We would like to examine the nature of free will in relationship to the channeling process. For years, the Confederation almost always offers a disclaimer before each channeling asking the reader or listener to use their discernment in accepting those concepts that resonate and discard what does not. They claim that this allows them to speak more freely in offering guidance. Can you elaborate on the Confederation’s approach to free will in channeling? What is the philosophical basis for the approach? What is the relationship between the source, instrument, and reader? When a reader trusts the process and the source, how and why can they discard certain information?

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we greet this circle in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are, as always, joyed and excited to join you in your circle of seeking. The desire to serve as channels for the Confederation and to offer yourselves as instruments when joined together in this circle forms a sort of beacon. This beacon can be seen in the time/space realm by us and others who resonate with this desire within your hearts to serve. And we are called to the circle along with others who wish to aid you in your task. It is this shared desire that allows our hearts to join with yours.

And it is in this desire that we find, within your group, a certain stabilizing and potentiating energy that allows this circle to serve in this capacity, despite what we see as somewhat drained or erratic energies brought upon by the needs and demands of your third-density existence. We offer this observation in commiseration for, in our perspective, it is quite common within your density upon your planet that any who wishes to serve in this capacity must do so within the context of a difficult and demanding existence, where the day-to-day life leaves little room for sincere introspection and seeking and serving from those places.

This desire within your hearts helps to manifest the necessary energy and stability in order to perform this service; and with each iteration of this circle that desire and will is reinforced so that the energizing nature of this joining may increase as we find that the demands upon your third density plane also increase. Rejoice in this desire. We encourage you as a circle to communicate this desire and to share this desire amongst each other and find comfort within it, for it is a necessity within your third-density existence.

This is the context in which you serve, and context is an important factor in addressing the query that you have posed this afternoon. We somewhat ironically offer our typical request and disclaimer in asking that all those who may perceive our words use their minds and their hearts to discern the value of our words upon their own path. In doing so, we are given more freedom of expression through instruments such as this to share in a deeper sense, knowing that we have reduced the chances of serving as a stumbling block for the seeker if they feel free to dismiss that which we offer.

Offering this disclaimer and making this request changes the context of our relationship with the instrument and the reader or listener. It instills a certain mindset within those who see value in our words, and we hope and courage—we correct his instrument—encourages them to place their own faculties first and use our service, and the service of this circle, as supplementary to their own sovereign path.

When those who perceive our words, accept this disclaimer, and permit our request with sincerity, it further changes the context of the relationship, for knowing that the word spoken through instruments such as this may be waived by the sovereign seeker instead of accepted without question allows us to rest in the fact that our words are serving as catalyst for the seeker, not as instruction or prescription.

It is our desire to offer catalyst and not instruction, for there is little growth or understanding that comes from accepting instruction without question. Yet when words of guidance such as ours are evaluated and sat with and placed in the heart to be compared to one’s own ideals, and one’s own path, they may become transformative, not because of their accuracy necessarily, but because they have allowed the seeker to learn more of the self, and the nature of the self as the Creator, and to the nature of the Creation about one as inseparable from self and Creator.

This is the primary reason for the disclaimer that we offer, and is the foundation to our approach to honoring free will as we interact with planets such as yours. The foundation comes from a desire not to string planets along, necessarily, to adopt them into our view of the universe, but to support them in discovering their own view of the universe. This may be done by sharing what we have discovered upon our path. But we do not believe or wish to convey that our own view of the universe is the only view; the Creator has many facets and aspects that may be discovered by each social complex and by each individual upon their own paths. To limit one’s discovery of the universe to those words that we share with you would be to limit the Creator itself. This is not only undesirable for us, but indeed it is impossible. In an attempt to place such limitations upon the seeking of other selves, we have discovered that this creates further distortion and necessitates restitution and restoration on the part of the entity or entities that were influenced in this way.

As we have shared with you in previous sessions, the relationship of the Confederation with your planet is one that has evolved and has changed based upon the context of your own social complexes, your own cultural movements, and our own learning done through this interaction. You will notice that long in what you call the past, we the Confederation had been much more open in our willingness to interact with those upon your planet. We have appreciated the freedom to appear in more literal and physical ways to those upon your planet, and also find other methods or modes of interaction that span beyond the more subtle communication that we do through the work of dreams, through subtle visions, and through services such as this channeling circle.

