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Again, I am Austin, and we are embarking on a new episode of L/L Research’s Podcast, In the Now.

Gary and Jim, are you with us and ready to go?

Yes, indeed.

Happy to say I am.

Alrighty. Today’s question comes from Austin Bridges, as a dedicated supporter of the show. And he would like to ask and have a discussion about the harvest and the transition to fourth density. I think we’ve talked about this on the show a few times, sort of briefly, but we’ve never really gotten into an intensive discussion about the harvest and what the transition is. So, I want to dedicate a show to that because I think it’s a rich topic that a lot of people are interested in.

To start our discussion, I think we should just go to the baseline and talk about what exactly is harvest and the transition to fourth density, and what is our interpretation of how those things will happen. Because it seems like most people have their own kind of pet theory about it. So, starting there, let’s go to Jim. I think he might have some good material ready because he just gave a talk in West Virginia about this topic.

The concept of harvest, I think, has been around for quite a while. If we go into areas of the planet, such as the Middle East and the Far East, as well as people who have been interested in astrology, there are people who have been able to look into the heavens and not only get information from the alignment of planets and stars as to how cycles can occur within the solar system and the Galaxy, but there’s apparently also been communication that they’ve had with other entities.

Ra mentioned there were entities from Calde and Er that were communicated with by extraterrestrials and given information concerning astrology. I think especially in India, they speak of Yugas and the Kali Yuga and various divisions of what we would see as a 75,000 or 76,000 year cycle. They see it divided up into smaller cycles of 2,500 years.

So, there’s always been a knowledge that there’s a certain kind of cyclical movement of the stars that affects people on Earth. And what Ra had to tell us was basically that we have a chance here in this third density experience of 75,000 years, as would any third density planet, to make what they call a harvest or a graduation—to learn enough about how we open our green-ray energy center. That would be the one that would take us into fourth density, because right now we’re in the third density where the yellow-ray is active.

So, what we need to do here in order to move forward from this density, is open our hearts in a way in which we are able to give the nature of the heart, which is love, to those around us, to the universe around us, and to all the entities around us. This takes a good deal of effort on our part.

We need to be able to use what Ra called, the catalyst, that comes to us every day. Catalysts are the situations that we find ourselves in, the people we meet, the things we do, and what happens and how we partake in it. Processing these catalysts can help us grow. If we begin to think about our experiences, we contemplate and ask ourselves, “What did it mean when I had that argument with so-and-so today? Was there something I did or could have done better? Did something sound like an accident? Was that an accident? But it helped me. It helped me get through this situation.” When we look at the different things or catalysts that happen to us during our contemplations and meditations—and perhaps even in our prayers—we begin to try to make sense out of the world around us.

I think every human being that has ever existed in the third density, at some point wonders, “What is this life all about? How did I get here?” You start asking the big questions. And once you start doing that, I think that that would qualify you as being a conscious seeker of truth. Before you start asking those questions, we’re all just sort of going around semi-consciously. We unconsciously bump into things and maybe learn something here, but maybe not there. But eventually, we do start asking the big questions. We do start pondering the possible use of our daily round of activities to propel us forward in our spiritual journey.

So, in order to be able to open our hearts up to giving and receiving love from everyone around us and everything around us, it does take a good deal of work. And that, apparently, is what we need to do here on planet Earth. We need to be able to open our hearts up to the degree that we give love as a response to any situation we’re in at least 51% of the time. We need to see beyond the seeming disharmony, unfairness, or disorganization of the situation we’re in and realize that there is a reason for it. Every situation contains the Creator, and there is love present in every moment.

So, eventually, we come to see that if we want to grow or to feel like we’re growing, and if we want to feel like we’re in harmony with people, the proper response is to give love. Even in situations where it doesn’t look like it should be given, especially in those situations, we need to be able to give love. I think that’s what we’re doing here in the third density, and if we can do that with enough efficiency or 51% of the time, with thoughts, words, and deeds, then we can make the graduation.

And that’s my thought. How about you, Gary?

Yeah. Like you were saying, the function of this evolutionary stage is the learning of love in one direction or another. Ra talks about a universe with various stages of evolution, and they say that we’re in the third density of seven, or eight with the eighth being the first of the next octave.

