Why does Ra refer to the will as the great conduit to the Creator, and how can we as seekers utilize that great conduit?

[Note: During this channeling, a yard crew began their diligent but noisy work in a neighbor’s yard next door. The loud noise of several engines running quite close to the room where the circle made it a challenge for the instruments to remain tuned during the channeling.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. And we greet each of you in love and in light, and we thank you for inviting us to join your circle of seeking this evening.

We would again ask that you give careful consideration to the words and the concepts that we use to respond to your most interesting query this evening. Look at those words and concepts carefully, and use those which resonate with you at this time. Please do leave behind any that do not resonate. This is the means by which you free us to speak as we will, as we can, as we wish.

You have asked this evening, how any seeker of truth may use what Ra described as that great conduit to the Infinite Creator, the will. Each of you, my friends, has a will. Each of you has the desire, each of you has those ideals of the spirit, of the mind, of the emotions, of the body that you may utilize in some fashion, to move forward on your spiritual journey of seeking to be of service to others and the One Creator. With each of your words, each of your thoughts, and each of your deeds, you have this great desire within the third-density illusion in which you have the veil of forgetting that makes it a challenge to realize the nature of the reality through which you move, the reality towards which you move, and the nature of your own being.

This desire, purified, may be called your will. It is the motivating force of your own being that seeks to find the most effective ways of learning from the illusion in which you are immersed at this time. It is an illusion of confusion. It has so many possibilities for the mind of the seeker to become distracted by what seems to be important at the moment, but which when pursued, are often proved to be what you might call a dead-end that no further movement in the positive polarity is possible. When considering the milieu in which you live, move, and have your being, the third density is where you make the great choice as to how you shall extend your energies for the rest of this density, and the rest of the octaves of densities, that will lead you home to the One Infinite Creator.

And yet, that home is also firmly embedded within your own vehicle. For the Creator has made you, every entity on the planet, the planet itself, and all of the creation out of itself in order that it might know itself better, [with] more variety, or vividness, or power, or purity. This is your great journey as one who is the Creator in miniature, shall we say, seeking the Creator of all that is within all.

Your will, as you exercise more and more effectively, becomes [as though] a muscle in your physical body. It becomes stronger. It can become more focused. It is that which is the fuel of your journey of seeking. It is the most important tool that you have in your spiritual toolkit, shall we say. It is that which you may exercise as often as you wish, as often as you can, in order to continue to move forward in your positive polarization of service to all, and to others, to the One.

These choices that you make, however small or large, in every moment that you exist, can offer you a perpetual path of power, of the will to travel for the rest of your incarnations upon this earth, within the third density, the fourth and so forth. So that you continue to ride the power of the will. As you move in harmony with the One, this movement is likened to a path, a conduit whereas, energy of choice, the power of purpose, moves you in a rhythmic manner, a dance, shall we say, that brings you more and more in harmony with the Creator in all about you, the Creator within yourself, within the universe itself, so that you begin to blend your desire, your will to seek the Creator, to become the Creator with the Creator’s will, so that eventually you do the Creator’s will. For you have become the Creator having discovered who you are through all your choices and exercise of the will to seek the positive path of polarity in union with all. This exercise on a moment-by-moment basis is that which makes it possible for you to move into harmony with the One which is within you, without you with everyone, everywhere at all times.

This is your great journey. This is the most effective utilization of the will, the power to choose, the power to become, the power to serve, the power to be the One whose will moves through you, as your will moves to it.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

[Note: This instrument chose to leave her portion unpublished due to tuning difficulties caused by the abundant noise.]

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We find with some amusement that the topic of will is an appropriate line of thought for the circle gathered this evening. For as we observe the instruments within this circle, we find that there is a stronger necessity for the will on the part of the instruments in the form of maintaining concentration through the abundant distraction offered by those other-selves so diligently performing their duties, and providing the catalyst needed for those present to exercise this will to maintain the connection needed to perform the service of channel.

This immediate need for the will, on the part of the instruments present, has its roots within the deeper will, within the hearts of each present to gather as a circle in service to others through the means of joining us in this task of channeling and offering information and inspiration.

