Topics: The balancing exercises; being strong for another; the sleepless nights of pain; love and light as two sides of the same coin.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We are most honored, as always, to be invited to your group to share the philosophy of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator with each of you and with all those who may hear or read these words that we speak through each instrument today. We are honored to be able to utilize each instrument, for we realize it is a great deal of work and self-sacrifice that each instrument engages on a regular basis in order to maintain the ability to receive the thoughts, words, and images that we give each.

As always, we ask those who will read these words or who will hear them to be diligent in their own discrimination to determine for themselves which of these words may have a meaning for you at this time, for we know that not all words will hit home, shall we say. Leave behind those which do not find a home within your heart. In this way, we may speak without restrictions and share that which we have to share freely.

At this time, we would ask if there is a query with which we may begin.

I have a question about the performing the balancing exercises. But first, a quote. In #5.2 Ra says:

To begin to master the concept of mental discipline it is necessary to examine the self. The polarity of your dimension must be internalized. Where you find patience within your mind you must consciously find the corresponding impatience and vice versa. Each thought that a being has, has in its turn an antithesis. The disciplines of the mind involve, first of all, identifying both those things of which you approve and those things of which you disapprove within yourself, and then balancing each and every positive and negative charge with its equal. The mind contains all things. Therefore, you must discover this completeness within yourself.

So, my question Q’uo is: Could you give us detailed instructions on precisely how to perform the balancing exercises alluded to by Ra in this quote?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query my brother. This query contains within it the key to becoming the One Infinite Creator. Each entity that is a conscious seeker of truth and wishes to discover the Creator within, for within each entity does the Creator now and forever reside. Your third-density illusion is one which has the veil of forgetting permanently in place so that each entity is not aware that the Creator is within, that the Creator is all that there is in this creation, and that each entity has access to the Creator through the utilization of what you may call the catalyst of its daily experience, the grist for the mill the food that feeds the spirit. Thusly, you may see all of the experiences within your incarnation as having a certain flavor or potential to feed your spiritual growth according to how you have preincarnatively determined the lessons that you have to learn.

We may suggest that as each of you does contain the Creator, then you contain all that the Creator has made in the infinite universe; you contain completeness. And yet in your conscious seeking for truth, this completeness does not yet exist. As you go through your daily round of experiences, you may notice that there are certain of those experiences, both positive and seemingly negative, both happy and sad, that continually come into view of the inner being that you are. That inner being then notices the variety of experiences that have moved your own inner being off of what you may call, love and acceptance, unconditional love and acceptance.

At the end of your day, it is well therefore, to rest yourself, your mind, body, and spirits in meditation and review the events of the day that provided you this food for growth, the catalyst of opposites that each may utilize to become more and more the one infinite Creator. For as you are able to take this catalyst and to work with it in a conscious fashion, you expand your own perception and experience of the nature of your being until eventually you are what may be called a 360-degree being containing all that there is in the creation, all that is composed of the positive and negative aspects of a catalyst that comes your way.

For example, those of Ra use the catalysts of patience and impatience to demonstrate how this process is accomplished. If you have found yourself at some point in your day becoming impatient with yourself or with another person or with a situation that you wish would find its completion, you in your mind relive that situation that brought about the feeling of impatience. You magnify the lack of patience that you demonstrated when your patience was at its end [so that it] is blown out of proportion into a great lack of patience, a tremendous impatience, that calls forth from your inner being its opposite, calls to that portion of your being which has patience, which has known patience, which has become patience. And that patience then is also allowed to become the magnified, equivalent or partner of impatience. Together they are filling your inner screen of perceptions, so that the great impatience is balanced with the patience that comes from understanding.

Then, you look at yourself as a portion of the Creator, that has now been expanded to a greater portion of the Creator so that you feel that the patience and the impatience are utilized in a balanced fashion, to allow you to know more of yourself as the Creator which allows the Creator to know more of Itself through your experience.

