Dear Friends:

Thank you so much for your wonderful heartfelt expressions of love for Carla as she has made her transition into spirit. She passed into larger life on April 1st at 6:50pm and it was a quick and peaceful passing. She would be tickled down to her toes to know that her work meant so much to you and that you had as much love for her as she had for you. Her one desire in life was to be of service to others and she was so good at it. It always made her feel so good to know that her written and channeled words were helpful to many people in their spiritual journeys.

We have set the date for Carla’s memorial service for Friday, April 17, at 7 pm in St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 1206 Maple Lane, Anchorage, KY. If you are planning to attend from out of town please let us know by contacting Gary at so we know how many to expect. He can also help you with lodging recommendations.

If you feel moved to share thoughts of love for Carla’s work, please send us an email at the contact address, or leave a note on our Facebook page, or post to this Bring4th thread. Your words have been very healing.

Much love and blessings on your spiritual journeys.

In Love & Light, Jim McCarty