Today we’d like to discuss the tension between surrender and responsibility. We have realized that in some situations we feel a great responsibility to act and try to serve in some capacity, but find ourselves unable to do so, or challenged to do so. And we know that sometimes, some spiritual systems have encouraged us to surrender and you have in the past encouraged us to simply love it and not try to fix it. So, we would like to explore this tension between feeling responsibility and surrendering to the moment. 1

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We greet each of you in love and in light and are once again honored to be able to join your group this evening, and respond to this most salient query which you have asked of us this evening. Before we begin, we ask you that perpetual favor: that you utilize the words and thoughts that we give you that you feel are important to you at this time, and for those that do not speak to your heart, that you leave those behind. We, appreciate this gift of your discrimination, it allows us a wider range of response to your query.

Tonight, you ask a question which each conscious seeker of truth must consider seriously in the life path of its own incarnation and the spiritualization of one’s consciousness. For the world, in which you now live and breathe and call the third density is that place wherein there is a cacophony of experience moving rapidly in all directions within your illusion, as points of view are put forth in one way and another and in many more ways than can be comprehended by any conscious seeker of truth. It is such a mixture of division, of love, of hate, of separation, of confusion, that we have the greatest of sympathy for each of you as you attempt to make your way through this forest of trees that makes it so difficult to comprehend the overview, which is the foundation of your third density experience.

As conscious seekers of truth, you look upon this world with a desire and even, as you say, a seeming responsibility to make sense of it in order to create a world in which your fellow seekers of truth, your other selves which are all around the globe, may feel at home, may be able to perceive unity, may be able to be of service to each other, may see the creator in all. How can you do this when there is so much that is incomprehensible, out of your reach, beyond all possibility of change from any direction, that the chaos of conscious confusion is infecting the entire population of the earth?

So, it would seem the conscious seeker of truth who wishes to be of service to others will find itself somewhat bollixed, shall we say, and unable to chart a course of service in such circumstances, and may find that the greater overview of such a situation is that of what you have called the acceptance—the ability to transform your own perceptions of what you see in the world around you. And indeed, in many cases in the world within you. The service that you may offer in such a situation is, as you have surmised in your conversation before this session began, most helpful when it is one which accepts the unacceptable, which loves the unlovable, which serves the seemingly un-servable.

This is your connection to the One Infinite Creator within you and within all of the creation, and within each entity upon this planetary surface—that heart of love that you may open unconditionally so that the Love that created this great universe of beingness is also that love which you allow to flow as a river of infinite love, through you, to all you perceive.

You see each entity in your daily rounds of experience, as being seemingly separate from yourself with ideas and opinions that are obviously different than yours. You look upon these ideas, entities and opinions and see the Creator knowing Itself in a manner which is unique to each entity within the creation. This knowing of the self is the great foundation principle upon which all of the creation and each entity within the creation is formed. It is the means by which the creation is a vibrant, protean entity that may find its self in all other-selves. This is the great journey of seeking. To seek within the love of the One that is in all this is your challenge. This is your joy. This is your journey.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument and we understand the query and we may speak to the specific wording of part of the query in order to elucidate the concepts within the words.

In these times on your planet, times which require much perception, thought and decision and perhaps action, reflection and then more perception, quite possibly at a greater pace and into deeper context than many that are used to doing at this time because it is a time of change that is great in magnitude, and also change at perhaps a more rapid speed than many have experienced. So, we will speak to the ideas of surrender and responsibility, for they seem to form a kind of continuum between them, with surrender having a connotation of passivity, acceptance, flowing with outer change. While, responsibility at the other end of a continuum from the state of surrender, could have the connotation of decision and action carrying forth and forward into time newness of being, newness of understanding, newness of foundation of life.

And we wish to point out that there are points between these concepts upon the continuum that have validity as well, for there is the timing to these states of being. There is a timing to action, a timing to remaining passive for example, when it is right to do each of these. Producing the highest and best result to remain still, for example, in a state of surrender, letting events flow and perhaps knowing from within that the time to act, the time to take responsibility to help change happen in a productive or positive way, is not yet but may come later. So, therefore, the defining characteristic of these states of being would be awareness. Awareness of what is right for the moment of time in which one would surrender can also simply mean not resisting. It can also mean an active decision to flow with energy or events with change. It can seem to be a state of inaction, but it also can be a state of a decision to flow, which is an action in itself.