Thus, is the product of this balancing that which you call love or unconditional acceptance of yourself for having these qualities of impatience and patience contained within your being so that you may grow in a spiritual fashion. This is the means by which throughout your life experience you utilize all catalyst that comes your way to become more and more, the One Infinite Creator; more and more, the creation; more and more, your true self, that one which is in all.

This is the journey of a lifetime. Perhaps the journey of many lifetimes. For this process, the utilization of catalyst within your third-density illusion is one which is infinite in potential and yet can also become that which is the Creator within you now and forever.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Trisha. We are those of Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument at this time. May we ask if there’s a query to which this instrument may speak to you?

Yes Q’uo, thank you for your previous response as well.

I have noticed that I can be stronger in care for a loved one than I might for myself at times. I think that this is generally true of those upon the path of the positive polarity. Simple illustration: If I was on a long hike, say, with one known as Trish, or we were stranded somewhere, and she was having difficulty continuing onward, I would marshal the will and faith to help her which might not be so readily available were I alone. So, I’m wondering if there is a principle there for the student of the positive polarity why it is that we may have greater resources of strength and energy and will and faith in care for someone we love then we would for ourselves?

We are those of Q’uo and we are aware of the query my brother and we thank you for this opportunity to speak through this instrument. This quality of which you speak, the ability or free or freer access to the powers of will and faith, more within reach when in service to another than in service to the self in a positive fashion, is common among those upon your planet. It is common within the realm of those who may be considered wanderers. The mechanism, the mechanics, the structure of this is due in part to one’s ability or rather inability to see the Creator within the self, the viewing of the other-self as distinct and separate and the care and love involved in that disconnection. We use the word disconnection here without connotation, simply to denote the idea that self and other-self are separate, when in reality, when at the core, self and other-self are one.

There is a tendency to view these boundaries between the soul of self and the soul of other-self, especially in regards to moments wherein wellbeing or welfare are at stake, can become more pronounced. Many upon this plain view love as being a one-way flow of energy at times that care for other-self, i.e. love flowing out from self to other-self is of greater importance than love generated within and for the self. By in large, that dynamic can be what you may call unconscious to many who experience it.

Take for instance the parent who tends to a scared child and then is unable to practice that same patience and care for the self. It is an honorable service to the other-self to gather one’s strength, put forth a brave face, so to speak, and to hold the self in a warm tight embrace, showering the other-self with words of encouragement or phrases for comfort. We do not speak to negate the pure service in those actions. We highlight only that the self is inherently as deserving of that same care from the self, the gentle touch, the warm embrace, the patience, and the attempt of understanding.

Speaking through the lens of experience for this instrument, we also feel the need to note that part of internal wiring or preincarnational choice would be to create obstacles, per se, for the self, that would translate into a seeming need for affirmation outside the self, tending in care from another-self, what you may call a lack of confidence in the ability of the self or of the illusion in general. Then the self thus craves that affirmation from outside the self, from outside the four walls of what you may consider your illusion. And this framework, though perhaps unconscious or buried deep enough to be unseen, is in fact part of the journey for growth for the self. The opportunity to remind the self that the affirmation and support it receives from outside itself is in all actuality from the self, perhaps just a few degrees removed.

To put this simply, the biggest factor that we see when communicating to this, rather through this instrument, about this particular subject, the largest factor for the creation of this discrepancy would be the separation that is identity, the statement of I am me and you are you; and though the acts may be done one unto another with pure love and along the path of service to the other, it is still the act of separation when self cannot provide the same loving gesture to itself.

To the many who experience this separation we would simply remind you of how perfectly imperfect you are, how deserving and worthy you are. How that strength and that fire that you feel increase in service to another who is struggling, you can tap into for self. What is required is trust in the worth of the self, the knowledge of the self, as Creator, as other-self, as all elements of the circumstance, as everything.

