We have been told that this is a time of harvest for Earth, and that those few desiring a service-to-self harvest should not be denied the opportunity to achieve their choice. As a person who prefers the service-to-others choice, what encouragements or thoughts can you offer concerning my reactions to, and especially, my thinking about, the fighting and riots in some of our cities. I don’t want to be angry, I don’t want to hurt others with what I say. How can I remain focused on what is positive when some events seem to go absolutely contrary to what I believe?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you in love and in light this afternoon. It is a great joy and privilege for us to blend our energies with your own, as you are such beautiful and brilliant sources of light and love this day; and for the entire time during which you have shared your experiences this weekend, and throughout your lives indeed, you are those spoken of in the song just heard as tuning for this session. 1 Each of you have wandered far, not only in this life, as you move about in service to others, but in many previous lives on many other planets such as this one—those planetary beings which have called for your assistance to aid in the harvest of souls as is occurring now upon Planet Earth.

We have observed your planet for a great portion of what you would call time, for this harvest is one which a great number of angelic forces have been observing with hopefulness and steadfast concern for many of your years. For you see that many of the seekers of truth upon your planet have yet to awaken to the fact that they are those who are here to move forward in the evolution of their minds, their bodies, and their spirits, that journey of what you call seeking the truth: the truth of unity of all things, the truth of light that has made all things, the truth of love that permeates all things and all entities. We are ever hopeful that those who have long slept upon this planetary surface may gently awaken to the knowledge that there is a greater purpose to their knowledge of life, pursuit of its fruits, and elevation of their goals, shall we say, in this life experience.

The question put forth today for us to consider is how those entities who have oriented themselves in service to others may look upon the harvest of those who have oriented themselves towards service to self, for all now have the opportunity to move forward in their evolution, as the transition into the density of love and understanding is underway upon your planet. Indeed, this process has been ongoing for some of what you would call time and shall continue for what we perceive to be an unknown amount of time into your future. Unknown, we say, for there is great confusion among many upon your planetary surface at this time—confusion as to what is the nature of reality, what is their place in the overall picture of the creation in which they find themselves moving about in somewhat random and difficult patterns of expression. We are aware that many of you here are desirous of being of service in whatever way you can, and perhaps may entertain some doubt or hesitation in regards to those entities who have chosen another path from your own. They have chosen, shall we say, a darker and more restricted expression of the infinite love and light of the One Creator.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We would begin our communication through this instrument, as we often do, by thanking it for the assiduous challenge it offers us prior to allowing us to speak. We take the trouble and the time to make this expression of gratitude, for it is our understanding that the universe you enjoy is a crowded one, full of entities of many descriptions, of many orientations, ranging from the angelically positive to the demonically negative, and it is not always easy for those who are incarnate in third density to discern the precise tone of the message which is being offered. And, therefore, the challenge offered to the contact requesting that the contact aver 2 the lordship of the Christ and the preeminence of the pathway of service to others is essential if you wish to preserve in your reception of the contact, a positive orientation. So, we say again, we thank this instrument, and we thank this group for its positivity, for without this, we could have no voice in your density at this time.

The query for today requests information concerning what we regard as one of the more difficult nodal points of the creation as it is currently unfolding, which is to say, the differentiation of pathways to the Creator that we have called the pathway of the service to self, and the pathway of the service to others. Now, these pathways have long been understood upon your planet as distinct and have gone by different designations. You have the distinction, for example, between good and evil; you have the distinction, for example, between the way of love and the way of hate, the way of hope and the way of fear; and we could go on and on in indicating differences that the two pathways represent, and signals, shall we say, by means of which their difference can be registered.

We would like to say, however, that there is, with regard to what constitutes the negative pathway of seeking, and the positive or service to others pathway of seeking, a great deal of confusion; and it is not necessarily the case that activities that seem negative to you, and that, in fact, we would even say, possess a modicum of negativity to them, are indicators of an underlying polarity that is indeed service to self. So, we would begin by addressing some of the factors that play into the choice between service to others and service to self as a means of clarifying what we have to offer with regard to the attitude that might profitably be taken up on the part of those seeking service to others in relation to those clearly polarizing service to self.

