Most within the group have felt various layers of clearing as old things are let go and openings are made for new energies and opportunities. There is a common desire to raise the self’s vibrations to their highest potentials, and to be more effective in serving others. We would like to know how we can both work with and allow the energies of fourth density to clear and transform us; and what, if anything, we can do to consciously assist this process of clearing. Also, if you could speak to the role of gratitude in this process.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you in love and in light this day. As always, it is a great privilege and pleasure for us to be asked to join your group once again. If you would do us the favor that you always do of taking those words we speak that have meaning to you, and use them as you will, and then leaving behind any words that we speak that have no meaning for you, then we will feel free to speak as we will, for we do not wish to be a stumbling block of any seeker of truth. We have traveled somewhat further along the same path upon which you travel than have you. We are your brothers and sisters who advance our own seeking by the service that we can offer to such entities as are you. Thus, we are most grateful to you for asking us to join you this afternoon in your circle of seeking.

You ask today about transformations and gratitude, and the role that each may play in your own journey of seeking the One Creator all about you, every day, in all you do, and all you think, and all you say. This is a very pertinent query, my friends, for these are days of great change, as you well know. Transformation upon transformation is occurring upon planet Earth as the waves of fourth density engulf this planet and its people, offering the opportunity to enhance one’s own journey and service to others, if one is but open to such energies; and within this circle we find all are quite, quite, open to these energies, and are simply looking for ways to refine this openness and transmission of the energies of transformation.

It is not a difficult thing, my friends, as you know, to look about you, and see opportunities for growth ever present. You may look at the catalyst of your day and the events in your daily round of activities as not being merely a list of things to do that, once accomplished, may then allow you to move onto that which is important. Indeed, my friends, every moment of your life contains love. It is your opportunity, and indeed, responsibility as seekers of truth to find that love in the moment, especially in those moments in which there seems to be so little love—in moments of disharmony, in moments of confusion, in moments of pain and suffering, in moments that seem to have so little to do with the spiritual path.

And yet, my friends, depending upon how you view such moments, each contains a great revelation for you: an opportunity for you to take that which is dark and make it light, to take that which is anger and make it acceptance, to take that which is confusion, and make it a sure path to the heart of love that resides in each soul on this planet, and indeed upon all planets in the infinite creation.

So, we would suggest to you that you look through the eyes, or shall we say, the lens, of love as a regular means by which you perceive that experience that you find yourself in from moment to moment. If you can remain conscious of those values and standards and principles by which you are guided in the most sacred moments of your spiritual journey, and take them with you into the mundane world, where those about you may not have any inkling or idea of how one might be inspired by love, [then you] might be desirous of sharing it with others through something as simple as a smile, through something as simple as speaking a hello, of looking for opportunities to give that which you have in abundance: your love, your understanding, your compassion, your desire to be of service wherever possible.

For this, my friends, is not only true for us, but true for you as well. You advance yourselves by giving of yourselves to others when asked, when you see the opportunity. It need not be a great or grand opportunity of saving a life or putting out a fire, it may be something as simple as listening for a few moments with compassion to a friend, or even a stranger, who has a tale of woe to share, who is confused as to what to do next in the life pattern. It is not often even necessary that you solve another person’s problems. Simply by opening your heart and your mind to that person, by listening to what they say, you can give them a sense of acceptance that they are a valuable human being, that what they have to share is worthwhile, it is worth your while to listen. And then, if you have a suggestion, then you have frosting on the cake, shall we say.

Each day’s round of activities will provide to you the means by which you can use the transforming energies of the fourth density of love and understanding that are now available to everyone upon the planet, and use them to give love to another. And when you give love to another, you give it also to yourself—for are you not that other as well? Is that not your other self? Is there anyone around you that is not your other self? In a creation of unity, how could it be otherwise?

The third-density illusion in which you find yourselves moving now is the only place within the universe in which there is a forgetting that all is one, that all is created by the power of love forming light. This illusion gives you the opportunity to refind and rediscover these basic truths of all of the creation, for if it were immediately obvious to you that all is one, that love is the great power of the universe, that all is made of light, what value would it be in your total beingness to have discovered that which is obvious? However, there is great value in your total beingness when you can find that love, that light, and that unity, in every situation about you.

Now, there are also ways in which you may enhance this realization of love and light and unity about you. In your meditations, whether at the beginning, the middle, or the end of the day, you may look upon the experience, and see what about it might have momentarily knocked you off your center of love. Was there some misperception upon your part that caused you for a short while to be unable to perceive the love that stood before you, the other self that stood before you, the Creator that stood before you? For each of you has a lesson, or a variety of lessons that is, you might call, the key of your incarnation—a certain way of perceiving the catalyst, or the experiences, that come to you, so that there might be a momentarily baffling of your ability to perceive the truth of love, of unity, and of light.