Purposeful and intentional work in the acknowledgement of self as all, as one, as with another self and the Creator simultaneously is a most potent vehicle towards extending that care for self, of tapping into that will and faith that inherently exist within. There is bountiful supply of will and faith and security within each fragment of this creation. It is but the illusion and the lessons we set forth for ourselves that act as blinders, that act as distractions from that supply. We forget, and when we forget we allow for that blockage to exist.

So, dear self, when in these moments of feeling unable to tap into one’s own personal well of faith and determination we ask that you simply be gentle with yourself. View the self as other-self through the eyes of a mother. Acknowledge and hold your fear or discomfort, or uncertainty. Allow it to exist within you and also remind yourself that anything and everything is possible within and without the self, rather, through the self because of the self.

As it has been said by friends of ours in the Confederation, give yourself and the illusion its due time and you will see the perfection and the drive and the structure, or lack thereof, that allows the self to grow, to open the heart more fully to everything around and most importantly to that which we identify as self.

Allow yourself to release those boundaries, release that judgment, release that fear, and approach the soul within with the open warm embrace you would afford to any of your other-selves. Sow that love of self within self. Water and tend to it lovingly, and with time the love of that self will fully bloom and flower, and the self will begin to see that those rain clouds that cause such a disturbance to will and faith were necessary so that you may now grow into the beautiful, perfectly imperfect self you were before, but more vividly brilliant version that sparkles in the sun.

At this time, we will take our leave of this instrument and transfer our contact to the one known as Kathy. We are immensely appreciative of this circle and of the intentional service each in the circle undertakes. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. Is there a query to which we may respond at this time?

Yes, Q’uo and thank you for that eloquent reply through the previous instrument.

Life on planet Earth is difficult, to make an understatement, and we seem to just be inundated with increasingly intense catalysts on a personal level, on a collective level, on a global level, and it is easy to find oneself in the sleepless night, caught in self-feeding loops of anxiety and pressure, doubt, confusion, and pain.

To speak to my own experience, when I find myself in these places, I employ various strategies. I try to activate faith, I try to surrender, I try to practice acceptance, et cetera, et cetera. These various strategies can serve as a raft in the ocean for a moment. Ah, I have something to hold on to, I have some reprieve, I am afloat. But inevitably, in these spaces, the next big wave comes and washes over me and my raft and I go tumbling and get consumed by these energies, and the light of day is lost. So I’m wondering, Q’uo, knowing that I’m definitely not alone in that experience, if you have any advice for these times when the energy lowers, when one is probably more vulnerable to psychic greeting, in terms of how to restabilize the mind, how to help pull back and witness these energies within the self, to bring them into the heart and to find some measure of peace in the storm. Thank you, Q’uo.

We understand your query my brother. It is one that touches the heart indeed of every self. For in your query there is the story of the third-density experience: one of choice, one of growth, one of upward progress spiraling upward ever toward the Creator through the cycles of life. The third-density experience of which you speak using many metaphors appropriate to the feelings—such experiences of being tossed upon a sea holding on to a raft, looking for the peace in the storm, holding on to faith and hope and beyond hope—these experiences are felt by so many on your planet, by yourself, by all other selves that you know to varying degrees to be sure. It is not a constant storm, there may be lulls, there may be moments, stretches of time in which a self may be finding itself, struggling to hold on, to find a moment of reprieve, relief, only to find that perhaps very soon after, another challenge or catalysts may come, just as unsettling or more so, or less so.

We understand that the feeling nature of the third-density selves that walk on your planet, especially if they have grown in the understanding of the heart and have compassion for self and other selves, for the animals and the plants of your planet as well, that these experiences may touch your heart perhaps more deeply as you do grow in your experience and your upward spiral.

So, we would say we extend that compassion to you and to any or all other-selves reading this query, and this response may be experiencing just such what you described. We extend our compassion. We express to you that perhaps as you hang on to these life rafts, as you call them, that this is not in vain. This is a reaching out to the great loving forces of creation, to the loving, healing power and light of the Creator. And the loving and healing light of all those other selves who continually pray and reach out to heal others. And whatever condition they may be struggling with, find themselves in, that this energy of love, light and compassion indeed exists upon your planet.

