If we look at our daily experiences as giving us clues as to the direction of our seeking, how should we use our feelings, our intellect, and our intuition to choose our direction?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We greet each in love and in light this afternoon. We are honored to be asked to join your circle of seeking. It is always a pleasure for us to be with you, for we appreciate your sincere seeking upon all levels of your being. We would, as always, ask you to take those words of ours which have meaning for you, and use them as you will, when you will, and leave behind any words that we speak which do not have meaning for you at this time. If you would do this favor for us, it would make it more possible for us to share our thoughts with you, without fearing that we should become a stumbling block in any way.

You ask, this day, how to proceed upon your path of seeking by using your daily round of activities as an indicator of that path, and how to evaluate these activities which have signals and symbols for you to give you a clue as to your direction of seeking. You have many tools to use, my friends.

Each of you within the third-density illusion has a mind complex that is quite able to engage in analytical thought so that you may look at a situation, or any portion thereof, and describe, in concepts, what you see, how they fit together, how they do not fit together; and make initial evaluations as to the meaning that may be derived by you in each portion of your daily experiences.

You have your feelings, which are more of an emotional response to a situation than an intellectual evaluation of it, for there is that portion of yourself which is more, shall we say, in contact with the life force as it flows through you. This portion of yourself which is developed first in your childhood so that it is the primary means by which you, as a child, would respond to your experiences upon a daily level, rather than responding intellectually when that facility or faculty has yet to be developed.

There is always the intuition that is available for any person, be it a conscious seeker of truth, or a person which has not yet become conscious of this journey of seeking that the third density provides each.

These three are the main faculties of decision making, shall we say, each of which may be enhanced or directed in some fashion by those sources or forces that may seem to be outside of yourself, such as the personal guides, discarnate entities that are friends and teachers, your higher self, and so forth. Each seeker of truth, therefore, has gathered about it a repertoire of resources, which may be consulted upon a daily basis; or even more frequently for the seeker who has become awake and aware of its own actions, and the interactions with others, and how these interactions may play out upon your stage of interpretation of experience as you are both the actor, and the audience, the writer, and the reviewer.

We would recommend, as a general rule, that you allow whatever faculty first makes its opinion known to be the first to speak to you, for this is that faculty which is most likely to have a significant contribution to make in the evaluation of the waking dream which you call the life experience. Some people are more oriented towards mentally evaluating or analyzing a situation; others feel first with their emotions what the situation has to offer; others have an intuitive response which is oftentimes difficult to discern in contrast to the feelings or emotions. We can give you a general rule in this regard, and that is that the intuition will usually await politely the mental evaluation, the emotional response, and any type of guidance from elsewhere that the seeker may receive, before making its opinion, shall we say, known.

So let us assume that you are an entity that begins with the intellectual analysis of what has occurred to you. You look at the beginning of the interaction of your being with any other entity or other self involved in the situation, or in any other quality or factor that may be significant in the experience that you feel offers you a direction in your seeking. Look at each portion of the experience from the intellectual point of view, evaluating what occurred—just the facts, shall we say, of the interaction—the mechanical description of who did what to whom, if we may put it in these terms.

Then, it is very likely that you will have a feeling as a response, an emotion of some kind that will then follow the intellectual analysis. This feeling will give you a response from that deep portion of yourself, which, as we mentioned previously, was first developed as you were a young child, perhaps even a babe in arms, so that it becomes a primary part of your decision-making process, for it is that which is most basic in your own personality structure. This feeling response, however, being that which is oldest among those tools of your evaluation, sometimes is, shall we say, biased in a certain mode of response so that even the feelings may be evaluated by the mental analysis to be sure that they are of significance and relevance to the current situation, and are not throwbacks, as we might call them, to an earlier time when a difficult situation may have caused them to be formed in a manner which carries a bias with you throughout the life experience.

When you have both intellectually and emotionally attempted to grasp the nature of your interaction with another self, or other selves, or portions of the scenery, shall we say, of the picture on the stage, then it is very possible that you will have a hunch, a flash, an intuitional inspiration that will reveal to you a kind of understanding, if we may misuse this term, which is most likely to be more accurate in its overall assessment of the value of a certain interpretation of the events you have just experienced. For the intuition is that which moves down the trunk of the tree of mind, going from the conscious to the subconscious, and even further, to the cosmic energies to which you are connected in the universe as a totality. For each entity, as you well know, is a portion of the One Creator, which has connections to all of the creation. Thus, those who have relied upon this inner knowing, or intuition, for a large portion of their life experience, have developed a tool which is quite accurate in its ability to apprehend the significance of your interactions with all other entities and portions of your environment.

For those who are still gathering more information about the interpretation of the situation, we would recommend meditation, so that the potential jumble of information from all of the sources may settle out, may arrange themselves in a more understandable, or represented or representative quality. The meditative state is one which enhances this connection that you have through your intuition with higher forces or sources of inspiration and information, to which you may call upon for assistance. Thus, the meditative state is that which provides the peaceful environment in which you may carefully assess the situation as it has occurred for you.

Now, my friends, this is a most detailed and intricate description of how such interpretation of your waking dream may be achieved. We would suggest that each seeker of truth, after utilizing these resources on a daily basis for a long period of your time, may be able to move through this process more quickly than it would at first glance seem probable, given each step that we have enumerated. Some seekers of truth have developed what we may call “shortcuts” in this process, relying upon such qualities as the intuition; perhaps using the pendulum, perhaps feeling a certain feeling or recognizing a certain feeling in response to the situation; or may see within the situation recognizable symbols that have appeared before, whether in sleeping dreams or waking dreams, or within the studies with teachers, with books, with musical programming, or whatever the instrument of learning might have been.