Now, it has been pointed out that there is, upon your planet now, a good deal of manifestation of what we might call chaotic energies, and sometimes, in fact, all too frequently, these chaotic energies find expression at the negative end of the emotional register. At this negative end you find fear, you find anger, you find hatred, you find misunderstandings that tend to get expressed in terms of various modes of prejudice. Now, when these emotions, which can be stored up in the mind/body/spirit complexes, not only of individuals, but of groups, you often get violent outbursts that create hostile situations and tend to provoke, on the other side, hostile responses, and it is almost impossible for citizens of your planet to avoid identifying with one side or another of many a conflict that arises to public attention. There is that side which is regarded as the evil; there is that side which is regarded as the good. Now, in some cases, we would not deny that there is a larger portion of negativity on one side than another, but that is not where we would like to place our thought at this time. For we would begin with the observation that the mere fact that an individual or group finds the need to express itself in negative terms, in hostile terms, or even in violent terms, does not necessarily indicate an underlying commitment to the negative polarity. As we have suggested, in fact, there is, on your planet, so much confusion that, for the most part, it is extremely difficult to ascertain even where the primary propensity lies in many cases. So, it is most definitely premature to judge an individual as one who is polarizing on the path of service to self on the basis of certain manifest actions which are redolent, shall we say, of that polarity, without necessarily having embraced it full and complete.

So, let us say this: there are indeed emotions, and anger perhaps is amongst the most prominent among them, that if reinforced, if embraced, if built upon, if made the focus and the pivot of a commitment, can, in the fullness of time, lead to a polarization toward the negative that is of an harvestable quality. However, we would point out that anger, in its random expressions—anger as hostility as you suggest in demonstrations—you do not have the kind of focused service-to-self development that even remotely approaches harvestable quality. In fact, outbursts of this kind tend to characterize individuals who, in the root choice have already tended toward service to others but are having difficulty in manifesting that choice in a consistent fashion, in a fashion that reaches down to the root of their being.

By contrast, an entity who is approaching harvestable quality on the negative path typically will not be noticed as one who is extraordinarily negative; [he or she] will most generally be taken as one who is, in fact, positive, because it is a characteristic of this path that the measure of success is indexed to the ability to control, to manipulate, to dominate others, and the surest way to queer the pitch, 3 shall we say, in that enterprise is to let the cat out of the bag 4 with regard to who you really are. It is very much to your advantage if you can generate a public persona that seems positive so that those whose energies you wish to commandeer to your own will gladly serve you, thinking that they are, in fact, serving one of a positive polarity.

So, while it is true that the attainment of the kind of focused service-to-self orientation very often does begin by working on negative emotions by honing the fine edge of hate, so to speak, it is not generally a manifest phenomenon that these emotions, in their expression, are associated with the individuals in question. Having said that, we will say that there are such individuals. And, having said that, we will also say that the presence of such individuals in a planet which is attempting to achieve harvestable quality of being into fourth density does constitute a real challenge, and is an element in the confusion generally observed in your social energy complex at this time. In fact, we would go one step further, and say that it is a rather significant element in that confusion. What makes it particularly difficult is that it is not always clear (in fact, ultimately it is never clear to any other entity) what the underlying polarity of its fellow citizens might be. And, it is very easy, therefore, to deceive others with regard to one’s intentions; and it is very easy to make a presentation of oneself such that others are drawn into the orbit of the service to self, or Ipsissimus adept, 5 who seeks harvestable quality of its being on the negative path.

The conundrum facing service-to-others entities in simply acknowledging that the social energy complex is permeated with negative elements that can be difficult to track down to their source, is that one cannot be certain—with regard to many, many an entity—that one is, in fact, dealing with an entity resolute in its opposition to service to others; and one does not wish to close a door if there is some reasonable expectation (or even, shall we say, unreasonable expectation) that another self who seems to be veering toward the negative, could, in fact, be merely dealing with energies that will eventually, and perhaps even soon, be resolved in such a way that a clearer orientation to service to others, could, indeed, emerge within that soul.

So, what is a poor entity to do? How are you to address the realization that many of the social movements you face, do, indeed, seem to be shot through with elements tending towards service to self, and that these elements do, indeed, seem to be exercising a kind of magnetic draw towards many of your fellow citizens? What are you to do in striking a posture that expresses a clear orientation towards serving others, while, at the same time, recognizes that these negative elements are abroad in the land, and that those who are supporting and sustaining these negative elements do have a right to their choice of path? The operative consideration here is that of freedom of the will. And we would call your attention to the fact that it is a characteristic of those who wish to serve primarily their other selves, and who are willing to bend every effort in order to achieve a clearer orientation in that service, that the primary value they embrace is a recognition of the centrality of the freedom of the other self you wish to serve. To serve another self merely in the way you think other selves need to be served, is, after all, merely a surreptitious way of serving yourself. 6

And so, the first impediment to service to others is always the fact that others are, in fact, different than oneself—diverse in many respects, and a good many of them unobserved—so that one must tread very lightly, and give ground wherever one can so as not to interfere with the process of development of one’s fellows.