The whole point of this stage is to polarize our consciousness. Polarization can be a pejorative term when applied in the political or social realms because it implies division and opposition. It has that meaning too when speaking of polarization and consciousness. Except that the design and the very structure of this reality is to facilitate and encourage the individual entity to polarize their consciousness in service to others or service to self. Those are two terms that Ra coined to help point to what it means.

We start the polarization process in third density. Having graduated from second density, our life forms and our consciousnesses are unpolarized. So, as Jim was describing, if through the process of growing in a single lifetime, as well as through multiple lifetimes, we can make use of this illusion and its many catalysts, then we can polarize. We can learn to love others and ourselves, or we can learn to love only the self and to manipulate others.

Jim described ways that Ra measures our success in polarization in terms of percentages: 51% of being in service to others and 95% of being in service to self. If we succeed through our incarnations and satisfy these percentages, then we are able to enjoy a certain intensity of light and are able to graduate.

And in brief, Ra says that there are three points to a master cycle of 75,000 years when Intelligent Infinity opens up so that those who are ready to graduate can graduate. Ra says this happens at the close of every 25,000-year cycle. At the end of the third cycle of the 75,000-year period, the whole planet goes through the process. Those who have successfully learned the lessons of service to others will graduate to a fourth density positive reality. Those who have learned service to self will go on to a negative fourth density planet.

Those who have not succeeded in learning the very function of this density—or in other words, haven’t polarized one way or the other—will repeat third density, which is what Ra says has happened here on Earth. We have a lot of third-density repeaters from other planets. And according to Ra and other sources, Earth is currently at the end of the 75,000 year cycle. The curtains on third density are about to close. We’re in the transition phase right now and this planet will soon be born as a fourth density positive planet.

My next topic was going to be something about how this is relevant to our spiritual paths, but I think that both of you kind of touched on that. You both took the thread of the concept of polarization and the idea of being able to attain this modicum of polarization by this date.

What about the distinction between harvest and the transition to fourth density? What does the transition to fourth density mean for our planet as opposed to, the harvest for us as individuals? What is our planet going to go through as it transitions from third density to fourth density? Jim?

Well, our planet has had this population, or some portions of the population that’s here now on it, for 75,000 years. And as Gary said, a lot of these entities have been on other third density planets and have failed to make the transition there at the appropriate time for their home planet. So, they’ve come to Earth to try again where there’s still a problem of trying to learn the Law of Love. We don’t seem to be able to be polarizing all that well. In fact, bellicosity warfare between one group and another has been more the rule than an oddity. We’ve had all kinds of problems on this planet with disharmony between people, families, communities.

Ra described that there’s been a kind of entropy or unusable heat that has been generated as a result of our planet’s bellicosity. On an individual level, Ra gave us the example of a person who might have a temper of the tears or anger and confusion that continues to build. It may take a while, but the build-up these types of responses to your environment eventually causes what Ra said was cancer or other degenerative diseases because the purpose of the body is to maintain growth and the wellness of the body, the functions, and the organs so forth.

When you take this onto a larger scale—from one person to the entire planet itself—then a great deal more of this unusable heat and this entropy is created and becomes absorbed into the crust of the planet when a great number of people are feeling these energies and vibrations of distortion, of disharmony, of anger, and of war.

And as the fourth density vibrations come streaming in from the Cosmos and begin to interact with the planetary vibrations, there is a mismatch. Planet Earth has these disharmonious vibrations that it has to kind of shake off so that it can blend with the cosmic streamings coming from all around the universe here at this particular time as the clock strikes upon the hour and the third density begins its completion. Until then, as a way for Earth to release this unusable heat created by disharmony and so forth, what happens is that there are various ruptures in the integrity and in the skin of the planet, which we see as volcanoes and earthquakes. Ra described them as inconveniences, and they have been going on for some time now.

According to Ra, our planet is itself at this time is in fourth density. But, the population of the planet is scattered between the lower energy centers—between the orange in the yellow and some in green. Basically, what we have is an inability of the entire population to take the needle of the compass and point it to one direction. Instead, we’re going in all kinds of different directions. As a result, it looks like there is going to have to be a large number or percentage of the planetary population that may have to repeat the third density elsewhere.