And the very atmosphere, we may say, of your planet is not the same atmosphere as you would breathe in and out of your organs called lungs. It is an energy that you breathe in through your spirit allowing yourself to feel strengthened and buoyed indeed upon the restless seas of the catalysts that is indeed increasing at this time upon on your planet. And know that this energy of healing light is around you and all other selves whose hearts and spirits reach out for its touch.

The forces upon your planet that work with this healing light and love are ever present. The action of what you call upon your planet “prayer,” could be also known in other forms of connection to the Creator. Know that the power of this connection is indeed available to you. No matter what situation, condition, or struggle may seem to be apparent, know that through the power of this healing, light and love, allowing it to touch yourself, within yourself, taking it in as you would breathe in air, allow it to dissolve the sense of struggle, allow it to dissipate the sense of hopelessness. Allow that healing light and love, which is the very nature of your being and all being that this is the nature of positive change upon your planet. The illusion of a struggle can—in one instant, one moment, or over a space of time—be changed, be transformed, be healed, be made whole.

This is the nature of being in the densities into which you are growing upon your planet, in which the energy of love, light, compassion and the higher energies of the Creator do indeed, when embraced, when accepted completely within, transform, uplift all and indeed change what seemed to be circumstances of difficulty—to use the metaphor expressed earlier—the stormy seas.

The life raft is a starting place upon which to place your hands. The energy around you of the healing light and love is the place to embrace. This power which is available to all, it may not be visible to the eye but it is felt by the heart. It is seen by the inner spirit. It is felt as soon as the time of struggle has passed. When the self will know that that moment is no longer one of struggle, now there is peace.

And my brother, we extend our deep sympathy and empathy to you and all other selves experiencing what you described in the hope that this expression of our understanding of these higher energies and their power to help and heal may uplift you and others may change the moment for you in a positive way so that you may feel the truth of this, so that you may have stepping stones to walk upon that lead you to a greater assurance of the lightness of being, the harmony of existence that you seek.

It is within your grasp. Begin with the life raft, breathe in the healing light and love. Let it permeate your entire being and surround you with the feeling of love. This, along with the balancing of all ideas within self at the end of what you call the day will also help to bring peace to the body/mind/spirit complex so that you may rest and have the fullness of your rest each period of the day call night; so that you may wake up more refreshed each day having more and more light within you to carry you forward; so that the waves do not seem as choppy and indeed, they may begin to calm and the seas may begin to reflect the sparkle of the sunlight of which was spoken earlier; so that your own being, as was said earlier, reflects the sparkle of the sun and the light and the love of the moment.

We hope this response has offered a beginning of understanding of how a self might address the very difficult circumstances of which you speak. We do not want to diminish in any way the perception that you describe, the feeling that you describe, of these difficult times. In our compassion we wish to express the beginning of what we could call an understanding of how one may transcend and transform the energies of these times in which you live, to create more inner peace and outer peace and we trust that this offering may suffice for this moment. We appreciate the opportunity to extend this offering of assistance and understanding.

We are those of Q’uo and we have been with this instrument and we now transfer the contact to the one known as Gary.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo and once again we greet this circle in a slightly different flavor offered by the prism of this particular instrument’s abilities, wirings, and distortions. We enjoy our time, shall we say, immensely, in collaboration with this group as we learn a great deal not only about the art of channeling itself, but about the nature of the Creator and ourselves as the Creator through this interaction, always with more to learn, more nuance to explore.

We appreciate as well the diligence with which each in the circle challenges our contract, for those of the negative and positive polarities may transmit upon the same frequency, and it is by means such as tuning and challenging that the circle can be safeguarded and tuned to the appropriate station, shall we say, in congruence with the positive polarity and the love which permeates all things.

At this time, we have sufficiently warmed this instrument up. We ask if there is a query to which you may respond. We are those of Q’uo.