The question that may arise from this observation in light of the query that you have posed for the circle may be “Why have we landed on a more withdrawn approach to interacting with your planet?” For this is also central to the question of free will in the context of our relationship with you.

We have found ourselves put into undesirable positions when interacting in more direct ways. We have found that our interaction has had undesired influence, and this is not due to the inaccuracy or falseness of any interaction that we have had with your planet. We have always done our best to communicate and share the love and the light of the Creator in the most undistorted way possible. The undesirable position that we found arising from our relationship with your planet has come from a misunderstanding on our part of the cultural context in which we have offered ourselves to you.

When we have interacted with your planet in more direct ways, we have found that this influence has been a source of more confusion than enlightenment, that the catalyst offered by this interaction had less chance of offering positive transformational growth and instead increased distortions of a more negative or service-to-self nature because of our lack of understanding in how the particular light that we shared would be received.

When examining how our disclaimer within these channeling sessions may be evaluated by the seeker, this is a key aspect that we wish to instill by making such a disclaimer. We may share ourselves as freely and openly as we can in the context of a circle such as this, yet we cannot know how our words will be received. We may intend to convey certain ideas in order to bring about certain contemplations or transformations within the reader or the listener. Yet these may be placed within the self in ways that we could not predict. And so, when we ask the seeker to utilize their own discernment in evaluating our words, we are honoring the fact that, within the third density, all truth is filtered through a personal lens fortified by the illusion and by the veil of forgetting.

We cannot fully comprehend with specificity the nature of your beingness behind this veil. We may see many things that you do not see. We may read energies that are only perceivable to you on a subtle or intuitive or feeling level, and through this perception we may offer insight that is unique or novel to you. Yet, it would be improper in the eyes of the Creator for us to know every minute detail of how every interaction would unfold. We do not have omnipotence and we cannot predict with a certainty how our words will be received.

To reinforce this layer of disclaimer, we have limited our interactions with your planet significantly, and a primary means of communication has been found within channeling circles such as this. For in offering our service in this way, there are several benefits that helped to reinforce the desire to honor the free will of your peoples. One benefit is that when channeling with a group such as this, there is the interaction between the instruments and us, the source, in a way that allows us to be filtered through a cultural understanding held by the instruments and the group. We benefit from the perception of the instruments of the world, in that it informs the information that flows through each instrument, and informs us of more creative ways to convey information with accuracy as we grow in relationship with instruments such as you.

Another benefit to honoring free will that comes from limiting our interactions to methods such as this comes from the aspect of what might be called plausible deniability. For our words are being spoken by a human mouth and cannot be proven using your methods of research in the material realm and science. And thus, those who perceive our words and accept the reality, or possibility, that they are real, must do so based on a certain faith, not in the instruments or in the source—that is, us, the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One infinite Creator—but instead in the value of the words themselves.

When the process cannot be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, more emphasis must be placed upon the value found within the communication and the effects of that communication in the life of the seeker. This place is the impetus for belief on to the sovereign seeker, who may, at any moment, decide that this process that is unfolding, where the source of this information is invisible, and spoken through human instruments, may be dismissed, for it is just one among many sources of information that speak to these spiritual truths.

If we came to your planet in our own form and displayed our technologies and our beingness in full view, it would be impossible for most upon your planet to deny that the information we share with you comes from a place of higher understanding, and thus it would be accepted without question. When instruments such as yourself offer themselves to serve as a filter, it removes this possibility, so that the distortions that we have found ourselves affecting on your planet in the past may be reduced.

We encourage this circle and those who perceive our words to further contemplate the effects of sharing information that is transformative, and accepting information without question based on trust in a process rather than the value of the information itself. Within the complicated energetic dynamics of third density, it is impossible to know the influence of one’s actions, and in the position that you within the circle have found yourselves it is vastly important to constantly evaluate the impact of your service as it is perceived by more and more people, to examine the energetic nature of your relationship amongst each other and those who you share this information with.

We encourage you to follow your hearts, to listen to the guiding voice within you that constantly points towards your desire to serve in an undistorted and clear sense while also reflecting constantly on the service that you perform and the nature of its influence within your realm of service.