But, for the positive side of what’s going on, Ra also said that there have been other entities on other third-density planets who have graduated and who have been coming here since the early 80s. Back when we had the contact, Ra said there were 35,000 of these entities who had dual-activated bodies, which means that their third and fourth density bodies were activated. Their purpose for coming here is to help with the transition because it’s obvious we need some help. And it’s apparently a great honor to be able to come this early and to help with the transition. They will eventually become a part of the population of Earth’s fourth density.

Essentially, what’s happening now is that the Earth itself is trying to get aligned so that it can be a proper home for the new fourth-density population, which is taking a little while. Ra said it’s really hard to tell exactly how long it will take. They estimate anywhere from 100 to 700 years because of the volatility of our population. So, that’s sort of where we are right now.

Gary, Jim was just describing this difficulty or some difficulties that we might be going through. I think that you might have been thinking a little bit about these difficulties considering that at this past channeling you asked a question about a quote or something that Ra said about “a sharp increase in the negative polarity or individuals of negative polarity due to the delineation between third density and fourth density conditions.” Could you talk a little bit about that? What was on your mind? And if you remember what Qu’o responded, what were your opinions on that?

As you and I have discussed when surveying the world, especially the political situation, there seem to be different information universes that people live in. Many people are aware of this also. These information universes have also been called reality bubbles. It’s been described how social media helps to reinforce these biases through its algorithms and so forth, which furthers the divide between the perceptions of people to the point where it seems to encompass a massive chasm at times. There’s little correspondence between what this group thinks and what that group thinks to the extent that they seek almost different worlds because there’s little shared common facts. At least it seems that way.

The quote that you just referred to had me wondering if this sharp delineation that Ra described is playing into our current fractured society with different camps seeing different things. From what I remember, Qu’o seemed to indicate that such is the case. They also described how some of that is not only attributable to the current influx of fourth density energy, but also to the influence and the input of service to self-entities who intentionally want to confuse the playing board and create misinformation, mislead people, or exploit fears, worries, and concerns. I think Qu’o, similar to what Ra described, also indicated that those negative sources do not have much longer with us on this planet as Earth transitions into fourth density.

But on a related thought, and to expand a little bit further on your good question, Ra also describes elsewhere in the material how the increase in fourth-density energies calls one into becoming a conscious being and into becoming aware of the needs of others. It also calls one into self-reflection and into facing the self for the first time, which Jim was also indicating earlier.

Because these energies are increasing on this planet and because reality itself is changing, those who have not done work on themselves in consciousness—principally, work in opening the heart—react to that energy with fear of one man or another. This causes them to revert from being more of a yellow-ray activated being to an orange-ray activated being where their considerations are more concerned about the self, its needs, and its survival.

Ra says this indicates that it’s very prevalent on this planet. If you look at our current social landscape through that lens, I think it helps to clarify things because you definitely see what I would call regressive energies at play around the world. I think they are manifestations of this reverting back to an orange-ray level of consciousness. You see it manifested in certain isms like nationalism and ethnocentricity. All of this only separates and pushes away from everybody else. It’s a reaction to the movement towards globalism and interconnectedness. Those who revert from being more of a yellow-ray activated being to an orange-ray activated being seem to only see one’s own tribe or identity. I think that is very directly connected to the harvest as well.

Yeah, I have a few thoughts on that. But first, I want to offer a quick clarification in that there are obviously multiple definitions of globalism: one of them being basically a corporate control of the globe, the other one being a uniting of the peoples around the globe. I think that you probably meant the latter.


There was a message received at one of the recent intensive channeling circles—which is sort of just practice channeling and not the official channeling meditations—about the conditions of fourth density and their correlation to transparency. I think this transparency is often hinted at in the Law of One. It’s sort of basically understood that fourth-density conditions are one of complete transparency. In fourth density, our thoughts and feelings are completely transparent to others and also to ourselves. Supposedly, this means that they aren’t at this point in time.

Basically, the message we received was that a lot of the apparent disharmony that we’re seeing at the forefront of our culture is due to the fact that this transparency is actually present. But, we as a people and as a culture and as a planet, just don’t have the capacity to properly perceive it in a harmonious way. This creates more confusing conditions rather than clarified conditions when we aren’t prepared for it.