Yes, Q’uo. I would like to continue on the concept of balancing. There is a Ra quote that I would like you to comment on:

If the adept is balancing manifestations it is indeed appropriate to balance universal love and wisdom. If the balancing is of mind or spirit there are many subtleties to which the adept may give careful consideration. Love and wisdom, like love and light, are not black and white, shall we say, but faces of the same coin, if you will. Therefore, it is not in all cases that balancing consists of a movement from compassion to wisdom.

So, my question, Q’uo, would be, if we are attempting to balance love and wisdom, how is it that they could be two faces of the same coin?

We are those of Q’uo and we appreciate this well-articulated and thoughtful question about the manifestations and the nature of love and light within the creation, and the inextricable relationship between the two. As has been said, Love and Light are indeed two sides of the same coin. When considering this metaphor, one can contemplate the not separate nature of these two primal distortions of the Law of One, of the infinite one being—one cannot have only one side of the coin, for each coin necessarily is composed of two sides. One can certainly ignore the opposite side, focusing and emphasizing only one side, but for the student seeking balance, it is that both sides of love and light must be examined, for each is always at play even if, in imbalance, one side is dormant, while the other is more active and manifested.

To understand the ever-living, fluid, and non-static balance between these two forces is to integrate within the being more and more of the whole and original creation underneath the miasma of illusion, disguise, and distortion. Love and Light are primal, fundamental—the first, so to speak, differentiations from that which was undifferentiated before the advent of the distortion of Free Will. Upon the emergence of that initial spark which is beyond your concepts and understanding, but which you might understand as a form of self-awareness in the form of the First Primal Distortion of Free Will, there arose a focus, a vastly intelligent, unblinking and alive focus that, using this primal operation of free will, began to tap infinity in order to begin its contemplation of its manner of exploration, its universe.

[Considering] the name of that vibration known to you as Love, we would commend to the attention of the seeker. For while there are worthwhile distinctions in your understanding regarding Love as the Second Primal Distortion, and the love of the heart center, that they share a name, in terms of the best we can make on your English language, is no accident. Among those meaningful semantic illuminations includes the all-embrace, the all-inclusiveness of that Second Primal Distortion, which is the focus of Love.

Within that focus, nothing, and we repeat nothing is abhorred. Nothing at this stage of the creation is unintegrated. Everything, all things, insofar as there can be said to be things, are the Self, are one. And in this one subtle step down from total undifferentiated unity is the Creative Principle. Not just a Love which passively accepts all things as the self, but a Love, which has the capacity to create, to destroy, to architect a plan, a vision; for as we said, its manner of exploration to create itself in fractal manifestations, in a way of understanding, of manifesting its being of love in all things to come, in all generations of distortions to arise, as we have spoken to you many times through this group over the years.

Love is in and is all things, as all things are at once this great focus, this great Creative Principle and the product of this great focus. And where love seems lacking, it is not that a space within creation has been made where the Second Primal Distortion of Love is not present, but rather that great primal energy of Love has been distorted so as to create the illusion that there is something other than Love.

Our point being that those derivative, distorted energies—you may call them hatred or fear or desire to control in the negative sense—are a twisting of that original energy, such that with progress upon the path of self-realization and in the ways of healing, the energy becomes untwisted, undistorted and made transparent, so as to reveal the Logos which was already and always there; the Logos of which we all our offspring, and simultaneously in the essence of our being are.

To return now to the two faces of the coin, the Logos alone, shall we say, needs a body, you might say; for the Logos at the level of the Second Primal Distortion is unmanifest from your perspective. In order to manifest that plan which it has conceived for its exploration and journey, the Free Will principle of the Logos carries forth into a begetting of Light, which on your experiential level, you liken to and synonymize with wisdom.

Light itself is, so to speak, a notch down from that Logos and principle which is itself a notch down from that spark of awareness, which is itself that first slight but profound tweak of intelligent infinity; each step, shall we say, is imbued with free will with a sacred purpose to go forth into exploration with a saturation of innate intelligence that is beyond your present levels of comprehension, but which is that from which your own intelligence derives.