At this time, we will take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. we are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet this circle again through this instrument with a baseline attitude of gratitude for this circle, for giving of itself to this service, taking the time to meet, choosing this over other opportunities. We recognize that your experience is not, by most relative measures, an easy one in any sense. This instrument receives us from a state of feeling rather depleted himself due to the rigors of your world, and we might gently suggest the fastidious guarding of the energies in the lead-up to these sessions if one wishes to serve from a more optimal state, shall we say.

Nevertheless, you as instruments need not be perfect. You need not be Olympic athletes, shall we say, for first and foremost, it is the strength and the purity and the totality of your desire to serve that offers us a grounding station with which to connect our energies and transmit our message through this circle and the home circle and others with whom we work.

Your desire to serve arises from that level of beingness which is not often evident to your conscious senses, that level wherein you are radiant with light moving into that space that is beyond name and form, where you are less identified with the outer masks that you hold onto so tightly and instead rest as one in the wholeness of all things and the peace that prevails there. Trust in this place within yourself and relax the tensions, the doubts, and the worries, for this is not a graded experience, nor is there one best way to serve as a vocal channel. As your own recollection of our now many years of speaking through this group understands, there are a virtually infinite number of ways to creatively point complex minds with complex concerns toward the simple unity of all things.

Each of the myriad facets of your world, of which each succeeding year and generation brings yet more and more for you to navigate, serves as a touchstone for us to orient the attention toward the fundamental eternal principles of spiritual evolution that are present and relevant and needed in your experience [now] as they are on every plane—however uniquely interpreted and accessed they may be upon each plane or level of awareness. The more distortion that any given society generates in its thoughts, its relationships, and its conceptions of who it is and how things operate just gives us more platform, shall we say, to springboard from, to share our emotions—we correct this instrument—message.

For however thick and opaque and tangled the distortion may be in seemingly drifting from the unity of all things and blocking the vision of the self from the Creator, nonetheless, distortion arises ultimately as a non-dual facet of that One such that no distortion can, in a literal or true or actual sense, separate the self from the Creator, but can instead only create the illusion of separation from the Creator.

To speak more directly now to your area of focus for this circle regarding that well-worn disclaimer with which we preface our messages, and its implication for the dynamics of free will at play, we have spoken to considerable length on this point and might ask that you consider the nature of teach/learning and learn/teaching between any two entities.

These reciprocal dynamics of teaching and learning can happen between any two, whether they are seemingly of equal evolution or at different, as you might conceive it, vertical stages in their evolution. Teaching may happen going both up and down, down and up, or across more lateral planes, even the young teaching the old and vice versa.

When one considers the classical sense of the teacher and the student whereby the teacher is presumed to have a greater depth and/or breadth of knowledge, due presumably to their own experience and training and qualification, for such there is a seeming disparity in knowledge between the one who learn/teaches and the one who teach/learns, with the weight of that balance being upon the one who teach/learns in being the dispenser of a knowledge and perspective.

What is it that transpires between the two in this scenario? Does the teacher do the learning for the student by teaching them a subject, say, such as math, or in your case, metaphysics and philosophy and the using of catalyst for growth? If such a teacher attempts to learn for the student, the teacher has entered, perhaps innocently and inadvertently, into what can grow to be fairly significant imbalance and distortion, and there is [then] a short-circuiting or subversion of the student’s free will and sacred duty to learn what is theirs to learn. The teacher, in attempting to do the learning for the student, may supplant the student’s processes and attempt to impose that teacher’s view of the world upon the student.

The creation is not set up for Entity A to do the learning for Entity B. Each entity on any plane of existence is a learning, adapting, awareness-expanding, choice-making unit. The nature of the Primal, as you call it, First Distortion of Free Will is such that every iota of creation is endowed not only with this ability, but [also with] necessity, objective, and duty—or job, if you will—to discover itself as the Creator through eons of evolution across the landscape of space and time and countless entities, environments, and situations.

Were one entity capable of doing the learning for others, the creation would fall out of balance and be inoperable in ways that we cannot quite convey through this instrument. So, it is that each must take in the information received in the environment of the self, into the self, and decide upon its own how to weight and evaluate, sift and sort and distill this information for the self so that it may choose its choices accordingly, and furnish itself with experience that it alone may place the next step in front of the other upon the long journey.