I think this is sort of what you were just talking about when you talked about the people who haven’t done the necessary work of polarization. If you aren’t going to be predisposed to loving others or to loving yourself, then having the full awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and opinions—and that of others—open to you, will not cause a naturally loving situation. I think that this might also play a part in the social bubbles you talked about. I think that the ability of service-to-self individuals to weave confusion among people provides an opportunity where people are thrown into a state of confusion, which is a great opportunity to separate, divide, manipulate, and control others.

You also talked about a regression happening, which is interesting. Ra also talks about that. Additionally, I’m reading a bit of Ken Wilbur’s take on recent cultural events and revolutions. His whole integral theory system this concept of regression built into it, and speaks of the development of consciousness when development does not happen in a balanced or healthy way. Basically, at the leading edge of the evolution of consciousness, if there is something that is not integrated properly, it tends to revert back to lower stages.

You also used the word ethnocentricity, which is actually one of the stages that Wilbur talks about. If the global or world centric view is not properly integrated with the heart of love, then we as a culture will tend to regress back to an ethnocentric sort of separated tribal view.

So, that’s a bit about the difficulties of fourth density and what this transition might bring. Let’s switch it to a more positive discussion before we end the show. Jim, can you think of any positive examples of fourth density manifesting in our world that you see?

Well, when you look around at what’s going on today, I think especially since the last presidential election, there has been a lot more grassroots organization of people who are willing to work in a way that maybe they weren’t before. This type of organizing may not have been needed when we’ve had a President who was more in tune with people’s needs and who was willing to work to help people who are the downtrodden, the less fortunate, the immigrants in our country, the minorities that need some help with education, with medical care, with housing and so forth. When this support in leadership isn’t available, as it usually has been from the top of the government, then it has to come from somewhere else. And it now seems to be more likely that it’s coming from the grassroots.

Our friend in Seattle who does our transcribing for us, Aaron, had a wonderful story about the food kitchen where she works. I think it was shortly after the last election was complete that there were some marches around the country, especially of women, that were protesting the situation and wanting to find some ways of supporting the people in their community. So Erin went ahead and put out their donation pot just to see if they would get anything as various protestors went by. It must have been a very large demonstration because she said it took a while to get by. But when it was all said and done, there was $10,000 in that pot from people who wanted to help out the food kitchen, which was enough money to supply them for probably about a month. So that’s one example. I’m sure there are many examples around.

Charles Eisenstein talks about this new paradigm that we’re coming into where it’s the blending of people’s energies together. It’s not the story of separation anymore. It’s what he calls the interbeing, which are the people who are willing to organize in communities to help each other out and to do whatever work is necessary.

So, I think it’s possible that there is more individual activation of social responsibility going on now than ever before because we seem to need it more than ever before. The situation we find ourselves in, as well as what is happening in the world around us, seems to be quite divisive and separating and tinged with a lot of anger, misunderstanding, and cruelty. We see it every day in the news. Because of this, I think people are really deciding now that it’s time to do something to help out that in a way that they haven’t done before.

Having said all that, I think in a lot of ways there’s reason for great optimism because, as Charles Eisenstein talks about, there really is a more beautiful world that our hearts know about and it’s contained within each one of us. I think Ra supports that point of view when they say that there is love in every moment.

So, if you can do something in your life that is based on love, do it.—it doesn’t matter what it is. Whether you’re changing your baby’s diapers or washing dishes or repairing the toilet, if you do it with love, that love resonates with everyone else’s love on the planet and it helps everybody out just a little bit. And that’s the effect you can have. There’s a lot of people who are doing things with love. They can’t help it because they see that it’s the way. They have opened up their hearts enough to know that this is what they have to do. It’s just like breathing. You don’t have a choice. You need to love.

And as everybody does that, I think that we create more love that then vibrates all over the planet. And since love is the reality and is the path of that which is, it has a far greater chance of becoming rooted and expanding. Conversely, cruelty and the separation between people is considered to be the path of that which is not, which means that it is not true reality. But that’s what we’ve created here as an alternative to the reality because this is a confused planet. We’re kind of in the retrograde schooling and we need some special education. And I think that the special education is coming from people at the grassroots level.

How about you, Gary?

