A person will move through multiple initiations during the course of their incarnation. Each initiation may be characterized generally by stating that a threshold is crossed that delineates the former experience from the newer. This may transpire in a moment or over a long period of time. There is often a challenge or difficulty associated with the crossing of the threshold, and some measure of will and faith needed. For some this may manifest as a dark night of the soul.

Ra speaks of initiation as a process and means whereby the mind/body/spirit complex becomes a purified or initiated channel for the Law of One. The mind, the body, the spirit, or all of the above may move through an initiation. Such an initiated person may then channel the love/light of the One Infinite Creator through the gateway in order to be of service, whether that service be radiance of being alone, or the magical work of indigo ray, the communication of blue ray, or the healing of green ray.