The question today: Things come not to those who are positively oriented, but through such entities. Why is this the case?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo. And then with this instrument, we greet each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. And we thank you once again today for inviting our presence in your circle of practice channeling. We are honored to be with you. And, as always, we ask you to use your own discrimination in considering the words and concepts that we have to offer so that you take only those that have meaning to you at this time and leave behind any that do not. This frees us to be able to speak freely with you those thoughts and concepts that we hope that you will find helpful as we have found helpful in our own journeys of seeking.

Your question today is one which moves to the heart of every conscious spiritual seeker of truth who wishes to know more about the nature of its own journey back into unity with the One Creator who made all things in this world that you live upon and in all worlds in the infinite creation. This is the desire of all seekers of truth to attempt to know the unknown, to attempt to make sense of what is difficult to understand. The attempt to serve when one wonders how best to serve. The attempt to know the self and ever greater realms of experience. This great desire to reunite with the source of all being is that which is the glue, shall we say, that binds the creation together in all the infinite varieties of intelligence, forms of life, and matters of being. What things are described and referred to in that poignant quote, “things come not to but through”? 1

These things, my friend, are what we have just expressed to you as the goals of any spiritual seeker of truth. The things of meaning, the things of great value, the things that will propel you and your seeking of service to others in the polarization of your consciousness and in the sharing of the open-hearted love that comes to one who sees the Creator in all things and in all people. These things are those jewels, these gems of great price, that what exercises the will in the faith, the giving of the life completely in order to know to be, to share. This is what you and we have in common at all share with us that are portions of the One Creator, who have become conscious of the nature of their being.

This seemingly endless journey of seeking can be enhanced when one realizes that as you seek and open yourself to that which is the greater truth, then, that truth begins to manifest through your being in whatever manner is unique to you, to share it with others. For each of you in the infinite creation is a unique manifestation of the One Infinite Creator. Each will have a unique manner in which to express these energies of information and expansion of consciousness that are utilized not only as means a spiritual progression for the seeker, but as ways in which the seeker can reflect to others the gems of wisdom, love and unity that have come through it as food for the spirit, the soul, the One Creator that exists within each that wishes to express itself through each has another level of the experience of unity. At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are with this instrument. We speak through this instrument and through this circle thanks to an alignment of intentions. This circle of seeking desires and intends to offer the love and the light of the Creator in the form of information and inspiration that might help [other] seekers upon your planet and in doing so, lighten the planetary vibration.

Our own desire and intention aligns very closely with this group’s desire and thus our beingness merges with your beingness, allowing it to flow through the circle and be manifest as words spoken in what you call channeling.

And on a deeper level, this shared desire and intention reaches to the heart of the creation, allowing the love and the light of the Creator to flow through us and through this circle and be manifest as this shared service that is offered to the world. This is but one specific example of the passage read in your question for this session playing out within your reality.

The passage as it was presented by those of Ra is intended to hold many meanings and many layers that may apply to various expressions of energy in your third density reality. To examine this dynamic on a more general basis, we point out the distinction between those concepts that might be called space/time and time/space, for within your veiled third density experience, the attention, focus, and awareness is placed far more firmly within space/time; and your ability to perceive that realm called time/space is severely limited.

If you were able to perceive time/space with a similar scope as you are able to perceive your space/time, the meaning of this passage might become more clear, for you would witness that all manifest beings of all types within your space/time-experience are but expressions of deeper more fundamental energies that are perceived on the level of time/space.

To offer a crude image in order to relate what might be viewed upon this time/space dimension, we ask you to see each entity as a collection of swirling energies, and the world about that entity as an even further complex and tangled dance of dynamic energies finding tension and release, manifesting in the infinite array of experiences available to you upon the time—we correct this instrument—upon the space/time level of experience. In referencing the positive being within this passage—those seekers whose heart of desire points them towards the service-to-others polarity—there is an intention to imply a certain arrangement of the swirling energies about the individual. The intention and desire to serve others and to seek the Creator creates more and more as the seeker reinforces this desire, a more intelligent and aligned arrangement of these energies.

When these energies are arranged in a certain direction, or design, the energies of the environment about the seeker begin to align with those energies exhibited by the seeker. In this way, taking the holistic view of both the space/time and the time/space aspects of your reality, you may see that when a positive seeker continuously expresses their desire and intent, those things manifest upon the space/time level regardless of their apparent surface origin and are indeed made manifest through this alignment of energies within the time/space realm.

We suggest that this dynamic and relationship be given due consideration by all conscious seekers, for it is the heart of the service that you offer to this world that you wish to serve. As the positive seeker continues to develop its consciousness to utilize the catalyst of its daily life, the intentions and desires reinforce themselves and the pathways within the seeker that allow the energies available to the instrument through time/space to manifest into space/time.

This concept may be applied not just to the conscious seeker, but to all beings and all circumstances. For the reality of your experience is indeed in a sense channeled through you much the way this contact is channeled through this instrument. But the consistency and the intelligence of what may be manifest by this dynamic increases as one reiterates their dedication to the path of service to others.

We request that when applying this principle to your own life, let it not be applied in principle to those about you as a way to place undue weight upon another being. We offer these principles as tools for each seeker to evaluate and utilize by their own free will. And we find that such concepts as presented within this passage can be misapplied and indeed cause further distortion if forced upon another prior to the awareness of their own self-made reality for this is an advanced perception of one’s own life and service within your reality.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we greet the circle again through this instrument following a fastidiousness set of challenging. We would continue to deepen or at least speak to this notion that things come through the positively oriented being and we might begin through this instrument by looking at those polarized beings who are pulling their power from the darkness.

Those of the negatively oriented path intentionally fortify and defend a personality that is intended to be opaque. Opaque to others, known to itself, but even still opaque in it’s wall of separation between itself and others and the unity which holds all things as one.