I’m glad Jim said everything he said. My heads in the same direction. Before I proceed down that road, I wanted to reply really quickly to something you said, Austin. I think that you discussed the notion of transparency, and I think that is super salient to this moment in time because that is a very clarifying lens to help us understand what’s happening.

There is more transparency that we can see happening now on a societal level, especially in this country. We’ve seen more about racial injustice, sexual harassment, misogyny, and gender inequality coming to the surface onto the public radar in ways that it never has before. We’re also seeing more about political corruption through leaks and things such as the WikiLeaks and the Panama Papers leaks. Essentially, that which was hidden is coming into the light.

And that transparency is happening within the self. Like Austin said, we as human beings are not able to hide from ourselves anymore. A lot of people aren’t ready for that level of transparency because there are things that they haven’t faced and haven’t dealt with, or have repressed and so forth. So anyways, it’s just one way to understand the situation.

Moving on to your question about signs of fourth density, I have some material to share with you guys, which is going to include some reading. So, bear with me for about three to three and a half minutes. It starts with something that we have all read in The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein. This was the first time I really heard anyone articulate it this way, but Eisenstein said in his book:

“A recognition of alliance is growing among people in diverse areas of activism, whether political, social, or spiritual. The holistic acupuncturist and the sea turtle rescuer may not be able to explain the feeling we are serving the same thing, but they are. Both are in service to an emerging new story that is the defining mythology of a new kind of civilization.”

That really hit me and spoke to me because it speaks about this united effort that doesn’t appear united. People are focusing in specialized ways of service, but they’re all on the same mission and working towards the same goal—more or less and maybe without knowing it—but they’re all having some kind of feeling about it.

And then I found this new book called Blessed Unrest, to which I forget the subtitle. It describes how the largest social movement in history is changing the planet or something. This book was written six years prior to *The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible * by an individual named Paul Hawken. I was reading his introduction just a few weeks ago and was just in tears at what he was saying, which is what I want to read to you guys. It starts out talking about his journey. I guess you could call Paul Hawken an environmentalist who over the course of like 15 years gave a thousand talks. He describes how as his talks began to mirror his deeper understanding, that he started to get more business cards from people. He said he would get five to thirty cards per speech. He would end up coming home with hundreds of them representing people’s different causes and works.

He said:

“I would leave them on the table in my kitchen, read the names, look at the logos envisage the missions, and marvel at the scope and diversity of what groups were doing on behalf of others.”

Over the course of years, these cards began to accumulate into the thousands. And when he would glance at them, he came back to one question he had:

“Did anyone truly appreciate how many groups and organizations were engaged in progressive causes? At first, this was a matter of curiosity on my part, but it slowly grew into a hunch that something larger was afoot, a significant social movement that was eluding the radar of mainstream culture.”

So, Paul Hawken said he began to count them. Initially, he estimated that there were 30,000 environmental organizations around the globe. But when he added social justice and Indigenous people’s rights organizations, that number then exceeded 100,000. He realized that the movement that he was seeing has never been equaled in scale or scope in the past or present. As he dug further, he says:

“In trying to pick up a stone, I found the exposed tip of a much larger geological formation. I soon realized that my initial estimate of 100,000 organizations was off by at least a factor of ten, and I now believe that there are over one – and maybe even two – million organizations working toward ecological sustainability and social justice. By any conventional definition, this vast collection of committed individuals does not constitute a movement.

Movements have leaders and ideologies. People join movements, study their tracks, and identify themselves with a group. Movements, in short, have followers. This movement, however, doesn’t fit the standard model. It is dispersed, inchoate, and fiercely independent. It has no manifesto or doctrine, no overriding authority to check with. It is taking shape in school rooms, farms, jungles, villages, companies, deserts, fisheries, slums – and, yes, even fancy New York hotels. One of its distinctive features is that it is tentatively emerging as a global humanitarian movement arising from the bottom up.