Now, a situation of great confusion inevitably arises when one makes every effort to give this kind of ground only to discover that every inch one gives is taken, and more is constantly demanded, up to the point that one’s own free will is being infringed. At some point, it does become necessary to find a way to step back from such engagements, and it can be the case that when the prospect of being dominated by a resolute seeker of the self is imminent that one might need to act rather precipitously, to act in a way that can even seem, on its face, to be violent, and in that violence, of course, we will confess there is negativity.

Now, this is not news to those of you who have dwelled upon this planet in third density for some time. In fact, we will say something further: it is also a trait, it is also what we would even call a crisis in the creation that bleeds through into fourth density, even into fifth density, and we will say even into the early part of sixth density. Now, as those of Ra have suggested in the sixth density, the polarities are, in fact, unified, so that there is no longer the need at that point to polarize by making a choice of the one or the other. So, it is tempting to say, “Well, since that is, indeed, the goal that all evolving souls are directed towards, why do we not simply now take that result as a conclusion and begin to operate as if, indeed, the two polarities are, in fact, already unified?”

We would say to you that our answer to this question is going to seem like a somewhat disharmonic one, even though we as Q’uo—corporate entity that we are, combining fourth-density Hatonn, fifth-density Latwii, sixth-density Ra—attempt to harmonize our voices as best we can in the form of a single response. Upon this question, we would have to say, however: Ra: the polarities are harmonized; Latwii: the polarities are in the process of being harmonized; Hatonn: the polarities still are in opposition to one another—sadly, sadly, sadly.

As Q’uo, we have to say all of these three things at once. We have to say that, indeed, the polarities are such that they mix no better than oil and water, and that the service-to-self greeting to service to others can but be rejected, and when it becomes too insistent, must be rejected absolutely, for otherwise it would undermine the viability of the free will which is the very essence of the seeking process that all must enjoy upon the path of service to others.

We find also that those who have chosen the path of service to self, and have achieved harvestable quality in pursuing that path, are not, shall we say, stupid. They recognize very well what the dynamics are that they are dealing with, and so there is no means by which a service-to-others entity can talk them out of their position, or show them the error of their ways. You may offer them love and light, but it is safe to do so chiefly behind a strong curtain of protective light—a curtain of protective light, we would add, which is always available to you to invoke. It is your birthright as an incarnate soul to have access to this curtain of light which is often made use of by those in a positive orientation when faced with a psychic attack. You cannot talk an Ipsissimus out of the polarity that has been deeply and fundamentally chosen and honed over long years of development. You can seek to co-exist as best as you can.

There have come times when groups oppositely polarized have come to blows. It is not a characteristic of the positive polarity to initiate these blows, or to act preemptively, but it is a characteristic from time to time—when necessary to preserve the integrity of the seeking process in free will—to act defensively; and it remains a rather strong instinct within third density, lasting well into fourth, to act protectively for others who may be seen to be vulnerable to the intrusions of service to self. We, as Q’uo, are not in a position to attempt to dissuade you from defensive action. We, as Q’uo, will say: you do have resources that you rarely draw upon that you can call upon to come to your aid, and when you do so, you can obviate the need, in many cases, for more overt hostile encounters. However, even that resource will sometimes fail, and it does prove to be true that when push comes to shove, shove must push back—sadly, sadly, sadly we say.

So, we cannot tell you that you should not circle the wagons in a defensive gesture when such defense is necessary to preserve the integrity of the seeking of individuals, the seeking of positively oriented groups. But, we will say, that within many, many a positively oriented group, there will be the expression of negative emotions that can seem like they come from a service-to-self place, but in reality, at bottom, do not. So, even within circled wagons you will find apparent hostility, and we ask that you consider carefully whether these negative expressions—expressions of anger, hostility, prejudice, ill-feeling—could not, after all, be healed, could not, after all be offered the love which it is your best and highest gift to be able to offer, and with that thought, we would return the contact to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We thank the one known as Steve for his faithful service in transmitting our thoughts to you. At this time, we would ask for the follow-up queries which have been selected.

[The questioner writes:] “Do souls tend to incarnate on Earth as a member of a particular race, religion, nationality, or gender? And, how significant are these “subsets” of humanity on a metaphysical level? Thank you.”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother.