Such an entity in this condition must needs rely upon the theft, if you will, of the energies of other selves through various means of enslaving the free will of other selves such that they are compelled to do the bidding and to serve and to give their power to the negatively oriented entity. This arrangement seems to be one which is not transparent. That is to say, the negatively oriented entity is not surrendering itself to that which is greater. It is instead seeking to be itself greater, to be perceived as greater by those of its environment, to obscure, as it were, through its opacity, the Source from which all things arise, to stand in the way of the sun. It might be said so that the other self sees only the self and not the true power which is the ground of all being.

Now, we would flip back to the positively oriented seeker and examine this passage as it is applied in contrast. For the positively oriented seeker—as they advance along their path and become increasingly conscious of the connection between and union with self and One Creator—seeks to become transparent to that One.

While this is a principle which is infinitely applied according to the free will perceptions of each self, in general it may be said that such a self… which is not necessarily to eliminate its presence or contribution to any given dynamic but rather [such a self] wishes that it be a vessel through which the infinite intelligence and love and light of the One may pour, a conduit or a bridge between infinite source and its manifest creation. [In this way] said creation may be blessed and transformed by contact with this light, transmuting the phenomena and the form’s energies and the shapes and shadows back into that which they are through contact with this light, which is to say, transforming the many back into the One.

This desire of the advanced positively oriented entity stems from a growing certainty that it of itself is not the source per se. One with the source, indeed, and ultimately in its truer form, the source, but insofar as it perceives itself to be unique, distinct, other than a composite of its memories, history, identity, desires and trajectory it is yet but a limited being seeking an infinite source of its own supplies, shall we say, be they knowledge, experience, memory, love itself. They work with large but finite quantities and qualities. Much having been gained along the way, much having been stored even or held, each aspect a gift in the overall bounty of self but limited if perceived to be contained only and sourced only within the self.

It is when these developed facets of the gem that is the self are offered up to the One that they One in its infinite architecting, conducting, directing, intelligence may make use of the self in service to the creation and service to all. Such a self seeking this depth of transparency to the self, we correct this instrument, to the all self, does so not in a pretense of humility or self-negation, but because this is home, this is joyful, this is the true security, the true nourishment; it is the tapping into the rivers who, we correct this instrument, which are sourced in paradise.

And of necessity, because such an entity has an open heart, this joy of union with the Creator discovered within is not sought to be kept privately for the self’s benefit or experience, irradiating though it does the self’s being, but rather and immediately is sought to be shared knowing that the self as a distinct individual did not create or manufacture this river of joy within but rather is a grateful child, if you will, in its waters. [The self] recognizes that this is the true estate of all beings and wishes only thus to gently alert others to the true estate of their nature first and foremost through the effortless passive radiation of love and light, the free giving of that which is discovered within and—through the opening, clearing, and balancing of the chakras—that which is allowed to flow through, sending out beauty to the world about one. Not a beauty which is, we search for the word, homogenous or infinitely the same or uniform in the creation, though the source is single and one, but a beauty which manifest infinitely, uniquely through the rainbow or kaleidoscope or stained glass of each individual self shining a rainbow of colored light that the more transparent the entity is the more that it undistorts that which is around it.

This state of being and activity points to what in your spiritual literature is referred to as surrender. For in this way of beingness, to put it helpfully, in terms of the chakras, the old impulses and needs, desires, gratification-seekings, defenses, and mindsets of the lower centers (which are of the personality shell and the biographical conditioning) are no longer energized. They in the main are fallen away, laid to rest, healed, loved and made transparent, this being but the barest touching into of what it may mean to surrender the personal will in order to do or to embody the will of the One.

Each is a note in the symphony of the creation, and as each understands that the melody emerges when the self becomes, we correct this instrument, comes into harmony with the One and the harmony with the creation about one, then its note finds its proper place in the symphony and it makes music. And rest assured that many notes though there are, not one is dispensable in the heart and the mind of the Creator.

So before we would close with this instrument, we would encourage the seeker to find the heart of the self not by fighting against the self but by allowing the full self to be seen in the eyes of the Creator and to know that that self, everything that is tucked away within or judged or labeled as undesirable, is infinitely and perfectly loved just as it is. And paradoxically as this love is understood and experienced and given permission to meet each aspect of the self then the self and these aspects change through processes of transformation and being rendered transparent to that which they were blocking or hiding or obscuring previously.

And with that thought and with gratitude to all, including to the one known as Trisha who has joined this circle in silent support, we now transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We are pleased that we have been able to exercise the ones known as Austin and Gary in the speaking to the query for the day. We are most pleased with the progress that each continues to make. And we thank you for carefully considering the queries that you wish to have us speak upon for it is most helpful to have those queries such as this one, which are rich in potential and in interpretation and application to each seeker’s spiritual journey. We are always glad to be able to join this group and we remind you that we are available to aid in your personal meditations to deepen them without the use of any words, if that would be a service to you.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group thanking each once again for the conscientious application of spiritual steadfastness, an expression of love to all. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now in the love in the light of the One Infinite Creator of which we are all a part. Adonai, vasu borragus.

  1. The Law of One, Session 55:

    The Ra social memory complex offers itself also as a function of its desire to serve. Both the caller and the contact are filled with gratitude at the opportunity of serving others.

    We may note that this in no way presupposes that either the callers or those of our group in any way approach a perfection, or purity, such as was described in the bidding process. The calling group may have many distortions and be working with much catalyst, as may those of Ra. The overriding desire to serve others, bonded with the unique harmonics of this group’s vibratory complexes, gives us the opportunity to serve as one channel for the One Infinite Creator.

    Things come not to those positively oriented, but through such beings.