Historically, social movements have arisen primarily in response to injustice, inequities, and corruption. Those woes still remain legion, joined by a new condition that has no precedent: the planet has a life-threatening disease, marked by massive ecological degradation and rapid climate change. As I counted the vast number of organizations it crossed my mind that perhaps I was witnessing the growth of something organic, if not biologic.“

Skipping ahead a little bit in the text, Paul Hawken further writes:

“I sought a name for the movement, but none exist. I met people who wanted to structure or organize it—a difficult task since it would easily be the most complex association of human beings ever assembled. Many outside the movement critique it as powerless, but that assessment does not stop its growth. When describing it to politicians, academics, and businesspeople, I found that many believe they are already familiar with this movement—how it works, what it consists of, and its approximate size. They based their conclusion on media reports about Amnesty International, the Sierra Club, Oxfam, or other venerable institutions. They may be directly acquainted with a few smaller organizations, and may even sit on the board of a local group.

For them and others, the movement is small, known, and circumscribed: a new type of charity with a sprinkling of ragtag activists who occasionally give it a bad name. People inside the movement can also underestimate it, basing their judgment on only the organization they are linked to, even though their networks can only encompass a fraction of the whole. But after spending years researching this phenomenon, including creating with my colleagues a global database of its constituent organizations, I have come to these conclusions: this is the largest social movement in all human history. No one knows its scope, and how it functions is more mysterious than meets the eye.

What does meet the eye is compelling: coherent, organic, self-organized congregations involving tens of millions of people dedicated to change. When asked at colleges if I am pessimistic or optimistic about the future, my answer is always the same: If you look at the science that describes what is happening on Earth today and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t have the correct data. If you meet the people in this unnamed movement and aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a heart. What I see are ordinary and some not-so-ordinary individuals willing to confront despair, power, and incalculable odds in an attempt to restore some semblance of grace, justice, and beauty to this world.“

And just to add a couple more thoughts here, he describes his book saying:

“This is the story without apologies of what is going right on this planet, narratives of imagination and conviction, not defeatist accounts about the limits. Wrong is an addictive, repetitive story. Right is where the movement is. It resides, rather, in humanity’s willingness to restore, redress, reform, rebuild, recover, reimagine, and reconsider. ‘Consider’ (considér) means ‘with the stars.’ Reconsider means to rejoin the movement and cycle of heaven and life. The emphasis here is on humanity’s intention, because humans are frail and imperfect. And it is not just the poor, but people of all races and classes everywhere in the world.”

He quotes someone as saying:

“One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice.”

And final sentence:

“Part of what I learned concerns an older quiescent history that is reemerging, what poet Gary Snyder calls ‘the great underground’, a current of humanity that dates back to the Paleolithic. Its lineage can be traced back to healers, priestesses, philosophers, monks, rabbis, poets, and artists ‘who speak for the planet, for other species, for interdependence, a life that courses under and through and around empires.’”

So, after reading that back to you guys, what do you think he is seeing without quite knowing what it is?

Here comes the fourth density.

Thank you for sharing that. It’s great that both of you brought up this concept of people organizing and the ability for people to organize. It seems to go beyond just being able to organize because it’s sort of this movement of an invisible hand that is sort of guiding people in this direction of positivity. It sounds like most of what he was talking about with that social movement deals with sustainability and care of the planet.

To put what has been said in terms of the Law of One, that is sort of how I’ve always seen the onset of fourth density—that it will be something that happens naturally and we’re not really going to see something massive happen outside of us. But, you can also sit down and take stock of all these motivations and desires that people have and realize that these motivations and desires are coming from something larger. We can see that they are no longer personal or individual or separated, but that there is literally another thing that is moving us to serve in this way.

And that thing could be what Ra calls a social memory complex. Or, I think an even better way to describe it would be the social memory complex relationship with the planet. I think Ra kind of hints at the planet and the entities on it not necessarily being distinct in their existence. The social memory complex would include the planet itself, which is in a certain sense an alive, aware, and conscious being. And one of the biggest tasks I think that we’ll have moving into fourth density is the healing of this being that has sustained us through our destructive third density.

Some of the earliest signs of fourth density will probably be what you were just describing, Gary, as basically a massive movement of a lot of individuals who do not realize that they are all actually doing the same thing. In a big sense, I think that they are all having the same thought. The desire that they have to heal the planet is not a bunch of individual desires to heal the planet. Rather, it is one unified desire coming from the same place, which I think is really a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing that.

Do either of you have any further thoughts on the subject before we close out the show?