Souls of this planet have a great variety of sources upon other third-density planets which have not been able to, shall we say, make the harvest there, and have journeyed to Earth in order to make another attempt at this transition into the fourth density of love and understanding. The variety of planets and races that now dwell upon your planet are rich and varied in their individual experiences elsewhere and here, and have for some period of your time attempted to make progress in the evolution of their minds, bodies, and spirits. These souls are those which have donned the, shall we say, persona or costumes of various types of thought processes and physical vehicles’ colorations, shall we say, and their appreciation of the nature of the other self, that is, those entities which exist in communion and proximity to each other.

For the most part, there is a tendency to remain within the social complex of the planet of origin so that there may be a continuation of the group-oriented lessons that were begun there that have the purpose not only of expressing group identity and cohesions, but of allowing the individual within the group a certain freedom of expression that is balanced by conditions of, shall we say, reproducing the group standard or normal thought processes. However, as various individuals within each of these groups make progress in the polarization of their consciousness—either towards the positive of service to others, or the negative of service to self—they are free to, we shall say, mingle, or remove themselves from their original group and make incarnational contact with other groups that may have similar or different concepts of the individual and its ability to express its individuality within the group.

Thus, after a long period of time, as you would measure it, one of your major cycles, perhaps, of 25,000 years, or somewhat less, there is the chance for individuals within any group to move to any other group by a consensus opinion before incarnation, in order that greater freedom might be achieved in the expression of the individual drive towards harvest. There is also the consideration within each group, of the so-called spiritual family, or minor grouping of entities within the larger group, that may wish to move as a group, as the individual may do; so that at this time, at the end of your master cycle of 75,000 years, there is much intermingling of entities from all of the various planetary sources of origin. When harvest has been achieved by any individual or spiritual family of individuals, that harvest, then, results in the moving forward of those individuals who have been able to polarize sufficiently in order to begin the fourth-density experience of forming a social memory complex with all other individuals, or minor groups, from any planet of origin.

Thus, the fourth-density population of your planet Earth will be comprised of many entities which have come from other third-density planets to this planet for their final experience of the third density, harvest having been achieved.

At this time, we would also remark that there are many from other third-density planets here now who have made harvest upon those planets of origin before coming to Earth, and are here in order to aid the harvest of this planet, for there is much catalyst in motion that these entities may help to resolve in an harmonious manner which aids both the planet itself, its various sub-groupings of entities seeking harvest, and those who are making the harvest. Thus, there is the microcosm upon your planet that expresses the macrocosmic nature of an Infinite Creator, that is, the variety of beings that have come together to seek the fourth density upon your planet.

Is there another query at this time?

The [next] questioner writes: “Greetings, Q’uo, in the love and the light of our Infinite Creator. Thank you for being with us this evening. When we call upon beings for help or just company in meditation, for instance, is it better to name these beings specifically, saying something like, ‘Please be with me in this meditation, Q’uo,’ or is it better to not name anyone, and just say, ‘friends and family,’ or something general?”

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother.

We would address this query by suggesting that there is more than one way to ask for assistance from the unseen realms of those who are guides, friends, inner planes teachers, and beloved family members who have passed on. One may, as was suggested in the query, ask specifically, at any time, for assistance in any matter that is specific in nature, or simply to ask for assistance in general with the process of living the life and expressing the desire to learn from each of the various portions of your daily round of activities.

One way of requesting assistance that few are aware of, and yet is probably the most generally used, is simply by honestly and sincerely proceeding upon your journey of seeking, and when difficulties arise, seeking with all your being, with your heart, with your mind, your body, and your spirit, to resolve the difficulties, to process the catalyst, and to gain experience. And even if you do not specifically request assistance, the sincerity and perseverance that you reflect in your working with catalyst, and processing it in as pure a fashion as possible, is another form of calling for assistance.

Even when you are, in your own estimation, failing miserably at making progress in any particular area of your life experience, this sorrow that emanates from you at such a moment, is, itself, also a calling, for many of you here are a portion of The Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, or wanderers, as you call them. Entities in higher densities, as you may well be aware, progress upon their own paths by being of service to others if they are of the positive polarity, and of service to self, if of the negative polarity. Thus, when distress is perceived on a certain level of activity or beingness by such Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, it is as if a portion of themselves calls for them to respond to the pain that is felt by an other self.