Likewise, responsibility can be seen as action taking on one’s shoulders the need to do something in order to produce an expected result. Responsibility can come in another form, perhaps seeing more passively as simply holding space. One that takes the responsibility of holding space in wait of something important to happen or to come that is not yet. And again, the important state of being is awareness, awareness of which of these is thought to be the best choice in order to produce the highest and best expected result.

So, we would say that when considering these states of being, perhaps along a continuum from surrender to responsibility, in terms of the choices that one may make in response to events in one’s own individual life, as well as events on the greater scale of human life today, that the important starting point would be, within self, the awareness to the highest degree possible of what is the best for anyone and given individual to do that may be somewhere along that continuum. And when perceived in this way, there is no right or wrong answer as to which is best surrender or responsibility or somewhere in between or in any of the connotations previously mentioned.

It is the awareness of what is right for each individual or set of individuals at a given moment in time and according to their perception or to his or her perception of surrender or responsibility. The meaning of those as it’s specifically applied to this situation, one can only know this from within oneself, but then if that awareness is attained from within, the steps, the perceptions, the decisions will always be the right ones for that individual.

It is indeed a matter of knowing oneself. We are aware of the great difficulty of knowing oneself clearly in such times as you are experiencing upon your planet, but we see clearly the light and love of which each individual is made, the light and the love emitting from each self and other self, the great possibility of the space and this continuum filling up with the love and the light helping to illuminate one’s own perceptions, one’s own decisions, one’s own actions. Know that you are and you live in this state of being which is light and love at all times, times of surrender, times of responsibility.

We are those of Q’uo we thank you for this query. We now pass this contact to the one known Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. We understand that within your illusion of third density, particularly upon your planet at this time, the process of coming to know oneself in such a deep and intimate way so as to understand the nature of one’s responsibility and one’s ability to surrender may seem an incredibly difficult and complicated tasks. And indeed, as we witness the hurricane of complex influences upon each individual within your illusion, we ourselves are baffled and find great admiration for each seeker who may even find within themselves the attempt to come to know themselves in this way. But, it is of the utmost importance that this attempt is made when addressing this query between one’s responsibility and surrendering to any moment.

The term and idea of responsibility carries much what this instrument would call cultural baggage. And so, the process of coming to know oneself in this context involves a process of examining one’s upbringing, one’s confluence of influences, that have impressed upon the seeker from an early age: how one must act in any given situation; how one is to behave towards others how one sees oneself in relationship to others. These are all very complicated influences that take fortitude and willpower to examine within the self as one experiences the day-to-day catalyst. But, as we apply this process to understanding the concept of one’s personal responsibility in any given moment, we find that slowly the seeker who has endeavored upon this journey will begin to shed notions of oneself, what one must do, and what one is obligated to do in any scenario.

We find also that there are influences upon what may be called, in some contexts, the ego and that when one feels a pull of responsibility, it might come from a desire to establish oneself as being responsible to be seen as addressing a situation or a circumstance to carry a certain mantle, on display for other selves. The process of introspection that allows one to know oneself and to come into a more meaningful and intimate relationship with the concept of responsibility will necessarily involve shedding oneself of many of these notions.

We do not mean to ask the seeker to dismiss the notion of responsibility completely, for as one sheds these notions, one will find that this call of responsibility indeed comes from the heart; that the impetus, the impulse to reach out and influence a situation to bring about more love, more peace, more comfort, to help and to aid is such a natural impulse for the positive seeker that it becomes ingrained even amidst so much cultural baggage within the seeker that this cultural baggage simply becomes a heavier burden or distorting influence than is necessary.

And this is the context from which our encouragement to not endeavor to fix it, but to love it comes from. This is the context where surrender may become an applicable notion for the spiritual seeker. For there are so many influences upon the self that the expectations become a hindrance rather than an aid, and instead of motivating oneself, they become a burden that is counterproductive to the desire of the seeker to be of service.

This dynamic between accepting responsibility and accepting surrender may play out, as we have said, on a certain spectrum; and to move too far in any certain direction can create this counter-productivity for some seekers. We find that the notion that one simply must love without any responsibility towards one’s environment may become a sort of comfort blanket, as this instrument might put it; an excuse to avoid acting in situations where one feels called to act, but there is discomfort involved. Sometimes serving others from the heart may indeed push one to act, when they otherwise would not to speak, when they otherwise would not to accept an uncomfortable situation so that the love of the Creator can shine where it otherwise might not.