Our disclaimer helps to ensure and safeguard this balance. Our disclaimer does not dictate to the receiving entity to what exact use they are to put to our words, but rather it is a reminder to the self to refer to and exercise their own discernment within. It is not our wish that any entity would become reliant upon us. Our joy rather increases in witnessing the third-density entity grow in its own power to grasp the love that is inherent in any given moment in which the entity opens its awareness and surrenders its intellect and present-moment distracting patterns.

Our joy grows as the entity discovers within itself that which neither we, nor any source, can teach: that being the Creator indwelling within the heart of the being. This is the self’s inalienable connection, closer to the self, much closer to the self than its own thoughts, its own memories, its body, and its breath. No words or display of information in the universe can teach the entity its own Creatorhood. Words and perspective may certainly inspire the seeking that leads, eventually, to surrender; it may offer catalyst which catalyzes this other-self upon this journey; but we cannot teach the entity what it already is and always has been. It is for the entity, instead, to, through the disciplines of the personality, remove the camouflage that obscures the conscious awareness from abiding in what the self already is.

The self which is doing this seeking and using this catalyst in order to find what it is is paradoxically seeking while not knowing that the awareness behind the seeking is already it. It is as the parable of the policemen chasing the arsonist when the policeman is the arsonist. There is no way to manufacture into being, or achieve, or gain Creatorhood, per se, because the self already is the Creator. It is, as this instrument understands it, akin to one gaining their feet when the feet are already there.

To assume that we, through our service, could do this so-called learning for the self would be a gross imbalance and distortion on our parts. So, instead, in respect to the sovereignty of the entity upon their own path, we remind them that our words are but a resource for their consideration, one among a variety of other resources. Everything is potentially a resource for the entity. Indeed, the entire creation is offering itself as support for the entity’s upward evolution, both in pleasure and in pain. Each thing, when seen from the higher perspective, is a catalyst for the entity’s growth. We are happy to share our resource in the reciprocation of teaching/learning and learning /teaching. In so doing we learn about ourselves each time we offer our message.

It is a manner of sharing a project, shall we say, with you in third density. It is a way of sharing the work in the celebration of the great honor and privilege to be alive upon any plane, to have the great and unique wonder of traversing an illusion as a seeming separate entity in order that we may re-experience the infinity which we have been all along, and thus enhance that joy that is inherent in our beings, in all of our beings.

Moreover, we would add that the disclaimer helps to create an environment which lends itself to the open exploration that is necessary for the spiritual journey, and safeguards against that which deadens the self to the necessary open exploration: that conception which you know as fundamentalism, which is [that mindset] that takes an external source to be infallible and often literal, as a strict code of life to be followed or adhered to, that creates categories of worthy and unworthy people, whose edges are lined with fear that speaks to the negative consequences of disobeying the message. This is not the way of the positive polarity, as we understand it.

Far more empowered is the seeker if they may evaluate that which comes to them, including our own message, without coercion or pressure or any sort of persuasion that might limit or short-circuit their sovereign and free processes. Our attitude not only helps to guard against these energies in supporting the independence, or non-dependence of the seeker receiving our words, but it also helps to make room for the inevitable and invariable filtering distortions that will be introduced due to the nature of conscious channeling through human instruments.

This modality of channeling is one which is necessarily colored, which is to say in a very non-pejorative sense, distorted by the human instrument. There is a blending of our seed-concepts and principles and ideas with the instrument’s own awareness and knowledge and facility with language and limitations. We do not speak to you purely as 100% ourselves, shall we say. We do not mean to convey that our message is misconstrued in any way, or by passing through a human instrument is misleading, else we wouldn’t invest ourselves in this practice. It is just to say that when placing our consciously channeled message upon your plate through awake and aware human instruments, it would be well, perhaps, to add another grain of salt or two to your meal, as your peoples might express it; for as we are loathe that any seeker would depend on any particular syllable in our message, as if understanding of the Creator depended upon it, even more so, those serving as human instruments in this and other circles wish to protect the free will of the seeker.

