the stick of the needle, feels no burning as he walks over fire. It is a matter of perception.

For those who find these methods of seeking the love and the light of the infinite Creator such a seeking to cleanse the body, furnish the mind, understand what is happening and so forth, all of these various efforts can be very helpful. We suggest that the seeker play with such ideas lightly, musingly, as the cow chews its cud slowly, and if the mind catches fire, if the heart catches fire, then perhaps this method is one which will be a good resource for you.

To offer a more general perception to those who would find it useful, we might say that the matter of matter does not matter. You can think of ascension as taking your physical body with you. Many do. Or you can think of ascension as a state of consciousness that has nothing to do with the physical body.

If your perceptions find that thinking of ascension without regard to the physical body is useful then we would say this. In a very deep and real way, each of you is at the center of a Creation, your creation. In a world where everything is, in a clichéd way, relative, you can easily and comfortably accept the proposition that your experience is subjective. You may strive all your life to achieve objectivity, but you see, my friends, you are there. You are a witness, and that which you observe is observed according to your perceptions. The truth lies beyond perception. The truth lies beyond the conscious mind; that is, the intellect. It is not beyond the mind of the heart, which is consciousness itself. Yet consciousness itself is. It is not a doer. You are the action figure in your drama. [Consciousness] abides. Therefore, it is easier to be love than to be able to speak of love.

Your creation is made up of the way you choose to think about things, the way you choose to observe and perceive things. The striving of humanity in third density is to move beyond the limits of normal perception and open the doors to all that there is. Consequently, if you wish to ascend within the body, that is, the physical body, you shall wish to let your intuition bring to you the activities and the thoughts that will help you to achieve that. Consciousness, awareness, perception, is malleable and easily influenced by many things.

This instrument has many times had the experience of reading something incorrectly because of a good deal of astigmatism in her vision, so that one set of words become something else entirely. Many times this instrument has gotten something out of words that she read incorrectly. Was her perception misguided? It does not matter whether she read correctly or incorrectly. What matters is how she responded to that which she perceived. That is your Creation in the making: your awareness that you are a Creator and that you can create a subjective creation that suits you not a little or not for the most part, but through and through.

You have this saying in your culture. It is, “What goes around, comes around.” How you perceive has a tremendous amount to do with what happens to you. Say that you are one who perceives with a rosy hue, you are an optimist. You see hope and faith everywhere. That which happens to you will be interpreted according to [your expectation of] all things turning out well.

There are those who feel that everything is hopeless. The world is meaningless, existence has no point, and the only appropriate point of view is ironic, desperate and without hope. To such a person even the sunniest day will have shadows.

Both entities are seeing truly for themselves. Their experience overwrites what could be called “objective reality.” Your experience will always overwrite the parts that make up the sum of what you observe.

Consequently, you can indeed create of your experience of life an environment that more and more nearly matches the vibration of the infinite One. You can avail yourself of that vibration. That which is real in the universe is both infinite and limited. Unity is that which is real. You are all one. We are all one with you. The Creation is all one interconnected being.

Consciousness abides. Whether you, like the masters of the Far East, focus on a set of perceptions having to do with the physical body, or whether you choose any one of a number of other ways of viewing the Creation and your place in it, regardless of what you think reality is, spiritual evolution is a matter of gradually lessening the difference between your vibration and the vibration of the one infinite Creator.

This instrument has often yearned for the peace that lies beyond the veil, in a land where all is known, as is the experience of a fictional character called Ria, 4 yet there are many times within this instrument’s life when she has found that she is in fourth density because she lives, as far as she knows how, by fourth-density values. If you could think of this kind of perception as an environment, such as a room or a house, one could say that this instrument spends some time in that room, but not all the time. There is a constant moving in and moving out of that state of mind because of the happenings of the day, that which impinges upon this instrument’s consciousness. We feel that she is a useful example in that all entities tend to vary from moment to moment and from day to day.

Those who take themselves apart from society so that they may focus inwardly with more purity will have a different walk than those who choose to live their priestly life in the hustle and bustle of the noontide, with the buses honking and the trains running, the people going to and fro in their errands, doing their work. It is not true that it is necessary to separate from one’s society in order to achieve spiritual realization. It is only true that it is a very different walk, and there are gradations of practice that enable each person to choose for himself or herself how much of the walk shall be in company and how much shall be in retreat.

There is no right answer. There is only the assurance that, as far as we know, that which you seek can be accomplished in any environment in which your seeking and your desire have value. You can indeed live in fourth density this moment. It may happen to you inadvertently or it may happen to you as a result of the discipline of your mind and your body.

Feel for a moment the quality of consciousness within you. Feel it filling you; your chest, your limbs, your torso. Feel your heart expand as you focus on this consciousness. Feel the love in that consciousness. This is your basic tool—consciousness itself. It is inevitably true that speaking will confuse you, distract you, seduce you, and whether you are amused or charmed or dismayed by words, they cannot be said to lead you into essence.

Consequently, in order to dwell in the environment of your choice, we encourage contemplation, meditation, prayer or any way that you choose to enter the silence, to come out from the desert to the oasis and go into the tent of tabernacle. For the infinite One is ever awaiting you to companion you, to love you and to empower you for service.

We would at this time ask if there is a follow-up to this query. We are those of Q’uo.


We are those of Q’uo, and since this instrument’s ears have heard nothing but silence and the occasional creaking of a chair may we ask if there would be a final query this evening before we leave this instrument.

I have a question. My question is more than an epistemological question regarding the knowledge of the chakras and/or concepts of energy centers. I want to know where this knowledge first came from. Was it purely through experience or was knowledge of these received some other way which then generated or manifested the experience of them?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. [We offer] to the one known as E that there is a feedback system that tends to bring one to a more and more accurate perception of the truth about things unseen. We would say that there have always been those in third density for whom the veil was thinner. Some have sensitivity to sight and can actually see the auras of the chakra system as they interpenetrate the body. Some have a heightened sensitivity to color and can feel, perceive and sense, if not see, the variation of colors and patterns as one moves up the chakra body along the spine from the groin to the top of the head.

One way and another, perceptions have been shared. And as perceptions are shared, intelligence grows for all of the group with whom this intelligence is shared. This intelligence in turn creates the possibility for more detail to be filled in by those who are sensitive in one way or another. So, in a sense, it was all from observation that this system of chakras or energy centers and their correspondences has been noted down and discovered, shall we say. And yet there is always that aid from spirit that comes to those who are keenly focusing upon certain material.

Therefore, we would have to say that it is basically a feedback system. This is not an entirely satisfactory answer to your query but in order to penetrate deeper, my sister, we would need more time than we have with this instrument at this time.

May we answer you in any way further? We are those of Q’uo

No, thank you.

We thank you, my sister. It is such a pleasure to be with each of you! Yet now it is time to take our leave of you. It is not in our nature or our environment to come among you and give you hugs but we feel the desire to give you hugs. We love you and we thank you for being you.

We leave this instrument and this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, by Baird T. Spaulding. This six-volume work is an excellent compendium of oriental teachings. It is older, but still available. 

  2. “Unbound” is a song on the Refugees’ 2008 CD of the same name. The words to its chorus are, “Break free, let me be unbound to stand just once on holy ground, some day, somehow! Oh, to be unbound!” 

  3. Ten thousand things “is a Buddhist expression representing the dynamic interconnection and simultaneous unity and diversity of everything in the universe.” This is from an article by the Kyoto Journal. The Q’uo group intend to mean by the term the physical world of objects. 

  4. Graham Hancock, Entangled: the Eater of Souls: New York, Disinformation Company, 2010.