So, in short, we would say you cannot fail to call. Your needs are always known. There are always guides and helpers standing ready to lend their assistance in ways which you may or may not perceive, yet know that they are there. It is their great joy to be there, and when you call in any fashion, they will respond. Events may fall in a certain way which seem miraculous or mundane, and may not seem to be influenced by any force or source outside the self, or the random nature of the illusion about you, and yet, may be provided in a certain manner just for your own assistance and edification.

Is there a final query, my brother?

Yes, the [next] questioner writes: “They say we have to ask for help if we need it in order to receive help. I’ve noticed that sometimes I receive help when I did not ask for it. I’m extraordinarily grateful for help that comes when I do not ask for it. Why do we get assistance on occasion when we did not ask for it?”

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that there is much in this query which we have covered in the previous query, however, we shall attempt to add a bit of information that may be somewhat helpful. It is our hope that this is the case.

Each seeker of truth upon this planet, and indeed upon all third-density planets, has at least three guides that are known by the entity before the incarnation begins. Each of these guides meets and exchanges information with the seeker to be incarnated concerning the nature of the incarnation to come. Those lessons which have been learned in previous incarnations are reviewed that this learning may go forward with the entity and be a resource which can be called upon in the incarnation to come. Those areas which have not been learned to the level of purity or adeptness that is desired by the seeker are then set forth with the aid of the guides and, indeed, with the aid of the higher self as well.

If the entity is not yet consciously aware of the seeking process within the third-density illusion, these lessons are given a form and likelihood of being appreciated as they are encountered within the third-density incarnation. There is the sharing of this information upon the total level of the conscious and subconscious mind of the seeker. Thus, as the seeker moves about within the third-density illusion, on the other side of the veil of forgetting the subconscious mind can aid the entity by biasing the catalyst that the entity experiences in each day’s menu, shall we say, of experiences. Thus, a number of entities may see one situation of catalyst, and each view it in a different fashion, because each has different lessons pre-incarnatively programmed, and pre-incarnatively biased by the subconscious mind. Thus, the entity then has a slight, shall we say, advantage, in being able to open the self to the recognition of that which has been chosen before the incarnation.

However, free will is paramount within all experience of each seeker of truth, and the seeker may ignore the bias of the subconscious mind, may misperceive it, or may not notice it at all. However, as the seeker becomes more conscious of its own process of seeking the truth, as you call it, there is a greater likelihood that the seeker shall become more sensitive, shall we say, to the catalyst that presents itself to it upon a daily basis. There will be noticed certain repetitions of catalyst, certain synchronicities that will present themselves in order that the seeker of truth may be availed of the opportunity to learn as was hoped it would learn previous to the incarnation.

Now, part of this seeking is to ask for assistance, of course, for as the seeker becomes more conscious of the process, the availability of guides, teachers, and friends upon the inner planes, becomes more of a realization consciously of the seeker, so that it might be more effective in its seeking, and as this process of becoming aware of the process of seeking, there is a kind of momentum built up that guides the seeker even further along the path in a more efficacious manner. To those who are more successful in their seeking is given the opportunity to progress even further and faster. Thus, the seeking becomes that which is a blessing and a joy.

And, we say that it has been a blessing and a joy for us to be asked to join your circle of seeking this afternoon. We are always most grateful to be able to feel the love within a circle such as this, to see the light emanating from it to the high heavens, and to rejoice with those great angelic beings who are called to you by the mere production of light and the expression of love. There is a heavenly choir that sings Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument. We leave each of you, my friends, in love and in light, for there is nothing else but love and light in this universe. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. The tuning song used is called “The Wanderers” by Lacy J. Dalton. You can hear the song set to a video on the L/L Research YouTube channel. 

  2. Aver: verb, to declare positively. 

  3. queer the pitch: A British English idiom meaning to spoil the business at hand. 

  4. let the cat out of the bag: to reveal a secret carelessly or by mistake. 

  5. Ra: “The ipsissimus is one who has mastered the Tree of Life and has used this mastery for negative polarization.” #44.16 

  6. Relatedly:

    Would Ra’s attitude toward the same unharvestable entities [during Ra’s third density] be different at this nexus than at the time of harvest of [your] third density?

    I am Ra. Not substantially. To those who wish to sleep we could only offer those comforts designed for the sleeping. Service is only possible to the extent it is requested. We were ready to serve in whatever way we could. This still seems satisfactory as a means of dealing with other-selves in third density. It is our feeling that to be each entity which one attempts to serve is to simplify the grasp of what service is necessary or possible.