There is a kind of repeating theme for many seekers. Indeed, for each seeker that proceeds very far down this path of utilizing the daily round of experiences in the fashion of the waking dream, there is, as in the dream state, a kind of vocabulary that is ultimately developed by the conscious seeker, so that if a certain color is seen, a certain shape, a person with a certain kind of interest or name, there are an infinite number of portions of a picture of a waking dream that may provide a vocabulary or symbolic representation for each seeker. This is, of course, of necessity, determined by each individual seeker, so that it may well be that no two seekers share the same vocabulary, but speak a different language in interpreting the nature and portions of each waking dream picture.

These are means by which the seeking process is enhanced, and means by which the conscious seeker of truth may be able to move more swiftly through the decision-making process as to the meaning of the dream, and the specific wording, as it were, that speaks to the heart, to the mind, and to the soul.

At this time we would ask if there might be any queries concerning this question to which we have addressed our energies.

The answer has been quite helpful and informative and guiding. Thank you.

I am Q’uo. We thank you, my sister, and as there appear to be no questions to follow up the focus question, we would ask if there might be another query to which we may respond?

There is a query from a reader of the Law of One in another country, having to do with working upon the energy body, saying that reading in the Law of One, the idea that wanderers may suffer allergies as a result of discomfort with their physical bodies, and so a follow-up question has been sent to ask: If a strong and atypical allergy that suddenly covers, for example, a chest and front part of neck, may be connected with this person’s attempts to open higher energy centers, is there a correlation there between working upon the energy body for positive growth, but then suffering, perhaps temporarily, a physical reaction to that in that part of the physical body, and if that is so, is it an indication of doing something on an energy level that could be alleviated somehow? Is this something to be aware of spiritually? How may this person understand this situation better, and thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and believe that we grasp the thrust of the query. It is indeed so that wanderers, in general, are subject to the experience of the allergic reaction to various portions of this planetary sphere, and indeed, at the deepest level of the wanderer’s being, allergic reactions are often a type of rejection of the planet itself, and its disharmonious vibrations which may not be completely known in a conscious fashion by the wanderer. Thus, the body then relays this information from the deeper portions of the wanderer’s being to the wanderer’s conscious mind in the form of the allergic reaction.

We would also suggest that as it was mentioned in the query, the area of the energy centers that is affected by such an allergy be noted, for indeed, the allergy, or rejection of a certain portion of either an environment or an experience within the environment, is reflected in the energy center that is, itself, the subject of the allergic reaction.

The red-ray energy center being that which deals with the survival of the entity and the sexual reproduction of the entity, its survival, shall we say, as a species. The orange ray being that individual or emotional idiosyncrasy that is expressed in a one-to-one relationship with another being. The yellow ray being that group expression of energies that the wanderer has involved itself in. The green ray being the opening of the heart energy center, and the experience of universal love, being able to both give and receive that love. The throat chakra being that freely given communication or inspiration and acceptance of other selves. The indigo ray energy center being that energy of the adept, the magical personality and its state of beingness, of the sense of the Creator as intelligent energy. The violet ray being that center which reflects the overall balance of all the energy centers.

Thusly, when an allergy strikes an entity, be the entity a wanderer or not, it is well to look to the energy center that is affected so that there may be some indication of the kind of energy that is having some effect of a difficult nature for the wanderer, or for the entity experiencing it at a certain level of its energy centers.

Thus, the exploration into the cause and potential amelioration of the difficulty then may be more easily determined. The ability of the wanderer, or entity suffering such allergy, is predicated, shall we say, upon the ability to identify the allergen, that which is the focal point of the rejection by the entity that has expressed itself in a certain energy center.

May we ask for one more query at this time?

Yes, and thank you for that answer. Would it be correct to say that the allergy appearing upon the body connected with a particular energy center of the body is like what was discussed earlier: providing and taking clues from a waking experience so that a person, an entity, may act upon them for personal growth. An allergy could be considered a waking experience providing clues for growth?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and would suggest that you are quite perceptive in this correlation between the allergy and the waking dream, for indeed, all experiences of any seeker of truth may be seen as being indications of the appropriateness or inappropriateness of certain engagements, certain entities, certain behaviors, certain experiences. Any facet of the experience that may be seen as a waking dream could be seen as that which is related to the allergy, in that the allergy has, for the entity, made a statement in evaluating repeating interactions between the entity with the allergy, and other entities, other thoughts, other places, or things, shall we say.

For all is truly one for each seeker of truth. Each daily round of activities is much like a spiritual fingerprint, shall we say, in regards to the seeker’s response to the daily round of activities, and the various portions of these activities. How the seeker views or responds to each portion of its waking dream is an indication of the nature of that seeker’s vibratory level, in a general sense. This general vibrational level then, will repeat itself in various experiences that the seeker may then become attuned to and, shall we say, on the look-out for, and able to interpret when encountered. For all that you do speaks to you of that who you are, of what you seek, of your journey of seeking at this moment, and of your ultimate destination.

At this time, my friends, we shall take our leave of this instrument, for it is tiring, and wishes to remain as accurate as possible in its presentation of concepts that it is aware of, realizing that the growing tiredness does reduce the accuracy of perception.

We would, again, thank each of you for inviting us to join your circle of seeking this day. It has been a great honor and a privilege. We leave you as we found you, in love and in light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, Adonai, vasu borragus.