We do not wish to encourage seekers to avoid discomfort and to avoid acting upon responsibility when they feel called to do so.

On the other end of the spectrum, we find that there may be those who feel such great responsibility and such a strong impulse to act, that their efforts become nearly futile, for they end up as you may say, spinning their wheels without genuine progress. Their intense desire to achieve a certain outcome baffles their ability to genuinely bring about such an outcome. And despite much effort seen upon the surface, little is done and achieved upon the unseen metaphysical realms, either for the seeker or for those the seeker desires to serve.

We find these two dynamics and many dynamics between these two spectrums to play out among many seekers upon the positive path. To come to know oneself, and know one’s true responsibility in any moment, requires one to examine the self and the tension one feels between these two notions, to dive deeply into this feeling of tension; to take into meditation the strong desire to be of service and to shine love within your realm, and to allow this tension to break apart within one, to open one up to, in a sense, allow one to dismiss and perhaps even find death and rebirth from the former attachment to responsibility; and to allow oneself to be born again into a new understanding of how to relate to any given situation in which one feels called to responsibility.

The seeker upon the positive path who succeeds in this balance of surrendering and accepting responsibility may walk within this tension with confidence, knowing that in any given moment, one may be called to simply share their love and shine their light quietly or gently with a soft hand, or one may find that there is indeed action that one may take and a goal towards which the seeker can strive. Yet this confidence may manifest as faith within the seeker that the effort made towards this goal, the effort made to shine the love and the light of the Creator, however it is called forth in the moment, may not appear to have great effect in the seen realm upon the surface of the illusion of your third density, but that it is worth the effort all the same; that there is much work being done despite little evidence of that work finding success to the veiled perception.

We may offer a final thought on this topic in clarifying that the words spoken within this query referenced from a circle of channeling in your previous times was intended primarily to be a message for those who identify themselves as wanderers. Indeed, we find that those who have incarnated upon your planet from a higher density feel a great burden of responsibility upon awakening to their nature and understanding that they have come to this place with a certain mission.

The complicated influences upon your planet cause this notion of coming here with a purpose and with a mission to instill upon the wanderer a much greater burden than one may typically anticipate from outside of the incarnation. These words were spoken with the intent to allow the wanderer to release expectation that they must achieve a certain goal, that they must find results as they seek to achieve their mission. For if such expectation is placed upon the self, there is much distortion and even harm that may be done that will necessitate further healing for the wanderer and for the self.

As we have spoken, the wanderer has come here not to fix it, but to love it. We do not mean to imply that whatever circumstance or situation or entity is to be loved must be loved from a distance, and passively. To love something requires an intimate knowledge and perception of it, and a relationship to it. This might be [done] quietly from a distance, but in many scenarios, in order for a positive entity, particularly a wanderer to love any given circumstance in which one finds the necessity to offer the Creator’s love and light, one must engage with that thing. And in many cases, this does require the wanderer to take action in order to serve.

To find the balance and to walk this balanced path of confidence will mean that the answer of how this may unfold for each individual and each situation will be manifested from the heart. And for the seeker wishing to manifest their highest service a deepening relationship with one’s own heart and intuition is absolutely necessary. For it is through these realms that the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator will flow through the entity and inform the entity’s actions in any situation. This is a difficult and noble task and we offer our deepest admiration and appreciation for any seeker upon your planet who strives to do so at this time.

We will take leave of this instrument and transfer this contact to the one known as Jim to offer our closing thoughts for this circle. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and with this instrument once again. We are most pleased with the ability that each channel has demonstrated this evening to transmit our thoughts on your topic of how to balance responsibility and surrender. This is the great journey, this is your choice, this is as it should be. You each have the free will and the connection with the Creator to call upon as you move through the various steps of your spiritual journey upon this planet at this time.

We thank each for being conscientious in the perception and vocalization of the words and concepts that we have utilized this evening to speak upon this most salient query. We are known to you as those of Q’uo and we leave you now, rejoicing in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. This passage from Q’uo was read before the session, and informed the group question:

    “That which you know of the higher planes, that which you remember in a dim or not so dim way, bring into your heart and let it bless the environment that you see before you, just as it is. You are not here to clean it up. You are not here to make it right. You are not here to fix it. For all of the outer world is an illusion. You are here to love it. Take the world in your arms and embrace it. This is how you came to serve. This is your glory and your crown. Wear it well and rejoice in being here.” – Q’uo, July 31, 2007