Look then, in your meditations, to how this manifested itself, and seek to balance the lack of understanding with a greater understanding. Re-create the situation that caused the momentary baffling of your perceptions. Enlarge upon that situation so that you cause it to become greater and greater—outrageously large. And then, for the moment, image the opposite. If you had a problem with love, or being unable to feel love, then see that love growing. See the lack of love that you experienced, in its outrageous form, balanced by the love that grows and grows to equal that lack of love in the situation in which you seek now to balance. Then, as you feel both the lack of love, and the love before you in equal proportions, accept yourself as the doughty seeker of truth, the hearty soul traveling a long and dusty road, and accept yourself for having both of these experiences contained within you, as means by which the One Creator might come to know itself better.

For, my friends, the One Creator has made all the creation as a means by which it can learn more of itself, for it offers free will to each seeker of truth. To exercise that free will then, each seeker offers to the One Creator a unique gift, that reveals to the Creator, that which it might not know had you not experienced what you did, in the way you did.

Each then, throughout the incarnation, can provide a great harvest of experiences that aid, not only your own spiritual seeking, and not only those about you as you share freely that which you have, but also aid the One Creator of all things, all universes, all times, all places. And within your meditation you might also conclude such a meditation with the feelings of gratitude that are a natural outgrowth of the full realization, or even the partial realization, that you have, within you, the ability to learn, to grow, to serve, to love, to become one with the Creator in each entity that you seek, in each entity that you exchange your experiences with.

The power of gratitude, praise, and thanksgiving is realized by many seekers of truth as that which is a foundation upon which you stand as seekers of truth. For as you are grateful, and give praise and thanksgiving for all that has been given to you, you continue the flow of those energies that are moving to you and through you in your daily experience. This sense of gratitude, combined with the ability to balance all momentary fluctuations away from perceiving the love about you, are helpful tools—indeed, the rod and the staff upon your journey to the valley of the shadow of death, as it would seem; where, within this illusion, there is much that partakes of what seems to be negative experience, of anti-life behaviors, of ignorance of how to promote the welfare of entities about you, of the planet itself having suffered thousands of years of degradation due to the bellicose actions of many different cultures, and peoples, and times.

This is a test of one’s will and faith, as you continue to move through your daily round of activities, for there is so much that is misperceived by the great majority of the population of this planet at this time. However, each entity is being engulfed in these transformational entities and energies that are moving to planet Earth at this time; and each will find its own way of responding to such energies.

We encourage each of you, as seekers of truth, and servants of the One Creator, to open your hearts as fully as you can, and share that love therein so that it might find its resonance in the love that does exist in each heart that you shall face, whether the entity that you shall face is aware of that love or not. By sharing your love, you cause a resonant vibration to be set up between you and all others that you come in contact with, so that this love vibration is enhanced in all entities that are open to the possibilities of change. For change is that which is your daily experience, though the change, over a period of time, is simply the movement from one level of vibration of love to another. Each of you travels this long and dusty road, bringing with you the love that the Creator has given to all the children of the one creation.

At this time, we would ask if there might be any follow-up query to this focus query from those present.

I have a follow-up question please. Would Q’uo speak on the history of the origin of Ra oversoul in a sense of where there is time/space throughout their journey, before they became six- density beings?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. You asked about those entities that are known to this group as those of Ra. These entities were able to find their beginnings upon the planet within this solar system which you know as Venus. This solar system is governed, shall we say, by a sub-Logos, a creative entity of love that you would see as your sun body. This sub-Logos has utilized the second density form that you would call the “ape body” to invest with consciousness of the self—that is, with self-awareness—so that all entities within this solar system that have been able to move from the second to the third density have utilized this body of the erect ape form that walks upon two legs, and has two hands, with the opposable thumb, which is the salient feature of this particular form of life; for the grasping thumb then, is able to cause the entity to use tools, and this use of tools further aids the entity in being able to speak the language, rather than intuit the concepts as in the telepathic type of contact. Thus, this allows such entities to move through the third density experience in a much more rapid progression, so that the means of discovering the other self nature of all entities surrounding such entities is enhanced. Thus, those of Ra, as with those of planet Earth, the planet previously known as Maldek, the planet Saturn, and the planet of Mars, have all hosted third-density beings which have been able to utilize the veil of forgetting that exists between the conscious and subconscious mind to enhance the spiritual seeking. 1

Thus, those of Ra were able to find a graduation after the first 25,000 year cycle of a portion of the total population upon the planet Venus, a greater portion graduating in the second cycle of 25,000 years, and after the third cycle of 25,000 years, the social memory complex of those known as Ra to this group, was then formed from six-and-one-half million souls. These entities then proceeded to move through the fourth and fifth densities within the planetary influence of Venus. The sixth-density experience of these entities has been both upon the planet Venus, and within the confines of what you would see as your Sun body. 2

Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, not having the Confederation’s viewpoint or framework of spirituality, many in this world might feel despair, feeling that humanity has not a hopeful but a tragic outcome ahead of itself. How many in this world are in such despair, and how can despair be transformed to a hopeful orientation of the soul?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would suggest that the counting of souls of one nature or another at this time might be considered somewhat premature. However, we might suggest that there is a great number of souls upon your planet which find themselves facing a difficult situation in regards to being able to consciously perceive their spiritual journeys. They are what you might call those who are yet unawakened to the reality of possibilities within the third density, and continue to move in the routines and rhythms of the illusion which provide the attractions of worldly things, the gaining of money, of position, of power, and so forth. Oftentimes, after such gains are made, entities with a sufficient amount of each of these qualities find that there is yet lacking the satisfaction from such possession. This dissatisfaction, or angst, may also be experienced by those who seemingly have failed to gain enough of each money, or position, or power, or those other worldly affectations that are offered daily in your advertising and business worlds.

Thus, it is that the possibility of transforming the doubt, the sadness, the fear of a life living without purpose, is the hoped-for motivation for looking upon the daily round of activities as being more than what it has been seemed to be—that which is the goal, that which is the end of the efforts and energy expenditures of each entity.

There is, within each soul’s incarnational pattern, those pre-incarnative lessons that each has fervently hoped would be able to be learned within the incarnational pattern. The subconscious mind of each has been programmed by the soul to look with a certain bias upon catalyst that comes in the notice of the seeker, so that at some point the heart chakra might be opened enough to experience a sense of loving those about one, of loving the self, of loving the universe about one. This type of transformation is possible when one is able to be alert and aware of the pre-incarnative lessons so that when catalyst comes one’s way, it can be seen in a certain fashion, so that no two entities would look at the same catalyst in the same way, since all are unique, and all have programmed certain lessons that are indeed unique, though they may include the lesson of love in some facet or fashion for each entity.

Thus, it is our hope that as the fourth-density vibrations continue to engulf the planet, that those entities who have not yet been able to find a conscious realization of their purpose in this life pattern might be able to open the door to their own hearts, so that there is the ability to experience the love therein, and to share it with those about one.

Is there another query at this time?

I have a follow-up to the previous question, please. Would you be able to give us a physical description of beings that were representative of Ra when they visited Earth, and interacted with human beings in the Egypt area, and maybe some other areas? What did they look like?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. When those of Ra felt the call to walk among the Egyptians 11,000 of your years ago, they felt it was necessary to attempt to match, as much as possible, the forms of the entities that they would be engaging with on a daily basis, for if they had come in their normal form at that time, it would simply have been perceived as light; for the seeker of truth, eventually, within the sixth density not only seeks the light successfully, but becomes that which it has sought. Thus, those of Ra formed their bodies to resemble those of the Egyptians. However, they were somewhat taller and had a more golden luster to the integument or skin of their bodies. Thus, both their bodies and their message seemed to provide a means by which the Egyptian cultures were unable to clearly perceive the message of the Law of One, and worshipped those of Ra instead of seeing them as their brothers and sisters. Thus, the stay with the Egyptians was somewhat short, shall we say.

Is there a final query at this time?

Yes, there’s one from A., who writes, “Over this past decade there have been an increasing amount of stories about interspecies relationships. It seems animals don’t have any trouble loving and bonding with other species, given the right circumstances. We also seem to be recognizing and utilizing qualities, abilities, and potentials in animals that were previously overlooked. Does this have anything to do with how the animal kingdom is relating to fourth density, or how fourth density is affecting the evolution of the animal kingdom?”

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that the fourth-density vibrations are having an effect on each form of life upon planet Earth at this time. The greatest effect, of course, is hoped for the third-density population in order to advance their own spiritual journeys, and to make themselves available for the, shall we say, graduation, or harvest, into the fourth density.

However, the vibrations of love are such that they speak to the love in each other portion of the creation within the third density. There is that, what we have mentioned before, as harmonic vibration set up between those forms of life that you call second-density animals, and indeed, even the plants as well, and indeed the rocks and soil, and so forth, all have this quality of love within them, and this quality of love is beginning to vibrate upon all levels of the third, as well as the second, and first densities.

Thus, the vibrations of the fourth density which beckon those living upon planet Earth at this time will be felt by all creatures, both those which you would call “sentient,” and those which are what you would call lacking of sentient being. However, the entire creation, we assure you, is alive, and is able to respond to the vibrations of love which are now so easily observable moving about the planet and within the heart of each entity upon planet Earth.

We find that this instrument is beginning to tire, and we would at this time then, take our leave of this instrument. We thank each of you once again, for inviting our presence. It has been a great honor and privilege to be with you. Your light is most impressive as it reaches into the heavens, as a beacon calling unto all light beings around, to observe the love and light created here.

We shall leave you in that love and light, as we found you in that same love and light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now, in love, in light, in peace, and in power. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Saturn may very well have hosted third-density life. This however is not confirmed in the Law of One material. See #30.14 for more information. 

  2. According to #6.23, Ra has left the [sixth-density Venusian] building.