A transcontinental Mediterranean country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and the southwest corner of Asia with a history dating back to the 6th-4th millennia BCE; saw some of the earliest developments of writing, agriculture, organized religion, and central government; known for its iconic monuments such as pyramids.

From the Ra Contact: The land which received various forms of contact with and teach/learning of the Law of One from Ra over the millennia, beginning with the first and last onsite visitation approximately 11,000 years ago, to construction of the Great Pyramid and others between 6,000 – 4,500 years ago, to working with Akhenaten around 2,350 years ago; in the first visit the Egyptians deified Ra, causing Ra to take their leave for they had come as brothers, and later the Egyptians distorted Ra’s teachings, largely reserving the technology of healing and initiation, particularly the pyramid, for the so-called “royal” or those with power (See also “Akhenaten” and “Great Pyramid at Giza”).