Well, I think that what Ra had to say about the possibilities are leaning heavily towards a small harvest in the fourth density, with most of the planet population needing to repeat third density elsewhere. But, as they said, there is one little container in that store of peace, love, light, and joy: a wild card possibility. Ra said that, “Could your planet polarize positively toward harmony in one fine, strong moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends, it is not probable, but it is ever possible.”

I concur with this idea that there is something bigger moving all of us. It’s not coordinated or organized from the top. Nobody is dictating per se, but everybody is tapping into something deeper and awakening to a need to help. As you said, a lot of people are being called to heal in a way that is unique to their talents, geography, and local community. I think it’s almost as if there’s an invisible conductor and we are all seemingly scattered notes right now. But the more that we awaken to our own note, and the more sensitized we become, the more we hear the song, and the more that we all come together in a melody.

According to mainstream media, this mass movement towards awakening to service seems to be latent, hidden, or on the fringe. But I think the trajectory is that this movement will become more apparent—especially to the people who are connected to this energy, for lack of a better term. And it requires everybody. There may be various leaders in various fields, but every voice is needed. It is truly a global, collective effort. One of the defining hallmark characteristics of the densities succeeding our own is the group. We stop being individuals entirely as we become a group consciousness, although individuality is not sacrificed. And that is our movement.

And earlier you said you were wondering how knowing about harvest connect to our lives? Because there’s so many abstract philosophical concepts discussed in Confederation philosophy, it’s helpful to determine if it has any relevance to our life. I would like to offer a thought there and then close my own thoughts with a Qu’o quote. My thoughts are that it does have great significance to our life to have conscious knowledge of the time we’re living in. Because in that knowledge, you cast your gaze outward and you can firstly—like we’re doing in this episode—see more of the same. We can see what’s happening because we can also turn to the globe and see the suffering and the pain, and realize that we are here to help with that.

We become sensitive to the calling for that help, and the times we’re living in then motivate us to step up to the plate and to shift our focus from seeking our own gratification or our own diversions, and instead seeing the opportunities for service around us. And we can get out of nurturing our own sense of victimhood from the pains that we have taken in on this planet and convert that into the desire to help heal others, as well as to heal ourselves, and respond to the needs of others as best as we can.

And there are three Qu’o transcripts where we asked questions about this transition regarding how it will unfold and some of its principles. For the interested listener these transcripts include: February 6, 2016, February 26, 2017, and December 3, 2016. And in that final channeling, there’s actually multiple things of an inspirational quality I can read.

In fact, this is one of my favorites I’m going to read. It is two paragraphs. Q’uo says:

“So you begin your song silently. Perhaps it bubbles up within your heart and makes its way to your very lips, whereupon it becomes a melody which inspires a memory, another to sing along with you. And when the song becomes a chorus and when it begins to fill the ears and the minds and the hearts of one more whose memory resonates with this song, that energy complex will begin to vibrate differently, will begin to vibrate as a social memory complex. And then at that point, you will be well on your way toward entering a new dawn of experience. It is the dawn that awaits you. It is the dawn that lies on the other side of this darkness. The darkness can be seen as impediment, or the darkness can be seen as prelude to this dawn. As we have suggested, the choice is yours. You are creatures of free will. You are creatures each of infinite worth. And it is our hope for you, and it is our confidence in you, that you will find your way.

Thank you. Jim, you mentioned reading something. Did you have something that you wanted to read?

No. I think we passed a time where that would be appropriate.

Okay, sounds good. Do you have any final words for our listeners then?

Yeah. This year in 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of L/L Research by Don and Carla back in November of 1968. And one of their first, I guess you’d say, images that they looked to as a manifestation of representation of what L/L Research stood for, was the picture of Don Quixote and his sidekick, Sancho Panza. They were tilting at windmills, which they saw as the agents of darkness. They thought that if they could rid the Earth of the agents of darkness, then there would be love and light in the world. This is the impossible dream, the man of La Mancha, and this is what L/L Research was founded for and hope to accomplish: the impossible dream.

So, we hope all our listeners will keep sending us these questions to get us to talk about this material, to get you to talk about it, and to help us all open our hearts in love and in light and to bring light to where there is darkness. Whenever you’re walking through your daily round of activities and you’re wondering, “how do I respond to this person?”—try love. When in doubt, love, and we all will help to bring each other home.

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