Love as an unblinking, steady, stable untransient focus, having conceived of its creation, is then a portal through which infinity, exercising its free will, flows into the body of Light. And thus, the plan conceived of by this Creative Principle is made manifest and put into motion with layers upon layers, generations upon generations of further distortions and tweaks and modifications to the plan and the journey upon an experiential level in the laboratory of creation, where each is endowed with all three of these primal distortions beginning at the foundational level with Free Will, and the Creative Principle level of the Logos, and the manifest level of form as Light, and understanding that this is one energy, of love/light, light/love is all things, and is the self. The self pays attention more toward the wholeness of its experience and the recalibration of its vibration so as to more fully match, we might say, or be congruent with, and merge into that original intelligent energy, of love/light, light/love.

To focus exclusively upon love within the self, at the neglect of wisdom or vice versa, is appropriate at certain stages of the evolutionary journey for the seeker through the curriculum of densities. But, to neglect one half of that coin is to be, from the standpoint of the awareness and conscious experience of self, incomplete and unintegrated. As the self learns to hold both of these two sides of the one energy, of intelligent energy and its being in a balanced fashion as seen from the standpoint of the chakras, it creates an open and harmonious pathway for the upward spiraling light to meet and mate with the downward pouring of the infinite all-being, so that the self may more and more manifest that which it has always been, that being the One Creator in a more true and authentic, or to put that another way, less distorted fashion.

The more that the self awakens and integrates these energies, the more the self becomes transparent to the radiance, the unstoppable radiance of the One which transcends all circumstance, all events, and all stories within the illusion, and becomes a beacon unto others—a beacon not of unique specialness, but of a living reminder of who and what that entity is through the various costumes with which the entity identifies.

The Creative Principle or Logos is not an event, shall we say, that happened long ago. Though from the standpoint of time, it may be reasonably said to be so, but is rather your very nature right now. The disciplines of the personality and the practice of love and forgiveness which open the heart to the totality of self—the light and the dark—that opens the gateway to infinity, is an act of discovering the Logoic nature of the self.

You know yourselves and are to a degree imprisoned by this knowing of yourselves as humans with certain biographies, certain limitations, certain likes and dislikes, quirks, strengths and weaknesses, and all the ways that you identify with the costume and receive reinforcing music from others about who and what the self is. The opening of the gateway is to awaken and make conscious the self which is much closer to eternity, much, much closer than the roles which you play upon the stage, closer, even, as we had said before, that oxygen and mixture of air which respires through your system.

This instrument asks us to bring this to a close, so we will note that this realization of the Logoic nature of the Self, which happens once the gateway has been reliably open, is not inimical to one’s humanity, to the dirt and the grime and the error-prone ways of being human which necessarily involve making that which you know of as mistakes. Instead, the self can have a much more relaxed attitude about its humanity and the humanity of all others, abhorring none, embracing all with mercy and compassion and forgiveness, understanding or holding that dual awareness of the clay and the flesh and its folly and the infinite and ever perfection of the divine self and the divine nature of all of reality.

At this time, we would take our leave of this instrument and transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We are most pleased to have been able to exercise each instrument to degree which has been continuing in its proficiency. We thank each instrument for being diligent in the challenging process and in opening the self to concepts which may not at first seem to be that which is recognized as a coherent answer, yet which when combined with the thoughts and words and images, do indeed provide an answer that is hopefully helpful to those who asked the queries.

We are most grateful to be able to join our energies with yours in these channeling circles, so that we may move further along our own journey of seeking and serving the One Creator in all. Again, we are of great appreciation for each entity’s beingness, which is so ever-brilliant and glowing with love and light. At this time, we shall take our leave of this group.

We are those known to you as Q’uo. We leave you in love and in light in peace and in power. Adonai vasu borragus.