Ultimately, of course, we cannot engineer how anything will be received, or what choices the seeker will make, [thus] we attempt to share a viewpoint that repeatedly underscores the primacy of free will in the operation of all things. It is a good and healthy reminder we begin our messages with this disclaimer and we will continue doing so as long as we continue this service through this group known to you as L/L research.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument and look joyfully forward to working with the ever-beautiful energies of the one known as Trisha. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those known as Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to exercise and collaborate, if you will, with the entities of this circle. The dedication to service to others through this avenue of communication is seen and appreciated, held with much love and light by those the Confederation.

Additionally, there is a deep sense of gratitude for this group’s desire to further understand and refine the channeling process, especially in regards to discovering and envisioning the methods and protocols utilized while honoring the free will of all involved, be that the Confederation voice, the instrument, or the seeker who may discover the words of this session and every session. This instrument is feeling rather fatigued and is struggling with a less-than-rested or prepared physical vehicle at this time. However, we shall attempt to speak a few final thoughts through her prior to transferring our contact onward. This instrument in particular feels that a wealth of information to digest has already been allowed to pass through the previous two instruments, and questions whether she can build upon, or add to, that information.

Hence, we will, perhaps, speak of one final aspect of this channeling process and that being the unique configurations of every entity and aspect of this illusion and how that might color, if you will, the transfer and the reception of what information moves through the instrument. Each entity acting as instrument is an extension of the Creator, but so configured in a way on this side of the veil, so to speak, so as to be infinitely unique, with notches and shapes and hues so as to create a one-of-a-kind sculpture-manifestation of the Creator and its creation.

Imagine this unique extension as a pipe within a series of pipes. Those of us who speak through the instruments are similarly a pipe. From the source, the information moves through us, and this movement is through our highly unique and individualized channel, or pipe, then moving through the, again, highly individualized and unique pipe of the instrument, and then the seeker who attempts to read and/or listen and/or receive that information is yet another highly individualized and unique pipe. There will be information that has changed or allowed to divert elsewhere within the within the journey from source to final destination.

This is to say that the recipient’s ability to discern and allow some information to fall away may also be due to that entity’s current configuration, its subconscious or unconscious desire to omit some stimuli and accept other, its perhaps unintentional actions of hyper-focus and distraction, and finally its ability or availability to what you may call make sense of that information which it receives. See this as multiple panes of the stained glass. The light refracting and imbuing with different colors and obstacles as it moves from source to the part of the entity receiving said light.

This is not to say that the information that is lost or discarded by the seeker is an act of what you may call defiance or distancing. Instead it could be viewed as the manifestation of a seeker coming to and interpreting the information from the foundation and place along the journey that the recipient currently finds itself

As has been stated before, the information received is not to be viewed as instruction, but rather an opportunity for growth and expansion, a catalyst for the seeker to move along its path of seeking. Therefore, our conditional clause, if you will, that we begin each session with is simply a friendly reminder that the seeker will receive that which the seeker needs; that the seeker trust in its ability to discern and intuit; that the seeker stay grounded within the knowledge that all is an extension of the Creator; and that they seeker find peace as it navigates this sometimes confusing and complicated illusion.

This instrument, fearing that she has manifested some strange and colorful information in her exercising of the channeling process at this time, is asking that we depart from her and transfer our contact to the one known as Austin. Therefore, we shall take our leave of her at this time, and we thank this instrument for her attempt, and ask that she allow for some grace to enter her heart when she allows us to move onward.

Without further ado we shall take our leave and transfer to the one known as Austin. We are those Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. We offer our gratitude to this circle, for each instrument, in exercising their highest fidelity in attempting to serve as instruments and transmit the thoughts and concepts that we offer through you to your planet. The topic chosen for this session is one that is of high importance to us, and having the opportunity to speak to the dynamics of how our words may be received and evaluated, and what we view as the appropriate relationship between us and your planet, has allowed us to further instill these concepts in this group and in this contact, so that they may sturdy the platform of this service in future sessions.

We find great comfort and companionship within the hearts of each within this circle, and within each who perceives our words and opens themselves to the light that we wish to share, so that they may return that light to us and to your planet. This is a grand service for us and we cannot emphasize how grateful we are to have this opportunity to interact in this way. We will now leave this circle as we found it, in the light and in the love of the One Infinite Creator. We are Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.