This desire of the moment to maintain concentration to perform this service may be connected, as though by a thread, to that deeper desire within the hearts of each that has brought each here today. And if this thread is explored even deeper and deeper, each individual may discover eventually, that this desire may be traced back to the most fundamental and original desire of the One Infinite Creator. As is such with all will, and all individuals within the One Infinite Creation. For it was an act of will that birthed what you understand as the creation itself. The creation is, in the most basic sense, made of the will of the Creator.

We explore this notion to help offer each seeker attempting to grasp and understand their will and understand how to further utilize their will to come to know that this will is indeed, as described in the query, the great conduit to the Creator for it is fundamental to your very beingness. This may be observed in the creation about you, not just in the metaphysical sense, but even in the physical sense. You may find hints of the Creator’s will in the most fundamental aspects of your physical universe. The most basic and fundamental forces that bind the particles, atoms, and most material within your universe, are a physical expression of the Creator’s will manifest in space/time.

As you broaden your view of these minute particles, the fundamental attraction and repulsion of these particles and these energies become more and more complex. And the will of the Creator becomes more tangled within the physical creation until eventually, the creation as you perceive it comes into view where these aspects of your space/ time, such as gravity, electromagnetism, and other seemingly mysterious forces that attract material and form the basis of patterns and cohesion in your physical universe are seen with greater clarity. These physical aspects of your universe are but hints at the metaphysical aspects that you inquire about this evening. The desire within the heart of each to serve others, to be unified with others is as though its own gravity, its own magnetism that begins to attract and form its own cohesion within the heart of the seeker, and among the shared heart of groups such as this and even the shared heart of your social memory complex being birthed upon your planet (with some difficulty) at your current time/space.

This fundamental nature of will is why those of Ra referred to the will as the great conduit to the Creator. For it is in grasping this desire within the heart of each that the seeker allows the fundamental force of the Creator to orient the seeker towards the Creator, to unify the seeker’s consciousness and awareness with that of the Creator’s so that as this desire is tended to and focused upon and the will is nurtured, the seeker realizes more and more that they are the Creator.

And through this exercise of the will, the seeker becomes a true co-Creator, having opened the conduit to the Creator, and is able to move about the creation with light feet to attend to various distortions and complexities of the illusion about you with more awareness of the necessity for love and light, for understanding and compassion. And having opened this conduit, the seeker is more able to manifest these things at any given moment.

The will referred to within your query is indeed the same as this desire that may be kindled within the heart of each entity, starting from the first density all the way to the completion of the octave within the eighth density. This desire is made more powerful within your current density, thanks to the advent of the veil of forgetting. Prior to this veiling, entities within the third-density were aware of their nature as the Creator, and thus the will of those entities was automatically tuned to the Creator so that their beingness garnered little charge and manifested little of the original desire of the Creator to experience variety and more intensity.

The veil falling over the third density created a shadow that necessitated that the seeker discover this hidden flame within their heart, and through a process of discovery, awaken to the desire to know the self and the world about one. The will was no longer a natural choice upon the part of the entity, but rather required effort and could from certain perspectives go awry.

We encourage each seeker, whether just beginning upon the path, or having some experience with their seeking of the Creator, to always recall the initial desire discovered within your heart, that pull that you felt as you looked upon the world with wonder, and desire to understand the mystery of life and of love. For it is this fresh desire to grasp the mystery of the creation that is the constant fundamental will present within each entity through this dance of the densities within your octave.

Remembering this great desire will bring you closer to that conduit and continue to move you along your path in ways that may not seem logical or predictable, but will manifest more and more of the Creator’s will, and the Creator’s love, and the Creator’s light through you and within you.

We are honored to join you, all seekers upon your planet, in this process of manifesting this desire and this will to journey home to the Creator. We are those of Q’uo. We will now take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We would emphasize the use of the will as your journey home. And we thank each of you for allowing us to accompany you on that journey home into the heart, the Infinite Creator resides within each. You have expressed such a desire upon your own parts to make this journey a constant part of your life path. And we thank you for joining us on this infinite journey, the exercise of will, to know, to be, and to serve the One. At this time, we will take our leave of this group, leaving each as always in the One Infinite Creator’s love and light. Adonai vasu borragus.